minseok kiss

  • Baekhyun: Minseok kissed me.
  • Chanyeol: Ohmygodohmygod
  • Jongdae: Okay, alright. We want to hear everything. Sehun, get the wine. Baekhyun, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?
  • Baekhyun: Oh, it ended very well.
  • Sehun: (Holding three bottles of wine)Do not start without me. Do not start without me.
  • Chanyeol: Okay, alright, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like an "I gotta have you now” kind of thing?
  • Baekhyun: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh god, and then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Sehun: Okay, so, were you holding him? Or were his hands like on you?
  • Baekhyun: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my shoulders.
  • Sehun, Chanyeol, and Jongdae: Ohhhhh.
  • [In the next room]
  • Minseok: And, uh, and then I kissed him.
  • Kyungsoo: Tongue?
  • Minseok: Yeah.
  • Jongin: Cool.

Jhope can’t help but stare lovingly at jimin

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Jimin can turn shy …

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But he also adddooores Hoseok

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This pair is generous with fanservice

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They laugh together a lot

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And they put their arms around one another

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Soooo naturally

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They also jump into each others’ arms

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Even if Jimin doesn’t really enjoy it …

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They laugh at eachother at times

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and confort eachother when needed

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Somehow Jhope loves Jimin’s head *pat pat*

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But he dislikes the smell somehow

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He is obsessed with the idea of kissing Jimin

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Really … obsessed … 

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I mean look at Jimin, who wouldn’t ?!! (But Chimchim keeps hugging Hobi even when he make it seem like he wanna get away - Boy you better decide)

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Hobi is Jimini’s biggest fan

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He is more proud of Jimin’s abs than Jimin himself (Sarry if someone fainted here)

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He even declared his love

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And those stares

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I mean…

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THOSE stares

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Ended in something like this

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Then this

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And then OMG THIS (The”did their lips touch” is still a mistery)

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And now it is jimin who asks for more (He awoken the beast)

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And remember when Jimin gave us the best gift for valentines

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Or when Jhope who never gets angry got upset because Jimin got disrespected

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They easily make my day

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So I hope this post made yours too

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Xiumin as your boyfriend

- headcanons that nobody asked for but everyone wants 11/10

The Beginnings:

  • He strikes me as the type of person to want to have a pretty steady bond with someone before dating them.
  • You two would likely start out as good if not flirty friends, but after some time he’d give in to his feelings and take you on a date.
  • It’d be something simple but cute, either Starbucks or a walk in the park and then going to a food-truck. Idk anything he thinks up on the spot that means you’d get to know each other better so probs not a movie.

After dating a while:

  • Somehow he’d know everything about you, since he’s such a trustworthy person you’d end up telling him new random little things about you most every day.
  • Speaking of trustworthy, you’d have only one Relationship Groundrule: no getting jealous unless there was something to be jealous about.
  • Meaning, he wouldn’t care who your friends are, you wouldn’t care who he’s hanging with, neither of you would ever be worried about the other cheating etc.
  • He’s just such an honest and sincere person I can’t imagine him ever not taking a relationship seriously and fucking behind your back.
  • For your first anniversary he’d take you somewhere special, maybe even splash out on a weekend away or something romantic.
  • He’d constantly feel guilty when he has to leave for tour or concerts, even if he would only be gone a couple days.
  • Even after you reassure him you don’t mind and that you’d soon see each other again, he’d pout and cuddle into you. He misses you and wants to be with you all the time.
  • This is a good time to mention; he is quite clingy.
  • Minseok would cherish and crave being with you. He’s not intense to be with like the beagle line thankfully, he’s gentle and relaxing to have around.
  • Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his moments.
  • Every now and then he has a “mad 5 minutes” and he laughs and teases and pokes you, making a total bellend of himself tbh whilst you try and fail to keep a straight face.

Habits and other shit:

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Flutter - Ch. 7

Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Fluff/Romance/Smut (eventually)
Word Count: 3,354

Previous Chapter

You woke up slowly, wiggling around in the soft bed and relishing the warmth before opening your eyes. You were slightly disappointed to find the bed empty next to you. You sat up, looking around sleepily when you heard a faint clatter coming from outside the bedroom.

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Exo reacting to you waking them up with kisses

Minseok would like it so much it would make him smile, immediately utting him in a good mood for the rest of the day.

