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Have I told you guys how much I love Mineta. I think I’m one of the few dozen here in Tumblr that do

  • He’s a genius
  • He may be slow and weak but he’s A+++ in teamwork and intelligence!
  • He’s so funny
  • He’s cute with the purple balls on his head
  • He’s very funny (bonus points)
  • He’s motivated to become a cool Pro Hero
  • I don’t know about you guys, but he’s pretty cool to me here!!
  • He knows and acknowledges that Izuku is one of the coolest guys out there and he looks up to him
  • Look here, as soon as he thinks of “cool heroes” he has a flashback of Izuku during the USJ arc, of how even though Izuku was so scared he still did his best to fight!!!!! AWWWWWWW
  • He’s the manifestation of Horikoshi in the manga (a self-insert kinda) so I guess this is the reason why he has the best, funny lines and why he’s the Incarnation of Human Lust™ (Horikoshi said he himself is a big pervert)
  • Seriously all his jokes are so funny to me, like those times he desecrated “Plus Ultra”. If I was Horikoshi I would always find the time to make a “Plus Ultra” joke

For the current story arc I feel like he’s one of the focused characters, because his Quirk is very useful for this test. Plus look at him he is a freaking genius

Look where he placed his target things!!!!! That’s very smart of him. And he has that new awesome whip he came up with himself!!!!

And look how smug he is

That’s a lot of self-confidence right there!! Don’t worry Mineta I’m here for you

You know one more thing I like about him. You can’t use his fucking name in the tags because he won’t show up in the search!!!!!! “Mineta“ is a freaking NSFW word lmao



Uraraka and Enma have similar quirks! Enma can mold solid objects using air — in actuality he does this using gravity and air pressure. (In Canon!KHR he can even create blackholes like No. 13).

Erm… Gokudera and Bakugou have a sort of rivalry (but not really?) since Bakugou has similar quirks (appearance-wise) to Tsuna and he fucking hates being compared to him. Gokudera of course had to step up for Jyuudaime.

I have nothing to say for the 3rd picture. I am sorry.

I do have a possible quirk for Lambo!


Quirk: Bottomless Hair - can store lots of things inside his hair. It’s like an entire universe on its own!
Cons: Can be hard to find objects in a short amount of time because of the vast space.
Pros: Has fluffy hair forever (?). Can store his favorite 10-Year-Bazooka in a safe place!

I guess this explains where he puts all those grenades and candies.

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Marvel Announce Runaways Series! (x)

Today Marvel have announced that a series based on the popular Runaways comic is heading exclusively to Hulu. It will be written by Josh Scwartz and Stephanie Savage (The OC, Gossip Girl).

Featuring a group of teenagers who go on the run after discovering their parents are evil. Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel Television, says:

“We’ve known the Runaways’ story would make great television, and being lucky enough to have Josh and Stephanie–who have time and again created shows that speak so genuinely to this exact audience–write and produce the series is nothing short of remarkable.”

The series will be co-produced by ABC Signature Studios. 

Disclaimer: I’m not 100% sure this is MCU based, but it seems likely, so until we know more, I’m covering it.