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OUTRAGEOUS estate sale today! I found these two today! I got the G1 Rainbow Baby Pony mint on card for a DOLLAR! I couldn’t pass up the Kewpie either, I’m not sure if she’s of extreme value or anything. This was the largest attended estate sale I’ve ever gone to and I waited 40 minutes in line just to get into the house and about 30 minutes in the check out– TOTALLY WORTH IT!

[BTS Scenario] Harmless

Hey guys! So I got inspired to write this little AU for the Daegu boys, it’s my first animals!au so I hope it’s okay :3 please enjoy and tell me what you think!

2429 words. Wolf AU.

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“You really can’t stay?” Y/N asks, a sliver of hope in her eyes. 

“I’m sorry, but I have to leave town tonight. Maybe next time?” Yoongi replies soothingly, face etched with apology.

“Meteor showers don’t happen every day you know, we’re lucky to even know the day this one is coming…” she looks away now, fingers fiddling with each other. Ah, the sulking starts, Yoongi sighs internally. It’s not that he doesn’t want to watch this rare event with Y/N, it’s just that he can’t. And he can’t even tell her why.

“I’ll be back soon and take you stargazing every night, I promise.” He reaches to hold her hand, unable to bear the air of disappointment around her.

She lets him, interlocking their fingers. “Okay,” she leans on Yoongi, savouring his warmth since she has to spend the next few nights without it. Y/N doesn’t even know why she’s so upset, he leaves every month, she should be used to it by now.

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[Optional Bias] Late night reading

Fluff. 1083 words. 

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“What are you doing?”

“Huh?” Your trance is broken but you keep your eyes focused on the bright screen in front of you.

“What are you doing, looking all serious and weird this late?” He chuckles, bending down to kiss your cheek and peek at your laptop resting against your thighs.

“Reading, shhh it’s getting to the good part,” you reply, picking at your chapped lips while your eyes continued to take in the words. You jiggle your legs hanging off the armrest of the sofa, suddenly feeling pins and needles creeping up on them.

You could tell he is annoyed that you didn’t react to his kiss at all and chose your story over him but you couldn’t care less, the characters in this story are being all angsty and you need to ride this emotional roller coaster with them.

He sits down on the sofa behind your fortress of cushions and pulls them out under you causing your body to crash down and your laptop to almost come flying to your face from the momentum.

He catches your laptop and tries to read what you’ve been reading. You look up at him without moving your body. It is an awkward position but at 2AM your body is basically comfortable in however position as long as you don’t have to move a lot. “How is it? Got the feels?”

“What are you even reading, it’s not even a real book,” he scoffs before handing your laptop back to you and adjusting both your bodies so that you are leaning onto him, his arms curling around you.

“A good story doesn’t need to be in a book to be appreciated, lots of people write well and post stuff online nowadays,” you explain, trying to find where you left of. “And this is giving my poor heart such a hard time that I’m considering saving it.”

“Psh. What’s the point, it’s not like they can make money by posting a story they made up online for everyone to read.”

“No, but they get something more valuable.” You look up at him, eyes wide, still picking at your lips . He looks down into your eyes and raises an eyebrow as if challenging you. You continue, unfazed, “They get recognition and people all around the world reading their creation, they get to share their vision and the images they had in their mind through the words they typed up, they get to connect with others over something that they originally felt so strongly over. Isn’t that valuable?”

He sees the twinkle in your eyes and smirks, deciding to drop the topic. “Stop doing that, your lips will bleed if you’re not careful,” he gently pulls your hand away and kisses you.

“Admit it,” you say as soon as you surfaced.

“Admit what?” he asks, confused, obviously still feeling the kiss and wanting more.

“That I won that one,” you turn away to your laptop as he tries to steal in another kiss. “I know you’re dropping it ‘cause you don’t wanna admit I’m right,” you say coolly while moving your cursor to stop the darkening laptop screen.

There was a sudden chill in the air as you realise you’ve gone too far. You could practically feel his hurt from you ‘rejecting’ the kiss, especially since you haven’t exactly been showering him with love and attention from the moment he came looking for you to go to bed.

“Kidding!” You say, turning to smile brightly upside down at him, flashing your best eye smile. You hold on to your laptop to prevent it from falling off as you turn to close the distance between you both and kiss him softly. “I’m sorry.”