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Suho would be confused at first but once he realises what was going on he would pull you into his chest, holding you close and cuddling you before tarting the day. would 11/10 enjoy this.

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Lay would be endlessly confused but problably also be alarmed and think something happened. If you then said you just wanted to wake him up he would just groan and drift off again.

(credit to @bane-niki)

Baekhyun would love this so much! The moment you stopped he would pull you back to continue. Loves it.

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Jongdae would love it but would be ready to continue sleeping until you pull his cheek to get him out of bed.

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Chanyeol would have a heart attack.

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Kyungsoo would laugh at first but once the bliss is over he would look at the time and get whiney about still being tired.

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Jongin would be so confused and just pull you in for a real kiss once he realises what is happening.

Originally posted by ariah-chan

Sehun, being the bratty birch he is, would shake you off and turn around with the line “Go brush your teeth first”. But once he gives up on sleep he would cross the arms behind his head and smirk cockily .
“I wouldn’t be able to resist myself either tho”

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special s/o to the biggest Sehun stan (read: hater) @imjaebee​ for aggressively telling me how Sehun would react

Waking EXO Up with Kisses

Contains: fluff / kisses / cuddles / pillows / cuteness

[  // Masterlist //  ]

// Minseok

In the middle of the night, you had felt him wake up and saw him massaging his neck.  He’d told you that he was okay and to go back to sleep, but now that it was morning, you were worried that he could still be hurting.

You leaned over began lightly kissing Minseok’s neck, and soon he began giggling and raised his shoulder to block you.

“That tickles, Jagi!”

“Are you feeling okay?  Your neck, I mean.”

“It feels fine now, I just slept on it wrong.  …You don’t have to stop kissing me though,” Minseok said with a smirk while pulling your closer by your chin.

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// Junmyeon

You lifted your head off the tome that had been your pillow that night and you looked next to you at Junmyeon, who was still asleep on his.  You had fallen asleep while reading together.  

Afraid he would drool on his copy, you were about to shake him awake, but then you remembered the last thing you had read: the main character was woken up with kisses by one of the love interests, and you had thought it was very romantic.  You looked down and reread the paragraph and decided to do exactly what the character did.  You took his face in your hand and pressed loving kisses to his jaw.

Junmyeon woke up right away and you felt him smile under your touch.  When you backed up and looked down at him, he had the happiest smile you’d ever seen on his face.  He rolled on top of you to return the favor.

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// Yixing

You woke up just before sunrise after your first night sleeping in Yixing’s bed, which you didn’t mean to do, you had just gotten so tired, and apparently so had he.  When you looked next to you, you saw he hadn’t even changed out of his clothes from the previous day.

And then you were flooded with memories from yesterday, how much fun you’d had with your new boyfriend, how he’d treated you like royalty and held your hand all day.  Your face inched closer and closer to his, wondering if you could get away with this without him noticing.

As heavy of a sleeper as he was, he did eventually notice you kissing his cheek and looked up at you with a small smile.

“Do you want to keep doing that?”

You nodded shyly and he smiled even larger then got more comfortable.  “I’m ready~!”

So overtaken by your affection, he could only accept your love for a short time before reciprocating.

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// Baekhyun

He was taking so long to wake up on his own.  So, so long.  You had decided to wait patiently, because he looked so peaceful sleeping, but you couldn’t take it anymore.  You two had a fun day ahead, if he would just wake up.

You put your book on the nightstand and nudged him.  Nothing.

Then you ruffled his hair.  Nothing.

Then you kissed him.  And he couldn’t help but giggle.

“Am I your sleeping prince, Jagi?” he asked while wiggling his eyebrows.

You laughed at that.  “Maybe you are~  Now get up!  We have things to do.”

But unfortunately, your plans would have to wait until Baekhyun was through kissing you back.  Look at what you started!

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// Jongdae

You woke up with his arms around you, almost nose-to-nose with him.  You were already so close, you might as well just close the gap.  So you did, and at first, you could have sworn you felt him kiss you back.  So you kissed him harder, and he pulled away.

And your eyes widened when you saw his nose crinkle up.

“What?” you asked.

“Morning breath, ugh!”

Your jaw fell and you hit him on the stomach, but he just burst out laughing anyway at how upset you looked.  You flipped over and wrestled away from him when he tried to regain a hold on you.

“You know I didn’t mean it, don’t be like that, Jagiii!!”

