i need you all to understand that it is vital for each and every person on this planet to get involved in politics. I dont care if you find it stressful or youre too busy or lazy or whatever excuse you have, this world will fucking end because racist xenophobic fascists will go out and vote and get their way. UNLESS WE STOP THEM AND VOTE IN LARGER NUMBERS. you need to research your local government, and this isnt just for americans this is to EVERYONE, read up on their votes, keep track of the decisions and how they affect you and the community and the world. 

The results of the brexit vote has proven that donald trump can win. He can because nationalism works, and fear is a better motivator than anything else. You matter, your vote matters, your voice matters, never be silent and never ever let someone make you feel like its over. VOTE. 

In many people’s minds bisexuality is (incorrectly) seen as synonymous with non-monogamy. Bisexuals are most often portrayed or imagined as married men or women having secondary “flings” with people of the same sex.

Talk shows, in keeping with their usual superficiality and oversimplification of reality, perpetuate this stereotype. Many shows invite as panelists only bisexuals who have more than one partner, as if the absence of multiple partners invalidates or at least confounds bisexual identity. It is usually the preference of producers that the bisexual individual’s primary relationship be a heterosexual marriage, with same sex lovers “on the side”.

In dealing with producers of these types of shows, I have been told that monogamous or celibate bisexuals are not interesting or controversial enough, and besides, the viewers wouldn’t be able to understand monogamous or celibate bisexuality.

As a result, viewers are presented with images that reinforce the illusion that all bisexual people have both male and female lovers, when in fact only a minority of bisexuals actually maintain this lifestyle.
—  Robyn Ochs Biphobia: It Goes More Than Two Ways originally published in Bisexuality: The Psychology and Politics of an Invisible Minority, Beth A. Firestein, Editor published by Sage 1996

We ♥ this quote and article which helps explain why so many people believe bisexuals cannot be monogamous. But want to remind people there is a difference between those who Choose Monogamy as the right thing For Them, and has absolutely nothing to do with being down on polyamorous and other types of relationships which may be the right thing for others. To each their own, “An it harm none, do what ye will.”

Another political myth I’d love to put to bed: That European politicians are somehow _way more leftist_ than US politicians.

The answer is, as always, it depends on the issue.

On the issue of provision of social services to citizens? Yeah, Western Europe is way to the left of Elizabeth Warren.

In the issue of immigration and immigrant’s rights? Europe is well to the right of Donald Trump.

Free Speech? We’re well to the left of not just Europe, but the whole globe.

Freedom of Religion? Good lord most European States include tithes in your taxes. Europe passes minaret bans and hijab bans and burns down synagogues.

Women’s rights? Really varies country by country.

So. It depends on the issue. A lot.


Burundi is on the brink of genocide.

This summer, Burundian President Nkurunziza assumed an illegal 3rd term. Soon after his election, government-sanctioned ethnic violence and political violence skyrocketed and people began to flee en masse. The violence has since gotten exponentially worse. Rwandan President Paul Kagame has warned that the situation in Burundi is jut like it was in his country before the Rwandan genocide.

I live in Malawi and work with Burundians, so I have been able to get some of their perspectives first-hand. They are terrified. Terrified to speak out, to draw attention to the situation in Burundi because it means putting themselves and  their families at risk. Hell, given how they talk about it, I’m even a bit afraid even as far away as Malawi. People are being murdered for having opinions, for speaking out, and often, simply because of their ethnicity.



  1. Sign the White House petition imploring President Obama to take diplomatic action to prevent genocide. If it reaches 100,000 signatures, President Obama can’t do what former presidents have done about genocides in Africa (which is to say, nothing). Link here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/make-preventing-genocide-burundi-urgent-diplomatic-priority AND REMEMBER TO CONFIRM YOUR SIGNATURE IN YOUR EMAIL!
  2. Make 3 phone calls. Call your representative and senators (http://www.house.gov/representatives/find,http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact). Ask them to support UN Ambassador Samantha Power and make preventing genocide in Burundi an urgent diplomatic priority. The country URGENTLY needs peacekeepers, observers, and mediated negotiations to prevent ethnic killings and broker peace. Not American? Do this at home, wherever home is for you.
  3. TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS. Burundians who try to speak out about this situation are being jailed, tortured, and killed. The media is NOT reporting on this, and those that are are, for the most part, not reporting fully on these atrocities. If the media won’t report on it, we regular folks are Burundi’s best hope of receiving international attention.
  4. Similarly - and I hate that I’m doing this, but it’s important - SHARE THIS POST. SPREAD THE WORD. PLEASE. NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT BURUNDI. SO TALK TO THEM ABOUT BURUNDI.

PLEASE, let’s prevent another Rwanda, Darfur, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Germany - sign the petition, contact your representatives, learn and share about Burundi, and TALK TO PEOPLE about what’s happening in Burundi.

