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Just Say It (Bill Skarsgard x Reader)

requested: Hi! Could you please do a Bill Skarsgard X Reader imagine? So (Y/N) played Roman’s (Bill’s character) best friend / crush in Hemlock Grove and after the show ends, they see each other in IT premiere because (Y/N) is accompanying her brother Jackson (Who plays Georgie). Just fluff and Bill and (Y/N) are in love but they don’t know and Jackson spills that they like each other. Thanks! Your works are amazing!

Word Count: 1576

Warnings: some mature language ?

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting, this is such a good idea!

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There’s something scarily intoxicating about the acting industry. It’s like a siren beautifully singing to lure you closer and closer to the cliffs, waiting for a fatal collision. Yet (to her family’s dismay) it had affected Y/N - and now her little brother, Jackson. Their father had been a lawyer and their mother a teacher; both reliable jobs meant to procure a salary and stability. They had tried so hard to instill the idea of the American Dream and all that nonsense into their children.

Self-destruction must skip a generation, Y/N supposed.

Y/N had spent most of her acting career twiddling her thumbs as she waited for auditions and call backs that never came. She did her best to present everything good and unique about herself on resumes, but (nine times out of ten) not even that was good enough. It was disappointing to say the least and depressing to say the most. Initially, she didn’t want Jackson to pursue acting either. All the experiences he’d miss, like all the experiences she missed, could never be replaced. All the self deprecation and angst and the thoughts of ‘I’m not good enough’ - how in God’s name could she wish that upon her baby brother? But, as she sat in the backseat of a white limo, little Jackson sitting across from her, she acknowledged how wrong she had been. He was wearing such an expensive tuxedo, yet he was still pressing his nose to the window’s glass and making patterns with the fog. He wasn’t missing experiences - he was making them. Like a kid should.

It was her mother who first brought it all to light one evening over dinner, It wasn’t all bad, she had said after shoveling runny mashed potatoes onto her plate. And that was true; Y/N had played Odette Polinsky on Hemlock Grove. She was barely eighteen when she got the role and, though job single-handedly saved her career, yet it wasn’t even a completely positive memory.

Y/N was the youngest cast member on Hemlock Grove, and was completely (and pathetically) infatuated with a boy who saw her as nothing more as a friend. She had to witness the endless stream of girls come and go, as he conquered them and moved on.

“Did you talk to Ellie?” He whispered in Y/N’s ear during the show’s second season. He was leaning on his chair, with his elbow propping up his chin as he smiled boyishly. She tried to ignore the tingles as they ran down her spine, swallowing thickly. Ellie was his latest prize and she was constantly prancing around set in tube tops and denim short shorts. He followed her like a moth to a flame.

“Ya, I - I did. She really - likes you.” She managed to splutter out. Sometimes, when she was concentrating and focused, she could pretend conversations with him where just a scene. Their interactions all had a script, she would tell herself, therefore there’s no reason to panic. But this was not one of those days.

“Mmhmm,” he hummed as he scratched his chin with his thumb and index finger. He cocked his eyebrow at her and smiled, his lips slightly parted. He was so close to her, that she could smell his cologne - oranges and mint. Y/N had to stop herself from closing her eyes and leaning in.

“Well, catch you later Oddi!” He said quickly, as he briskly stood up from his chair and cracked his knuckles.

“See you Roman.” She replied quietly to herself.

Said boy just so happens to star alongside Jackson. She wondered if he still smelt the same like oranges and mint, maybe he even was -

Y/N shook her head, her curls bouncing around her shoulders. She couldn’t think about him today, today was Jackson’s day. Besides he had every other damn day to consume her thoughts. She would avoid him and that was that.

“Y/N! Y/N! Look! Look!” Jackson was pointing as he stared at all the flashing cameras and interviewers with microphones stood at the ready. His eyes lit up as he spoke and he smiled that dimpled smile of pure joy. Make those experiences, Jackson, thought Y/N as she smiled and stared with him. Soon enough they were parked and helped out of a limo by a wide shouldered man who fistbumped Jackson. Y/N smoothed out her silver dress (hoping to God, there were no wrinkles) and touched the earrings on her ears (those bad boys cost as much as a mortgage).

The boy bounded outside of the limo and was immediately bombarded by interviewers and questions (“How was working with older actors?” “We’re you scared?” “Are you going to see the movie?”).