You resisted for as long as you could, but you really did want to kiss him again, even if he had morning breath too.  Eventually you gave up and let him climb on top of you.

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// Chanyeol

You woke up with over a dozen stuffed toys surrounding you and your sleeping boyfriend.  You liked plushies, and there were some on your bed at home, but Chanyeol just couldn’t bring himself to choose less than all of them every night so that none of them would feel left out.  You thought it was too cute that he was thinking that way, but you still weren’t used to sleeping among so many soft toys.

He was so cute when he slept, too.  You planted a quick kiss on his cheek, causing him to smile in his sleep.  After a couple more, he was grinning from ear to ear and you weren’t sure that he was sleep anymore.  When you stopped, you saw him crack an eye open to peek at you, then quickly close it when he saw you looking back at him.  He made a small snoring sound and tried to suppress his grin.  You could either disappoint him, or keep giving him what he wanted, and you decided to make him happy.

After a while, he opened his eyes, smiling as big as if he won a daesang.  “You must really love my face, Jagi~”

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// Kyungsoo

Who gets to wake up to the most kissable lips in the world every morning?  You do!  Unless their owner has gotten up before you to cook breakfast, but today was not one of those days.  You woke up with Kyungsoo soundly asleep next to you and counted yourself lucky once again.

You didn’t even think about it; you just kissed him.  But after you pulled away, he rolled on his side away from you!

“Hey!” you cried out.  You saw Kyungsoo jolt awake and roll back over to face you.  You hadn’t meant to be so loud, but how dare he?!

“I just wanted to kiss you,” you said quieter.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he grumbled.

“And you just r o l l e d away, like I’m some gross thing and–”

You had to stop talking because Kyungsoo kissed you, a long, full kiss, not just one to make you shut up.  But it did make you shut up.

“I was asleep,” he said with a tiny laugh.  “And I’m going back to sleep.”

“It’s time to get up, though.  It’s 9AM.”


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// Jongin

You usually woke up before him, so that wasn’t new, but Jongin was looking particularly fine this morning as he slept.  Instead of being all over the place, his hair had somehow stayed relatively neat all night.  You could barely hear his breathing and he had this peaceful look on his face, and you just couldn’t help yourself.

You moved close to him and decided you would kiss his cheek until he felt it and woke up.

You sat there with your lips on his face for a full minute, and he didn’t even stir.

This time, you kissed him with intent and he woke up, confused.

“The rest of the pizza is in the tree…!  Don’t hit the camel…”  He usually wasn’t very coherent when he was woken up, which always made you laugh, and it took a moment for him to remember where he was.

Jongin looked at you, and you couldn’t help yourself, you kissed him again!

He had a confused smile on his face, but kissed your cheek back.

Then you kissed his.

Then he kissed yours, and exploded with laughter.

You also laughed, and this kept going back and forth for about ten minutes, then you both got on your phones.

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// Sehun

Last night you’d woken up several times because you felt like you were in a freezer.  No matter how many times you snatched them back, Sehun kept stealing the covers in his sleep.  You know he hadn’t meant to do it, but you were going to get him back anyway.  You snuck out of bed, picked up Vivi, and got a bit of dog food.

Sehun was still asleep, so you dropped Vivi next to him, put the food on his cheek, and let Vivi eat it.  Once Vivi started licking his face, you gave him your own kisses on his other cheek.

He began laughing and sat up, confused about what was going on.

“Jagi, what are you doing?”

You sat up and put Vivi in his lap, who continued licking his face.

“Stop.  Stealing.  All.  The.  Covers!” you said with a kiss between each word.

“I didn’t know I was doing that!”  But he didn’t stop the barrage of love from you and Vivi.

“I know.  But stop it.”

He put Vivi on the floor, hugged you, and gave you a kiss on the cheek back.

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Birthday Girl (M)

A short fic I wrote for @xiustories since it’s her birthday~

Genre: X Reader, fluff, smut

Member(s): Minseok <3

POV: Second person

Warning(s): Um, it’s smut, so…

Summary: It’s your birthday, and you know what you want.

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“(y/n)-ah?” Your boyfriend poked his head into your room. “(y/n), it’s morning. And you know what that means…” He cooed, walking up to your bed and brushing a strand of hair from your face. He smiled, taking in your peaceful expression, his heart swelling at the sight of you.

