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New Job Protection Pouch 🎑

a requested spell, a pouch to protect you while you start a new job

🎑 gather: mint, two pennies, and coffee beans. 

🎑 rub the two pennies together three times

🎑 collect everything into a small sachet

🎑 leave out in the moonlight overnight

🎑 take it with you and keep in your pocket on your first few days


Mumbling’s Save a Penny Spell 

 This spell helps you make the most of the money you have. It’s intended to help you attract savings, sales, and coupon you can actually use. You can make a bunch at a time so you can make a few for friends or roommate or family members. I made two, on for me and one for my partner.

 What you will need

  • Green candle 
  • Green paint 
  • Bay leaf 
  • Pen
  • Mint 
  • A penny per person 

 What to do

  1. Write “I will save money on the things I need.” On the back of the bay leaf. 
  2. Put your pennies on your bay leaf in front of the candle. 
  3. Place fresh mint in a cup with water next to your candle. OR anoint the candle with mint oil. OR sprinkle dried mint on the pennies 
  4.  When you light the candle repeat the phrase you wrote on the bay leaf. 
  5. Allow the candle to burn until all the wax on the top of the candle* has melted or if using a taper until and inch has burned away. 
  6.  Light it again in this same manor for three days. 
  7. On the forth day burn the bay leaf and paint one side of the pennies green so you know which penny is the right one in your bag or wallet. 
  8. Carry it with you.

*(or as much as its going to do, if there is extra that just won’t melt you can trim it away before lighting it the next day) 


🌟 🇬🇧 🌟 🇬🇧 🌟

For your viewing pleasure, here’s one of my latest acquisitions on eBay – it’s a copper farthing (worth ¼ of a penny) minted in 1822. Just look at Prinny’s cute face!!! 😊

FUN FACT: Partway through 1826, the Royal Mint changed the design of British coinage to feature a more mature, “bare head” bust of the King, and his name was styled “GEORGIUS IV” instead of “GEORGIUS IIII”.

Stunning Viking sword unearthed: 
Warrior who brandished the ornate weapon may have been chosen by King Canute for English battle.

For Viking warriors, swords were not only deadly weapons, but a symbol of power.

A unique example with gold details and a mysterious inscription has been unearthed in southern Norway.

Experts believe the elaborate weapon could belong to one of King Canute’s hand-picked men who fought in battles with King Ethelred of England.

The sword, found in the village of Langeid in 2011 but has not go on display until now, dates from the late Viking age and is embellished with gold, inscriptions and other designs.

It measures 37 inches (94cm) long with a well-preserved handle and is thought to have belonged to a wealthy man because of the use of precious materials.

The weapon was pulled from a grave in a Viking burial ground by archaeologists from the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo.

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távolabb vagy
mint bármikor is voltál
távolabb mint kína
vagy a büdös afrikaiak
távolabb mint az e havi fizetés
meg a diákhitel
távolabb mint a hold
vagy mint penny markettől
a minőség
távolabb mint a leárazott
húsvéti tormás sonka
távolabb mint az ötösért adott
ingyen sajtburger


pedig csak húsz percre
laksz tőlem

anonymous asked:

It costs the U.S. Mint almost twice as much to mint each penny and nickel as the coins are actually worth. Taxpayers lost over $100 million in 2013 just through the coins being made.

thats stupid

Pretty. Sweet. Kind. Perfect

This is a fic between my Carry On OCs. If you’re unfamiliar with my OCs, check them out here! And here’s if you want to know more about Poet Pierce and Octavia Bunce! Inspired by the song “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes.

Penelope Bunce was a fierce tiger stripe.

Penelope Bunce was made of jewel-toned fire, earthy sage, and opinions.

She tried to raise her daughter the same way, but, as we all know, the Bunces are stubborn things.

So Octavia Bunce grew up, despite her mother’s beliefs, to love three things unconditionally and without reservation:

1. The color pink.

2. Low-quality romantic comedies.

3. A Normal girl.  


When Poet Pierce first met Octavia Bunce, she fell in love all at once.

She fell in love so deeply, there was no way she could ever climb back out of it.

Poet was always surrounded by silence, but the vision of Octavia was so loud, it was as if Poet wasn’t deaf when they were together.

Penelope Bunce’s daughter was cotton candy hair, coffee cake skin, and lemon merengue smiles. She was a whole goddamn bakery, so sweet that Poet got a toothache.

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