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In The V Route

I think what really gets me the most is that Seven suspects the hacker to be his brother several times, but he shrugs it off because V would never lie to him right? But that feeling that Saeran is the hacker keeps nagging at him, enough for him to want to save the hacker.

But Saeran blows up the Mint Eye building with himself inside, because he believes no one will ever love him and he will never belong, just as his brother who loves unconditionally and would be able to save him arrives.

And Seven is none the wiser, neither V nor Rika informs him he witnessed the death of his own brother, and he goes on believing that his brother, his very reason for existing, is happy and safe and….

……excuse me while I cry until next year 😭😭😭😭😭

V route Good Ending (Spoiler)

It starts with Yoosung mourning Rika after her apartment blew up with her inside. (The Mint Eye building blew up with Ray/Saeran inside) He then receives a call from Jumin who tells him that Rika is at the party (which had been canceled because V’s in the hospital due a Stab wound from Rika)

She apologises to the guests and gives away bottles of wine, which are suspected to be filled with a drug based on earlier conversations. Yoosung and Rika meet and he’s glad to see her. After Rika offers him a wine bottle he starts to warn the guests by saying to leave the bottles. The angry guests leave.

Yoosung then embraces(?) Rika telling her that he’s happy she’s alive and says that they’ll all help her. She doesn’t want help and cries: “ How could you…how could you do this to me?” She’s then presumably dragged off.

Meanwhile V wakes up in the hospital with MC at his side. He says that she won’t have to do anything for him anymore and that he will get his eyes treated. V says that he’ll start a new life and proceeds to talk about love and self growth (I think…) In short, it comes down to that he wants to be ready to love again in the future.

There’s a short bit about V’s deceased mom and him, she talks about her son and there’s a lovely CG that comes with it. <3

At last, it fast forwards to 2 years later; V’s traveling and the RFA is holding a party. The members praise MC for her party hosting skills, there’s some banter and then they leave to perform tasks.

A voice then says, “I’ve been waiting for this moment.” It’s V! He’s canceled his tickets(?) to come and says that he missed her. It appears he uses his real name again. Jihyun tells MC about his hobby of drawing and solving black and white puzzles and asks if she wants to see. He’s filled them with beautiful colours now. He asks if she remembers what he had told her before, about getting ready to love again.

He’s like “ I want to love again, so…” And “ I want to draw beautiful paintings with you. I want you. I choose you.” Jihyun tells her about how he’ll treat her and says I love you like 3 times in the same sentence and that he’ll love her just like he loves himself.

The end~

I agree with you. ;) Hope you like this!

Saeyoungx MC - First kiss

  • Okay, it was coming, you knew it was
  • You got to share the bed in the night before going to Mint Eye, but nothing happened, he just held your hand, talked about his awful past, and a hopefully not that awful future
  • Before going, Saeyoung gave you the RobotCat and you hugged him. You felt it was the right moment, he probably didn’t.
  •  He cleared his throat, avoided your gaze and, blushing hard, he said: “I think… there are still some boxes to pack, please help me and I’ll talk more about how I plan to do this.”
  • And that’s exactly what he did. You got in serious mode too and forgot all about that mood, clearly gone now that he was trying to stay collected, but… showing all his tension by the way he grabbed your hand tightly… still avoiding to look directly at you.
  • It was morning and he parked the car in a secluded place, but the Mint Eye building was very visible.
  • He got his backpack, gave you a few more instructions, looked ahead and…
  • “I can’t do this.” He muttered. “I can’t do this, MC.” Now his voice was more audible.
  •  “Why…?” you weren’t really surprised, so you promptly ran to him and held his shoulder.“I can’t fail… no, I… I just can’t. It’s not about failing me, but I can’t fail Saeran again, I can’t fail… you again… I can’t, MC! I… I…”
  • “You won’t. Hey, you won’t fail me, and you won’t fail Saeran, calm down…”
  • “How can you be so sure, MC?” “I trust you.” “How can you…? MC, stay here, I’ll go there by myself.”
  • “What? Are you crazy? Of course not!” now you’re surprised “That isn’t the plan, Saeyoung! Please let’s stick to the plan…”
  • “N-no! Forget the plan, it’s dangerous, and I can’t put you in any more danger! Ah, MC, if something happens to you there, I don’t even kno-“
  • You cut him off with a kiss. There is no mood, it isn’t romantic, it seems very… desperate. But it was the only thing you thought to stop him from spiraling out.
  • He’s super tense at first, even trying to mumble something over your lips, but you hold his face firmly.
  • And after a few seconds, he gives in. Saeyoung closes his eyes and grabs your sweater in his fists, closing the gap between our bodies
  •  It’s messy, it’s not what he had planned at all for your first kiss, and boy… he really thought he was going to be the one to take the initiative. You’re so bold… he likes it
  • You never fail to surprise him. What other surprises can you pull it off in the future for him? Future… he can’t wait for the future to come… not the future that awaits the two of you when you get inside that building, but a more distant future when he’ll be able to give you a kiss that does justice to all you are and all you have been doing for him…
  • “I’m fine. I’ll be fine.” You break it off to breath, still holding his face in your hands “And so will you.”
  •  “And… so will be Saeran…” “And so will be Saeran.” You repeat confidently.
  • You stand on our tiptoes and plant a kiss on his forehead. “Now let’s go. You and I together.”
  • “Yes… yes, together!” he adjusts his backpack and his posture, nodding at you.
  •  You nod back and follow him when he starts walking towards the Mint Eye.
  • And then he stops and looks at you “I hope there’s more where that came from when we succeed.” He smiles at the way you’re still trying to look serious even with a clearly flustered expression.
  • He couldn’t kiss you first, but he’ll definitely be the first on confessing “I love you”. This is an extra motivation to make everything work out now.
  • Yeah, the future that it’s closer doesn’t seem that promising, so he’ll hold on to the future a little further when Saeran is safe and Saeyoung can hold you like that everyday
Saeyoung: 10 Years later fic (angst) (1,5k followers series)