He smiles and kisses you again, taking in your sincerity and apologies from your soft lips. “I acknowledge your point,” he replies through the kisses, no longer hurt but amused from how you’ve been tonight.

“Now let’s finish reading this and go to bed,” he says, pulling you close into him while his other hand tries to wake up your laptop.

“Oh so after all the ‘what even is this, blah blah’, you want to read too!” you laugh, mocking him but leaning into warmth nonetheless.

“I never said it was a bad piece of writing,” he defends himself, sticking his tongue out.

You both continue reading, quietly enjoying the silence while the laughter and warmth still floats in the air around you. You have been together for so long now that even your reading speeds have matched up, so it was smooth-scrolling through the fiction without having to indicate or ask whether each other have finished reading to go on to the next part.

In no time, the story ended and he echoes you in a heavy sigh. “Was it a good idea for you to read something this angsty before going to bed? How will you sleep?” he asks you, stretching out his muscles from the weight of the story.

“Yeah why not, I mean, doesn’t it just make you feel so tired that you just want to end your day and sleep?” you say, closing your laptop and turning around to look him in the eyes. “Plus, when I have you how can I not sleep well? All the pain or angst from anything I read just melts away when I’m in your arms.”

A noticeable pink flush creeps up his neck and you smile at his adorableness, he could never handle it when you are so direct since you very rarely do it that way. His squishes your cheeks and avoids eye-contact by putting your foreheads together, mumbling, “What, is it drag me night tonight…”

You pucker your lips and say through squished cheeks, “You’re just sho cuuute.” You close your eyes, wanting a kiss, but he laughs - “you look like a goldfish” - and kisses your forehead. “Now let’s for real go to bed.”

He stands, pulling you up with him and he hugs you from behind. He nuzzles into your neck and starts to step towards the bedroom. You laugh as you imagine him from a third-person view, waddling blindly with his face tucked in your neck and his arms tight around you.

And with a fuzzy feeling, you realise, from a third-person view, that this scene, with you laughing because of his cute actions, would be exactly what you want in your relationship.  You smile blissfully, melting into his body, thanking the stars for his love.

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A headcanon where MC is Rika's little sister (like she's 20-23 years old) and the RFA has to tell her the terrible things that Rika did (Mint Eye). Adding the fact that they are all in love with MC and that MC really admired Rika.

I’m so sorry that this one will probably be short, as well. I couldn’t think all too clearly for this one, but I’d definitely redo it for you if it’s not good enough. (Thanks for only having it be the rfa, too. It gets a bit difficult writing for everyone, because I want everything to be semi-decent) I didn’t really know how to time this, but I’m going to write this on the basis that ///spoilers/// V is alive, Rika’s been dead for  a year, and V told them the truth. Also, for Yoosung’s, it will be platonic, because I don’t particularly like incest whatsoever. I know that there are loopholes with the “cousin” thing, but I’m just going to keep his platonic.

