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Sailor Moon Merch Sale!!

These are the items I’ve decided to sell. Each is completely authentic and in perfect condition. They were only set up in a display and have been in safe storage until now. Here are the items/prices:

1. Minaturely tablet Crisis Compact. In mint condition, is still in packaging. It’s a candy toy, but since it is unopened I don’t know if there’s actual candy in it. I would guess not, but I don’t know.
Price: $10
2. Minaturely tablet Crystal Star. Same as Crisis Compact, unopened mint condition.
Price: $10
3. Lavender suit Setsuna mini figure. It was part of an outer senshi school uniform set, I think the line of these figures is called Petit Chara? These figures are incredible quality, and are so cute!! Perfect condition, and its box is too, though obviously opened. I will include the box with the figure.
Price: $12
4. Sailor Neptune mini figure. Also perfect condition, box is too, though obviously opened. Box will be shipped with figure.
Price $12
5. Human Luna plushie. Soooo soft and cuddly, super cute!! I’m very fond of her and I don’t reeaaallly wanna let her go too much so please buy her before I change my mind!! She was actually kinda hard to track down lol. Perfect condition, has original tag still attached!!
Price: $22
6. The GE Sailor Moon plushie lol. I know it’s not terribly hard to find this one so I’m selling it at a fairly discounted price!! Also still has original tag attached.
Price: $5
7. And finally, the Sailor Chibi Moon SH Figuarts. Mint conditioned, unopened. I love her a lot which is why she’s stayed in the box lol. If you get her, take good care of her!!
Price: $35

Shipping for each item costs $3, US only please as well. For SCM Figuarts, it’ll be $4. If you’d like to buy anything, please message me and we’ll figure it out!! Thanks so much for looking, please reblog to let others know!! ❤️✨🌙

I also still have two SM gashapon for sale as well!!


OMG dudes I just received my ultimate dreamy!!! It’s in mint condition and with all tags! It’s so huge and soft and has absolutely adorable muzzle. ^^ I’m very happy!

I worried about tags and it’s condition, but everything is perfect. I was ready to machine wash it after receiving a package, but this alpacasso was in a plastic packet and in a mint condition. So happy! <3 <3 <3

(It’s absolutely black but I made pictures a bit more pale because I used cellphone and quality was not very good. Saving money for camera!)