Hello there! So here it, the first fic for the ‘1,5k followers series’. For some time now I’ve had the story in my head and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to send it out into the world. Sorry if this makes you cry, but wanted angst fics, so I deliver *^O^* - Michelle Xx


The drive was getting long. It had already been about 5 and a half hours since he got in his car. But it’s not like this was something he wasn’t used too. Sometimes he went three days without sleep. His night aren’t longer than 3 hours of sleep, 4 if he’s unlucky.

He doesn’t want to sleep. ‘Cause when he sleeps, he dreams. And when he dreams, he sees her face. The vibrant color of her hair, the life inside her eyes and the smile that never seemed to leave her face. The excitement in her eyes when she first saw the robot cat he made her. The hum of joy when she ate the sandwich he made. The movements of her lips when she was reading her book.

A book she never got to finish.

The fear in her eyes when his brother held her against her will. The confusion on her face when he told her to stay away. The concerned look on her face when he refused to eat with her. The quiver in her lips when he told her that he didn’t care about her feelings. The wind blowing through her hair over her tired face. The way it had looked so contorted-

'Stop! Stop it! Focus, dammit! Or you’ll get yourself killed! The sweet release of Death is something Saeyoung Choi doesn’t deserve. Just a few more minutes 'til you get there.’

He just needs to focus on the road for a few more minutes. His destination isn’t that far anymore.

He takes the last turn.

He parks his car.

He looks ahead.

And then the tears can’t be held back any longer and start to roll down his face.

Why was he so stupid? Why did he let that happen?! Why did he even let her join the RFA instead of sending her back to where she came from?! Why was he so GODDAMN SELFISH?! WHY DID HIS STUPIDITY GET HER HURT?!

~ 10 years ago~

I’m gathering my stuff, double checking everything to make sure I didn’t forget anything. Files, laptop, back-ups, back-ups of the back-ups, coördinates to the Mint Eye building, Mint Eye files. Everything checked out.

As I’m gathering my bags, I look at MC. She’s still sitting on the couch. She hasn’t moved an inch for hours now. Not since she tried to fix the robot cat and I told her that it was a stupid thing to begin with.

She’s still holding the head in her delicate hands. Usually her hands are busy to keep herself from getting bored, but not today. If it weren’t for the occasional blinking of her soft eyes it would seem that she’s become catatonic.

I’m picking up the last bag when her raspy voice softly calls out: “Don’t leave. Please. Don’t leave like the others do.”

I don’t have to turn around to know that her eyes look distant. I reply to her: “There are other people that will be by your side. Like, I don’t know, your parents for example. Or-”

“My parents don’t even notice I haven’t been able to contact them for the past week,” she says bitterly. The quiver on her lips is evident in her voice too. “And don’t start to talk about friends, 'cause I don’t have any. You know that, you did a whole background check on me. If I had been kidnapped only you and the other RFA members would’ve cared enough to know. So please, don’t leave like everyone else does.”

