mint green lipstick

i gots a tag fam

rules: answer the questions below and tag 9 people you’d love to know better

I was tagged by @simmingnoobmag <333

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Color: mint green and light blue

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick unless i’m tryna be glam ya feel

Last Song I listened to: Bad Liar by Selena Gomez (what a bop)

Last Movie I watched: WONDER WOMAN

Top 3 Fictional Characters: Hermione Granger, Joel Miller (non-canon last name lol) from the last of us, and my fave GOT character always switches between Jaime and Arya so i’ll just say both!

Top 3 Ships: Cariel? Ayden? (Ariel x Cayden lol), Jaime x Brienne (!!!!), and me and pizza

Books I’m currently reading: none :( i really need to start reading again i used to all the time

i tag @butternutgnocchi @oasisgoth @keysims @tiredtoothache @blackthornsims @ anyone else srry if you’ve done this b4 lol

Tag Game

So I was tagged by @memento-moree (thank you 💚💜💛💙) to do this, and I’m supposed to tag 9 people but idk if I feel like tagging that many or not.

🌄Favorite color: lilac, mint, and lime green.
🌄Lipstick or chapstick?: chapstick because I prefer lip gloss. 😂
🌄Last song I listened to: GOOD BOY- GD X TAEYANG
🌄Last movie: I don’t remember the last movie I watched, but I binged the second season of Magi over the weekend.
🌄 Top 3 fictional characters: Dick Grayson, Illumi Zoldyck, and Sinbad from Magi (all of which are very similar).
🌄Top 3 ships: I’m expected to choose three so I’m going to say ones that are Kpop because otherwise I’ll pass the limit. 😂YugBam, ChanBaek, and Verkwan, but I ship a ton of other ones….
🌄Currently reading: I’m reading like two books at the same time right now but Red Queen and the second book to The Trials of Apollo.

I tag @minty-yoongs @sugaseokie @youngjaesloudlaugh @minyoongijjangjjang @mingyu-u @m4iisrh @hadesalmighty @babyjbum & @vkachuu