Y/N stifled a laugh as she caught up to Jackson, making sure to look more confident than she really was in her black pumps. She subtly pointed in attempts to direct his attention to an interview who looked kind enough. Immediately the young boy caught on, at seven years old he was more aware of social cues then Y/N. Y/N went off to stand next to her parents, making sure to stay in direct earshot.

“Hello!” Jackson exclaimed happily, interlocking his fingers and letting his arms go slack. He looked so professional and gentlemanly, Y/N could’ve sang.

“Hello there Jackson! It’s so great to talk to you!” The interview knelt a bit, getting down to his level. She was tilting the microphone towards his mouth as she smiled genuinely.

“And you!”

“Thank you very much! Anyway, so both you and your sister have both worked with Bill Skarsgard right?”

Oh boy here it is.

“Yep!” Jackson said just as happily.

“How did you like it?!”

“Well, his costume is kinda scary but I saw him - em - get ready and stuff so - so it wasn’t too bad. I mean, eating me was kinda scary but not too too bad. He’s actually really nice and a really good actor and he told me a lot of stories about my sister and a lot of them were really funny but some of them weren’t really funny.” Jackson rambled, his tongue was officially detached from his brain. Now it wagged along in his jaw.

“What were the not so funny stories?” The interviewer asked puzzled, as she tried to reposition herself so the microphone was right underneath Jackson.

C’mon kid. I love ya. I care for ya. I support ya in all aspects of life. But if you say some of those not so funny stories, you better hope to God you - Y/N’s mind was in complete freefall, every secret fantasy, dream, and hope was currently abandoning ship.

Jackson, giddy as ever, had no problem wagging his tongue some more. He took a deep breath of air before saying, “Well, he told me about how sometimes on the show he would try to - um - get her attention and it never really worked and she never liked him. He told me that she thought he was, well, I dunno what it means so it could be a bad word … ”

“Go on, I’ll make sure it isn’t a bad word.” The interviewer egged on. Y/N was starting to like this woman less and less.

“He said that she thought he was a player.” The interviewer just laughed and assured him that ‘player’ was not in fact a bad word before asking him other questions about the movie.

Y/N looked around her as if to say, Did anyone else just hear that? Her jaw was now completely slack as she hung it open stupidly. Her shoulders unstraightened, her back slouched, and she had to check to make sure that the earrings were still hanging from her ears.

“Did you hear that?” A familiar voice asked in her ear as tingles shot down her spine. Y/N looked up at the tall god that was Bill Skarsgard and nodded fiercely, as she felt her forehead with the back of her hand. Was she ill? Because now she was feeling a bit feverish in this dress.

“Did you really?” He asked again, looking down at his shoes and smirking, his lips just parted. She just nodded again. “Well, I suppose the truth is out there.” His slight accent on the word ‘there’ caused Y/N to smile widely.

“I never thought you were a player. I thought you were …  popular.” Y/N finally said, breaking the tension. Bill tipped his head back, his hands in the pockets of his tailored trousers, and gave the heartiest laugh. The breeze caught his hair and Y/N could smell oranges and mint on the wind.

Once he had stopped laughing, all Y/N could think was just say it, just say it.

“I - uh - I well I was trying as much as - I - well wanted your attention too.” Y/N finally spoke out, raising her voice to make sure he heard it too. “Wow - I always thought you didn’t like me and I want you to kno-”

“HEY CAN WE GET A PHOTO OF YOU GUYS?!” A photographer interjected the sweet moment much to Y/N’s dismay. But Bill snaked his hand on her waist and softly pulled her into him, so she was pressed into his long torso. She smiled at the small gesture, looking down at his hand as she felt him smile down on her.


Requested: Please do some daddy Shawn.

A/N: I don’t know why I try writing fluffy things, because they’re awful most times. I also changed the lyrics of LOFP a little, sorry.

Word count: 2,066

A faint noise rang in my ears, but not nearly loud enough to pulled me out of my heavy sleep. Only seconds later, I felt the faint squeezes on my arms. When I finally managed to open them, the room was too dark for me to see anything properly.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes, feeling just how sore they were. I blinked a few times, before finally being able to see shadows in the dark bedroom.

“Daddy, daddy” she cried again, forcing down my gaze.

