minority society

We’re flawed in our philosophy, lost in the monotony, caught in the cacophony, going hungry feeding monopolies. I can’t even speak out properly, I might lose all my property, either my breath or my bones with twenty cops on top of me. In confusion I call this democracy, but politics is not for me; definitely, probably, with the probability of death haunting me. Punishment is not new to me, but the police are friends with impunity. The media covers the casualties, forgets about some casually and completely neglects it gradually. They try to blunder and badger me and blemish my image to the point of insanity. Then they sugar coat in hopes to cope, and loss of life is suddenly battery. In truth we’d all love a lobotomy, but apathy has penetrated our society like nonconsensual sodomy. Everything’s a mockery, our beliefs and morality sabotaged by hypocrisy. I see it all around me, people struggling with their own tyranny, each drowning in a private sea, neck-deep in irony. We forget that a trump card is an anomaly, not a true form of authority or superiority. And if you listen to the dissonance of broken dreams, therein you’ll find the tragedy of being a minority.
—  Nav K

I wonder how many Otherkin on this site are gonna get to their late 20′s, hit the real world, realise they are human, and forever feel the kind of embarrassment the rest of us feel about Neopets when we look back at our involvement in it

very important psa

when someone opens up to you about something deeply personal, it probably took months/years of building up the courage to tell you. when that happens, dont dismiss them. dont make it about you. dont tell them they’re wrong, dont tell them its in their head, don’t try to analyze them. don’t form an opinion in a short time and present it as truth. because when you do that, you slam the door of discussion in their face. you break their hearts. you destroy their sense of self. you make them feel like outcasts. you destroy their ability to trust anyone. wounds like that take centuries to heal, if at all.

instead listen to them. try to understand them. ask them questions about it. discuss it. whatever it is they’re telling you may seem out of this world to you, but please remember it is something they are completely used to. if you do those things, they will feel a lot closer to you than ever. you will have their ultimate trust. you will have an even stronger bond than you’ve had before.

She had a gap between her teeth, stretch marks on her legs, freckles on her skin. This were all considered “Minor flaws” to society but to me those slight imperfections are what made her perfect.
—  R.P.C

Liberation of Hidden Colors is essentially a social justice student organization I started as a freshman in high school. It aims for the empowerment of all people considered minorities and marginalized in society and solidarity between marginalized communities. Over the years, we’ve put together so many different events and projects for our school that help the mental health of students and provide safe spaces to gather and converse about various topics, especially pertaining to social identities. Finally, during the end of my last year as president, we decided to get a logo and design our own apparel. So that’s what we did. An incredibly brilliant and talented student Isha Siddiqui ( @procrastinating-shit ) designed our logo and many people ended up loving it and wanting apparel.

SO, we opened an online store. If you’re interested in representing LHC and what we stand for (solidarity, intersectional empowerment and liberation, and social justice), head on over to lhchiddencolors.storenvy.com! Feel free to message me if you have any concerns, questions, or comments!

look casting decisions in movies are not what is hurting minorities in our society.  think about this for a second what entity actually has powers to influence the lives of citizens. that’s right the State. they pass the laws. they make lives harder for people. they employ the police and its federal and immigration officers. hello white washing is just dumb studio choice not a form of oppression.  the government bombing kids with drones, deporting immigrants, selling guns to terrorists and cartels, and giving the police an ungodly amount of power. 

When your child’s favorite YouTube celebrity is a secret racist
If we wanted a moment of freedom — to cook, to grab a drink, to go to the bathroom — then the only surefire option was to park him in front of YouTube. The opening of the YouTube app induced almost total silence: an almost-religious trance that seemed guaranteed to last as long as the playlist ran. JonTron — real name Jon Jafari — started his week by tweeting support for Iowa representative Steve King on Sunday, after King made the troubling claim that “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” Jafari then doubled down on this stance in an interview with fellow streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell, complaining of the erosion of a “unifying culture” in the United States, portraying Black Lives Matter as violent terrorists, and repeatedly making portentous warnings that white people would become the minority in American society. Read more
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A little about me: I’m a sophomore college student with a major in Applied Psychology and Global Public Health and a minor in Law & Society and American Sign Language.