  • It hurt him deeply when he found out what Rika had done and he was only her cousin
  • He couldn’t imagine what it’d be like to tell you
  • During all the chatrooms before the party, everyone tried to skirt around the topic
  • Yoosung knew that everything she did would cut you to pieces considering how much you idolized her
  • He’s seen you trailing behind her at family functions and staying by her side even if someone else interested you more
  • While it may be a bit obsessive, he was also conscious of how he acted after her death
  • A few days after you hosted the party, Yoosung wanted you to come to his campus for what he played off as a casual visit
  • Knowing that his conversation about Rika he wanted to have with you, he tried his best to make the dorm comfortable and safe
  • When you had gotten there, you were taken slightly aback by how serious he was acting
  • There was no way that this was the kid who drank cartons upon cartons of chocolate milk so he wouldn’t pass out
  • “Yoosung, are you alright? You didn’t have to play this as just me seeing your school. If something is wrong, you can always tell me.” “Don’t worry, MC. I trust you with everything I have. I trusted you more than Rika which is saying…a lot. Well, speaking of Rika, that’s why I wanted you to come here”
  • You thought this was all oddly suspicious considering how fidgety he was being
  • He cared for Rika a lot, but you were different
  • Towards Rika, it was more obsessive
  • With you, it was closer to happy cousins, how it should’ve been with you and your sister
  • “So, I’m not quite sure where to start, MC, but I wanted to let you know that your sister wasn’t how she acted. I know-I know this sounds like a bad soap opera, but that’s why nobody could talk about her. Rika did some really bad things. She, well, she brainwashed people into an organization she was the head of, Mint Eye. That’s where the hacker came from that Seven was watchful of. I’m sorry that I couldn’t bring myself to tell you earlier”
  • You grabbed the back of the chair to stay standing up
  • As dramatic as it sounded, you were unable to speak then and there
  • To know your sister was just an act
  • That she was involved with such awful things
  • It made you not trust anyone for a bit
  • You excused yourself from his dorm because it felt like it was going to suffocate you
  • Especially that framed picture on his desk
  • Yoosung walked around to find you for about half an hour before seeing you sitting at an outdoor table
  • You looked like you weren’t properly there just staring and drifting your fingers over the table to make invisible patterns
  • He knew it was going to break you
  • But everyone has to break
  • Everyone has to hurt
  • He thought that Rika’s death was that for him
  • Turns out, it was seeing you unable to register whatever he was going to say, what anyone was going to say, for the next week
    (I’m so sorry that this turned out like a bad angsty highschool au fanfic)
  • Everyone in the chat made a silent agreement to not bring up your sister’s past
  • Yeah, Seven could still send his phot of when he cross-dressed, but no words of what Rika did
  • Zen thought all of it was bullshit and that you had the right to know regardless of what the other members said
  • So when you came over to stay at his home when he got hurt
  • He prepared to tell you everything
  • Even put some pictures and writings together to show you everything he could about Mint Eye
  • Also got anything that you mentioned in the chat that makes you feel better just in case
  • Awkwardly paced around with his cast until you were able to get there
  • He asked you to sit down on the couch even with your protests of telling him to do such
  • After all, you were still under the pretense that this was to help him out if his leg was hurting
  • “MC, please just sit down so that I can get this over with”
  • That spiked your anxiety so you just complied, waiting to hear what he was to say
  • Zen sat down next to you and grabbed the collection of Mint Eye records off the table and gestured for you to take it
  • “I know that you’re here to help me, but I also wanted to help you. Seven and Yoosung and Jumin and Jaehee and V and I haven’t been completely transparent with you about your sister. Rika was the head of an organization that hurt people really badly. All the evidence of its existence that Seven could find are in that folder”
  • You were confused to say the least
  • Well, if Seven was involved, it was bound to be a joke
  • “Yeah, and you’re unattractive, Zen”
  • Wait, that wasn’t supposed to come out choppy and anxiously
  • “Just please read through everything. The organization is, well, was called Mint Eye. There’s some pictures in there, and I think Seven got some camera footage”
  • You looked through everything, hoping to find something that confirmed that it was just a prank
  • But some of the evidence was going strongly against that
  • You set the folder back on the coffee table gingerly and stood to get up
  • “I-I promise that I’ll be back soon. I’m just going to go down the block. Please don’t follow me either. You’re not in the condition, and I’ve my phone anyways”
  • He simply nodded
  • As much as he wanted to fling himself to your waist and ask you to not leave, he respected your wishes
  • You came back that evening and looked a lost wreck
  • Zen asked if you’d stay and keep him company
  • He just wanted to make sure that you were going to be alright
  • If this made Yoosung lose himself, it was doing worse on you
  • Would hold you if you allowed it just so he could make sure you felt safe and comfortable
  • You ended up falling asleep with the droning of the television
  • Once he knew you were out, he brought you to his room and got you situated before kissing your hairline softly “I love you, you know. I just want you to stay safe and aware”
  • The next morning after you realized where you were, you could’ve sworn you had some weird dream

Jaehee: (Really really small mention of general self-harm in the 18th bullet point)

