mint condition 3


New selling post because Tumblr is being annoying, but what else is new?
Take a look at what I’ve got for sale!!

1. Crystal Star Miniaturely tablet. Brand new unopened mint condition. Price is $8.

2. Sailor Chibi Moon SH Figuarts. Brand new unopened mint condition. Price: $28.

3. Sailor Neptune Petit Chara. Suuuuper cute figure that I’m really fond of🌊 Flawless condition though obviously opened. Her box will be shipped with her!! Price: $11.

4. Sailor Mars Twinkle Dolly. Distributed in the US- still official, but missing the candy piece this line was marketed as having. Price: $6.

5. Sailor Mercury Twinkle Dolly. This is from the very first Twinkle Dolly line and was bought when it came out. Originally from Japan but is opened and is without the candy piece. Flawless condition and is the cutest lil figure. Price: $7.

6. Chibiusa Twinkle Dolly. Also from the first Twinkle Dolly line and originally from Japan, purchased when the line first came out. In unopened mint condition and contains a candy piece. Such a cute Chibiusa figure! Price: $8.

Shipping for all of these items is $3 if you’re in the US. I’m willing to ship to other countries as long as the buyer is willing to pay for the shipping!

Please message me if you’d like to buy something, and I can send you an invoice via PayPal. Thanks so much and please reblog!🌙💖


OMG dudes I just received my ultimate dreamy!!! It’s in mint condition and with all tags! It’s so huge and soft and has absolutely adorable muzzle. ^^ I’m very happy!

I worried about tags and it’s condition, but everything is perfect. I was ready to machine wash it after receiving a package, but this alpacasso was in a plastic packet and in a mint condition. So happy! <3 <3 <3

(It’s absolutely black but I made pictures a bit more pale because I used cellphone and quality was not very good. Saving money for camera!)