Somewhere in my mind, I’m sure that Saeran once said those exact same words. Calling out for me to help him. And I know it may be too late now, but I still have to save him. And by leaving her, MC will be safe too. This… wrenching pain in my heart will be a small price to pay for their safety.

I ignore her small and soft pleas and open the door, when I suddenly feel a tug on my hoodie. I glance back to see MC’s pleading eyes with tears on the verge of flowing over. She may look small and weak, but she’s got a pretty strong grip on my hoodie. She’s taking a couple of deep breaths before she could find the strength to speak.

“Then take me with you,” she begs, “please. I’ll do anything, anything you want. Even if it’s just to stay in the car and keep the engine running. Anything, but leaving me. Please, Seven, please… Don’t leave me!”

The tears are rolling down her cheeks. She looks like she’s barely holding it together. Fragile, but strong. As much as I want to hold her in my arms, tell her how much she means to me and never let her go, I can’t. It would be selfish and dangerous of me to do.

I turn myself out of her grasp and look down at her, looming over her smaller figure. I have to keep her at a safe distance from me.

“Take you with me?” I ask her with bitterness in my voice. “You’ll only get in my way. You’ll just be another person I have to look out for and I don’t need that. No, as a matter of fact, I don’t want you anywhere near me. Don’t you get it? I don’t ever wanna talk to you again. You’ll only get hurt by that ignorant stupidity of yours. I suggest you do the same as I do and leave this appartment once the party is over. Break all contact and never trust strangers again. How stupid were you to go to an adress that some stranger over an app send you? Be more careful next time instead of being the freaking damsel in distress, this isn’t one of Zen’s musicals.”

She tries to speak up again, but I interrupt her by dropping my bags on floor and throwing my arms in the air. “No!” I yell. “Just stay far away from me before you get hurt!”

I bend down to pick up my bags, but instead am being embraced by her arms. She held on tight, her face buried in the crook of my neck and her tears staining my clothes.

“I love you, please don’t leave me,” she whispers.

Gently, I pull her arms off of me and put them beside her body. Grab my bags and open the door. If I don’t leave now, I never will. Quickly, I make my way to the elevator. And just as the doors close, I see MC standing in the hallway, crying and saying my name. Begging me to take her with me.

Then the doors close.

The trip down isn’t long, so I’m quickly standing out again. My phone rings. Wondering who is could be, I look at the screen and see that the caller ID. For a moment, I hesitate. But I decline the call anyway.

If only he had answered that call.

MC will probarely hate me for declining her call, but I can’t hear her voice right now. Or else I'l be running right back to her.

I start my walk to my baby car when, out of the corner of my eye, I see something come crashing down. I look and see that it’s a cellphone. The screen is cracked. A blue one with a little white butterfly on the back. Just like MC’s. Wait… No… This is MC’s phone. I pick it up and look up to see why it came crashing down to the ground outside.

I look up and see MC sitting on the windowsill. With her legs dangling on the outside. Why would she do that? It’s much warmer insi- Oh no! Oh no no no no no no! Crap crap crap!

Her tear stained face is looking down. Her eyes find mine. She looks tired. Dead beat tired. Not even that, her eyes look hollow and empty instead of alive. Her entire face seems to lack emotion. Except, maybe, for the desire to be loved. It looks like she’s giving up. Like she’s gonna… No, she won’t do that. Would she?

She leans forward a little.

“No! No, MC, stop! I’m coming up!” I yell.

I drop my bags and try make a run for the lobby door again.

But she’s already falling.

And for a moment, I swear that she looks like an angel learning how to fly.

But she doesn’t fly away. She doesn’t go soaring up towards the sky. Her body just twist with her front towards the sky, like a cat. Her body keeps falling. And lands with a deafening crack down on the pavement.


He jolts up from the shock. He looks around and sees that he’s still in his car. Just as the first ones dried up, fresh tears start to fall down again. Everytime he closes his eyes, he sees her face. Her jaw was open and bend cracked. One of her legs was twisted all the way around. Her other leg had a bone pierced through the skin. And her blood… Her blood made it look like she had wings. Wings like a fallen angel.

But she wasn’t a fallen angel. She was a gift from God himself and he destroyed her.

After he had declined her call, she had sent him a message, saying: 'I wish you had known how much I love and how my love for you will never end. See you in the stars.’