“(y/n)?” He tried, one last time.

When you didn’t wake up, he sighed, shaking his head amusedly. Gently lifting the covers, he slid into bed beside you, situating himself so that your head rested on his chest. He wiggled around a bit more, before wrapping his arms around your sleeping body.

“Min?” You mumbled, your voice hoarse with sleep.

“Morning, birthday girl,” Minseok whispered, grinning and kissing your forehead. 

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EXO Reaction #18: “Obliviate”

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Baekhyun held his wand straight towards you.  You were sitting in the couch looking at your phone.  Your eyes on a photo of you and baekhyun him kissing your cheek. He smiled as a tear rolled down his cheek remembering how he was so happy to finally have you.  But now he had to leave.  His friends, his brothers say out in the car waiting to go back to the train, back to danger, danger than she would be in.  Taking in a deep breath he whispered.


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“Chanyeol?” You called out as you walked into his apartment. Standing there in front of a suitcase he held his wand in his hand.

“Chanyeol?” You ask timidly as he turned around a serious look on his face.

“I’ve been told that muggles can’t know even if we want to spend a lifetime with them.”  

“That’s the second time you called me a muggle.”  You smiled as tears started to slip out.  He smiled as he whipped away at his eyes.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered.  

“Can I just have a kiss before.  I know I won’t remember but please…if I was…I would want a last kiss.”  Chanyeol walked over wiping away a tear as he held your face in his one hand. He clutched the wand tightly as he kissed you. His lips pressing hard against yours as he tried to hold everything in.  As he pulled away he hesitated as he spoke.  

“Obliviate.”  His face slowly went from the man you loved to someone who you’ve never met. You stumbled back as you looked around the room.  

“How did I get here?”

“You…were looking for a friend.”  

“Oh…do I know you?”  

“In a dream maybe.”  He smiled as you turned nodding.

“I’m sorry to bother you.”  You stated leaving him with a smile.  

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Jongdae rolled over in bed as he looked down at you. His eyes soften as his phone buzzed against the side table.  Looking at it his face fell.  

She’s in danger you need to leave - Chanyeol

Jongdae looked down at you.  He bite his bottom lip as he kissed the top of your head, his wand from under his pillow gripped in his hand.  


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opulent // kms

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→ vampire!au, rich!au, slight business!au
→ ❝…id like to request a minseok vampire au that maybe someone tries to another vampire tries to seduce or flirt with the reader and he gets really possessive of her? like he doesn’t want them to touch his mate…❞
→ word count: 1.2k
→ *i wrote this via my phone so sksksks excuse any typos !!

as minseok’s delicate fingers kissed the smooth skin of (y/n)’s legs under her long gown, she kept a steady, peaceful hum ringing in the back of her throat.

her keen eyes were trained on the neon signs they passed in their limousine, the indications of blooming life sending her into a hypnotized state. the evolved nature of human beings had always fascinated her to a great extent, but she found the night-life truly enchanting.

“have i told you how beautiful you look tonight?” her mate murmured, catching her attention with a gentle kiss to the jaw.

“three times now,” she responded, smiling shyly at his sugar-coated compliment.

the moment she turned her head to the left, she was met with his captivating gaze. his eyes glowed a bright red shade in the lighting, pairing incredibly well with the natural radiance of his skin. had he not been so bounteous with his touches, she might’ve began to doubt whether or not he was truly tangible. though he was one of her kind, she saw him as somehow set apart from everyone else; a rarity within their species.

his lips curled up into a smile as their vehicle came to a slow stop in front of kim junmyeon’s mansion.

“good,” he spoke lovingly, “i wouldn’t want you to forget how wild you drive me.”

“what time should i pick you up, sir?” their driver asked after the partition slowly rolled itself down.

“midnight,” was his response, “i don’t plan on staying too terribly long.”


each person in the large house drank cool red liquid from clear wine glasses until the blood droplets stained their lips a sheer crimson shade, leaving them all looking a little less like spurious humans and bit more like what they really were—dangerous beings glamorized in a tempting, deceitful light.

minseok and (y/n) were a couple that stood out slightly within a group of beings that reeked of opulence, as both of them appeared much more personable to the people around them. their grins didn’t seem as feigned; their laughs were loud and authentic.

this was the person minseok became around his mate—a much kinder, more pleasant person. her toothy smile melted his cold exterior, abandoning him with nothing other than his hidden vulnerability.

they’d eventually managed to further isolate themselves from their peers by lounging in the cool air of junmyeon’s outdoor patio, basking in each other’s company while they could.

the pair did so until his phone beeped twice as he received a message that said he was needed back inside for a few minutes.

he sighed, stuffing the phone back into the pocket of his slacks.

