mint princess


After nearly a month of practice, newly minted Princess Twilight still hasn’t figured out how to fly with any success, and as much as Rainbow Dash is trying to help, it’s not working! Will Twilight ever learn how to fly?

A 16-page full-color comic about magical flying horses. Includes a few cameos, too!

Available on Gumroad or for $5+ Patrons (includes the penciled version for Patrons!)

anonymous asked:

How did Silverwing earn the title of 'Prince'? Was it connected to a blood line? Or was it due to another reason?

Blackberry Lemonade: This is happening-! We’re going to space!

Silverwing: It is.

Mint Lemonade: Shh.

Princess Luna: Mint Lemonade, Blackberry Lemonade, Silverwing; you three ponies have been selected to start Equestria’s First Expedition to the furthest reaches of the Solar System. This Mission will try every skill you have, but I speak for all of Equestria when I say that you three are destined for success. 

Princess Luna: Silverwing, on this expedition there is a chance you three may encounter peoples and civilizations previously unknown. As my Protégé, I feel that you will be the best candidate to deal with this as it arises.

Princess Luna: By the power vested in me, I do hereby name you Prince Silverwing, Ambassador of Harmony, and all Ponykind.