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I was just skimming through the amazing @myetie‘s work as usual (I’ve been a secret admirer for almost 6 months now >_<) when I spotted the kids AU ask about ???

Can’t help but ship Zen’s baby princess and Saeran’s lil emo kiddy XD Obviously Seojun doesn’t have the great hacking skills of his daddy 707. Good thing Hyunae got a secret admirer watching her back >_>

I ship em both SO hard <3 Go check out her kids AU if you haven’t btw! it’s fabulous! :D

P.S: tried a new lining style and very pleased with the last panel :)

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Can I pls pls request anything with seven as a dad ? Like oml this is a fantasy of mine. I want seven with baby tomatoes pls HAVE AN AMAZING DAY U AMAZING PPL

Why, yes love, you can~!


707 / Luciel / Saeyoung as a Dad

  • He wanted kids with MC, but he was a little afraid of turning into his mother at first.
  • You encourage him with “You’re going to be a better parent than your mother was“ speeches
  • Would stay up bugging you about what ifs and planning for the kids’ futures
  • The first time he holds his firstborns, he legit ugly cried
  • He would be peeking at the nursery everyday before he goes and visits you
  • Very protective : he would make sure that none of his enemies ever touch a single hair on his kids’ heads
  • Hands-on dad; he doesn’t mind changing diapers and getting puked on at all
  • Just look at him, he looks so happy and content with his mini tomatoes
  • Brags about his kids A LOT
  • You’re just a little scared when you’re out grocery shopping and ask for updates though
  • Because he sends you photoshopped pictures of the kids in different backgrounds and matching adventures
  • Saeyoung wtf are you actually doing with the kids asdfghjkl IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR AN UPDATE
  • When the twins are a little older, you’d find him playing with them when he’s not busy
  • You always find him passed out on the floor with the kids sprawled over him
  • Well okay, he admittedly spoils them a lot, but he’s also good at disciplining them
  • You’d think it was bad enough with the twins, but wait until he gets a daughter
  • Expect lots of princess outfits (both for him and your daughter)
  • They’re so inseparable that you’re beginning to get jealous
  • All your kids’ first words would be “papa“ (nyaha too bad, MC)
  • Takes them on camping trips when they’re older
  • Never misses a school performance even when he’s busy (he asks Saeran to proxy for him lmao Saeyoung you cheat)
  • Teaches his kids survival tips and more (bullies are afraid of his kids)
  • He can finally upgrade from pranking Yoosung to cracking DAD JOKES
  • Needless to say, he wouldn’t be a perfect dad per se, but he’d be one of the best dads there ever were.

I got my tablet pen back and this is the first thing I decided to do

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Can we have a drawing of the gaalee family hugging? Like a family photo (put kankuro, shikatema and shikadai too?)


Missy (Mystic Kids Lillian) wanted to hug Soda Pop the Magnifizzent before I send her off to her new home with @rainyteapot. 💜 I LOVED crafting with such a vibrant color scheme—this purple looks truly magical!

More handmade unicorns with punny show names coming soon! 🌈 Each one is created with lots of minty love and care.

@breaddiscourseblog​ Hello I LOVE your Dolph redesign (I added freckles tho bc freckles are amazing)

+Space kid to make it painted stars for @gogetsomesnacks

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What if Arcee and Springer had a kid? (Yayyy jumping straight in with the OTP lol)

  • Name: Coil
  • Gender: Femme
  • General Appearance:
  • Personality: Coil likes a challenge, and everything is a challenge to her. She thrives for competition and pushing herself, trying new things and perfecting those she’s already learned, and while it can be grating for others at times, she’s fiercely protective of her friends and family, and is highly supportive in anything they do.

    Unless it’s a challenge against her, in which case they’RE GOING DOWN BRING IT ON MOTHERFRAGGERS-
  • Special Talents: While Coil isn’t a triple-changer, having a single altmode as a lightweight copter, she still has an incredibly high-powered spark, and thus her endurance is incredible, and she can rapidly transform or partially transform as part of her actions, with effortless control unlike other bots. This makes her a pain to fight, because she can partially transform her armor to different parts of her frame as a form of defense, or to pack an added punch to her strikes.
  • Who they like better: Coil can’t decide! She tends to run with a hotter temper than either of her creators (Hot Rod ‘helped’ and they think maybe that’s his influence in her CNA somewhere) so at times she’ll pick one because she’s having a fight with the other one, but she forgets her anger quickly and easily and returns to loving them both just as often.
  • Who they take after more: Springer. Though admittedly, both her creators have the same streak of ‘bossiness’ and bright-eyed challenge that she does, she tends to take on leadership positions more readily than Arcee does.
  • Personal Head canon: Coil is big, strong, and enjoys physically picking up her friends to kiss them. SUBMIT TO THE SMOOCHES.
  • Face Claim:

For the “If they had a kid” meme!