This was his fault. All his fault. So those sleepless nights filled with overexhaustion, anxiety attacks and loneliness were nothing compared to the fact that she would never see the light of day again.

He got out of the car and made his way down the gravel path. After a couple minutes he was standing in front of her headstone.

It had been 10 years now since she jumped from that window. 10 Years since he last saw the one person who loved him despite all his flaws. If he could take it all back, he would.

He would tell her how special she was. How beautiful her smile and how funny her comebacks were. That she would murmer in her sleep about her old teddy bear. That he already imagined her in a beautiful wedding gown, floating around in space at their wedding. He would’ve taken her with him. In the car to keep the engine running, just like she suggested.

He would tell her that he loved her too. Probarely more than she could ever love him. More than he would ever deserve.

He sits in front of her grave and set down the small robot cat she tried to fix 10 years ago. Every day it would say 'I love you, MC’. It’s too late now, but he knows that if she’s looking down from heaven, that she would still have loved that silly robot cat.

The tears are falling from his eyes again. “Hello MC. Sorry it took me so long to say it. I love you too.”

Okay so my respect and appreciation for Vanderwood has grown immensely during our stay in that hut in the V route, but I had kind of forgotten this little occurrence in Seven’s route.

So Saeran is just outside the Mint Eye building, already really agitated and kind of having a meltdown, muttering a madness mantra to himself. Now we know what this guy is capable of, but I’m sure every normal person would sense the danger, too. Just look at him. Listen to him. Sure I still feel bad for him, but that doesn’t change the fact that Unknown is freaking dangerous, especially when he’s like that. Any normal person who values their life and wellbeing would keep their distance, and back away slowly hoping that he didn’t notice them.

But not Vanderwood. Vanderwood just drives all the way to the creepy cult hideout (with Seven’s extravagant sports car no less), walks straight up to the insane looking guy in front of it, and then proceeds to nonchalantly subdue and kidnap him like it’s nothing.

Regular people might be scared or at least, like, alarmed when faced with Saeran. He’s the one who’s usually doing the kidnapping. Also, regular people should be alarmed seeing that building. But meanwhile Vanderwood is just so fucking done with everyone’s shit. Look at that face.

And that’s the last proof I needed. Vanderwood is not only the Only Sane Man around, but also a major badass. And thus literally the one single character in this whole mystic mess who would be both able and willing to stop all the madness at once. If he received the order to do so, of course, and wasn’t busy watching over Seven.

My point is that I have a thing for practical characters who can and will get shit done. Sure, Vanderwood caught the wrong twin here, but to be fair it’s still impressive lol.

cloudsofsand  asked:

Can you do a short fic thing of Saeyoung kissing Saeran when he is Ray?

There is nothing as frustrating as sitting in a hospital waiting from. Saeyoung Choi was realizing this now as he sat, waiting in the uncomfortable chairs. He’d been there all night, staring aimlessly at his phone. If anyone asked, he was texting his friends to make sure everyone was okay, but despite the fact that the RFA messenger was open on his phone, he wasn’t reading any of the messages that appeared. 

He was too caught up in all his thoughts. Nothing that had happened in the past few days made even sense, even sitting here and he faintly hoped that MC, the girl he’d met less then two weeks ago,  would be back soon with the coffee that she’d promised to get maybe fifteen minutes ago even if he knew he couldn’t really function well enough as a person at the moment to hold any kind of conversation. He wouldn’t make good company at all right now. He couldn’t bring himself to maintain his 707 persona right now. 

Not with his brother in the other room. 

His brother, who V and Rika had promised was safe and happy. 

His brother who was a hacker. 

His brother, who was in a cult. 

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been waiting in this room to see his brother. He was desperate for them to call his name to let him in. And he was terrified to see Saeran after all these years. They’d be able to talk. He wasn’t sure if this was a good or bad thing to have a conversation. He wanted it more then anything, but a conversation meant making it real, accepting that he’d been lied to for years of his life by the man he thought of as a mentor and a sort of father figure. 

MC came back with the scalding cup of coffee he’d nursed until it grew cold without him having taken a single sip. A while later, maybe a few minutes, maybe a few hours, it was difficult to tell a man’s tired voice called him over to one of the desks. There he confirmed that yes, he was Saeran’s immediate family and answered some other questions before finally a woman can out, holding a clipboard and a pen and lead him to his brother’s room. 

Saeyoung’s heart was racing. He should have spent more time thinking about what to say when face to face with the person who’d wanted to see most in the world.

