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Mint tea & brownies by Misiska

potato needs friend

Hi! My name is Amaliah, I’m 14 and from England. English is my *word thing can’t remember* language and i know the smallest ever bit of German and I’m learning French.

A friend that is 13-15 (maybe 16, idk I find them tall and scary in school) would be good and a close/similar time zone would be good too. I’m quite anxious and have a messy brain and whatever it’s not that fun so a non judgy in your face kinda person would be nice that I could just talk to and stuff. People that are homophobic, racist, mean, all that jazz is a no please no just no.

I like YouTube a lot (danisn- Daniel Howell, amazingphil, Doddleoddle, Lucy moon, adelainemorin, jessiepaege, catcreature, Conan gray, hellokaty), then music stuffs: (the 1975, Ed Sheeran, Melanie Martinez, Daughter, Conan gray, Dodie, the neighborhood) TV shows: (AHS, PLL, catfish, all the old Disney shows) I so like puns, extremely large hoodies, tea, mint chocolate chip ice cream, kinder eggs, sweet popcorn, ham pizzas (not with pineapple that should be illegal. Fight me.) and my favorite colour is light blue.

My Tumblr is cloudsinhead

I think I’ve done and wrote all the stuff so here you go. bye ^_^

Hi guys! Ognjena and I have collabbed to create these awards because we both love winter and tea, so we present to you, the Winter Tea Awards by Danhgerous and Vogeu!


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  • Cinnamon spice tea - Best Posts (2x)
  • Ginger tea - Best Under 5k (2x)
  • Pomegranate tea - Nicest Blogger (2x)
  • Chocolate mint tea - Best Overall (2x)
  • Soothing caramel tea - Faith’s Favourite
  • Vanilla tea - Ognjena’s Favourite

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5 reasons to grow mint

  1. Mint is so simple to grow, all you need is a cheap tub and some dirt. I used the old inside of a washing machine, and it’s perfect! It also looks great in the garden.
  2. Mint makes for an amazing tea with or without honey or sugar.
  3. Mint has many healing benefits and can help with digestion, constricted muscles, minor aches and pains, and is great as an antiseptic and antibacterial.
  4. It is great for cooking or making sauce for lamb roasts. Or even just dipped in chocolate.
  5. Finally, it is useful for making lotions and beauty products. Mint can also be used to treat acne. 

I was tagged by the wonderful @bluestem10 approximately 84 years ago, but this is cute as heck and I finally scrounged up some free time to take a crack at it  (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… And most importantly, have fun!

a - age: 24
b - biggest fear: ghosts and being alone in the woods  (⊙_⊙)
c - current time: 10:18 pm
d - drink you last had: mint chocolate rooibos tea (room temp, because I’m a monster)
e - every day starts with: me checking my email for fanfic update notifications (fanfic is the one true constant for me in this dark timeline)
f - favorite song: Hansen 108 by Susumu Hirasawa is my everything rn
g - ghosts, are they real: they totally are, and I’m not gonna mess with that with a ten foot pole
h - hometown: Seattle, WA
i - in love with: no one (does my platonic, paternal love for Finn count)
j - jealous of: people who can sketch traditionally (and confidently) in sketchbooks
k - killed someone: nooooo
l - last time you cried: lmao, I can’t keep track (but the last time I had a good cry was after finishing Be Here Now)
m - middle name:  linda
n - number of siblings: 2 (I’m the oldest)
o - one wish: for human rights to be an undeniable and universally instituted way of life
p - person you last called/texted: my sis
q - questions you’re always asked: what my next convention is, what program do I use for my art, and how tall I am ? ??
r - reasons to smile: dogs, soft fanfic, and the zoo borns website
s - song last sang: Ya Hey by Vampire Weekend (one of the greats imo!)
t - time you woke up: 9:30am
u - underwear color: pastel pink ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
v - vacation destination: Iceland, Scandinavia in general
w - worst habit: psyching myself out about stuff instead of being productive and generally being too hard on myself
x - x-rays you’ve had: nada!
y - your favorite food: ramen and tortas
z - zodiac sign: scorpio

I always feel weird tagging folks, but if you want something fun to do to kill some time, here you go @geniusbee, @cypress-tree, @briny, @artbysamwise and @theartintheblood!

softsparklystuff  asked:

Good morning cutie!! Mocha, hot chocolate, and mint tea? ☕️💖

Ah! Good morning darling! Thank you for asking hehe

Mocha: Dream Job?

I aspire to be an animator or character sculptor, or voice actor, honestly any of those would be phenomenal and in that order haha

Hot Chocolate: Are you an affectionate person?

Yes I most certainly am, I am very cuddly and I love all my friends and everybody hehe hugs and naps all around ♡♡♡

Mint Tea: How do you relax?

Honestly I open up Animal Crossing and turn on Futurama on Netflix and just lay cuddled up in bed with my stuffies with my tea, and I will be as happy as a clam ♡

Love you dear 😙

braidedribbon  asked:

Hot chocolate, mint tea and vanilla latte

  • Are you an affectionate person?

