mint green rose

To help you preserve your feelings for each other

Especially when you are physically away… but it can also just be because you want to show your love to your significant other<3


  • a red or pink bag with a red ribbon
  • the Two of Cups from your favorite tarot deck (a printed version if you don’t want to ruin your deck)
  • rose petals
  • rosehips
  • rose quartz
  • amethyst
  • mint
  • vanilla
  • rosemary
  • cinnamon
  • jasmine / orchid flowers
  • sugar
  • cinnamon
  • a photo of you two
  • seashells

When to do it?

During a waxing or full moon preferably.


Quite simple!

Take the time to meditate and focus on your intent (all the love you feel for your partner), on how they make you feel, all the memories you have together, the joys you shared, the happiness they are bringing in your life.

Then add all of the ingredients (cleansed with the method you prefer) in the bag.For each ingredient, take the time to stay focus, to feel the loving energy in your entire body. Only think of all this relationship means to you.

Once this done, close the bag whispering:

“ With this charm in hands, may we feel close

Whenever we are apart”

and it’s done!

Now you can offer this bag to your loved one so they can place it at home and feel all your love for them

How to make it even better?

Do two bags, one for your lover and one you’ll keep to yourself!

How to make it even better than better?

Do it together! you and your partner! And then, exchange the bags between you!

When you feel sad, when your miss your other half, take the bag, remember all the feelings inside it, how your partner makes you feel. Take the time to smell it and receive all the energy put there in the first place.



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The King’s Daughter...

((I REALLY liked this request!!))

((Word Cont: 2,099))

He hadn’t meant for it to happen. He…actually he wasn’t sure how it happened. He had watched you grow up, hell he had been in the hallway dressed in his white Kingsguard armor when you were born. It wasn’t the age difference that made it uncomfortable for him. After all, in Westeros age didn’t matter. It was the fact he had known you as a little girl. He had helped you learn how to ride a horse and he had cheered you on when you finally got your way and was allowed to learn archery and the art of sword fighting. It was wrong and it made him feel so dirty, but you were sixteen now and so beautiful. Your Baratheon black hair fell in soft curls down past the middle of your back and your Baratheon blue eyes with specks of Stark grey shined so brightly with laughter and joy. It was contagious and he had never been able to stay upset when around you. And he was always around you. He was, after all, the Kingsguard Knight that had been chosen to act as your personal body guard on the direct order (and threats) of King Robert, your Father.

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