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Predatory Instincts

Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said: Can u plzz do like a hybrid au, with either jimin. The plot is also up to u. And i luv ur works btw thank uuu. ❤❤ (same request as jungkook shifter)

Excerpt: ‘“I’m sure you can go faster than that tiger,” you looked over at him in interest, as he tapped your speed button a few times until you were running just a bit slower than him. You face lit up in a smile, for a small shifter he was confident and you wanted to run your hands through that silky soft hair and down his-‘

Genre: fluff

Length: 1.1k

A/N: if you want more shifter au, of this chapter or a different member leave a message! I have a good idea what shifter type they are already so don’t worry about specifying!

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When you walked into the gym, you had watched with amusement as prey shifters flinched, a few rabbit ears popping out and others freezing, their muscles stiffening as their wide eyes looked at you. It wasn’t an unusual reaction; being a mixture of lion and tiger you had long since become used to the scrunching of noses as they picked up your scent.

Even so, you looked over in interest at the boy on the running machine, he seemed to be the only shifters to not humour you with a reaction and even if he was a predator you knew he would have at least looked over in interest.

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Ai vreo întrebare?
Vrei ceva de mâncare?
Un ceai, niște curmale?
Hai să vorbim, acum ești mare
Spune-mi ce te doare!

Văd că ești învelit în gheață,
Iar în tine e ceață deasă.
Hai, las-o să iasă!
Lasă-mi inima să iubească,
Să meargă-n lume, să cunoască

Multe suflete, nu trupuri
Ca să poți tu să te bucuri
De locuri frumoase, de mici lucruri.
Și să nu pui preț pe ciurucuri!

Ai grija la oameni că n-au două fețe,
Unii au opt, alții chiar zece,
Iar majoritatea sunt zdrențe.
Să știi că doar eu îți dau povețe
Așa că ascultă-mă cu blândețe.

Ai grijă pe cine iubești,
Că iubim aceeași persoană.
Eu o să trec prin multe stări sufletești,
Dar pe amândoi o să ne doară.

Lumea crede că scriu despre tine,
Dar de fapt scriu despre amândoi
Pentru că faci parte din mine
Și nici după moarte nu ne despărțim noi.

Lumea crede că scriu fără tine,
Dar de fapt scriem amândoi.
Tu le concepi bine,
Eu doar le pun pe foi.

Lumea mă vede doar pe mine,
Niciodată pe amândoi.
Uneori se uită dacă arat bine,
Dar nu știe că suntem doi.

Nu ești organ, dar te simt.
Te situezi lângă torace.
Niciodată n-o să te mint ,
Dacă fac asta n-o să mă mai lași în pace.

Breakfast vocabulary

Originally posted by butteryplanet

mic dejun (n) – breakfast

  • mâncare (f) – food
  • legumă (f) – vegetable
  • roșie (f) – tomato
  • castravete (m) – cucumber
  • măslină (f) – olive
  • salată (f) - salad
  • fruct (n) - fruit
  • fructe confiate - dried fruit
  • măr (n) – apple
  • portocală (f) – orange
  • lămâie (f) – lemon
  • marmeladă (f), gem (n), dulceață (f) – jam
  • pâine (f) – bread
  • pâine prăjită (f) – toast
  • chiflă (f) – bun
  • pateu (n) – pastry
  • sandviș (n) - sandwich
  • corn (n) – croissant
  • biscuit (m) – biscuit
  • fursec (n) – cookie
  • brioșă, madlenă, prăjiturică (f) – cupcake, muffin
  • cereale (f, pl) - cereals


  • pateu (n) – pâté
  • crenvurst (m) – sausage
  • șuncă presată (f) – ham
  • salam (n) – salami
  • kaizer (n) – bacon
  • ou (n) – egg
  • ou prăjit – fried egg
  • omletă (f) – omelette
  • brânză (f), cașcaval (n) – cheese
  • iaurt (n) – yoghurt

  • unt (n) – butter
  • sare (f) – salt
  • zahăr (n) – sugar
  • ulei (n) – oil
  • oțet (n) – vinegar
  • miere (f) – honey 


  • băutură (f) – drink
  • apă (f) – water
  • lapte (n) – milk
  • lapte cu ciocolată – chocolate milk
  • lapte cu cacao – cocoa
  • lapte degresat – skimmed milk
  • lapte semi degresat – semi-skimmed milk
  • lapte de soia – soy milk
  • cafea (f) – coffee
  • cafea decofeinizată - decaffeinated coffee
  • cafea cu lapte – coffee with milk
  • ceai (n) – tea
  • ceai de mentă – mint tea
  • suc (n) – juice
  • suc de fructe – fruit juice
  • suc de mere – apple juice
  • limonadă – lemonade
  • oranjadă – orangeade

