mint outfit

Aria is looking gorgeous with this outfit I made.
(Everything is made by me except the socks and shoes.)
I will offer this outfit as a set on my etsy(nekomuchuu).
There would be only one available in these fabrics.
But two more in different fabrics.
One with a pale blue skirt and one with a mint skirt.
The outfits will come with tank top, skirt with removable suspenders and buttons, socks(not the ones in the pic) belt, scarf, necklace and bracelet.
I hope you will like them as much as I do!

i spent two hours of my life on this and tbh, i think it was two hours well spent

anyways watch carboys they don’t actually wear these outfits but i like to imagine the official car boys uniform has a pastel bomber jacket and galaxy tights

commission prices here!