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Hello it's me, I've been wondering all these years of what we use to be. Would be able to do some idw prowl, starscream, jazz, and sunstreaker (if u can't do idw sunstreaker do g1 version pls) having a practical blind s/o that said "you are the prettiest blob I've ever seen" to them. Please with a cherry on top.

Excuse me? Use to be? Is this a reference to something? I don’t get it… Help.

Honestly, I’m not familiar with either Sunny. However, giving it my best here on the IDW– Also I went with legally blind without seeing black and also bye I’m crying that’s the best thing ever.


He forgets that you’re legally blind almost as often as he forgets names. Repeatedly ask you to look at stuff or if you’re blind. You’ve both given up on correcting it and just go about business like the sentence was never said. It’s quite hilarious to outsiders looking in.

However, you have your moments where you use your blindness to make him feel better. Such as “Oh I see them!” to trick another bot. So, when you stare at him for a long moment, he’s prepared to hear about something on his face. He’s not in the mood and he’s going to tell you so. 

“You’re the most attractive black and white blob I have ever seen.” He blanks for a moment, staring at you. “I hate you.” He says, but there is no bite or truth as he picks you up and places you on his shoulder.

He’s grown so accustomed to your disability in the short time you’ve been together his reactions are almost second nature. Such as, telling you to move your hand slightly to get what you need or not having to look to catch you or something you dropped because you misjudged by a step or so.

And that’s just what he’s done, caught you in a servo, still facing the bot he’s speaking to, as you misjudged how far the black drop of the table was from you. He looks down at you with a raised optical ridge and you grin, “Just looking for an excuse to tell you, you’re the most handsome flying blob I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

“You’ve never laid eyes on anything.” He says, you can hear the smile in his voice that is surely not on his face, as he places you on his shoulder and tells you to stay there. Then goes back to his conversation.

He’s the best about it, he never treats it different aside from the things that he has no choice. He’s so natural about avoiding saying things that go against what you can do or bringing up what you can’t. You’d almost swear you weren’t blind if it weren’t for the fact that you definitely were.

“Okay so you need food and I don’t know how to cook… What do we do?” “Find someone who can?” “Different planet?” “Take out?” “This is more difficult than I expected.” 

You laugh and shake your head, “Well, to make you feel better, you’re the most pretty blob I’ve ever seen.” He laughs and pats your head with a digit, “Alright that was good.”

He is the worst. If he hasn’t forgotten your blind, he’s saying something he shouldn’t. He just really bad at this, but he really is trying, please believe him is. He is honestly a bit afraid you’ll leave him because he’s so forgetful of it and an aft to boot. He has gotten better about the aft part, he’ll probably always forget.

“Hey look. I fixed my paint up!” He’s so happy as you look up at the bright yellow… form in front of you. You feel bad you can’t actually see how cool his paint job is, you know how proud he is of it.

“You certainly are the hottest blob I’ve ever seen.” “Oh frag sorry!” You can’t help but laugh at him.

Sleepless Nights are for You and Me (f)

in which yoongi and jeon are college friends on a night of christmas lights, mint mochas and soft jazz playing in the background. 

// idea completely inspired by @sugakookiefactory‘s sleepless nights edit //

Pairing: Yoongi x Jungkook

Warnings: slight language nd a lot of feels

Words: 3,810

-ive never been to Seoul so dont hate me if literally everything is wrong i just wanted a setting for the story // also yoongi has pink hair in this cause y not 

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H/c for tfa prowl,bumblebee,bulkhead, and jazz for a s/o who's artistic and draws them with sidewalk chalk((I drew bumblebee with sidewalk chalk an hour ago lmao))

Hell I’d love to see that. It sounds amazing.
Though it’s been quite a few days so I’m sure it’s gone by now… 


~He stands so still all the time it’s not hard to get a goo sketch going of him. It’s even easier to color him.
~You think he’s posing, but he’s honestly not. He’s busy watching a bird and you wanted to draw.
~When you call his name his attention goes straight to you, he’s not even bothered that the bird flew away.
~He’s actually absolutely amazed at how good it is, though he does smile about how messy you are, covered in chalk.
~He sits down next to you and admires it in detail before nodding and telling you just how wonderful it is.
~He asks you nicely to take a picture and print it out so he can keep it in his room.
~You do so and he keeps it framed and hung.