  • Even though she’s had to give reports that were unsatisfactory and presentations that she knew people wouldn’t agree with, this gave her so much more anxiety
  • She decided to plan every single thing out
  • This took her multiple nights and a notebook for planning to make sure everything was accounted for
  • Meticulously gathered anything she could from Luciel because she had to make sure you had any bit of evidence you wanted
  • Jaehee wanted to take you out for a day and was acting really sweet
  • Don’t get me wrong, she’s always really nice to you, but she seemed to be buttering you up
  • And then you got home after dinner and she asked if she could talk to you while hanging up her coat
  • Her face was calm but you could see that she was still nervous to say something
  • She had you go into your room and sat on the bed next to you with a stack of papers
  • Jaehee kept everything together to explain it to you
  • “Rika did something horrible before she died. Nobody spoke about it around you because we knew it would hurt you. I don’t want to see you hurt, but I also can’t keep something like this from you either”
  • You stayed quiet as she went over every paper even though you felt like shouting
  • How could your own sister be so vile?
  • How come nobody had the guts to tell you?
  • How didn’t Jaehee tell you any sooner?
  • As soon as she finished, she left the stacks of paper on the bed and asked if you were alright
  • You nearly did begin shouting what you weren’t a few minutes ago but she started to speak again
  • “Please, MC, I know that this is really bad right now, but do not be cross with me. I thought I was protecting you from Rika and doing as V asked, but I see that isn’t the case. I know what I’m about to say doesn’t take back that I hid it, but I love you so very much, MC. Please don’t hurt yourself, and please-please don’t yell at me”
  • Well, shit
  • Your thoughts were already a storm but she paused it all
  • Turning towards her, you hugged her tightly
  • “Thank you for telling me eventually”
  • You got off the bed and said that you needed some time but paused at the door
  • “I love you, too, Jaehee”

Seven: (This is also before Saeran moves in and MC doesn’t quite know about him)

  • Oh god, he knew this was going to take a toll
  • Even though he knew everything as information came in, he just didn’t want to tell you about it
  • He knew that someone else would if he couldn’t, though, so he sucked it up to tell you
  • He didn’t try to make it any less worse because he knew it’d just end up artificial
  • It wasn’t some special day either, Saeyoung was just thinking about it too much and he decided he had to tell you
  • Called you to see how you were doing so he could gauge if it was a bad time then came to the apartment after you both agreed on it
  • Saeyoung knew that this was going to be awful though and kept checking on you through the cameras while he was driving there
  • Once he got inside, he straight up brought it up when you were both sitting at the kitchen counter
  • You knew something was off as soon as he walked through that door
  • This wasn’t memelord 707, this was someone far more serious
  • “MC, this is going to be not so great, but I need you to understand that I’m telling you this, because you need to know”
  • You thought he was going to drop the façade and say something hilarious but he continued on
  • “Your sister kept being skirted around in conversation, and I’d like to tell you why. Rika ran this thing called Mint Eye, and she hurt people like V and like my brother. I know that it’s hard to family not be very good, and I’m so so sorry that I couldn’t tell you sooner. If you need time, I can go”
  • “No, I’d like you stay here if you could. I don’t think I can, well, think”
  • Saeyoung silently moved over to hug you if you seemed to want to and let you go blank for a few minutes
  • “You have a brother?” “Yeah, he’s my twin actually” “Is he okay now?” “Not really, he’s adjusting drastically, but I really hope he’ll get okay” “I do, too”
  • Answered every question he could because if you had felt that numb, he at least had to fulfill your inquiries
  • “Do you wanna do anything? I don’t want you to feel lonely or anything. In all seriousness, I just want you to be okay, because you deserve to. If we couldn’t tell you, I wouldn’t be able to stand myself anymore than I barely do. MC, I’m really really sor-” “Saeyoung, may I kiss you?
  • well
  • He didn’t want you to regret anything once your emotions were back in place but he also couldn’t deny you on the chance that you didn’t
  • Saeyoung nodded quickly and leaned in to kiss you with  as many unspoken apologies as he could that you returned with unspoken gratitude
  • You both pulled back and he started apologizing again when you kept repeating that it was all fine
  • Both of you ended up staying in the apartment playing video games off the old console in the living room
  • You were spent from the emotional rollercoaster and nearly fell asleep with a controller in your hand but Saeyoung had you go to the bed while he offered to take the couch
  • “You can come with me if you want to, Saeyoung” “No, really I wouldn’t want to imp-” “C’mon, what if I feel lonel-” “We’re going to bed!”
  • Both of you tried to be cheesy and tell each other you loved them at the same time
  • Saeyoung nearly fell off the bed giggling and it had made you feel so much lighter after the day


