mint green flats


So I watched TT: Trouble in Tokyo a couple of days ago and had written this out. I finally got to posting it this week. 

I’ll be working on Pure Hearted ch. 3 as well as a few one-shot ideas that I have in my mind.

Two green eyes looked down from her balcony and watched the people below on a late July night, bustling around in their city and making their way to their desired destination. Tokyo was truly a magnificent experience and the vacation that was rewarded was spent touring the city’s most famous landmarks, museums, parks, and discovering the new cuisine the culture had to offer.

Starfire mostly enjoyed touring the Harajuku district, a neighborhood that Beastboy claimed ‘he had to see or else he’ll just die’, spending her last bit of Earth currency that she brought with her on their street fashion and accessories.

She was going to miss this place.

But Robin promised he’d take her back one day.


The boy wonder.

Her boyfriend.

Or was he?

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