  • ziar (n) – newspaper
  • masă (f) – table
  • scaun (n) – chair
  • cană (f) – mug
  • carafă (f) – jug
  • ceașcă (f) – tea cup
  • farfurie (f) – plate
  • platou (n), tavă (f) – tray
  • castron (n), bol (n) – bowl
  • ceainic (n) – teapot
  • ibric (n) – coffee pot
  • cafetieră (f) – coffee maker
  • prăjitor de pâine (n) – toaster
  • aragaz (n) – stove

  • a mânca – to eat
  • a bea – to drink
  • a lua micul dejun - to have breakfast
  • mai vrei…? – do you want more…?
  • Pofta bună! – Enjoy your meal!
  • Sărut-mâna pentru masă! – Thank you for the meal!
Speak Now (Chris Evans AU)

no hard feelings on jenny slate!!! i was more than upset when they broke up actually she’s a good girlfriend and SHE VOICED BELLWETHER IN ZOOTOPIA LIKE ????? 

song used: speak now by taylor swift

Y/N sat in the minivan, her eyes steadied on her lap. Her hands were touching the pale blue dress that she wore, in honor of the wedding.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Scarlett asked her, her green eyes soft. Y/N smiled at her concern, even if they haven’t seen each other for nearly a decade. “I know you’re upset about not getting invited, but I’m sure it was Jenny’s fault. I heard from somewhere that she erased your name from the list of people she invited. Certainly, if he could have the chance, he would invite you first. You were his best friend, after all.”

Were. Were.

Y/N nodded slowly, ignoring the looks she was getting from Scarlett.

“We’re here. I think the others are inside getting dressed. Sebastian will meet us at the entrance.” Anthony said from the driver’s seat, parking the minivan in the church parking lot. “Y/N, stop it with the long face. It’s not like we can tell Chris he can’t marry her.” Anthony said bluntly.

“I—I know.” Y/N said, her voice cracking at the end. Scarlett and Anthony’s gazes on her softened. She shook her head as she started getting intimidated by their staring. “Let’s just get inside, yeah?”

Both of her friends nodded and they stepped out of the minivan, Y/N following in suite. Her flats hit the pavement almost with no sound and she smiled bittersweetly at the sight of the roses decorated outside of the church.

She watched as Scarlett and Anthony made their way to the church, and she followed behind quietly. She stepped onto the marble stairs and were ushered in by the duo, who followed her inside the decorated hall.

“Names?” the man standing at a desk asked them.

“Anthony Mackie.” Anthony said, his eyes darting to Y/N. “Scarlett Johansson, and uh, Y/N Y/L/N.” he finished, and Y/N could tell by the man’s expression that she wasn’t on the list of guests.

“Um, sir, I don’t see anyone by the name of Y/N Y/L/N on the list.” He looked at the other two. “You both can go inside now—“

“Anthony? Scarlett?” Y/N jumped at the all-too familiar voice of Chris, who walked into the church entrance. His eyes widened when he saw Y/N with them. “Y/N? Y-you came! I’m so glad you could come!” He made his way past the guard, grabbing her by the wrist and bringing her to his chest, hugging her tightly.

Y/N was surprised, considering the last time she saw the boy, the circumstances hadn’t been brilliant. But nonetheless, she hugged him back, a ghost smile on her face.

“I—but the problem is,” she began after pulling away from Chris’s hug. “I—I never actually got invited …” she said awkwardly. Chris blinked for a second before turning the man behind him, who gulped in fear.

“Add Y/N Y/L/N to the guest list, please.”

Y/N smiled; she glad to see Chris hadn’t changed his gentlemanly ways, even with a selfish bride.

“Excuse me, but where are the mints?” Y/N turned around to see a lady in a blue pantsuit ask her, her nose turned up in disgust. “You aren’t supposed to be in here, you’re supposed to be in the back. I should tell Jenny to fire you.”

“Mrs. Slate!” Chris jumped at the woman, while Y/N stood there, flustered, red, and confused. “This is my friend, Y/N. She—she’s not one of the caterers.” he cleared up, the lady narrowing her eyes at her.

