Happy birthday my dearest Minwoo!!! As per your request, I won’t enter your age :D But to me it doesn’t matter at all. Whatever age you are I’ll love you just the same. We all will <3 You’re so talented in so many fields, so creative, so handsome and beautiful but most of all so loving to your family, your dearest Shinhwa members, your lovely orange princesses and your friends. I hope you had the most wonderful birthday that you most definitely deserve and I can’t wait to see you make more beautiful memories with Shinhwa. 

My present to Minwoo and SHCJ: Minwoo and Eric Kisses <3 May we have more and more of those in the years to come! :D

Day 11 : Top 5 Ships

I actually have a bunch of ships, but these are ships I always think of and love a lot x)
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Probably the cutest MinRic fan video I have ever seen. So cute. I love them SO much. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH.

I actually flailed around like a fish from the cuteness, adorabless and perfection of this.

My Shinhwa OTP for life.

Video link credit to crystalis on twitter and video credit to ricmincompany RM


This was one of my favourite moments of the latest Shinhwa Broadcast (episode 13). It was so funny to see Eric tease Minwoo with that hammer thingy and Minwoo being like OMG WTF IS THIS?

And then I think Eric is like ahhh Minwoo screw up once (or something like that because I don’t understand Korean and this is pure conjecture) and then Minwoo’s like WUT??? And then Eric’s like HA HA YOU FAIL! And then hits him so hard and then Minwoo just flails around.

I just love Shinhwa and Shinhwa Broadcast sooooooo much :DDD They just let themselves go and they never feel the need to fulfil any image. They are beasts, not beast-dols and I love them for it :D

Watch on janeytee.tumblr.com

video credit to 01luvsh

Barely 10 minutes in and I’m already laughing my head off :D

Favourite moments so far:

- Minwoo and Hyesung cheating in the post it game and everyone FREAKING OUT when Eric had one post it note drop

- Eric wearing the Ahjumma pants LOLLLLL He then pulls it up and says ‘Hanbok’ which made me laugh so hard!


- Eric doing Junjin’s nude photobook back pose during the photos against the waterfall HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh my Shinhwa Broadcast you really are the highlight of my week :DDD

And Shinhwa you guys are just so meta :D


I wish I wasn’t so noob at photoshop and gif making because I’d spam tumblr’s wall with posts of Minwoo and Eric love. They’re both so beautiful E CEO and M CEO <3 Both kidults who love each other so much and omg I can’t even eloquently state just how much I love this pairing. I even love them more than Woodong and Woodong is incredible! But seriously, Minwoo is Eric’s other half and vice versa. Nothing anyone can say will sway me from that belief :)

Ahh just thinking about the WinWin episode where they held hands and hugged each other when Dongwan was dancing and in the Shinhwa Broadcast episode where Eric just screamed out MINWOO YAAAAAAAAAAAAA When Minwoo was doing his funky face hahahahahaha.

Oh man I need to learn gif making and photoshop properly so I can make so many of these gif thingies of them <3