People of color might just strike down Donald Trump, and these stats prove it

Early voting results are piling in, and it looks like Donald Trump will finally have to reckon with the racist and sexist vitriol he’s spewed on the campaign trail. And if you’re still skeptical about that, just check out this stat from the Washington Post, which shows how thoroughly Trump is being destroyed within a few demographics.

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It’s a terrifying time for minorities, and with Donald Trump as president, he has planned to add some terrifying people to his administration. These people are particularly terrifying for LGBTQ+ members and this is why:

As you know, Mike Pence is planning on taking Chris Christie position in office. Mike Pence has said many awful things about LGBTQ members, some stuff along the lines of how conversion therapy should be implemented on the youth, he thinks marriage equality would lead to societal collapse, and he called homosexuality a choice, and also he also said that stopping gays isn’t biased, it’s him compelling Gods idea. He’s also a murder for the people of Indiana, and has killed many people who had AIDS by taking away fundings for their healthcare.

Another one trump wants to bring into his administration is Ben Carson as we all know is fucking insane. He compared homosexuality to pedophilia and incest.

Another monster is Newt Gingrich and he has called being gay fascist.

Then we have Ken Blackwell who has compared homosexuality to arson and kleptomania. He’s said, and I quote, “well, the fact is, you can choose to restrain that compulsion and so I think in fact you don’t have to give into the compulsion to be homosexual. I think that’s been proven in case after case after case. I believe homosexuality is a compulsion that can be contained, repressed, or changed. That is what I’m saying in the clearest of terms.”

ALSO let’s point out the fact that the fucking president has met with religious extremists and made promises to them like putting justice on the Supreme Court to overturn marriage equality. He has 20 candidates that he wants in the Supreme Court that agree with his ideas like this. He promised that he would sign the FADA which would allow for discrimination against LGBTQ people by government employees and others. And the anti-LGBTQ organization for marriage has sent him a plan to overturn marriage equality.

This is a scary time. I can only hope that the electoral college reconsider this nomination and vote Hillary into office. Until then, we protest. Keep protesting. Let’s show our government that we won’t stand by this. Fight back. Stand up. Stay educated.

And for us minorities, this is all our fight. We stick together.

White leftists who ‘feel the Bern’ start to whisper that if Sanders doesn’t beat Clinton, it’s the fault of the unenlightened black and brown folks who didn’t vote in their own interest. Their condescension is misplaced; their ire should be with their candidate.
—  Steven Thrasher, on why Bernie Sander’s ignoring that the racialization of capitalism is losing him the minority vote. 
2nd draft- Letter I will mail to every representative I can think of

               Today I would like to talk to you about the importance of election reform.

               My name is [personal information] I love this state and this country.

               I want to talk to you today about a serious concern I have with the way our presidential elections are held. The Electoral College and First-Past-The-Post voting inherently lead to flawed, unfair elections.

The Electoral College is a real concern. It is convoluted and archaic, and it gives more power to states with smaller populations, since they receive more electoral votes per citizen than larger states. It also allows for a president who loses the popular vote to still win the presidency (something that has happened 4 times), and it essentially silences political minorities within a state. A democratic vote in Texas counts the same as a Republican vote in California- exactly 0 in a presidential race.

First-Past-The-Post voting is also problematic. It makes voting for a 3rd party essentially a wasted vote. People have to choose between voting for the candidate they most agree with and voting for a candidate that might actually win. It stifles our democracy when people have to surrender their conscience in order to pick the lesser of two evils. 3rd parties don’t receive the full support in elections that they truly have in the electorate, because people know voting for them could end in their least favorite candidate winning.

Simple election reform can fix all of these problems. Firstly, we must abolish the Electoral College. All other elections in our country are decided by popular vote, and this should remain true for our presidential elections. I would like this to be done through the constitutional amendment required to get rid of it completely, as this is the most democratic solution.  This problem could also be solved by supporting the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. National popular Vote Interstate Compact is a system where a state agrees to give its electoral votes to whomever wins the National popular vote. This ensures the winner of the popular vote would win the presidential election.

To address the problems with First-Past-The-Post voting, we should implement a ranked ballot. On a ranked ballot, voters rank candidates in the order they support them. Should their first choice fail to get a majority vote, their second choice would then receive their vote. This ensures that a majority of citizens are as satisfied as possible with the election, and it means that results accurately measure the amount of support for 3rd parties.

I hope that you will write and support legislation that advocates for election reform. We cannot wait 4 years until we are on the cusp of another presidential election to care about this. Work to make our elections more democratic must begin today. For the health of our democracy, for the satisfaction of the citizens, and for the future of our country, I know you will make the right choice to make our elections as fair as possible.

                  Thank you for your time,

                                       I look forward to receiving your reply,