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VIXX Adventures- Ken (pt. 1)

Summary: You walked through the door into a whole new Wonderland. Your journey is about get curiouser and curiouser as the king of the land wants you for his own. With a friendly Hatter and other quirky characters by your side will you be able to beat the game and get back home? 

Length: 2613

Genre: Fantasy, fluff, Smut (not in this chapter) 

Note: Please read VIXX Adventures Intro before reading this chapter. 

Series: Part 1, Part 2

Turning the knob I opened the door walking into a small room. It was dark but right in the center of the room there was a small raised platform that was elegantly covered in flowers. I couldn’t tell if the flowers were real or not so I stepped up onto the platform to get a better look. Just as I reached up to touch a beautiful purple rose the glass that was under my feet shattered and I fell screaming in terror into darkness.

I flailed violently my hands reaching out to grab for something to stop my fall but there was nothing to grab. Suddenly the tunnel I was falling down widened and there were other things floating around me. A piano floated past me as if it were falling the opposite direction and a large grandfather clock. I was just starting to relax a bit since this fall seemed to be taking an unusual amount of time, when suddenly the floor seemed to rush up to meet me causing me to scream shrilly once again.  

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Castle (Gabriel x Reader)

Sick of all these people talking, sick of all this noise

“GOD! Don’t either of you think about MY feelings?!” You slammed the door to your room with as much force as you could muster in both Sam and Deans faces. You turned the lock before stomping over to your bed. You stuffed your face in one of your pillows and screamed until your throat begged you to stop.
“Hey, Baby.”

Already choking on my pride, so there’s no use crying about it

You sniffled lifting your head up, seeing the archangel through blurry eyes.
“Gabe?” He laughed.
“The one and only. Do you need to get away?” You nodded. You blinked away your tears.
“What did you have in mind?” He smirked.
“How about you become a queen?” You smiled.
“Let’s do it.” He had a mischievous glint in his eye as he snapped his fingers together.

I’m headed straight for the castle They wanna make me their queen

“Miss (y/n).” You looked to where the voice was coming from. You were in a quaint little room with sparkling floors and pristine gold colored walls. The voice came from a smaller women whose hair was wrapped up in a tight bun on top of her head. Her black dress flowed to her ankles. An apron was tied around her waist, so if you had to guess, she was a maid.
“Miss (y/n)? Are you alright?” You shook your head from your thoughts. You were so mesmerized you didn’t notice she was talking to you.
“Oh. Yes?” The woman smiled.
“Too busy thinking about the ball, huh? Well you won’t get there in time if you don’t change into your gown!” She hustled over to the closet and pulled out a mint colored dress. It had long sleeves and it probably went to just above your ankles. She pushed the dress into your arms and shooed you behind a curtain that made it so she could only see above your neck. You slipped into the dress easily, since apparently you’d only been in your bra and underwear. You walked in front of a mirror and had to admit it looked fairly good on you.
“Here’s your crown ma'am.” You turned back to the maid. Your eyes widened at the sparkling crown in her hands. It had no points like most crowns did. It went up in a slope and back down and around. Now that you think about it it looks quite similar to the one from the movie Anastasia. You took it from her and turned back to the mirror before placing it on your head. The crown sparkled on top your head. You headed for the door, eager to get to this ball the maid mentioned earlier.
“My lady! You can’t exactly go out there without shoes!” You stopped and looked down at your feet. They were bare. The maid quickly shuffled to the closet and back to you. She placed a pair of silver flats in front of you. You put them on and went for the door again. The maid didn’t stop you this time. You stepped into the hall and began to follow the sound of sweet violin music. You stopped when you saw a man standing with their back turned in the hall.
“Excuse me, is this the right way to the ball?” The man turned and you gasped. “Gabriel?” He smiled warmly down at you. His eyes beaming.
“Finally got ready I see. Come on, they’re about to play our song.” The both of you raced down the hallway into the ballroom. Almost instantly the lights dimmed and the melody to ‘So this is love’ from Cinderella began to play. You smiled at Gabriel’s cheesy song choice, but you couldn’t help but let some tears of joy fall down your cheeks as Gabe swept you off your feet into a waltz.

There’s no use crying about it

Gabriel put a hand on your hip and the other on your shoulder. His eyes softened.
“(Y/n), I don’t ever want you to feel like you’re not wanted. You hear me?” He slid his hand from your hip to your ass for one split second and you gasped.
“I hear you! AND feel you!” You laughed. “You’re my queen (y/n). No matter what those idiots say will change that.” He pushed his lips hard against yours, but you didn’t struggle. You pressed just as hard pack. You both pulled and tugged in sync until he pulled away. “You’ll always be my queen.”

Straight for the castle

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Fic.  Months later Part Deux.


There was more. Sorry NotSorry.

Second part. In which everything goes to hell and back.

I’m just tagging this as NSFW just to be on the safe side, there are make outs in here. 

Word count: 7.098

Prompts filled.  11. “I almost lost you” kiss |  14. Kiss on the neck |  16. French kiss

Again, maybe NSFW. Also unedited. Sorry C: 

They should have seen it coming, really. Marinette knew Alya. Their little moment here? It was bound to end explosively. The couple was just breaking apart from their kiss when the door opened in a swift movement.

“I knew it!” She gave Marinette a look “just talking my ass”


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