mint legacy


Meet Aminta Physalis, my Not-So-Berry Challenge Founder. I´d been planning to start posting weeks ago but work and life got in the way of playing. Also, image editing is a new thing to me.

As the challenge rules state for the first generation, Aminta has the Chief of Mischief aspiration, is in the scientist career, is a vegetarian, jealous and materialistic. Her name combines mint and my favorite berry :) For complete rules check:

Here´s a mini bio for you:

Aminta knows inheriting her grandma´s cottage in Windenburg means a new life for her. A new beginning far from the city, where she can finally give free reign to her mischievous nature… without necessarily terrorizing her ex-boyfriends´ new girlfriends.

Credits for making this amazing challenge to: @lilsimsie @alwaysimming