mint macarons

Screenshot comparison!

I was struck down with a cold over the weekend and didn’t want to work on another long post I have planned so I decided to kill time by doing this instead.

Because yes, I just lurve wasting my days away with silly, pointless things.

The idea came to me ever since Kira Puri did their first group attack (that has an actual name to it). I was like “Hmmm, if dramatic posture dies, so will magical girl shows, I guess” and then “Oh yea, we started out with five Cures this season, didn’t we?” which then escalated to “I wonder which group would look better posing with their weapons”…

Which resulted in this. *gestures to image above* And it’s only the first half. Second half includes all the seasons I’ve watched so far. Just waiting on Cure Parfait’s debut to include her Rainbow Ribbon into the chart.

Anyways, more comments under the cut. Cuz it’s too fucking long, aiyayayayayaa. And Tumblr resized this but oh well. :P

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