kyuminbiasedelf answered your questionI wanna read HyukHae/HaeHyuk chaptered finished…


 umma o! XD

Waaah thank youu! Haven’t read that one yet!!! Imma start reading it na :D

minspazz answered your questionI wanna read HyukHae/HaeHyuk chaptered finished…

have you read SM Boarding School by Tewki@lj?

Yes of course. Actually i’m finding a fic with the same intense like that one. :)) That’s my fave Eunhae fic :D

myagnae7 answered your questionI wanna read HyukHae/HaeHyuk chaptered finished…

Have u read this one? It’s angsty haehyuksarang.livejourn…

Yep :) Already read that one :)))

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take a picture of your favorite chore before and after you do it (:

Dude.. I’ve been thinking about this for days. 

First of all, I don’t like chores. I hate them all. :P

Second, when I was actually doing chores, I would forget to take a picture… Lol


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SPLAT! You just got snowballed! Welcome to the snowball fight of 2012! Okay so here's how it works, just say three to five random things about yourself then go anon and snowball your five favorite blogs. If you get snowballed again you CANNOT snowball any blogs you've snowballed before, except if you're out of blogs to snowball. Have fun!

elisa y u hit me with a snowball D< /throws one right back at you


-I like videogames

-I don’t like reading

-I love sushi

-When I was young I watched superman a lot so I thought that as long as I tied some material to my back I could fly. So one day, I tied a towel around my neck and I wanted to jump out of the window to see if I could really fly

-As you can see, I’m not all too sane orz

[FANFIC] Postpartum Blues

Genre: crack, romance, fluff, MPREG
Warning: genderswitch, minor language, cursing
Disclaimer: Yes. They’re mine. PROBLEM?LOLjk
Rating: PG-13
Status/Length: Complete; One-Shot; 4,050W
Pairing: KyuMin; girl!Min; side:YeWook; girl!Wook; ninja!KangTeuk, girl!Teuk
Summary: Sungmin knew there was something wrong the day Kyuhyun put down his laptop and announced that they needed to go to the mall to shop for maternity clothes. 

minspazz replied to your photoMy family is so messed up.

lolollolol! happy birthday micah!

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생일축하해ㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐ ♡♥♡♥♡

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*\(^o^)/*┌iiii┐생일 축하해! *\(^o^)/*

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 고마워~~ ^^
They say you meet your soul mate in the form of a lover.

But I beg to disagree ‘coz if it was so, how can you explain us being basically just that? =D

I have no dope editing skills and all I could prolly write rn is some half-assed KyuMin porn fic. I’m so sorry all I could give you is a simple birthday greeting but I do hope it somehow makes you smile ./wibbles

Soooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINNIE! You’re finally legal! Beware of the cops.


minspazz replied to your post: OMG

J. E. L. O. U. S D; lol but \o/ you have your album :D :D :D

XD XD XD XD I guess what I missed yesterday was the poster~ So that’s coming tomorrow! ARGH! The photocards are doublesided!!!!! I wanna put them on my wall but I can’t choose which side!!!!!!!