“sorry,” he muttered. this was one second prior to pressing a chaste kiss to her cheek, careful as to not ruin her makeup, “jongin and sehun need some help closing a deal with one of our guests.”

“it’s okay, i promise,” she responded sincerely, watching as he set his wine glass onto the marble table opposite them. she gave him just enough time to rise to his feet before tugging on the collar of his suit jacket. in doing so, she pulled him into a quick kiss, one that left the slightest bit of nude lipstick around the edges of his lips, “just try not to take too long.”

he left her companionship with a smile gracing his face at the idea of his girlfriend adoring his own enough to dislike their parting.

much like her boyfriend, chae haseon was also a man who’d taken a liking to this woman. when minseok walked past him, he took it as an opportunity to take his place outside, where she was patiently—despite how bored she felt—waiting.

when he sat down next to her, (y/n) put on a friendly smile—mostly because she was grateful she wouldn’t have to bear her own weariness toward the party alone.

it wasn’t until he brought a finger up to wipe a drop of blood from the corner of her mouth that she began to grow weary of him.

she felt that his words were spoken too close to her ear, and that he was touching her far more than what was needed. she knew him, but no, she didn’t know him—all of these little things together made her feel uncomfortable.

the woman would’ve said something, had the setting been different. she didn’t want a fight to erupt—that could easily hurt her mate’s future work.

while haseon was in the midst of telling her how stunning the low-cut dress she wore made her look, his sentence came to an abrupt stop, silenced by the distinct sound of footsteps behind them.

“i love that dress on you, doll. just looking at you tonight makes me want to—”

in an instant, he was retracting his touch from her fabric-covered thigh.

(y/n) inwardly let out a sigh of relief as she turned to face minseok, feeling her eyebrows unfurrow themselves.

“no, no, please continue,” he drawled out. his lips curled around those words very slowly as he tried to keep his anger concealed, but he couldn’t manage to keep such a faux calm for long; his eyes flashed a darker shade of red and hie continuation slipped out as a mere hiss, “i’m dying to hear all about what you’d do to my girl.”

this was the persona he had shed within the past year—the one that made everyone so frightened to be near him. he didn’t find its reappearance to be unjustified, either. setting aside how much he despised the way the other man looked at her, he could see (y/n)’s discomfort from all the way inside the house.

haseon nervously scrambled out of his chair in response. he was a bit annoyed himself, yet he knew better than to pick a fight with someone like kim minseok.

he did his best to take refuge inside, but even with speed such as his own, minseok had managed to take a firm hold of his shoulders before he was able to do so.

the taller of the two unclenched his jaw and brought his lips down to the blonde’s ear in spite of their impeccable hearing.

“if you even think about looking at her in such a way again,” he whispered, pausing momentarily to glance at his mate’s new look of concern, “i’ll make you wish you’d really died all those years ago.”

his voice lowered to a furious whisper as he went into detail, pretending she couldn’t hear every vile thing that left his mouth. while he was outward with his feelings, he wished to not worry her any further.

“are you alright?” she asked once haseon was finally allowed to scurry away.

“i should be asking you that question,” minseok muttered while sitting himself back down in his seat.

he still looked like he may murder someone, yet it visibly comforted him when she lifted a hand to carefully brush the brunette hairs away from his eyes.

“i’m fine,” she answered truthfully. she was alright, now that haseon was gone, “you, though, i’m not so sure about. it looks like you want to murder someone.”

she smiled jokingly, attempting to lighten the atmosphere around them.

“well, you aren’t wrong.”

he sighed and rested his head on her shoulder.

her fingers kept combing themselves through his hair as she suggested, “so, let’s kill someone.”

EXO Reaction To You Never Having Your First Kiss And Is Too Shy To Kiss

I do not own any of the gifs or images used on my blog unless stated otherwise.

Warnings?: Uhmm… I can’t think of anything really.
Requests?: Yup, by a precious anon… a long time ago.

Reaction Key:

  • (Y/N): Your Name

Reminder: If you have any request for a reaction, don’t be shy and let me know about it.

