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These writings are only based on said people and are in no way related to them in real life. They are mere products of my imagination; writing practice, a way for me to let it all out. They are not representative of anyone mentioned. 

I don’t allow the reposting/translating etc. of my writings. Shoo if you’re here to steal and happy reading otherwise!


i. Punchline — Yes, hearing that “meeting you was worth the blow” was as embarrassing for you as it was for him to say it.

ii. Wanderers — A twist of fate has you loving him at 8.23 but forgetting him at 9.44. At 9.45 you start falling in love with him again.

iii. Mountebank (m) — Soulmate au featuring Jimin, in which you’ve been waking up next to your soul-enemy and running from your soul-mate. Figure that mess out, will you?

iv. Take What’s Yours (And Stay) (m) — Friends to lovers to strangers is how it usually goes, but you and Jeon Jungkook have revisited each of those steps a few too many times over the past five years.


i. Stars Align — High school au in which you ditch a party with your best friend Park Jimin to hang out on swing sets and stargaze.

ii. Haunted — A “””bad boy””” and/or gang au in which you find that you don’t remember why you decided to drown yourself in alcohol.

iii. Eternal Sunlight (m) — Soulmate and college AU where the first words your soulmate will say to you are tattooed on your wrist. Jimin thinks he meets his soulmate exactly four months after he meets and falls in love with you. You can’t explain your attraction or your feelings for him, even though technically you’re meant to be with other people. Taehyung and Jungkook suggest that the universe might be glitching. 


i. Unscripted (m) — Idol au in which make-believe becomes a little too real. Fluff and angst and also one of my first posts on this blog (aka I wrote this when I was 16 or something so the writing style is a little different); 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

ii. Teal — You dye your hair mint green over the summer, only to find that Min Yoongi decided to do the same. Your entire grade notices. Your friends point to you in the hallways. Your teachers make you sit next to each other. Everyone ships it. Do you?

iii. Early Birds — Aspiring writer Yoongi meets the love of his life. Coffee is spilled, class is forgotten about, and two night owls find themselves waking up way too early in the morning just to see each other.

iv. Reverie — A fluffy follow-up on aspiring writer Yoongi after he meets the love of his life, in which he probably starts realizing that he met the love of his life.

v. Forevermore — You promised to love each other forever, but forever turned out to be slightly longer than you thought; vampire au.

vi. Canvas (m) — A soulmate au in which the more you love, the more you see – that’s the rule. Unfortunately, people don’t always fall in love at the same time, no matter how much they end up loving in the end.

vii. To Earth (m) — A brief walk through your relationship with Min Yoongi in its entirety. From the first bouquet of daisies on your desk until the forget-me-nots. 

viii. In Watercolor (m) — Aspiring photographer Min Yoongi finds his muse in the middle of a rainstorm. He makes art into art, and falls in love with it. 


i. Listen — A late-night phone call to the wrong number turns out to be the only thing you needed to feel right. 

ii. We Touched the Sun (m) — For the first time in a year, a pair of eyes stare right into his; supernatural au.






i. The Outskirts of Nowhere — TBA


Bullet Point AUs

bts x hogwarts

anonymous asked:

Hello... sorry to bother but could you rec some sweet and cute yoonseok fics? (Length doesn't really matter) I'm feeling down and my internet is horrible I can't search anything on Google 😭 thank you in advance if you do... I love your blog so much!!!

Peter Pan and the Lost Boy by wicked_lovely (6,323)

Hoseok is cast as Peter Pan in the school play, and all he wants is someone to practice his lines with. Little did he know, he would find his own lost boy this way.

Medicated by sixtieshairdo (1,893)

As they were not allowed to have their mobile phones with them while attending a music show, they were only aware of the stream of ridiculous tweets Yoongi had posted only after the show ended, which led him to frantically worry that Yoongi had gotten himself drunk from their stash of alcohol in the house. Yoongi had not only taken photos of their televised performance and posted them with random captions, he’d also insisted that he loved them all twice, but the icing of the cake was his tweet that he was washing cherry tomatoes, ending it with his iconic Cypher part 3 closing line, “chop chop chop”.

The others had simultaneously groaned and cackled upon reading Yoongi’s tweet-vomit, but Hoseok was out of his mind worried that the stubborn little fool had gotten sick from alcohol poisoning and that he’d find Yoongi lying in a pool of sick once they entered their house.