~He doesn’t do ‘still’ so you just have to look up at him occasionally when he’s still and hope you get enough right from memory.
~He’s flitting around, either racing Sari or practicing his moves as you draw him.
~You have to wait awhile sometimes for him to sit still and give you a chance to look at that one detail you’re not very sure about and you need to get right and dammit Bumblebee just stop for two nanokliks!
~Finally you’re finished, wiping your forehead with your forearm and calling Bumblebee over.
~He stops right in front of you before dropping to sit cross-legged in front of you with starry optics. “You did this?”
~At your confirmation he squawks in amazement before he launches into compliments about how great it is and how well you captured him.
~He’s absolutely amazed and impressed by your skills.
~He wants it on a shirt and for you to wear that shirt. Or a pillow.

~Being an artist himself he understands how frustrating it can be when your subject won’t sit still. Bumblebee.
~He’s doing his best to sit still and he’s doing a pretty good job, only occasionally moving because his gears get stiff and it hurts. 
~At first you’d be drawing him without his knowledge, but he quickly caught on and said he could sit still for you. You agreed.
~Just as he’s about ready to tell you he needs to take a break you call out that you’re finish.
~He moves as quickly as he can to look at what you’ve done and whistles.
~He’ll tell you how good you are and that he’d like a picture of it so he can keep your amazing artwork of him.
~You agree and he gets a picture to keep with him.
~He will actually pull it out and show other bots how good you are at art.
~He’s super proud and impressed with you.

~He’s not an art man himself, but he can sit still if you tell him to.
~Of course you don’t so he’s moving a bit, though it’s honestly not enough to disrupt your drawing, just enough for you to have to wait to see certain details again.
~He’s clueless as he’s probably watching the bots do their own things, quite interested in how well adjusted they are to earth life.
~He’ll only finally look at you when you call his name to come look.
~He’ll tease you about how messy you are and then let out an amazed ‘whoa… groovy’ when he sees what you’ve done.
~He thinks it’s absolutely amazing and will tell you so.
~If you offer he absolutely wants a picture to keep with him, though he won’t ask out right. He figures it might be rude to do so.
~If he does get a picture he keeps it with him, though he only shows his friends how good you are.

Fruit Salad with Mint and Basil “Pesto”

Jazz up a regular fruit salad by adding this deliciously refreshing mint and basil pesto. Not much of a recipe required, simply blend up the following ingredients to taste…. A handful of fresh mint
A smaller handful of fresh basil
Squeeze of lime juice
Sweetener of choice (either maple syrup, stevia, raw honey or zylitol)
A few spoons of warm water
Top with a generous dollop of coconut cream or creme fraiche

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Could you write Headcanons for TfRid2015 grimlock,bumblebee, jazz, strongarm and sideswipe with a human S/o who tends to zone out mid conversation and forgets a lot and doesn't really remember conversations very well?

I had to watch a youtube video about Jazz because I couldn’t remember him being there even though I frikkin know he’s there.


~He understands, to a degree. 
~He remembers all his conversations, but he zones out a lot and also forgets what he was going to say sometimes.
~He asks you why, he’s just curious.
~You say you’re not sure. He just sort of nods his head, “oh… Okay.”
~He then asks if there is a way to fix it and is a little disappointed when you, again, say you’re not sure.
~He tries his best to help you, little things he thinks might help, like remembering where you left off and what you were talking about, so you can pick back up.
~When you zone out he just gently taps your shoulder, with his tail, with a bright smile, he understands and he’s never upset with you. You can’t help it and he knows that!
~If anyone, looking at you Sideswipe, gets upset with you for not remembering what you were saying or what was just said he snaps at them. “It’s not their fault they don’t remember! Leave s/o alone!”
~He’s as helpful as he can be, always understanding, and ready to protect you.

~He does get aggravated sometimes, but never, ever lets it show.
~He’s worried about you, whether you might have a brain injury or something like ADD or ADHD that’s been left wholly untreated.
~When he finds out your not sure he asks you to maybe get it checked? He won’t fight or force if you say you don’t want to.
~However if you have already gone to see about it, he realizes there may not be much human medicine can do for you currently.
~He does his best to help you and he’s better about it than Grim.
~He writes things down for you, that way if you forget it’s right there for you and he never gets mad that he has to remind you it’s written down for you, he just smiles patiently.
~He does the same thing Grim does and remembers things you say and, when you zone out, what you said last. He may also pick up for you, so you don’t get embarrassed.
~He nudges you gently with a digit when you zone out and smiles patiently at you, reminding you what you were saying and where you were and, also including where you had started if needed.
~He likes that sometimes he gets four different stories in one story session, he finds that fun.
~If anyone dares to get upset with you he’s just as quick to reprimand them and tell the other that you cannot help it and getting aggravated with them is not going to help the situation.
~He’s the most helpful, overall, while still remaining completely understanding.