The nurse smiled at him and told him to call for help if he needed anything before walking back. Saeyoung opened the door and stepped inside. Inside the room was bare. A hospital bed sat in the center of the room and in the bed, dwarfed by blankets and pillows with a thin, pale man with white hair dyed pink at the tips, staring intently out the window at the sky. 


He hadn’t said anything or made a move to acknowledge the door opening and his brother standing awkwardly in the doorway. He was clearly unsure how close he could get to Saeran before he got upset. 

“…Saeran?” Saeyoung’s voice cracked slightly. 

He looked quickly away from the window, eyes widening as he shook his head frantically, choking out a soft “no.” 

Saeyoung’s eyes widen as he looked at his brother. acted so different now from how he had back at the Mint Eye building. He was no longer screaming and threatening anyone. It so much was easier to look at him and see the similarities between the boy he’d been forced to leave behind in their mother’s house. The very thought made him feel like he’d start crying at any moment. 

“Saeran, I’m so sorry, I…” he trailed off. No apology could ever make up for what he’d done. 

“Don’t call me that.” He said, fingers tightening in the sheets of the bed. “Don’t call me that, that’s not my name.” 

“…Sae?” Saeyoung was doing everything he could to keep the hurt tone from his voice. He could feel emotions later, right now his brother was the most important thing. 

“Stop!” He said, voice raising in pitch from the whisper that it had been when Saeyoung entered the room. It was clear that he was quickly becoming more distressed. “Don’t call me that, I’m not him, I’m not Saeran.” 

It felt like his heart had stopped beating in his chest as he stared. He was certain that this man was his twin. Did Saeran really hate him enough that he refused to acknowledge his own name? 

“Who are you then?” He asked, his voice the same soft,  calm tone he always used to reassure Saeran that everything would be okay when they were kids. “What’s your name?” 

There was a noticeable pause in which Saeyoung was nearly certain that he wouldn’t get a reply before he said, again in the soft voice from before, “Ray.”

Saeyoung’s mind was racing as his brother started crying, his shoulders shaking slightly. He didn’t think as he moved to sit on the edge of the hospital bed and pulled him into a hug. He half expected to be shoved away or shouted at. He didn’t anticipate the hesitant return of the hug or his brother’s face pressed into his shoulder as he sobbed desperately. 

Even after all these years, seeing his brother cry broke his heart. He wished there was something he could do take all of the pain himself and to give him a happy, safe childhood, like what Rika and V had promised. 

He wasn’t sure how long they sat there like that, Saeyoung rubbing his back gently, Ray sobbing before they pulled away. Saeyoung reached out gently wiping away his tears. 

It didn’t feel like they’d been separated for years. Even if he was no longer the terrified little boy he’d left behind. Even if his hair and eyes were different colors from what he remembered and he went by another name, he was still his brother. 

Saeyoung gently pressed his lips to Ray’s as he leaned closer, thinking only of calming him down, reassuring him that he was there and that nothing would ever take him away again. He pulled back, gently brushing Ray’s hair out of his face, before kissing him again, holding him close, shocked that he still wasn’t being pushed away or shouted at. 

“Ray?” He whispered, looking at him, delighted when he saw the slight smile on his face as he nodded. 


“I…I’m so sorry, I’m so fucking sorry, there’s nothing I can say other then I’ll never leave you alone again.” 

He gently rested their foreheads together for a while before kissing Ray once again. There were tears running down both of their cheeks now, even as Ray returned the kiss, as gentle as ever, just like nothing had changed since before Saeyoung had left. 

It was a good day, Saeyoung realized. Not every day would be like this one. In fact, most wouldn’t, but as long as days like this existed, no matter how rare he could move forward to support him through whatever came next. 

V - Valentine’s Day Special

  After you chose the rich and serious member, as if affected by a spell, you felt tired. Your body was heavy and your eyelids were closing instinctively. Just as if you hadn’t slept for days. You gave up quickly, without reading the messages.

   Some hours later, you woke up feeling a lot better. Unlikely before, your body seemed extremely light. Then you noticed something wrong. Really wrong. There was a man next to you on the bed.

  You jumped a little, but he didn’t wake up. Moreover, that wasn’t your room. You woke up 5 minutes ago and had all those problems. You tried looking at the man’s face and noticed he really looked like V from the game.

  You tried to get up without making any noise so the man wouldn’t wake up. You found your phone and a letter was under it.

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