He didn’t find Yoongi surrounded by his vomit on his bed. In fact, he didn’t find Yoongi on his bed at all.

The Still Point (Of The Turning World) by inkingbrushes (74,943)

Because Yoongi doesn’t know how this started, or how this will end, but he knows this simple fact: he knows that there is a love between them that is much fiercer than the burning sun. There is that love then, and there is that love now, and surely there will be that same love the next time.

(Or: the one where they’re reincarnated over and over again and Yoongi meets a different version of Hoseok every time but Yoongi is the only one that remembers.)

selene, interrupted at his music by jellyprince (tricycleamoving) (1,516)

“I want to look for my mother.” Yoongi blurts out. The weight of his choker suddenly feels more obvious, the crescent moon pendant heavy at the hollow of his throat.

In which Yoongi is a son of Selene, and Hoseok is the son of Dionysus that keeps him grounded.

Bright Light by signifying_nothing (6,288)

in which yoongi’s ridiculousness is hilarious, until it isn’t anymore.

Bitter & Sweet by soranosuzu (10,021)

Yoongi has been going to the same coffee shop every day for over a year now. He enjoys everything about his morning routine until Hoseok shows up and turns everything upside down. (In which Hoseok is a barista and Yoongi is a salty little shit)

color ring by jisoos (1,178)

hoseok swears he’s going to strangle his soulmate the second he meets him because are you serious? mint green? who the hell dyes their hair mint green? au where your hair changes color whenever your soulmate changes theirs.

And all this devotion (I never knew at all) by inkingbrushes (8,574)

Maybe Yoongi is actually really kind of fucking gone for his best friend.

(Also: Hoseok can’t sit on a secret for very long because he’s terrible at keeping secrets, which is only ironic because he loves Yoongi, too, and Yoongi hasn’t figured it out yet.)

Assembly Required by idyllicblue (6,851)

Hoseok finally moves out to live on his own but is all thumbs when it comes to putting furniture together. Thank god for a certain mint haired Ikea employee.

a question of luck by bazooklets (bazooka) (4,654)

It all started, Hoseok was pretty sure, when he was in his last year of college - and his body had gone on strike after way too many years of abusing it through cram school and tests and all nighters to finish papers at the last minute. It all started when he’d had six hours of sleep over five days and fell into bed and stared at the ceiling. It all started, Hoseok was pretty damn sure, with The Guy.

In which Hoseok has insomnia, and Yoongi has a really really nice voice.


Originally posted by taehyungiesvoice

Summary: High school AU. You dye your hair mint green over the summer, only to find that Min Yoongi decided to do the same. Your entire grade notices. Your friends point to you in the hallways. Your teachers make you sit next to each other. Everyone ships it. Do you?

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Word Count: 1k

Genre: Fluff

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can you pretty please rec some good soulmate aus??

heeey! It’s been pretty quiet in here hasn’t it? Sorry for the inactivity, most of us are in school suffering studying and don’t really have the time for posting here. H o w e v e r im sick *finger guns* so i did have some time therefore, yes!!! here are some:

 color ring by jisoos

hoseok swears he’s going to strangle his soulmate the second he meets him because are you serious? mint green? who the hell dyes their hair mint green? au where your hair changes color whenever your soulmate changes theirs.

 Fate is a Funny Thing by infinitizeit

Well said Jimin.

 keep the motion moving by gbyesummer (shouldshy)

Hoseok doesn’t want to be rude, but he’s not a fan of presenting his left hand to people. And if the guy saw the tattoo on the back of his left hand—the four letter word followed by a question mark—then Hoseok knows exactly what he’s trying to do.

(soulmate au, where the first words your soulmate will say to you when you meet them are tattooed somewhere on your body)

 Tattoos and Bruises by Minyoongistummy

It had started the first day of the term.

Large, horrific, purple and blue bruises along his shins, hips, forearms, everywhere really. Yoongi would wake up each afternoon to find his muscles aching, and a new bruise gracing his otherwise unblemished skin.

The young musician assumes its only fair, after he’d given his soulmate two entire sleeves of tattoos.



Everything about his so called soulmate was unacceptable.

From the sleeves of tattoos he woke up to on his 19th birthday (regardless of how delicate and lovely they were), to the jarring bouts of what Hoseok has come to realize is inspiration waking him up at 2 in the morning.

 it hits you like lighting. by  jiminpetals

↳ wherein your soulmark is the first words your soulmate says to you, and hoseok’s soulmark says ‘fuck you, man!’ and he thinks it literally cannot get worse, but yoongi’s is the length of a fucking essay.