Xiumin // Kim Min-seok:

*When you told him everything about you never having a kiss before and being too shy to even kiss him, he laughs at you and gives you a face like he didn’t hear you right. He asked if it was true, and you nodded covering your face from embarrassment. Instantly, he feels bad and assures you that it’s okay and how it’s nothing to be embarrassed about by placing a thumb kiss on your cheek. He even offers to help you learn how to kiss.*

MINSEOK: *Chuckling* “What?… really?”
YOU: *Pouting* “Y-yes” *Cheeks turning red* “Ahhhhh… this is so embarrassing!”
MINSEOK: “Aww, no jagi!” *Kisses his thumb and places it on your cheek* “It’s okay. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about! I’ll teach you if you want, I’ll take it slow. I promise jagi.” *Sweetie Boyfriend*

Luhan // Lu Han:

*At first, he looks at you, like he didn’t hear what you said correctly. You explained to him, why you didn’t want to kiss him, and it was all because you were too shy. Turning into an embarrassed ball, you tried as hard as you can to push the big news away and tried to make him continue the walk. But he stood still, not moving anywhere until you have your first kiss on the spot and with him. You tried once again, but he stayed as the stubborn little deer he is.*

YOU: “Lu, why aren’t you moving? Can’t we go now?” *Tugging his arm but he’s still not moving*
LUHAN: “Ahem, no jagi. We’re staying right here, until you let me be your first kiss”
YOU: “Luhan! Can’t we do this when I’m not an embarrassed wreck in front of everyone!?”
LUHAN: “Did you not hear me? We’re not going ANYWHERE until you get your first kiss with your baobei.”

Kris // Wu Yifan:

*He looks at you like you’re joking around because what just came out of your mouth just surprised him. When you told him from you never having a proper kiss or boyfriend to you being extremely shy to even kiss him really caught his attention. You sat there blushing as he laughs at the truth, but not over you never having a real kiss or boyfriend, it’s over how you’re too shy to kiss him. Soon he stops and scowls at you for being afraid to him, a boy who’s crazily in love with you and just can’t get over the fact you’re too shy to kiss him.

YIFAN: “Wait. What? You’re joking! Right?”
YOU: “N-no…”
YIFAN: *Laughs* “Are you kidding me (Y/N)?”
YOU: “…”
YIFAN: “I love you so much, why in the world would you be afraid?!”

Suho // Kim Jun-myeon:

*He would be begging and asking you, constantly as to why he couldn’t get a smooch from his own girlfriend. When you two started dating, you never told him that you never had your kiss before and now he wants a kiss from you, without realizing you were screaming inside. He started to do aegyo, and continued asking why he couldn’t get a kiss in a very a cute manner. You stared and you found it so cute! You soon spilled, and he dropped the cuteness for a second. He then connected things together before doing the aegyo again for you to allow him to kiss you. *

JUNMYEON: *Starts doing aegyo* “Ahhh jagiya, look how cute oppa is! Please tell me why you won’t give me a kiss!? Please!”
YOU: *Dying from cuteness* “Aisshhh, fine.”
*You Explain Everything*
JUNMYEON: *Stops doing aegyo* “Oh…”
YOU: “Yeah…”
JUNMYEON: *Starts doing aegyo again* “Well, we could change that if you let me give you a kiss! Please! Jagi! Jagi!”

Lay // Zhang Yixing:

*When the secret was out to him, he wasn’t really fazed about your little secret. He understood your reasoning and respected it. You wanted your first kiss to be special and with the right guy. He told you, if you want a real kiss from him, tell him that you’re ready. But as for now, it’s going to be only small kisses from him, which you appreciated very much.*

YIXING: “Ah, I understand.”
YOU: “You do?”
YIXING: “Yes, of course! I respect it baobei!”
YOU: “Aish, thank you, baby. Thank you.”
YIXING: “It’s not a problem (Y/N). But for now on, until you’re ready, it’s going to be only small kisses from me!” *Kiss behind your ear*

Baekhyun // Byun Baek-hyun:

*After explaining to him how you never had your kiss before and all of that, he slowly encourages you to let him be your first kiss. First, he gives you a list of reasons as to why he should be your first kiss, that included “I’m Byun Baekhyun from EXO, famous Kpop group.” He then showers you in sweetness and the cutest aegyo. Soon, you gave in and gave that boy a sweet little kiss. Him being the dramatic person he is, he jumps in surprise, saying it was spicy even though it was the softest kiss ever.*

“Oh jagi! That was so spicy! Who knew you had it in you!? Woohoo!”