  • Alright, he couldn’t approach this like a meeting whatsoever because he knew how much you had loved your sister
  • He recognized that this exceeded Yoosung levels and was really worried if Seven or Zen would accidentally say something
  • Well, it was one of the nights you were staying at his apartment and he was about to take your phone since the conversation in the messenger was heading downhill
  • Jumin knocked on the door of the room you were staying in then walked in to see you typing back interestedly
  • “MC? Could we talk in the living room when you’d like? Preferably sooner if you could. I’d like to talk about your sister for a few minutes, since I was reading the chat”
  • It dully hurt to think about Rika, but you figured that a real, verbal conversation would be more fulfilling than typed words and said goodbye before leaving the chatroom
  • You walked into the living room where Jumin was muttering to Elizabeth while petting her seemingly slightly anxiously
  • “Jumin? Do you still want to talk?” “Of course, MC. Could you please sit down?”
  • You took a seat in the chair near him and waited to hear what he wanted to say
  • After all, there was probably something found about Rika if he brought it up
  • Jumin was thinking about his slight feelings towards Rika were trumped by your unfathomable sisterly love and how all of his words were to effect you
  • “As I said, this is about your sister. I thought that you should be told about this in person rather than over messaging. Rika lived a life in which she chose to harm people. She changed them and twisted their minds into things they were not through Mint Eye. Even though she said she loved him, she was the one to hurt V’s eyes. Your sister led a life that was kept away from RFA and I presume from you, as well. I’m not completely certain how this will effect you, but I took it as this was the best way to bring it across.”
  • You nodded in thanks and stayed silent, rethinking how your childhood was, who Rika was friends with, how she got so much more secretive
  • While watching your face change with the turmoil, Jumin placed Elizabeth on the chair arm
  • Knowing that by allowing you to pet the cat you were very much trusted and cared for, you gently took her in your arms to pet her while still thinking everything over
  • “MC? If you would like to do anything, please do. I can replace anything you want to break or leave you alone if that’s what you wish. I do not like seeing you like this, because it’s hurting me to watch you like this”
  • You nodded again and scooped up Elizabeth while taking a few steps near him “Can I just sit by you?” “Absolutely”
  • “I can get you any professional he-” “Could-can you please just stay quiet. Only for a few moments. I want to stay like this for a few minutes”
  • Both of you plus the cat stayed sitting in the quiet for nearly half an hour with you petting the cat and his arm around your shoulders
  • “Thank you, Jumin” “You just needed to know, MC” “I understand, but I still want to thank you”
  • It took him a while to realize that you fell asleep after talking so he moved you to your bed then went to his where he layed there thinking about what else he could do to help
  • It hurts to care for people, but it’s worth it for some of them

I’m so very sorry that 99% of this was a shitty angsty mess, but I can rewrite in in the future. This will be the first request for today, and I’m sorry that they’re taking me so long. I hope you all have or have had good days!


45 cm Okinawa Regional
In great condition
no paper tags & cloth tag faded

Looking to TRADE/SALE 💕✨

I recently am trying to replace my Regional collection with mint edition ones, so now I have a double Okinawa that would love a new loving home. I paid $130 (not including the agent fee, customs and shipping I spent). And am looking to rehome him for $130 (includes shipping to US/Canada), or will trade for 33cm beige party hat or 33cm beige kuri kuri.

Voltron Gang Headcanon Dump

- Hunk loves that pastel sugar baby lana del rey aesthetic, and he has a lot of light pink and purple floral print crop tops to prove it

-Pidge and Lance send each other their best selfies throughout the day for the other to comment cute things on

- Pidge and Lance are also the friends who will help each other get really good pics by planning out the picture while the other one ‘isnt looking’ then post it on instagram with them tagged like ‘got this shot while they weren’t paying attention, my friends are all model material be jealous’

- Keith is a super duper horror movie buff. He really loves and will hardcore binge shitty b-rated garbage but will pick apart the acclaimed classics forever

- Shiro has a mint condition baseball card collection because he’s a nerd. He is not ashamed of it at all.

- Pidge knows every move to the Hoe Down Throw Down because when Matt was younger he made them learn it for a youtube video he was planning and Pidge has never been able to forget it

- pies and pastries are always laying around in the kitchen and everyone assumes its Hunk but when they finally ask, they find out it’s actually Coran, who bakes when he can’t sleep

- Allura will join him in the kitchen during these midnight bakes. They have their best talks here.