~He honestly just thinks you’re nervous, at first, and gently tells you to lighten up.
~When you tell him what’s really wrong he’s immediately upset, what do you mean you can’t remember?
~He asks you if you’ve seen an Earth specialist.
~If the answer is yes he’s a bit aggravated with your human doctors.
~If the answer is no he gets a little aggravated at you, you need to see a specialist. He won’t force you though.
~He’s pretty helpful, he mostly just forgets he needs to write things down for you.
~Whenever you start straying from what your saying he nudges you with a grin to keep you on track.
~If you stop completely he’ll just pick right up for you. Sometimes you just bounce the story off each other. He thinks that’s fun.
~If you forget something he’s always right there to remind you.
~He’s really good about keeping you on track and not letting you get distracted too much, he even has fun ways to help you remember important stuff.
~He never gets aggravated, not even inside himself. He is 100% supportive and understanding and he wants you to know that.
~He does whatever he thinks will help and goes from there. If it helps he starts doing that more, if it doesn’t he moves on to the next trick.
~Sometimes he forgets to listen to you while you talk or he’s distracted by his own conversation and can’t help you.
~When he can’t help you he’s always quick to respond in comforting you, “It’s alright, it’s okay. We know you can’t help this, don’t worry.”
~The most understanding and the overall very helpful.

~At first she honestly thinks you’re just incompetent and that hurts.
~When she’s told it’s not incompetence and could be a mental disability she is quick to apologize, profusely. She doesn’t excuse her behavior, she shouldn’t have assumed the worst of you, regardless of her previous knowledge.
~She’s worried it could seriously affect you later on and gently tries to convince you to see a doctor.
~If you already have or already are she asks why they’re not helping. You have to explain that they’re doing their best.
~She’s only barely more helpful than Sideswipe, she’s more understanding than she is helpful. 
~She’s not sure how to help you at first and then forgets to write things down or isn’t paying enough attention to what you’re talking about she can’t help you recover.
~She also has a bad habit of noticing when you zone out until it’s far to late to pick right back up where you were.
~She understands though and she never gets mad at you for forgetting or zoning out and being unable to continue what you were saying.
~She’ll just smile gently. “It’s alright, sweetspark. Try not to worry too much.”
~The only time she gets even remotely aggravated is if she’s scared because you almost got hurt because you zoned out and, therefore, not paying attention.
~She’ll give you a lecture about safety protocols, but it dies into a smile as she realizes you’ve zoned out and she’s lost you. Oh well. She’ll just have to work harder to protect you.
~If anyone says anything she’s all fight, ready to punch their faceplates in. No one makes her s/o feel bad about something they can’t help!
~Not the most helpful of them, but definitively the most understanding.

~He’s such an aft about it.
~He doesn’t understand and he doesn’t try to for a very long time.
~He just assumes you’re either faking it or stupid.
~May actually call you names.
~It’s not until you start crying and scream at him about what an asshole he’s being and how you can’t help how you are.
~He turns to Bee for advice and Bee tells him, straight you, that he’s a piece of slag and just why he is.
~He’s actually disgusted with himself when he realizes what he was doing, why is he such a crankcase?!
~He finds you and apologizes, though he’s ready to accept that he doesn’t deserve your forgiveness. You just need to know he’s sorry and he should have never, ever been like that.
~He’s completely unhelpful, even after he’s forgiven. Not for lack of trying, but for his lack of being able to concentrate himself.
~He’ll lose himself in the sound of your voice or the look in your eyes and /completely/ forget he’s supposed to be listening to what your saying.
~He zones out before you do, too engrossed in how gorgeous you are so he doesn’t notice and you’re both just… standing there? This is weird.
~He also doesn’t have good handwriting and can’t write very well in English, he’s better at Cybertronian but you can’t read that any more than you can read his terrible English.
~The moment someone even thinks about making fun of you how he used to he’s already kicking them in the face. “See I should have been kicked in the face the first time too… It works wonders.”
~He’s not the most understanding, but he’s certainly trying a lot harder now to understand and just be there for you.
~The /least/ helpful member.