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The Signs as Sirens

Aries: Hair like fire, long, red, yellow, and seemingly glowing, they’re voices burn just as strong. Their tails are a glistening black that shines in the sun, and fade into tips of orange flippers that seem to wave out like flame. They prefer to lure ships to their island and climb aboard with their strong arms, and attack from there, keeping whatever it is they find useful on the ship. Though they are naturally born with some of the smallest teeth of all the sirens, they are born with the strongest arms to make up for it. They are vicious creatures that show no mercy.

Taurus: Truly of the most beautiful of Sirens, able to lure men before even humming a note. They prefer to reside in large areas of sharp rocks, and they sing songs of treasure before they cause another ship to crash against their dangerous home. They love treasure, and will loot every shipwreck that falls to their hand. Their collections are some of their greatest pride, along side their beauty. These sirens are known to have hair dressed in pearls, usually light brown in color.

Gemini: Tails of glistening blue and yellows, reminiscing that of the sky, these sirens were graced with the fastest swimming of them all. They like to keep moving, and will swim to ships and lure sailors to fall off the edge of their own ships before swimming back to their island. These creatures tend to stay towards the top of the water, or in shallow beaches.

Cancer: A rather innocent looking species, these sirens are sometimes mistook for mermaids, which usually turns out to be the last mistake those sailors make. They have enchanting eyes, that seem to house the ability to capture men with just a look. They prefer colder water, staying away from hotter temperatures. Their tails are a deep blue, with fading shades of icier blues, blending in well with the water around them. Though they seem to prefer isolation from other species, these sirens live in groups of at least four usually.

Leo: Graceful swimmers with tails of gold, these sirens are the crown jewel of the deep. They decorate their golden tail with shells, and love to look rather flashy. Sailors can easily see the bright colors as they swim closer to ships, which is exactly what these sirens want, they gather the attention of the sailors before attacking. These sailors are born with nails like claws, and strong as bone, which make for easier attacks. Some have been known to kiss the sailors after they die, leaving a mark that can sear through to the bone.

Virgo: Tails of deep green that blend in well with seaweed, sirens like are dangerous and beautiful. Their hair tends to be dark, and grows in rather slowly, but it softer than anything in the ocean. They are slower swimmers, due to their tails being slightly shorter than the rest, but that does not stop them from being just as deadly. Their songs mimic that of the loved ones of sailors, sounding different to each who hear the song, and lure them in with the sense of their beloved calling to them. They tend to keep to themselves, and claim caves on the coasts of the ocean or near islands, decorating them with the bones of sailors.

Libra: The social butterflies of sirens, their tails shine in coral and pink colors, with the texture of ribbon, and moving like it too. The take pride in their beauty, and in their voices, which can be heard from miles away. They have a tendency to keep the lockets or personal items of sailors and hang them around their territory. Their songs sing of love, and they usually trick sailors into believing they are human before attacking. Their smiles hide rows of sharp teeth that they use to attack, and they carry with them the old knives of sailors they have kept.

Scorpio: These sirens have a tendency to be solitary, living in the depths of the ocean alone, only going to the surface to lure sailors. Their hair is dark, and overgrown well past the edge of their fins. Their tails are a dark blue which blend with the deep ocean wonderfully, with glowing lines of green that accent the sides of their entire tail. Their eyes are sensitive from living in the deepest parts of the ocean, so they only attack at night. Their song could be heard from underwater, even when you’re above the sea.

Sagittarius: Highly dangerous sirens, with long tails of silver that fade into red, and voices like daggers. They are normally seen with dark hair that seems to be ablaze with fire when the sun hits it. They love to play games with sailors before attacking, acting as mermaids before striking entire ships down. Not many sailors live to tell the tale of these creatures, as these sirens are merciless during attacks, using mainly their sharp tails to slash at sailors. They are usually accompanied by creatures like eels or sharks.

Capricorn: These sirens are sort of rare to find in the ocean. That, or no one lives to ell about them usually. These sirens have an almost impossibly shark-like build in their tail, grey and smooth, with a white underbelly and fins slicing out the back. Their hair is usually tied back, and their teeth are of the sharpest in the ocean. They prefer to speak to sailors rather than sing, talking them into coming to their island, where they attack.

Aquarius: These sirens are usually found near shore, with tails of purple laced with blue at the edges, they are truly stunning. Their voices, sound like that of a goddess, until you get too close, which is already too close to escape. They collect rocks and gems, with which they make paths that lead the curious to their doom. Their hair is usually very long, and light colored, sometimes even decorated with coral. They have an affinity for crabs, in which they keep many around them for company.

Pisces: Tails of teal and mint green, these sirens are quick swimmers, and hard to notice in large waves. Their hair is usually free flowing and takes up all the water around them, filling the see with the light shine of it. They have high voices that sing words of wisdom, but rarely do sailors follow their words before being attack. They have sharp fins that grow in on the outer ends of their forearms that are used to attack sailors. They generally love the company of any sea creature, jellyfish in particular, and are rarely seen alone.