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16 0719 1/13 days left of summer :“(
feeling actually really tired and stressed these days because of how busy I am. sometimes I wish anxiety didn’t exist and that I could just stay still and spend a day doing nothing and being more carefree, but I guess time doesn’t stop like that as you grow older
reading summer books makes me feel a bit restless so I’m relaxing myself with some SAT 2c math tests using my tablet and munching on some mint chocolate macaroons my friend kindly made ♡

Our Colours
  • <p> <b></b> Eren and Levi are at the DIY store, ready to pick the colours for their bedroom walls.<p/><b>Eren:</b> OK. So I wouldn't mind two walls light grey. What colour should we do the rest?<p/><b>Levi:</b> I'm thinking teal green. Deep not light.<p/><b>Eren:</b> Good choice! Let's do this.<p/><b>Levi:</b> Sure.<p/><b>Eren:</b> (stopping in the entrace to the aisle, gaping at the walls of paint tins) Woah. This is crazy.<p/><b>Levi:</b> (continuing to walk) Hey, don't go getting distracted.<p/><b>Eren:</b> Oh-umm. (following more slowly)<p/><b>Levi:</b> (noticing that Eren has ground to a halt in front of tins containing neither green nor grey) Eren, I mean it. We've decided on our colours.<p/><b>Eren:</b> Alright, alright. But look - they do gold glitter varieties!<p/><b>Levi:</b> (muttering an obscenity and grabbing his arm)<p/><b>Eren:</b> Geeze, I was kidding.<p/><b>Levi:</b> (frogmarching Eren to the green paint section. Right. Here we are. All we need to do is choose.<p/><b>Eren:</b> How about 'pistachio whip'? Or is it too light?<p/><b>Levi:</b> Yes it is and sounds a dessert topping.<p/><b>Eren:</b> (chuckling) Do you prefer 'mint macaroon'?<p/><b>Levi:</b> (dumbfounded) Seriously. Who makes this shit up?<p/><b>Eren:</b> Lighten up, Levi. You're full of 'teal tension' today!<p/><b>Levi:</b> (scowling) I swear to God, Eren...<p/><b>Eren:</b> (wrapping his arms around Levi) OK. I'm done. Promise. Now what do you like the look of?<p/><b>Levi:</b> (tearing away from Eren's eyes to examine the varieties of teal, knowing there's little chance of finding what he wants... until.) How about 'turqoise treasure'?<p/><b></b> A few minutes later, Eren picks 'dove grey'.<p/></p>
Magcon Preference: How He Proposes

Since you two had met at an outdoor ice skating rink, he thought it would be appropriate to propose to you there. There were twinkly lights strung on every tree going around the rink. He even rented the rink for the whole night for just the two of you.

Hayes knew that your favorite dessert was macaroons. He got a mint green macaroon and placed it in a small white box, the band of the ring was stuck in the filling in the middle of the macaroon.

For your first date, Johnson took you out to a Chinese restauraunt. You always loved reading the fortunes from your fortune cookies. He had a fortune cookie made specially for that night. The long piece of paper said ‘Will you marry me?’ and also held the ring.

You and Jacob had decided to spend Christmas together this year, just the two of you. Your house was decorated with lights and mistletoe. Your tree stood in the corner of your living room, the lights shining in different colors. On one branche, he hung a red string, which held the ring. He covered your eyes and walked you into the living room, then stopped right in front of the tree. He uncovered your eyes and that’s when you saw the ring.

You and Jack always spent a lot of time in the gazebo in the park close to your house. He hung lights all around the gazebo. Then, he got on one knee and opened the red velvet box containing the ring.

You and Cam always enjoyed surfing together, so he decided that he wanted to incorporate surfing into your proposal. First, you guys walked around together on the beach. He took you to your favorite spot. He told you turn around and you saw your some of your friends and his friends holding surfboards that said 'Will you marry me?’ You turned around once more and saw him on one knee, holding open a velvet box with a gorgeous ring.

Every summer for the past few years, you and Aaron go to Paris, France together. Both of you always loved seeing the Eiffel Tower, especially at night. He took you out to a fancy dinner and then bought you to the Eiffel Tower at night, lit up with twinkly lights. He started talking about the first time you met and how he was mesmerized by your beauty. (Oops cheesy I know) He said that he had a question to ask you. Then, you noticed him pulling out a small box. He got on one knee and popped the question.

You guys were in Disney World because Shawn had a performance. You watched in awe from the side of the stage. As his song finished, you could hear the screams of all of the people who came to see the performance. As soon as the screaming and cheering died down, you heard Shawn say,“Will my girlfriend Y/N please come here?” You walked out onto the stage and into Shawn’s arms for a hug. He told you to sit down on the stool in the middle of the stage, so you walked over and sat down. He got on one knee, holding a small box. You instantly started tearing up. Then, he asked the question,“Will you marry me?”

You sat in your living room reading your favorite book. You then heard tapping on the ground. “Matt?” You called but got no answer. Then you saw a kitten walking over to where you were. “Where did you come from?” You asked as you picked it up. You noticed a small pink paper that said 'Marry me?’ and a diamond ring hanging from the ribbon tied loosely around the kitten’s neck.

You and Taylor had always been the adventurous couple, so when he asked if you wanted to go scuba diving while you were in Aruba, your answer was an automatic yes. You got what you needed and headed to your favorite spot. You got on the boat and geared up while it took you to the middle of the ocean. You felt Taylor grab your hand and jumped. You made it to the bottom and looked around. Taylor pulled a box out of nowhere, and inside you saw the most beautiful ring you had ever seen.

You got up from your spot on the couch when you heard the doorbell ring. You opened your door to find a box with nothing on it. No return address, nothing. You picked it up and closed the door, then walked into your kitchen. You pulled the tape off of the top and a balloon flew out. You noticed a small piece of light blue paper attached to the bottom of it. The paper said 'Pop me!’ You got a knife and popped the balloon, and out came a gorgeous diamond ring. You gasped and picked up the ring. Kenny walked in and saw that you opened the package. He took the ring out of your hands and got on one knee.

You and Dillon were sitting in your kitchen eating dinner. “Want something to drink?” You asked as you got up. “Yeah, I’ll have a coke,babe,” he said. You nodded and walked to the fridge, opening the door. You gasped as you saw 6 coke bottles customized to say 'Y/N Y/L/N will you marry me?“ You turned around and looked down to see Dillon on one knee.

You and Sammy loved to go mini golfing. He took you to your favorite spot and you started your game. At the 18th hole, you saw your families standing there. His siblings held signs that said 'Y/N, will you marry me?’ He got down one one knee in front of them and asked "Will you?”

You and Nate had been away from each other for almost 3 months due to his and Sammy’s tour. You two were currently skyping. You continued talking and then you noticed something. You recognized the color of the hallway and became suspicious. “Nate, where are you right now?” You asked. “Why don’t you turn around?” You heard. You turned around and saw him on one knee.

You walked around town with Carter while it was snowing. You stopped and sat down on a bench in the middle of the commons. He stopped walking and turned around and smiled. “What?” You asked, smiling. He kneeled down and pulled out a black velvet box. “Will you marry me?”

Use your imagination and finish off the rest lol
So, I’m starting to do written preferences like this one. This is my first written preference, so bare with me.