Idk how ppl defending negan can. Some say his tragic comic back story justifies everything. We’d be rooting for negan, as much as rick, if we knew. Nah.

I can’t see that rick had maimed or killed people who made minor infractions in his society? The worst he did was handcuff merle and he didn’t mean it to end that way. Sending carol away maybe- for murder of innocents, acting unilaterally like, even for good cause, was dangerous. Did she get an iron to the face for betraying the trust of the group? Negan is scum. He was cheating scum before the za per the comic. He has a harem of wives who aren’t allowed to take other husbands because he’s a misogynist possessive shit. Even if you can mentally contort yourself into believing his wives aren’t being coercively raped..there’s no reason to order a society that brutally exploits an underclass, makes the best job a woman can get …is being his wife.

There are always some messed up people who fall in love with violent, abusive killers. Every serial killer has its groupies. Negan should have been given at least one for reality. Given the prevalence of otherwise intelligent people trying to justify negan as merely misunderstood. 

Chronically ill person trying to educate able-bodied people about not making assumptions
  • Chronically ill person: Don't assume that young equals healthy.
  • Able-bodied people: But MOST young people ARE healthy!
  • Chronically ill person: Just don't assume. I, for example, am not healthy, and suffer a great deal from your assumptions which force me to do stuff my body physically can't.
  • Able-bodied people: I'm not going to listen to you. Your existence is invalidating my society-taught assumption. You're a minority and I don't care about your feelings or well-being.
why i lost the calm side of me.

I wanted to post this, so I could collect my thoughts together – and so if the people around me ask why I’m unconsciously balling my fists when people mention The 1OO, I can direct them to a piece of writing that will help them understand.

I can’t claim that it’s 100% foolproof; I’m mainly going by memory. If you want to correct me, GO FOR IT. I’ll happily edit it in to make it better for everyone.

First of all, I’m going to ask you to use your imagination. I’m not making you close your eyes, just imagine.

You’re part of a minority. Society doesn’t cater for you much, and when it does, it’s usually not in a positive light. This is reflected as much in the media as it is in reality. You’re the butt of jokes, or – especially in the bisexual’s case – you’re either stereotyped to high heaven (and portrayed in a bad light) or your sexuality isn’t even mentioned. So, you’re a bit tired of all the tropes and stereotypes that you see playing out on your telly. You want something that will represent you, and do so in a good light. You want to be able to enjoy a TV show without seeing yourself on that show get pushed away, or killed off.

And it’s a struggle for a while – but then, Clexa arrives.

[Now, in my own experience, I heartily jumped onto the Clexa bandwagon just as Season 3 had started. Clexa had been in my periphery ever since – well, ever since the Season 2 kiss – but for some reason I hadn’t got on board until now. You can go with that if you like, or you can imagine you’ve been there from the start, watching as the two amazing characters become drawn to each other.]

Lexa’s betrayal at the end of the Season 2 stings, but then you’re promised that Alycia Debnam-Carey is coming back in Season 3. You and your fellow Clexa/LGBT fans are elated, because then it means Clexa can still be a thing.

When all this is happening, Jason and all his lackeys start promoting Clexa. They tell others they’re so proud to be a part of this progressive show, that things are different on The 1OO, that sexuality isn’t a big issue and that fans are going to love what’s happening.

And that’s great, you think as you take all this in with a heart full of hope. Hopefully The 1OO will be the show you’ve all been waiting for.

Of course, doubt creeps in. You know Alycia is on Fear The Walking Dead, and she’s only a guest star. She has to be written off, doesn’t she? She’ll have to go. You hope, you pray, that she’s not killed off.

