ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE’s grave at Minstead, in the New Forest. 

Buried under a hefty tree at the rear of the churchyard, Doyle’s epitaph reads: ‘Steel true/Blade straight/Arthur Conan Doyle/Knight/Patriot, Physician, and man of letters.’ No mention of deerstalkers.

Doyle was first buried – vertically – in Windlesham’s rose garden. He and his wife were reinterred in 1955 after the estate grounds were sold.

So if you’re looking to experience the changing of the leaves this Autumn perhaps this might persuade you where to go!! This picture from the New Forest was taken just off the bridle way near the Acres Down Farm in Minstead which is also where we decided to camp! Such a beautiful time of year one just has to take advantage!! The Nearby village of Lyndhurst is also a great place to stop for supplies or a cheeky Pint! Live the dream!


20/09/15-My first New Forest Pigs out for pannage of the autumn near Minstead 

The first 3 pictures in this photoset are what I took of the 3 Pigs I saw today, and the 4th picture is my notorious ‘Piggy Back’ picture from 2011 this is a good excuse to post it again! 

On the way back from a New Forest trip to Andrews Mare we came by Minstead as we’d heard there were some pigs around recently, and there they were. Pigs are let out in the forest every autumn to eat acorns and other forest produce which are harmful to the ponies, its what’s known as the right of pannage. I always enjoy seeing Pigs as its not only a sign of autumn, but its takes you back seeing them wondering across the road for example like one of my pictures today shows. They can also do some funny things as my pictures show, so they are animals with wonderful character as they trot across different areas of the New Forest. They always seem to put a smile on my face, and that was no different today. I like trying to get pictures of them every year, and I can’t recall doing it last year as I don’t think I saw a free roaming Pig in the forest at all, and I think this set of pictures are my best pig ones yet.