 Love is You by  TheWriter2

Hoseok grew up thinking the best moment in his life would be when he met his soulmate and all the world’s colors would be made known to him. Now he knows that the best moments of his life are the ones he spends with Yoongi.

- Admin Lucy

Mario Kart Phan-Prix #2


I wasn’t going to take notes, I was just going to sit back and watch, but between natural hair mentions, sausage fest and biting ass…

-Phil getting massaged by his pixel self and Dan being disturbed, while actually controlling the mouse, telling him he can’t say “yasss” while that happens.
-Teeked, teaked, tiqued? over the edge. Reminds me of teet/teat in ‘I Am Bread.’ The word is tilt Phil. English Language and Linguistics fail.
-“rickety wrecked”
-Phil turned “soft boye” comment into a sort of “yeah boi” with his inflection.
-“Expose me”- P
-Dan totally read the complaint about not receiving soup in a Damien voice from DD.
-Also these promises of things like dates from Mario reminds me of 2009-2011
-I love them managing each other. Dan dimming Phil’s screen and telling him he’s not allowed to do shout outs and Phil checking that Dan tweeted.
-Furry or Philly, “looking sexy”- P
-“Sausage fest”- D
-Phil thinks he should dye his hair mint green. Nah I tried the pastel range, yah gotta go dark Phil.
-Appreciating the well manicured beard
-Natural brown haired mii looks like Phil
-Stop canoodling down there
-“Don’t even look at me.”- P
-“He’ll be coming round the corner when he comes.”- P
-May do something special for 3 million subscribers, that’s a thing
-“Dat ass”- D
-“I’m gonna bite someone’s ass.”- P
-“Protect your butt.”- D
-“My butt has a shell against it and it’s not gonna get touched.”- P
-Phil story about renting a house second year of college, no idea how to live, almost got evicted.
-Dil’s birthday is tomorrow
-Phil is a backseat stream manager
-Beard guy is the most attractive subscriber, that’s why he gets the crown.
-“Shut up!”- D “Buh shudadaduh”- P (or something like that)
-An artist in the chat says Phil is her muse
-“This is your fault Dan”- P
-“Thicccc” microphone
-“I’m gonna shave your beard off.”- P
-“I’ll protect *your* butt.”- P
-Not arms gaming challenge (I’m intrigued, I watched all the gaming challenges the other day and think their due for a new one.)
-“I’ve got a story.”- P (Life going in slow motion, extra step thing.)
-Dan doesn’t want to look at the message for Phil’s Monster Coke anymore.
-“Birthing breaths”- P
-“I know how to play, Daniel”- P
-Dan’s a bastard… well that’s news to me…
-2018 calendar “Oh god the idea”- D (I want to know!)
-Dan unironically listens to the Mario Soundtrack
-“Get bananaed hard.”- I didn’t write down who said this but I’m pretty sure it was Phil.
-D&P livestream “tension ups” (butt clenching)
-Phil touches Dan’s hair after someone complimenting it, asks how he did it today, insinuates he spends hours sculpting it, asks if he prefers having it curly, is basically in love with Dan’s hair.
-Dan says something rude to a subscriber in the game, Phil reminds him: “It’s not me you’re talking to.” (Why does this make me soft?)
-Viktor from Sweden/YOI reference again.
-Dan asks Phil to help with his geography.
-AFlirtingPhil, scolds Dan about bragging
-Phil sings some song about breasts/mountains that has something to do with being humble… Ah it was Shakira. And I forgot to mention the yodeling! There was yodeling earlier.
-What rhymes with “tick tock clock”- Phil demanding a 7 Second challenge, Dan to his credit does not say cock.
-“Phil you spork”- D
-“Kartage”- D, “Kartation”- P
-Phil’s been stalking subscribers

I forget where this belongs but “deep sea green”, “azure mystery”, “jade depths” would look much better on Phil than mint. No, I haven’t been making hair color edits, why do you ask?

Well that was lovely! <3

sarcasticshysociopath  asked:

P!aotd: I bought mint green hair dye!!! Soon I’ll be a pastel punk :) I hope you’re doing well and I send good vibes your way ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗💕. 💙💗💟💗💙

!!!! Nice! Mint green has always been one of my favorites! Have lots of fun! <3