She was supposed to be Chris’s mother-in-law?

“Oh,” she murmured. “You just seemed to look like you wore a cheap uniform, so I assumed as much.” she said bitterly, causing Y/N to look down to her feet in embarrassment. The woman walked past them, not bothering to check in, towards the back of the church.

Y/N ignored Scarlett and Anthony’s eyes that were looking at her nervously, as Chris cleared his throat in an attempt to settle the awkwardness.

“A-anyways, let me show you around! Sebastian should be upstairs getting ready, and I’m sure he’d be happy to see you all!” Chris said cheerfully.

Y/N stepped into line behind Scarlett and Anthony, following Chris through the pews to the stairs where Sebastian stood at the top, his eyes cast to the mirror in front of him. He gave a smile to Y/N when he noticed her appearance, glad to see her get into the wedding without too much trouble.

“Hey, you guys.” He greeted, giving his two friends a great friendship hug before giving Y/N a personalized hug of her own. As she went to pull away, he asked her, “You okay?” She nodded.

“Uh, Scarlett, Anthony want to come over and see some … cool stuff?” Chris said awkwardly, but was able to convince his two friends and they left the room, leaving Sebastian and Y/N alone.

“He shouldn’t be marrying her.” Sebastian said, sighing as he sat down on the red leather couch. “You should be the one he’s marrying. He doesn’t love her. I know it. If you would say something—“

UGH! Christine! You ruined my nail polish!

The two jumped in surprise when the shrilly voice of Chris’s bride was heard from the other room. One of the bridesmaids was apologizing profusely, but Jenny was having none of it.

Since you ruined my nail polish, I’ll ruin your whole look with nail polish!

Multiple gasps erupted from the room and two things dropped to the floor, to what Y/N could assume were nail polish bottles. Soon enough, the door of the room opened and Christine was running away with sobs escaping her mouth. She could only imagine that Jenny spilled hot pink and baby blue nail polish not only on her dress but literally on her hair and makeup.

She turned back to Sebastian, who now had an expression that said see-what-I-mean? “Sebastian, don’t say that.” she said, stubbornly ignoring the thoughts of Chris getting on one knee with a ring in his hand, asking for her hand of marriage. “He—he must love her … why else would he marry her? It won’t make sense, then.” she trailed off, her head turning away from him.

“He still loves you even though he has been with Jenny for a long time.” Sebastian stated. “Admit it, you still love him, and you’re afraid to face your feelings.” His voice was stern, and Y/N tensed up, turning her head back to him. “If you don’t say something, you’ll ruin his whole life.”

“I don’t want to ruin their wedding, Sebastian.” Y/N growled, growing angry. Sebastian scoffed and smirked. He stood up and leaned down to her ear. “Trust me,” he whispered. “This isn’t the wedding Chris needs to be in.”

Y/N sat in the pew quietly. Small flower girls tossed an assortment of several flowers. After a few minutes of the little girls prancing around the aisle, tossing enough flower petals to make any allergic person sneeze a couple times, the wedding music began to play.

When the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle, Anthony was, unfortunately, missing a partner. Y/N looked away from them, feeling grief for Christine. She looked at Chris on the altar, who nervously tapped his thigh. Their eyes met for a moment, but Y/N looked away quickly to prevent herself from bursting into tears. She’d ruin Jenny’s big day if she looked at him, even if she was already ruining her life from the start.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen stopped across from Sebastian, the bridesmaids eyeing the boy who seemed uninterested in them. Soon all the eyes were on the bride, who looked like a big cotton ball beside her small father. Y/N figured she got all her traits from her mother.

Jenny side-eyed Y/N, hatred burning brightly in her eyes. She watched her smile turn into a nasty look for a moment. Y/N could only look away in embarrassment, losing against their little contest at who was better at being better.

Her eyes met Chris’s again as Jenny took her place next to him. The bridesmaids and groomsmen had to shuffle around to let her gigantic dress through. His eyes twinkled at her for a moment before he turned to the young woman next to him, smiling an obviously fake smile.

Y/N could only look down to her hands. You were not about to ruin her big day.

Y/N stared at the couple as they began to exchange vows, Chris going first.

“I love every,” he paused, glancing at Y/N, but he went unnoticed. “E-every quality that my lovely bride-to-be has. All of her, uh,” he paused again and glanced at his shoes. Y/N’s eyes locked with Sebastian’s. He was looking at her as if he wants her to stand up and stop the whole wedding.

