mint and turquoise

[image description: stock photo on a white background of five different silicone octopus teethers. The teethers are flat with an oversized round head containing an oval-shaped hollow for stringing a cord, and have four visible tentacles–short, stubby and curling upwards–emerging from the bottom of the head. A small face with two round eyes, a raised beak and a circle of dots around one eye sits in the middle of the head. Rows of raised dots cover the tentacles and also form half-circles in spots along the sides and top of the octopus’s head, and a raised four-petaled flower sits above the ringed eye. Teethers are shown in peach, bright pastel turquoise, mint, grey and pastel pink.]

Octopus Silicone Teether - eBay, $3.66 USD.

Dimensions: 5 x 80 x 11 mm.

Item has free standard international shipping.

The decoration on these looks absolutely amazing for folks after a textured handheld chewable!

This is a “buy at own risk” eBay offering, but the seller has clearly set-out product and safety information, including a list of the components not included in the product, and provides screencaps of safety testing documents (although I am not familiar with the company referenced). Their prices are a little higher than many eBay sellers, but I think most of us would pay that little bit extra to feel more comfortable with a possibly-safer item. They have more detailed safety listings than many Etsy sellers!

As their free shipping options make them a lot more affordable than many locally-sourced options, this seller might be worth checking out. I’ve ordered a few different pendant beads (for making my own chew pendants) to try them out myself, so I’ll absolutely be reviewing them when they arrive.


took a break from tumblr for abit and i’ve got 💯 msgs to do the may and june lockscreens ❤️so grateful for y'all though
here they are !! (timely just before may lmao) i hope you guys like these and i tried to fit in as many requests as i can (motivational, pastel, peach, mint….)
ok and so once agn, the calendars are from @emmastudies printables and picture credits go to the amazing studyblr people🖤