mint chocolate truffle

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Part of the Valentine’s Day drabble series: “Every year, on Valentine’s Day, you ask me if I want a kiss, then give me a Hershey’s before I can answer. This year, I’m getting a real kiss.”

I’m here. Please open up?

You know there’s this thing called the bell.

Didn’t you say everyone’s still asleep?

Does ‘everyone’ exclude me?

Are you ghost texting me then?

A puffy faced, sleepy eyed Minho appears by the door, looking anything but impressed as he squints at his special guest, “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

“Good morning.” She almost sings, shooting Minho the brightest smile to which he can’t help but return.

Technically it’s noon. But mornings don’t really exist in these boys’ dictionaries, especially when schedules are empty, which to be honest, happens once every blue moon.

Minho sticks to the door when she slips in like the place is hers, sighing loudly when his eyes land on the sparkly gift bags her hands are occupied with.

Four of them to be exact and Minho is well aware of what they are, grudgingly reminding him of today’s date. Valentine’s Day.

She makes her once in a year round to each of the band member’s rooms, hanging each candy stuffed package by the door. Ending at Seungyoon’s room, making him choke out a laugh when she purposely kicked the door before sprinting ecstatically back to him.

“You gotta stop doing that. Hwangssabu-nim makes us workout for an extra hour, and you know what that does to me, you know… die.” Minho mumbles, staggering behind her as she tugs the sleeve of his sweatshirt, leading the way into his room this time.

“Oh relax, it’s not like I bring these everyday. What makes you think I got you anything anyway?” She’s a terrible liar. The way her eyes shift away from his while holding out a sly smile, settling comfortably on the edge of his unmade bed.

Great, I woke up for this.” Minho makes a face and she chuckles, nudging the door shut with a swift kick.

“Do you want a kiss?” She asks, her tone nonchalant as she rummages through her backpack without looking at him.

There’s a slight pause, a part of him silently praying she’s not up to her cheeky tricks again.

“Heck ye-”

His answer drowns in a waterfall of crinkling candy packages, flooding out of her bag and onto his bed. Stupefied, Minho stands at a loss for words as she recites through each version of every Hershey kiss that ever existed on the face of the earth. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint truffles, chocolate truffles, you name it, the list goes on. Just when he thinks it can’t get any better, she fishes out a pink and red special edition box of none other than the giant 7 ounce Hershey kiss complete with a glittering bow.

“…did you rob the store?”

She rolls her eyes a little with a laugh, “It’s funny how they didn’t have cookies n cream though, shall we get some?”

Minho can only stare, she’s practically sitting on a one-year supply.

“Come on, there’s no need for that.”

“Not cookies n cream? What flavor do you want then?”

“You.” It spills out of his mouth like it’s been there all this time, catching himself off guard at how rash it sounds.

“Believe me that flavor won’t disappoint, but I’m serious.” She draws a sharp breath as she hops up to her feet, looking all sorts of pleased with herself.

“I’m serious too.” Minho says, his jaw clicking, “You always ask me if I want a kiss and you chuck a Hershey at me every single damn time before I can even answer.”

“But you do. You eat them anyway, Minho.” Their eyes lock a little too hard and Minho catches the subtle shake in her voice.

Screw it, he thinks. Closing the distance between them and they’re a shy inch a part, Minho can almost hear her breathing.

“I do, but I always thought you meant the other kind.” He swallows thickly, finding it impossible to be as smooth when she notices him staring at her lips for a moment too long.

“T-The other…kind?”

everysinglepheel  asked:

Mint chocolate chip, raspberry truffle

mint chocolate chip: indoors or outdoors?
I’m an indoors man. I’ve always liked the inside more than being out. Maybe it has to do with growing up on video games and being latch-key kid, or because I hate “good” weather. Who knows 

raspberry truffle: favorite kind of music?
Night-synth. The kind of stuff that you listen to on a long night drive while trying to exspace the irreconcilable pressures of life.
Couple of examples are:
Remorse by Scattle
and Emotions by ALEX

I also listen to vaious video game soundtracks, normal synthwave, and rap, but those are my main jams.

“There’s no turning back…”