She shook her head and forced her head down.

She wouldn’t ruin their wedding.

“All of her flaws,” Chris gulped, sweating under all the gazes on him. “They’re—they’re not even flaws, to me …” He continued to talk in a shaky manner, and Y/N watched his bride’s expression grow angrier every time he paused, the same time Y/N grew even more upset about the entire situation.

She couldn’t ruin their wedding.

Even if the bride is ruining her life.

She listened to Jenny say her own vows, quickly and every now and then she’d give Chris’s triceps a squeeze, causing his smile to fall a little more every minute.

He truly looked unhappy.


She wouldn’t. She couldn’t.

Then the preacher began to say vows, Chris gulping every time he responded, tugging at the collar of the white dress shirt he wore. Jenny only held and squeezed his arm, clearly trying to calm him down and make him look good on their special day. Her special day.

Y/N knew that he hated it when someone squeezes his arms; he always preferred hugs. She felt terrible for even coming to this wedding, because she just had to do this.

Not for Scarlett, Anthony, Sebastian, or anyone else.

But for herself.

And for Chris.

“Do we have any objections to these two getting married?” the preacher asked. Y/N locked eyes with Sebastian and she gulped nervously. She stood up slowly, inhaling sharply.

“I object to this marriage.”

Y/N looked at Chris who seemed almost … relieved.

“I-I object to this marriage, because—because I know Chris wouldn’t marry a woman like Jenny, who only likes him because of his popularity and wealth.” she said, now feeling the courage she needed bubble inside of her. “Chris is a—a sweet, loving, wonderful guy. A woman like Jenny doesn’t deserve someone as amazing as him.”

Y/N took a deep breath. “I-I had a chance to be with him, but I wasted it away. I want another chance, Chris.” she croaked out. “You aren’t truly happy with her, are you?” she said, her voice strained at the end. Chris took his arm off of Jenny’s, who now stood alone on the altar, mortified and furious.

Y/N could see the smile on Sebastian’s face as Chris walked down the aisle, his face a mixture of happiness, relief, and pain. She didn’t have to wait for him to make the next move, she just hugged him. She felt him cry to her shoulder.

“You ruined my wedding!” Jenny shrieked, racing towards the two, but was quickly stopped by Sebastian, who glowered menacingly at her.

“Am I worthy of a second chance?” Y/N asked, who was now starting to cry. Chris nodded, and she hugged him tighter, burying her face on the crook of his neck. “You spoke up for me, Y/N. Why wouldn’t I give you a second chance?”

Y/N shouldn’t have ruined their wedding, but Jenny would’ve ruined Chris’s life.

When they said, “Speak now.”

The City, Part 7 [End]

A/N:  I’m sad to see this story end as it’s my first one. But I am proud of the story I wrote and I’m excited for what happens next.

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Summary: Your two year long relationship has ended. With a new apartment and job you’re ready to move on from your relationship. But The City seems to have other plans for you.

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings/Triggers: none

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Final

Part 7

Your eyebrows shot up as Tae and Jin guided you through the busy restaurants and the view of 4 handsome boys came into view. It was the rest of BTS and with a nervous heart you looked at their faces, but Namjoon’s wasn’t among them. Tae and Jin shot each other glances and moved their bodies closer to yours. They closed the gap in case you decided to bolt out the door. 

“What is this? An intervention?” you scoffed, taking a seat next to Hobi. It was impossible to stay made when Hobi flashed you a smile. His heart shaped face could probably melt the sun if he tried.

“No! Y/N, we just thought that since it’s been awhile we should all meet up and get lunch together. We all missed you!” he tried to re-assure you.

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Every time Shadow went to visit his best friend, Blueprint in Underswap. He would accidentally travel in different timeline where Blueberry have a child but with different partner. Shadow kinda make friends with them when actually he just wanted to visit his best friend. He would actually have to babysit one of the youngest and newest child addition of Underswap child name Mysto, child/ fusion of Cross and Blueberry. Well, the only reason is because US!Pap n Cross actually make(force) him to do it if none of the other can take care of him. Bluescreen can’t touch anyone without getting them killed so Shadow helps by using his shadow ability so he won’t harm him ( like the 3 & 4 panel)

Blueprint n Cassis: @pepper-mint
Mysto n Shadow: me
Sparkle: ???
Bluescreen: @7goodangel

anonymous asked:

Szomorú vagyok. Mesélnél nekem a Taylor-sorokról?