I suppose I am. It takes a while to stop feeling weird and awkward around people, and sometimes I startle when people initiate random contact if I’m not close to them. Not because I don’t like it, but because I’m not used to it. When I’m really comfortable around someone or like somebody I try to do nice things for them and randomly cuddling or leaning against each other is nice 

  • How do you relax?

I’m bad at relaxing, when I do i tend to do whatever it is for hours and hours without meaning to. sometimes cute and peaceful games I suppose, and recently my ability to pick up a book and actually finish it has returned so that as well

  • Board games or drinking games?

board games. my dad and i used to play a lot of those, and we go to the board game convention when I’m in the area too. i never really did a drinking game but I’m not particularly fond of drinking much anyway. i either get a weird headache or don’t reach even the level of tipsy before I don’t want to drink more. idk if that’s cause I never drink much or cause I have a high tolerance 

love-doesnt-discriminate  asked:

flat white, cappuccino, iced cafe mocha, iced chocolate, hot chocolate, mint tea, iced coffee(I'm sorry I'm nosy)

You’re not nosy love! 💛

Flat White - I don’t like either actually! I usually prefer a nice cup of hot cocoa (six marshmallows)
Cappuccino - My middle name is Imani. It means “Faith.”
Iced Cafe Mocha - My favorite thing to do on rainy day is to draw! Usually I draw in silence, but the soft patter of raindrops is nice. :)
Iced Chocolate - I may or may not have a teensy weensy itty bitty tiny little crush on someone but shhhhhh.
Hot Chocolate - I am an extremely affectionate person. I can’t help it if I say I love you every two seconds!
Mint Tea - I usually wind down by just watching some YouTube, scrolling through my dash, or sketching.
Iced Coffee - I have a love-hate relationship with books. My favorite book is “I Hate my Selfie” by Shane Dawson. It’s not just cause he’s one of my favorite youtubers, it’s just a really amazing book so yeah.
Sorry for the novel. :0

chibi-punpun  asked:

green tea, mint chocolate chip, cheesecake, mocha, lemon custard, cappuccino crunch

  • green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?

Green Tea, Cookies and Cream, Mint Choc Chip, Cookie Dough, there are so many I love D:

  • mint chocolate chip: indoors or outdoors?

Usually indoors >-<

  • cheesecake: what’s your zodiac sign?


  • mocha: ideal weather conditions?

Dark, loud, thundery rainstorms. Or clear sky with temperate air.

  • lemon custard: do you eat breakfast?

I usually skip breakfast, except when I’m making bacon or pancakes for my bf :v

  • cappuccino crunch: do you take naps?

Nope, not doing that. Make me even more tired than I was before >.<

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Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

A - Age: 26

B - Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

C - Current Time: 17.21

D - Drink You Last Had: mint&chocolate tea

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: @kiritohara

F - Favourite Song: ‘I Touch Myself’ by Blondie and many-many-many songs from 50-60s

G - Grossest Memory: bottom sediments sample selection. Ugh, hope I never have to do that again

H - Horror Yes or Horror No: yes, if it’s Hammer Films Productions horror

I - In Love?: I’m always in love, I only change an object of love

J - Jealous of People?: never

K - Killed Someone?: a lot of insects

L - Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: depends

M - Middle Name: we don’t have middle names, we have patronymic, in my case it’s Evgen’evna

N - Number of Siblings: 0

O - One Wish: world peace and world domination for me

P - Person You Called Last: my mobile operator :/

Q - Question You Are Always Asked: “What are you thinking of?” (about slash and femslash manly)

R - Reason to Smile: my inner world (which is full of rainbows and lovely imperials)

S - Song You Sang Last: I don’t sing, only lip sync sometimes (last song I lip synced was “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles)

T - Time You Woke Up: about noon

U - Underwear Colour: black

V - Vacation Destination: I hadn’t had vacation for 2 years and probably won’t have it this year too :(

W - Worst Habit: throwing clothes all arond my room, my chair is my cupboard

X - X-rays: were discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Why is this question even here?

Y - Your favourite food: mediterranean cuisine, also all meat dishes and sweets of all kind 

Z - Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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Bad Dog| dearaliceliddel


Alice’s next visit had come shortly after her last, much to Starfire’s delight. The planning for that Tea Party they had discussed was to be done a bit further; The day, the time… Raven had been running low on tea, so Starfire had brought it upon herself to buy nearly every flavor she’d found in the store, including a few stranger flavors. Mint and Chocolate tea, for example, was apparently considered weird.

“It is a shame they do not make the mustard flavor,” Starfire mused to her friend, digging through the bag she had brought to show the other, “Though I am supposing it would taste quite different with the sugar… But please! I have found one that you may like?” She’d already handed several boxes over to the other; Onlookers may have found the sight comical.

“Perhaps I should have purchased more…?”