Day 15: Annoyance

14th December 2013

Minseok was glaring at the screen of his phone and Jongdae was starting to get creeped out beside him. When the younger boy couldn’t take it, he dramatically got off his seat and ran to Junmyeon who was on the couch.

“Junmyeon hyung! Minseok hyung is scaring me!” he pretends to sob then rolled his eyes when none of the members paid attention to him. “Losers, all of you.”

He got no reply.

Jongdae proceeded to poke Junmyeon to get his attention. “I’m serious, though. Minseok hyung is being creepy because he’s been staring at his phone’s screen for minutes now–probably ten, if my counting is right.

Just as Jongdae had said, Minseok was busy staring at the screen of his phone with a frown on his forehead. He looked like he was ready to smash it into pieces.

"Hyung!” Jongin stood in front of Minseok and waved his hand in front of his face but immediately retracted it when Minseok almost bit him. “You almost bit me!”

Minseok finally looked away from his phone to glare at Jongin. “Your hand was in front of me and it was annoying. Now go away,” he snarled then went back to staring at his phone.

Jongin ran back to the couch where Kyungsoo was waiting for him with his arms spread wide. Immediately, Jongin let himself be wrapped in the embrace as he sobbed about hyungs who treat their dongsaengs as if they’re shit. Kyungsoo just hummed a song to him.

No one tried to bother Minseok after that until he finally snapped and let out a groan. Everyone turned to look at him.

“There’s only a few more days before Christmas and I have no idea what to give Luhan!” he wailed then dropped his head on the table in front of him. “I am such a loser and I fail at life.”

“You’re being weird and you’re annoyed with your life because you don’t have a gift for Luhan hyung yet?” Jongdae deadpanned, “Minseok hyung, you really are a loser.”

Junmyeon hit him as Minseok glared at him even harder.

Jongdae didn’t seemed fazed and just continued. “Oh, come on. I’m sure your lover boy doesn’t want anything fancy. He’d probably just be happy if you gave him a kiss. I heard he’s been wanting one from you–on the lips.”

“I–what–you–Luhan’s not my lover boy!” Minseok wailed.

Jongdae winked at him. “Not yet but if you give him a kiss, he will be.”

Minseok wailed even harder.

As if something is against him, Luhan arrived with Yixing in tow. He heard Minseok’s wailing from behind the door and immediately ran over to him.

“What’s wrong, Minseok-ah?” Luhan asked but Minseok just hit his head on the table once again.

Jongdae answered for him. “Oh, Minseok hyung was just telling us he wants you for Christmas, that’s all.”

That was the story how their kitchen table almost ended up on Jongdae’s head.


an: this is in queue and i suck at comedy. i couldn’t think of a right one for ‘annoyance’ so :| (my 'o’ in the keyboard is bitching so i probably missed that letter a few times)

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