mint cars

i spent two hours of my life on this and tbh, i think it was two hours well spent

anyways watch carboys they don’t actually wear these outfits but i like to imagine the official car boys uniform has a pastel bomber jacket and galaxy tights

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2003 Suzuki Landbreeze     

Another example of Suzuki’s trademark fun and versatility is the LANDBREEZE compact SUV, created to enjoy and harmonize with nature.   Constructed of naturally recyclable materials and powered by a clean-running hybrid engine system, the LANDBREEZE brings that great outdoors feeling into daily life like a refreshing breeze. Measures to facilitate entry and exit give all passengers, even small children, smooth access to the wilderness. Inside the bright, spacious cabin, a dome-shaped monitor on the dashboard shows two different images, simultaneously offering navigation guidance for the driver and nature information for the passenger. 

Was looking for early 2000s cars for reference to draw and found this unreleased thing. Looks like freaking iMac G3. This can be Milky Mint’s car.

arkhamhollow  asked:

Do you think the Rogues have favorite scents, like amortentia from Harry Potter?

This has been in my askbox for awhile and I finally finished my answer.


Jonathan Crane:
-Freshly baked pie
-Cigar smoke
-Old books

Edward Nygma:
-Hot chocolate
-Printer ink
-New car smell

Jervis Tetch:
-Earl grey tea

Harvey Dent:
-Hot coffee
-Clean linen
-General cooking smells

Harley Quinn:
-Hair dye

Pamela Isley:

Selina Kyle:
-Dryer sheets
-Nail polish

Waylon Jones:
-Lemon jam
-D e a t h

Oswald Cobblepot:
-Expensive cigarettes
-Salt water
-Crisp air

-Cotton candy


ennofuta isn’t just seasonal - catch these hands loving them year round

hq rarepair exchange gift for cian @sapphiresketch!! i was super thrilled with your pairings and prompts so i decided to go with both summer and winter! i hope you enjoy these two as much as i have! 

(ps. image one was drawn listening to this playlist of mine on repeat, but especially mint car by the cure, hence, the mint car and summer vibes)

Signs As The Cure Songs
  • Aries: The Only One
  • Taurus: Let's Go To Bed
  • Gemini: Inbetween Days
  • Cancer: Pictures of You
  • Leo: The Real Snow White
  • Virgo: Lullaby
  • Libra: Lovesong
  • Scorpio: Close to Me
  • Sagittarius: Mint Car
  • Capricorn: Boys Don't Cry
  • Aquarius: The Hungry Ghost
  • Pisces: Why Can't I Be You?