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Survey 129

Reblog | Bold what applies;

  • Bedroom

Your walls are pink.
You have a single-person bed.
You have lots of posters on your wall.
You sleep with pillows you made yourself.
Your closet is overflowing.
You have condoms/birth control in your dresser.
You have a magazine rack.
You have a yoga mat.
You have a full-length mirror.
You have drugs hidden away somewhere.

  • Hobbies/interests

You like artsy things.
…But you’re not the best artist.
You love to read.
You listen to music all the time.
You like to write.
You collect beer bottle caps.
Scrapbooking is amazing.
You love the beach.
You love to travel and want to see the world.
Astrology interests you.

  • Family

Your parents are still married.
You have a younger brother.
You’re the youngest girl in your family.
You enjoy family events.
You have relatives in another country.
Someone in your family is gay.
You only have one living grandparent.
Overall you have a good relationship with your parents.
Someone in your family is estranged from the rest of you.
You have pets.

  • Friends

You don’t have many friends, but you’re very close to the ones you do have.
You have more than one best friend.
Almost all of your friends are in relationships.
You have a friend in the Marines.
You have a friend who is Russian.
You have a friend who is Persian.
You still have a close friend from elementary school.
You only have one virgin friend.
You’ve done illegal things with friends.
At least one of your friends has had a baby.

  • Music

The Smiths.
The Rolling Stones.
Andre Nickatina.
Fleetwood Mac.
David Bowie.
Amy Winehouse.
The Beatles.
Alice in Chains.

  • Movies 

Donnie Darko
Buffalo 66.
Fight Club.
Black Swan.
Mysterious Skin.
Sweeney Todd.
Alice in Wonderland.

  • TV - you like/watch any of the following TV shows

Breaking Bad.
Jersey Shore.
Project Runway.
16 and pregnant/Teen Mom.
Skins (UK version).
That 70’s Show.
South Park.
Family Guy.

  • Relationships/Sex

You’ve only had one genuine relationship.
You got your first kiss at 17.
You have rejected someone.
You plan on moving out with your partner someday.
You are not a virgin.
You have sex often.
You’ve spent the night with your significant other.
You have never cheated.
Your partner is much older than you.
You are on birth control.

  • Random, so what’s in your purse today?

Birth control pills.
Chocolate kisses.
Spare change.
Water bottle.


still Star Wars rubbish today, yesterday, tomorrow, the day after, next month,.. Probably till I die..

The new tumblr app is weird to me so posting this is weird… Hahah!

Guys, I love.. Messy hair Kylo.. And pretty Kylo.. And pretty Poe and Kylo and Poe and and -cries-

I tried to draw Hux but like.. drawing Kylo took all my energy so he remained a squiggle. Like.. THE BLOODY GINGER IS DIFFICULT TO DRAW TOO. GOHD

so yea.. messy hair kylo -pacha picture-

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Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, BB8, Hux (lol scribble Hux) © Star War
-had a blast today but now has a headache-©me