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5 reasons to grow mint

  1. Mint is so simple to grow, all you need is a cheap tub and some dirt. I used the old inside of a washing machine, and it’s perfect! It also looks great in the garden.
  2. Mint makes for an amazing tea with or without honey or sugar.
  3. Mint has many healing benefits and can help with digestion, constricted muscles, minor aches and pains, and is great as an antiseptic and antibacterial.
  4. It is great for cooking or making sauce for lamb roasts. Or even just dipped in chocolate.
  5. Finally, it is useful for making lotions and beauty products. Mint can also be used to treat acne. 

Mint tea & brownies by Misiska

potato needs friend

Hi! My name is Amaliah, I’m 14 and from England. English is my *word thing can’t remember* language and i know the smallest ever bit of German and I’m learning French.

A friend that is 13-15 (maybe 16, idk I find them tall and scary in school) would be good and a close/similar time zone would be good too. I’m quite anxious and have a messy brain and whatever it’s not that fun so a non judgy in your face kinda person would be nice that I could just talk to and stuff. People that are homophobic, racist, mean, all that jazz is a no please no just no.

I like YouTube a lot (danisn- Daniel Howell, amazingphil, Doddleoddle, Lucy moon, adelainemorin, jessiepaege, catcreature, Conan gray, hellokaty), then music stuffs: (the 1975, Ed Sheeran, Melanie Martinez, Daughter, Conan gray, Dodie, the neighborhood) TV shows: (AHS, PLL, catfish, all the old Disney shows) I so like puns, extremely large hoodies, tea, mint chocolate chip ice cream, kinder eggs, sweet popcorn, ham pizzas (not with pineapple that should be illegal. Fight me.) and my favorite colour is light blue.

My Tumblr is cloudsinhead

I think I’ve done and wrote all the stuff so here you go. bye ^_^

Hi guys! Ognjena and I have collabbed to create these awards because we both love winter and tea, so we present to you, the Winter Tea Awards by Danhgerous and Vogeu!


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  • Peppermint tea - Best Url (2x)
  • Candy cane tea - Best Icon (2x)
  • Cranberry tea - Best Theme (2x)
  • Cinnamon spice tea - Best Posts (2x)
  • Ginger tea - Best Under 5k (2x)
  • Pomegranate tea - Nicest Blogger (2x)
  • Chocolate mint tea - Best Overall (2x)
  • Soothing caramel tea - Faith’s Favourite
  • Vanilla tea - Ognjena’s Favourite

(If you want to be considered for the best under 5k category please submit a screenshot to Faith)


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Name: Sarah

Nickname: ……Sarah

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 156 cm

Orientation: Straight

Nationality + ethnicity: Egyptian

Favorite fruit:  POMEGRANATE FOREVER  ❤ and حرنكش (called physalis but nah)

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite book: too many to count, but let’s just stick to The Fall by Albert Camus and Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre

Favorite flower: none, hate them all equally

Favorite scent: *بتشمر* Paris Hilton Heiress - Dupont Blanc - Victoria’s Secret Crush /// Body Fantasies White Musk - Fruttini Passion Fruit

Favorite color: honestly none

Favorite animal: CAAAAAAATS.. all animals really, anything NOT human tbh

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: mint tea \o.o/

Average hours of sleep: 8+ and NOT ashamed -.-

Cats or dogs: C A T S  ❤

Number of blankets you sleep with: currently none, but could go up to 4

Dream trip:  RUSSIA! or any place cold af

Blog created: the old one 2015, this one like a month ago or so

Number of followers: 347 

@sam-the-second@ladyalanoud@tarek-96@three-fiftyeight-am@themarr@howdark-howdoom-howdeathful@eltayh@hateroh@kamanana@tumnerd@thebroken-wings@osamagamal-weber@hugs-and-shawarma@theendingofalullaby@sonatic-sidewalks@samy-osama@egyptian-disappointment@ahmedali800@s-daw@osama-mostafa@sarayasserr@thatsthedangerinstartingafire@amr-m@themediocrekid@skid-scarecrow And these are 25 not 20 because I can -.-
  • 黒執事 Funtom Cafe】

You can get rave tickets on sale now!

Worldwide total of 2,100 million copies
Popular comic “Black Butler”
Cafe you can experience the work world,
It is open for a limited time to queue Plaza of Harajuku, Tokyo!

“Black Butler Funtom Cafe” is,
One of the main characters,
Boy Earl Ciel Phantomhive
Themselves and management to a cafe.
Original drinks and goods, a special video
Customers helping each other is the fun and exchanges can space.
Ladies and gentlemen of everybody, let’s we opened our door.
Voice of the phantom company staff will be heard.

and “Welcome! Welcome to the phantom cafe!”

☆ visiting tickets in advance to your reservation, you will purchase.

That is when you become a “AREA-Q member registration” (free) is required.

☆ all seats specified, at 90 minutes of the program from the Start, is each time a complete replacement system.

Future information of “Black Butler Funtom Cafe” is
We will from time to time notified by this WEB site.

𝕱𝖚𝖓𝖙𝖔𝖒 𝕮𝖆𝖋𝖊. {Menu}

  • Sebastian Special Parfait:  1,200 Yen
  • Tanaka Special Parfait: 1,200 Yen
  • Funtom’s Cafe Special Pancake: 1,800 Yen (This pancake also appeared in the Kuroshitsuji anime key visual.)
  • Ciel’s Plate (Scones)
  • Sebastian’s plate (Quiche)
  • Ciel Ice Chocolate Drink: 700 Yen
  • Funtom’s Cafe Original Blend Chocolate Mint Tea: 700 Yen
Bad Dog| dearaliceliddel


Alice’s next visit had come shortly after her last, much to Starfire’s delight. The planning for that Tea Party they had discussed was to be done a bit further; The day, the time… Raven had been running low on tea, so Starfire had brought it upon herself to buy nearly every flavor she’d found in the store, including a few stranger flavors. Mint and Chocolate tea, for example, was apparently considered weird.

“It is a shame they do not make the mustard flavor,” Starfire mused to her friend, digging through the bag she had brought to show the other, “Though I am supposing it would taste quite different with the sugar… But please! I have found one that you may like?” She’d already handed several boxes over to the other; Onlookers may have found the sight comical.

“Perhaps I should have purchased more…?”