Hát, nem tudom, hogy egy Taylor-sorokról szóló mese mennyire segít a szomorúságon. Leszámítva talán az olyan mesét, mint “két Taylor-sor beszélget: -Nem konvergálok, most mit csináljak? -Szilvás buktát, mert az szeretem!” De van, aki ilyenekre bukik.

Kétféle jószágtípus van, egyik hőmérséklettel, meg hullámokkal dolgozik, másik meg erőhatásokkal. Előbbi szerint csak hullámfüggvények vannak, utóbbi szerint, meg csak polinomok. Jó, tudják, hogy van pl. pina is, de megelégszenek ezekkel a függvényekkel, mert remekül lehet közelíteni a kívánt jelentségeket. Miért? Már Newton is rájött arra, hogy deriválni és integrálni polinomokat könnyű. Deriválással x^n-ből n*x^(n-1) lesz, integrálással meg x^(n+1)/(n+1). Mivel tudjuk, hogy az összegeket, meg a számmal való szorzásokat a deriválás/integrálás nem báncsa, ezért már most tudunk böszme n-ed fokú polinomokat is integrálni, deriválni. Szóval Newton ott ábrándozott az almafa alatt, hogy “de jó lenne, ha minden függvényt lehetne polinomokkal közelíteni, s nem kéne vért hugyozni az e^(-x^2) kiintegrálásához!”

Gondoljuk hát meg, hogy lehet két polinom egyenlő? Már középiskolás korunkban is, anyánk beleköpött volna a tojásos nokedlinkba, ha nem azt mondtuk, hogy ha minden együtthatójuk egyenlő. Viszont már nem vagyunk középiskolások, ezért ha egy kicsit deriválgatunk, akkor

kijön, hogy két polinom egyenlő, ha az összes deriváltjuk a nullában egyenlő. Naná, mert a polinom hasába 0-t írva minden büdös tagja eltűnik, leszámítva a legelsőt. Ha a k-dik deriváltat nézzük, akkor annak az első tagja meg pont az eredeti polinom k-adik tagja lesz (szer k faktoriális, de részleteken ne akadjunk fel). Annak nem sok értelme van, hogy egy függvény n-edik tagjának együtthatója, de az már nem vérmes hülyeség, hogy a függvény k-adik deriváltjának értéke a 0-ban. Fel is kiálthatunk hát, hogy két függvény egyenlő, ha az összes deriváltjaik értékei egy pontban egyenlőek, oszt jóvan!

Persze a BME-n erre megkapnánk a kegyelem kettest, de nem. Egyfelől, hogy tuti piszok szemét legyen a világ, vannak olyan függvények amelyek egyszer sem, meg sehol sem deriválhatóak, így ezekre a fenti gondolatmenetünket papírgalacsin formájában feldughatjuk a seggünkbe. Másrészt, ha még végtelen sokszor deriválhatóak a függvények egy pontban, és ezek a deriváltak megegyeznek, még akkor is különbözhetnek. Hát akkor mi a vödör galambfos van? Ha mást nem, akkor ha veszünk egy f függvényt, ami végtelen sokszor diffható 0-ban, akkor vehetünk egy végtelen sort is, amire

De, a matetikus bácsi, annak a polinomnak hanyatt esett nyolcas a fokszáma neki, s aztat még a matetikus bácsi még nem definiálta aztat! Nem, meg nem is fogom. Annyit viszont elég tudni, hogy a T_f, az nem más, mint T_{f,n} határértéke, ahogy n tart a végtelenbe. Viszont T_{f,n} az egy polinom, s valamilyen értelemben jó. Méghozzá Taylor azt mondta, hogy minden a 0 egy környezetében diffható f esetén:

x az persze benne van ebben a környezetben. Körülbelül ennyi.

Hát hova szarjak, hogy el ne lopják?! De ha nézünk egy példát, amiről Newton példánkban álmodozott, pl. azt mennyi e^(-x^2) integrálja a [0,1]-n.

Azaz egész pöpec közelítést kaptunk. Aki meg nem érti, hogy miért is jó ezt az integrált tudni, az álljon a sarokba és szégyellje össze magát!