mint boot

April 19, 2017

Earrings: ASOS

Hoodie: American Apparel

Jeans: Hollister Co.

Boots: Dr Martens

Alright Mother Nature, I’m really gonna need you to be consistent these last couple of weeks while I’m still in Richmond. Please, please, PLEASE stay warm and sunny! I don’t know how many more chilly and cloudy days I can take. Thank you!!!

Things The Signs Remind Me Of

Aries: campfires. lemon candy. a comfortable, warm, oversized hoodie. crystal grids.

Taurus: holding hands in a forest. caramel chocolates. a library. logging on to this goddamn website and scowling like it’s the newspaper. 

Gemini: sandalwood incense. open mic nights on Wednesdays. quoting literature to win arguments. brownie waffles.

Cancer: rosewater. being in bed. giving advice via Facebook to sixteen people at once. a glossy classical guitar.

Leo: fireworks. sunshine filtering through a forest. cat memes. sigil magick drawn all over your hands.

Virgo: falling asleep easily and quickly. historical novels. the Largo movement of a sonata. paintings of eyes.

Libra: organic coffee. recently tuned pianos. casting spells with music. cologne.

Scorpio: the surface of a meromictic lake. watching shows on Netflix. bursts of inspiration to compose. black cats sleeping in your garden.

Sagittarius: candlelight in winter. fuzzy socks. dancing around in your room. tuxedo shirts for the orchestra concerts.

Capricorn: stage lights. tarot cards. calculating astrology charts by hand. “tag urself im emu” thirst posts.

Aquarius: busking for change downtown with your ukulele and trilby hat. lip balms. collaborative graffiti. tea/coffee/cocoa/whatever you want.

Pisces: the smell of saltwater. sketches of roses. mint candies. spiked boots.

anonymous asked:

Do you think there's anything behind the little girl in the yellow coat that katniss see's on the streets of the Capitol in Mockingjay?

Definitely. This is really a poignant moment in the trilogy. It’s a moment that portrays a main theme of all the books. 

I crane my head around to see if I can locate Peeta. I can’t, but I’ve caught the eye of an inquisitive-looking little girl in a lemon yellow coat. I nudge Gale and slow my pace ever so slightly, to allow a wall of people to form between us.

“We might need to split up,” I say under my breath. “There’s a girl—”

Gunfire rips through the crowd, and several people near me slump to the ground. Screams pierce the air as a second round mows down another group behind us. Gale and I drop to the street, scuttle the ten yards to the shops, and take cover behind a display of spike-heeled boots outside a shoe seller’s.

A row of feathery footwear blocks Gale’s view. “Who is it? Can you see?” he asks me. What I can see, between alternating pairs of lavender and mint green leather boots, is a street full of bodies. The little girl who was watching me kneels beside a motionless woman, screeching and trying to rouse her. Another wave of bullets slices across the chest of her yellow coat, staining it with red, knocking the girl onto her back. For a moment, looking at her tiny crumpled form, I lose my ability to form words. Gale prods me with his elbow. “Katniss?”

“They’re shooting from the roof above us,” I tell Gale. I watch a few more rounds, see the white uniforms dropping into the snowy streets. “Trying to take out the Peacekeepers, but they’re not exactly crack shots. It must be the rebels.” I don’t feel a rush of joy, although theoretically my allies have broken through. I am transfixed by that lemon yellow coat.

So, I had to quote that whole chunk. I couldn’t leave anything out. This whole section has always been a very powerful moment in the series for me. There are refugee Capitolites being displaced because of the war, walking unarmed to find safety. In among them are Katniss, Gale & Peeta disguised as Capitolites as well. 

In the midst of the gunfire, there’s a moment where Katniss realizes that the Rebels are attacking the Peacekeepers, shooting at their Mockingjay unknowingly, killing naive Capitol citizens in the midst of it and most significantly, this girl in a lemon yellow coat. 

We know that SC is very intentional with the words and images she chooses. I have no doubt that this has specific meaning. We know that yellow symbolizes hope if we use SC’s analogy of the dandelion’s bright yellow that she refers to throughout the series. I think she uses yellow on this girl to specifically show how the Rebels are killing hope when they are senselessly killing without reason, when they see the other as targets instead of souls, and when the cost is unwarranted death.

In contrast to that, we see Katniss notice this little girl in the middle of the scene, wanting to change direction to protect those that are there, knowing that she and Gale should break away. She shows a different mindset in wanting to protect the innocent.

This moment points out what war is at its most base level: humans killing other humans and the humans caught between them.


Meet the cats!

  • Boots: A playful kitten with only one thing on his mind…
  • Chi: Collecting leaves is this kittens habit! May need some grooming…
  • Mint: A watchful eye, stares from beyond-this shy cat needs lots of love.
  • Garfield: Often caught eating spider webs, this cat is no insects friend. 
  • Sushi: A cautious kitten with a timid attitude. Be patient and she will never leave your side!
  • Koda: A cheerful cat and the perfect study partner! He also enjoys munching on ice cubes. This cat will help you remember to stay focused and hydrated! 

Hey there! I’ll be doing pet portrait commissions over the coming weeks, so if you are interested - keep and eye out for more information! All the above cats were based on family & friends pets!