- Allura sits down one day with Keith during his horror movie binge and falls in love

- Keith is so excited to show her all his favorites and ones he thinks she might like, and keeps his mouth shut until after the film the best he can so she can immerse fully into the experience

- Lance loves Judge Judy. Its all he ever remembers playing at his grandparents house and she’s so sassy

- Pidge doesn’t like horror movies. There’s too much aftermath that the movies hardly ever address and seriously? Like how big of a mess was it when that all went to court?? Yikes. Just yikes.

- Shiro won’t watch Jurassic Park because it gave him nightmares as a kid

- Hunk and Lance have a monthly Musical Night Extravaganza with lots of snacks, musicals, and snapchat videos of them both singing badly and loving it

- Keith joins them sometimes, only he can actually sing really well and Hunk and Lance both fell in love a little bit the first time they heard him??

- Pidge’s favorite novel is Jane Eyre

- When he’s really tired, Keith gets very sensitive. He cried over a squished bug once. He was very embarrassed in the morning.

- Shiro loves horses. He had a horse when he was younger named Rain and she was his best friend. He can’t watch Spirit, it messes his heart up too much.

- Hunk without fail always burns garlic bread

- Lance makes really good garlic bread. Hunk is bitter af

- Pidge eats all of the garlic bread before anyone else can. They now have to bar Pidge from the kitchen until everything is done on spaghetti night

- Someone introduces Allura to hot cheetos and now she literally almost always has a bag. She loves hot foods. She could down a jar of ghost peppers and then fight you and then win

- Keith, Lance, and Hunk are the 'always cold no matter what’ squad

- Pidge and Shiro wear shorts in the snow and do not flinch

- if literally any part of her is hot, Allura cannot sleep

- Coran likes to sleep in the equivalent of the Sahara desert

- Keith gets comically enraged if he drops something by accident

- Hunk swears like a sailor in bed

- Pidge swears like a sailor all the time

- Lance still skips over swear words in some songs because he’s used to singing them that way in front of his mom

It’s the little things.

Fluff. 678 words.

Any comments would be much appreciated! ^^

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A touch. Subtle. Yet my skin is burning with sensation, every receptor cell aware in that single spot.

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[BTS Scenario] Locked

Summary: Yoongi is pushed to lead Bangtan when their leader Jin was unexpectedly attacked and three other members are having trouble with similar incursions. Between rival gangs, potential usurpers and dissatisfied customers, one would think it is difficult for Bangtan to determine where the attacks came from, especially with only half their force available. Except Yoongi knows exactly who the culprit is and why this is happening. How does he know?
The answer is Y/N, the girl with a dark past and Yoongi’s heart. And also, she’s the daughter of the infamous dealer Yoongi may or may not have set the authorities on a few years ago. With her help.

Reading: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 4.5 | Part 5

3476 words. Yoongi x Y/N (she/her). Angst (A/N: I tried. Also, there are loveydovey bits but idk if it qualifies as fluff). Warnings: Implied sexual interactions. Implied passive abuse. Implied parental loss.

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“I’m going back to my own apartment today,” she insists, finally finding him in his office. He stiffens.

Yoongi has been trying to distract her into staying with him longer than usual but it’s been three days and he can’t use the “I’m going to miss you” excuse anymore.

“I can’t let you, Y/N…” Yoongi sighs, walking around his mahogany desk to stand in front of it. “Jimin.” He gestures to his right-hand and the redhead pops up next to her within a second, lightly holding her arm.

“What are you talking about, Yoongi? I have my own life in case you forgot, you can’t tell me what to do. We had a deal.” She takes a step towards him, escaping Jimin’s touch.

Yoongi stands still. Y/N is slowly getting irritated and he doesn’t want to aggravate it by showing a reaction.

“We had a deal. You let me do my thing, I let you do your thing, we stay together. This is not part of the–”

He glances at Jimin for backup before opening his mouth, noticing her posture coiled up like a snake ready to strike if given just one reason. And he’s about to give her that reason.

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[Monsta X Scenario] 감아 (Hold Me Tight)

I was inspired by Kama/Hold Me Tight (lyrics ver; MX ver) and once upon a bad day, I wrote some Kihyun fluff to feel better. And here we are. Hopefully you guys feel better too reading this, the song itself is just so warm to listen to on a bad day.

