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The curse of kings and queens- Teen wolf AU- part 2

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Part 2

part 1 is here

Words: 1117

Rogelio was a round man, clearly well fed, tall and intimidating compared to your size. Yet he wore a large grin when his eyes met yours and Inga’s, allowing a peacefulness to wash over you. You moved out of your home country, telick, and into a new one, leaving your past behind you.

In spite of this, you couldn’t leave behind your blood behind you. And three years later, when you were 14, there was a raging war across the continent. One led by lillika, the largest of all countries. They dominated the continent always greedy for more power and land. And it was in the middle of winter, that they ceased kaross. They stole a great deal of land and money. However your uncle Rogelio managed to maintain some by making a deal with the king of lillika. One

you didn’t find out about until a couple of months before your 17th birthday.
You tied up the laces of your cream sandals around your ankles, getting ready to head out to the local food and goods market in order to make dinner that night. You zipped through the house, picking up money and a basket along the way, but before you reached the door your path was blocked by Rogelio.

“Y/n we need to talk about what I promised a powerful man a long time ago.” Instantly you recognised the guilty look in his eyes, and nodded your head, setting down the basket before following him to the living room. You took a seat on a soft, beige armchair, as he sat on the one opposite.

“Y/N when you were 14, the king of lillika came to take everything away from me and my family. That was until he heard that you were living in my household. It was then he came to me, when I had nothing and made me a deal” he paused, and your heart rate quickened in anticipation at what he could’ve possible promised. “On your 17th birthday you are to go to their castle. You will be a lady to their daughter. Shadowing her, until you are ready.”

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