Chen // Kim Jong-dae:

*He would be listening to you telling your story with a small smile on his face. As you inched closer to the real reason as to why you won’t kiss him, he still wore that smile, still oblivious to as why you wouldn’t kiss him. Until you straight up told him you never had a kiss before and that’s when his face changed. His smile turned into this very shocked and confused face. He was so surprised, that all he did was blurt out questions as to how in the world didn’t his beautiful girl never had a kiss before.*

“What? How?! How does that happen?! YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL! I don’t get it!”

Chanyeol // Park Chanyeol:

*The topic was brought up from him when the two of you were bored one day. For him, it was easy for him to tell about his experience. Then it was your turn. You were nervous when it came to your answer mostly because you never had one! He notices your struggle and asks what’s wrong and that’s when you told him. He understood instantly, but that didn’t stop him from teasing you, and hinting at that fact he wants to be your first official kiss.*

CHANYEOL: “Oh! I understand. Don’t worry jagi!”
YOU: “Aish, thank you Chanyeol baby. Thank you!”
CHANYEOL: “But you know jagi… I’m right here. Snuggly, squishy and cunie. I kinda am perfect for your first kiss jagiya.”

D.O // Do Kyung-soo:

*He would try to hold in his smile and his small giggles when you first tell him that you never had your first kiss. You have spent the past couple of minutes telling him small snipets of your past calmly and relaxed, but he sadly couldn’t pay attention to your stories. Instead, he was only thinking about how he would eventually be your first kiss.*

“huhuhu… uhm… wow… I can see a kiss in the nearby future (Y/N).”

Tao // Huang Zitao:

*He would find you so cute and pure at your blushy face when you tell him that you haven’t been kissed before. After years of knowing each other, he would have thought you would at least been kissed, but it turns out you haven’t! He starts giving you smug looks, and air kisses ever since then, because his view of cuteness over you has skyrocketed.*

*Blows you a kiss* “To my cunie baby aghhh! hehehe!” 

Kai // Kim Jong-in:

*Once you told him your story about your “almost” first kiss, you ended up blushing and being very flustered. He didn’t notice your flustered, rosy cheeks until he looked up from his Korean pork belly to see your face hidden by your long sweater sleeves. He starts to laugh, not only from your pure innocence but at the fact you’re embarrassed that you still hadn’t had your first kiss. He honestly feels it’s not even a big deal.*

*Laughing* “Oh my god, jagi. It’s no big deal! Don’t be embarrassed!”

Sehun // Oh Se-hun:

*When the secret came out clean, he was instantly teasing you, as a joke of course. Even though he knew it was a bit personal and something crazy, he couldn’t stop himself from teasing you. No, it wasn’t making fun of the fact that you haven’t gotten your first kiss, it was something else. It was more like, him teasing you over how he’s right here, ready to be your first kiss.*

“It’s now or never jagiya.”

A/N: LOOK WHO’S BACK?! Me, Michelle huhuhaha! I’m so sorry for the inactive work on my blog >.< School, friendships, anxiety, and depression has been getting in my way more than ever! But luckily, I’m procrastinating my tutoring homework for this. I have had this reaction in my draft for months and I finally have… the strength? to complete this! I hope the anon who requested this enjoys this, and hope it does well! I tried my very best. I haven’t written one in a very long time, so it’s  going to be crusty haha. Requests are open! Send them in! and I will complete them!! I love you all!! xx

Roman-Fleuve (M)

Originally posted by peruni

» xiumin x reader
» 2.8k
» kim minseok smut with lots of body worship
» warning: smut

“What was that, sorry?” you asked, realising that you’d yet again zoned out whilst listening to Minseok talking. He simply chuckled, laughing off the moment and sweeping his fingertips over the curve of your cheek.

Minseok had the kind of face – and body – that one could just stare at every day of their lives and never get bored. You could look into his eyes for hours upon end but each time you blinked there’d be something new capturing your attention. It was just the kind of person Minseok was, whether it be when he was talking, sleeping or just sitting, people were always interested in him.

“It doesn’t matter. I was just saying how I missed spending time with you.”

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