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading. And comment too if you want, always want to improve my writing! ^^

Fluff. 793 words. Kihyun x You.

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The sound of the door opening makes Kihyun turn away from the TV.

“You’re home!” Kihyun calls out brightly.

An low “hmm” is the only response he gets as you kick off your shoes forlornly and drop your bags with a dull thud.

Ah… This can only mean one thing,’ Kihyun thinks to himself.

“Bad day?”

“Hmm.” You walk to the kitchen, head down, not looking at him.

Kihyun sits up on his knees on the sofa, keeping his attention fully on you. “That bad, huh? Anything I can do, want help with anything?” He asks, already knowing your answer.

You shake your head silently, going behind the kitchen counter and start picking the ingredients and equipment you need to make yourself something to eat.

Kihyun turns back to the TV though every now and then he watches you from the corner of his eyes to make sure you’re OK.

He smiles to himself. Usually when people are upset they’d want to be pampered and doted on, but not you. You like to assert yourself to prove that you’re independent (mostly to yourself, Kihyun guesses) and that you can get through whatever obstacle you’re facing.

On these kind of days, he’s learnt to just sit and wait until you’ve gone through the motions and is ready to crash on the sofa next to him and cuddle.

A loud clattering followed by your exasperated scream shocks Kihyun. ’What actually happened today?!,’ his mind runs as he jumps out of the sofa yelling, “Babe, you okay?”

He reaches the kitchen in two leaps to find you sobbing into your knees in a corner. “Y/N?” he says softly, walking towards you, carefully avoiding the upturned bowl and broken eggs on the floor next to you.

You seem to be muttering unintelligible words through your sobs. Kihyun holds you close to get you to calm down.

I can’t do anything right, he manages to piece your words together. For a moment, his eyes flashes with anger thinking whoever made you this upset is going to pay when he finds out.

“No, no. If I recall correctly, you’re good at everything. We’re standing at 34:10 now, aren’t we?” He tries to joke, bringing in the little competitions you both always have against each other that you constantly win.

You don’t react, instead you just cry harder. He looks around helplessly, you’ve never been this broken up before.

“Okay, baby, let’s get you to rest, I’ll make you something,” he whispers to your ears as he helps you stand up with you leaning into his side. You shake your head, sobs receeding but tears still streaming.

While he thinks of what to do, you start to hiccup. His heart drops, and he thinks of the one thing he knows you love.

“눈을 감아,” he sings softly. “두 눈을 감아.” He notices you closing your eyes and your breathing slowly becoming even.

He positions you properly in front of his body to wrap your arms around his waist and he holds you in a warm hug. “허리에 팔을 감아.”

You rest your head against his chest, lulled by his heartbeat and his voice.

“나만 믿고 따라와.” He kisses your forehead before continuing to sing a low voice and taking slow steps around the kitchen to make you food.

The rest of the day is just a serenade of Kihyun’s love for you; him cooking with you warm against his chest, both of you sitting on the couch with the TV on and one arm around each other as you each alternate spoonfuls of food, and lying in the bed at night facing each other, falling asleep with him stroking your hair and you drawing figures on his shirt.

“Oh I think I should get a bonus point,” he says suddenly, as if remembering something.

You look up to him in confusion, already halfway in dreamland.

“I was the one who said we should buy the plastic bowls.”

He grins, referring to the time the two of you spent hours buying household items when first moving in together. The only reason you had went with his choice back then was because he had won at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Your twiddling fingers gives his chest a light smack, a small smile decorates your face.

“There’s that smile I’ve missed,” he says with a quiet laugh.

Blushing, you reply in a quiet voice, “Take two points, for singing to me. Thank you.” You smile serenely at him.

He tips your face gently to kiss you. “Love you too,” he smiles back, pulling your body closer to him.

You snuggle up to him, falling asleep within a second to the rhythm of his relaxed breathing and the warmth of his embrace.

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It had taken him a long time to finally retrieve all of his Grace & quite literally pull himself back together. Luci had done a damn fine job of scattering that shit everywhere & given it the added bonus of not wanting to be found. But, eventually, Gabriel had found it; all of it. Even the bits hidden on top of Mt. Everest & the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

Now, with his Grace together & healing, it was admittedly slow going. There was no snapping his fingers & conjuring up a candy feast worthy of Dylan’s Candy Bar. In fact, he found his sweet tooth seemed to be diminished, somehow. He refused to acknowledge that maybe it was gone, along with his more Pagan desires & powers. He simply needed to rest, recuperate & recharge his Pagan batteries.

