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one of the sickest things about having an organist mom is during a halloween fair there was this science guy who one year had a tesla coil hooked up to a piano that’d adjust electrical output based on the keys and such. so he asked for volunteers in the crowd and he saw mom politely raise her hand, and she got to play the piano tesla coil thing. but what did she play? Toccata and Fugue in D minorTHE Halloween song. 

Translated Catalan songs:Merhaba by Maria del Mar Bonet

This song by the Balearic Catalan singer Maria del Mar Bonet exalts the importance of the Mediterranean sea and its mix of cultures.

Here’s the original lyrics in Catalan and their translation to English.

Al record d'Ulisses que ensenyà a la terra
To Ulysses’ memory, who taught the land

la passió primera de fer-se a la mar.
the first passion of leaving to the sea.

Al jardí d'escuma que envolta el viatge,
To the garden of foam that surrounds the journey,

cada cop que l'home torna a navegar.
every time a man sails again.

Al vaixell que passa amb la vela estesa,
To the ship that passes by with spread sails,

la sola bandera que ha tingut la mar.
the only flag that the sea has had.

Al cel de gavines coronant les barques,
To the seagull sky crowning the boats

cada cop que tornen: hola! merhaba!
every time they return: hola! merhaba!

Al dofí que muda la rancor per dansa,
To the dolphin who sheds resentment for dancing,

i quan veu la barca corre a saludar.
and when he sees the boat, runs to greet them.

A la pau que deixa un temps de bonança
To the peace that leaves a time of prosperity

a la mar cansada: hola! merhaba!
in the tired sea: hola! merhaba!

A la veu salada que va dir a la terra:
To the salted voice who said to the land:

tu ets la meva filla, no ho oblidis mai.
you are my daughter, do not ever forget it.

Al país que encara obre la frontera
To the country who still opens the border

a la mar mestissa: hola! merhaba!
to the mixed sea: hola! merhaba!

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Translated Catalan songs: Vestida de Nit

This song is an havanera composed by Càstor Pérez and Glòria Cruz, here sang by their daughter Sílvia.

Havaneres are a traditional style of music that originated in Cuba in the 19th century, but they are more popular in the coast of the Catalan Countries, the Basque Country, Asturias and Cantabria. These songs were commonly sung in the ships of sailors and immigrants who went from the Iberian Peninsula to look for a betterr life in Cuba, and for this reason many of these songs are very nostalgic and often talk about missing their homeland or lost loves.

(In the video, the song starts at 1:34)

Here you have the original lyrics of this song in Catalan and their translation to English.

Pinto les notes d'una havanera
I paint the notes of an habanera

blava com l'aigua d'un mar antic,
blue like the water of an ancient sea,

blanca d'escuma, dolça com l'aire,
white like foam, sweet like the air,

gris de gavines, daurada d'imatges,
grey like seagulls, gold by images,

vestida de nit.
dressed in evening gown.

Miro el paisatge, cerco paraules,
I look at the landscape, I search for words,

que omplin els versos sense neguit.
that will fill the verses without unease.

Els pins m'abracen, sento com callen,
Pine trees hug me, I hear how they go quiet,

el vent s'emporta tot l'horitzó.
the wind blows away the whole horizon. 


Si pogués fer-me escata
If I could become scale

i amagar-me a la platja
and hide at the beach

per sentir sons i tardes del passat,
to hear sounds and afternoons of the past,

d'aquell món d'enyorança,
of that world of nostalgia,

amor i calma, perfumat de lluna, foc i rom
love and calm, scented with moon, fire and rum.

Si pogués enfilar-me a l'onada més alta
If I could climb the highest wave

i guarnir de palmeres el record,
and adorn the memory with palm trees,

escampant amb canyella totes les cales
sprinkling every cove with cinnamon

i amb petxines fer-los un bressol.
and making them a cradle with shells.

Els vells em parlen plens de tendresa,
The old ones talk to me, full of tenderness,

d'hores viscudes amb emoció.
about hours lived with emotion.

Joves encara, forts i valents,
Still young, strong and brave,

prínceps de xarxa, herois de tempesta,
princes of the net, heroes of the storm,

amics del bon temps.
friends of the good weather.

Els ulls inventen noves històries,
The eyes invent new stories,

vaixells que tornen d'un lloc de sol.
boats coming back from a sunny place.

Porten tonades enamorades,
They carry songs in love,

dones i Pàtria, veles i flors.
women and motherland, sails and flowers.

(Repeat chorus)


Translated Catalan songs: Viure by Pau Alabajos

Guarda’t les excuses per a un altre moment,
Save you excuses for another moment,

posa’t roba confortable i sabates resistents
put on comfortable clothes and resistent shoes

perquè vénen temps de lluita i fas falta en el carrer,
because times of fight are coming and you are needed on the street,

el teu lloc està en les places amb la resta de la gent.
your place is in the squares with the rest of people.

I si no ens deixen somiar
And if they don’t let us dream,

mai no els deixarem dormir,
we will never let them sleep

ja saps que viure vol dir prendre partit.
you already know that to live means to take a stand.

Pots anar calfant la gola, omplint d’oxigen els pulmons,
You can start warming up your throat, filling with oxygen your lungs,

entonant velles consignes, inventant noves cançons,
chanting old slogans, inventing new songs,

fem volar deu mil banderes, pintem el cel de colors,
let’s make 10,000 flags fly, let’s paint the sky with colours,

som tantíssimes persones bategant amb un sol cor.
we are so, so many people beating with one same heart.

I si no ens deixen somiar
And if they don’t let us dream

mai no els deixarem dormir,
we will never let them sleep,

ja saps que viure vol dir prendre partit.
you already know that to live means to take a stand.

I no ens quedarem parats,
and we will not stay still,

tenim dret a decidir
we have a right to decide

i som lliures d’escriure el nostre destí.
and we are free to write our destiny.


REQUEST MEME:  Favorite Minor Character, The Song of Achilles (Requested by Anon)

It was Briseis again who eased their fears and let our lessons grow more elaborate, stepping in with a word of explanation or a clarifying gesture. Her Greek was quite good now, and more and more I simply deferred to her. She was a better teacher than I, and funnier too. Her mimes brought us all to laughter: a sleepy-eyed lizard, two dogs fighting. 

It was easy, in those moments, to forget that the war had not yet really begun.