So first things first, he slowly made his way to Iceland. While it wasn’t Loki’s birthplace, the Old Gods were actually worshipped there openly for the first time in hundreds of years. And while he knew a good number of the people doing the worshipping probably didn’t believe whole heartedly, & some were probably even hipsters (the word made him shudder), there was still power there. Power that he could draw from. Once he had some strength, then he could start playing tricks.

The power gained from tricks was even better. He started simply, by messing with the alter of a believer. He took the ‘Mint In Box’ collectible Loki action figure from the alter & replaced it with a carved rock version that more accurately resembled the God of Mischief. He had fun, messing with the guy, moving the action figure around his house. Then as his power grew he removed it from the box, floating it in front of the man. Eventually he had him talking to the little lump of painted plastic, begging him to come to life in front of his family, who thought he was crazy. He had the little doll admonish him for worshipping it, telling him that the rock on his alter was the more accurate representation & to melt down the toy. He watched as the man cried, throwing his little doll into the fireplace. The next morning when he went to his alter, the doll was back, Mint In Box once more.

Gabriel refused to acknowledge why he had felt guilty, of all feelings. He figured it was due to all the Grace, swirling & contained once more inside his small Vessel. Not that it hadn’t always been there, but it was freshly scrubbed, so tarnishing it up was gonna take time.

He continued on with his pranks, his Pagan power rebuilding as more & more people began whispering among themselves about Loki, the Trickster God. And as he did this, he never killed, killing the poor bastards had lost its appeal. Slowly his sweet tooth returned as people began leaving him sweets in return for not playing tricks on them.

All the while he was doing this, he was keeping an ear attuned to the Angel Radio as he called it. Or perhaps he should call it the Angel Horn in his case. With a private smirk he sat up in the branches of a huge tree, looking out over the ocean, the color of cold iron & whipped into a frenzy of a storm. The storm conveniently concealed the fact that he was listening in, looking for someone.

The easiest thing to do would have been to simply Google The Winchesters. But Gabriel never did things the easy way. No, Cassie had put those damn sigils on their ribs (privately he thought that was rather poetic, well played, Cassie; Dad would be proud). But that brought him back to looking. He had to find them, but quietly. So he listened to prayers.

That was a mistake at first. It was like being yelled at by hundreds of thousands of people all at once. He nearly fell out of the tree, shocked at how many people still prayed, more to the fact; prayed specifically to him.

“Gabriel, please…I ask for guidance…”, “Please, my husband, the cancer came back, please help him…”, “Teacher said you have six wings & play a giant horn, is that you when it’s windy & loud outside?”, “Gabriel, please, I pray to you for strength, strength to do another tour in Afghanistan.”, “Gabe, I miss you, you pranking idiot.”, “I don’t know how much longer I can keep this Church open…my flock has dwindled down to one family, one family who believes, Gabriel give me strength…”, “Gabriel, if you even exist…God I feel stupid…I hate going to Catholic school, please tell my parents I wanna go to public school, PLEASE.”

Gabriel heard all of that & more as he clung to the branch & he finally tuned all of it out once he caught the 'Gabe, I miss you, you pranking idiot…’ He was able to follow the rest of that prayer, 'Even if you did keep killing Dean…he wasn’t really dead…it’s been tough not much to smile about, but maybe you know that? He doesn’t talk about it, but Cas, he misses you too. I hope you’re at peace & no longer suffering…’ And that was it, no 'Amen’, no 'good bye’, nada.

He held onto the thread of that prayer, hoping to catch the big lug as he fell asleep. He had just enough juice to slip into his dreams, to try & talk to him. He wandered around in the dark, his Grace giving off the faintest of glows, but that was all he could see. If, & it was a big if Sam clued into his being there, he wouldn’t fully form until Sam wanted him too, in whatever form Sam chose, which was admittedly nerve-wracking. So he wandered in the dark, using his Grace to keep the darker, more terrifying things in Sam’s mind away from him, so if nothing else, he could sleep peacefully.