In your thousands, you and your fellow fans ask Jason and the producers if she’s going to be killed off or not. You’re all worried, hesitant to fall into another trap. But Jason keeps saying, “It’s okay! You don’t need to worry!” He tells a fan at a convention that you “really shouldn’t read too much into Lexa dying”.

You settle down. Despite everything, you trust them. Jason and the producers have sounded so positive about Clexa. They’ve even invited fans to see Alycia and Eliza filming the finale. She must be alive, right? There must be a chance!

So you settle down, and Season 3 starts.

You ignore the tremors of doubt. You ignore the Blarkes crowing delightedly that Lexa is so going to get killed (and then Bellarke can rise!) and put them down while you can. You have hope.

You ignore the fact that this show may be more problematic than expected; you listen to Ricky Whittle saying Jason bullied him out of the show, and your heart aches for him, so, so much – but you can’t let go of this unprecedented, revolutionary piece of representation. It’s all you’ve ever wanted.

And it’s – well, it’s awesome. Clarke’s bisexuality is still a non-issue; she has a sex scene with Niylah, and again, it’s pretty awesome. The plot is engaging, and you can’t get enough of your favourite show. And then when Lexa arrives, you scream in joy while you’re livestreaming from any site you can get, because she’s back. She’s back, and she’s equally as kickass – she even fights Roan, for Christ’s sake, in an incredible fight scene that leaves you trembling.

Clarke and Lexa’s story is interwoven into the political story of Polis, and it’s brilliant. They’re heavy scenes, full of healing and vulnerability, of power and passion, and it’s just perfect. You’re so proud of them, so proud of the actors, so proud of the show, for finally – finally – giving you the beautiful, beautiful representation you didn’t just want, but the representation you needed. I mean, one scene is even something out of a fanfiction – Lexa sleeping, Clarke drawing her. You can’t get enough.

And, of course – E4 shows two shots from the love scene and you all explode. [Honestly, tat was such a fun night.] People are screaming, people are waving their rainbow flags, happy tears are being shed. Blarkes threaten to boycott the show, but you’re all laughing, because your ship appears to be endgame. That just doesn’t happen. The production team make it out to be a mistake, a leak [of course it wasn’t], but you’re not paying attention. Clexa gon fuck, and you love it.

As you gear up for the Clexa moment you know you’re going to get, Jason repeatedly calls 3.07 one of the best episodes of the season, says he’s so excited for it, that everyone should watch live because it’s going to be unmissable. And you agree with him, because it’s Clexa. Of course it’s going to be good.

And then it all falls apart.

You have your love scene moment – it’s honestly one of the most beautiful scenes between two characters in a ship. It’s heart breaking, full of passion, full of love and trust. The acting is so well done you’re filled with delight because your dreams are coming true.

Lexa gets shot a minute later. Barely a minute later. By her father figure, no less. Online, everyone is filled with disbelief. Repeated “NO NO NO NO NO”s fill your screen, and you all watch with wide eyes as Lexa dies in under five minutes from a stomach wound; Clarke – a healer, but clearly only when the plot wants her to be – is unable to help and just sobs as Titus pulls ALIE 2 from her neck.

Jason tweets “Who saw THAT coming?” and you want to punch a wall. [Side note: don’t harm Jason. Definitely not physically. I don’t advocate that. I don’t advocate death threats, either, to anyone.]

You hit rock bottom. Disbelief, devastation and anger is all you feel, all you see. You feel cold, like your heart has not only been broken, but smashed to pieces. You can’t believe you ever put your trust in someone who must care so little about your community.

People relapse. People can’t stop crying. Word gets out that someone has attempted suicide. [As of now, there are two confirmed suicides because of 3.07.] You are broken.

So what do you do? You trend the fuck out of your pain, in a united movement that can only serve to benefit you and helps to alleviate your pain, in the end. You trend worldwide every night for a week, and LGBT FANS DESERVE BETTER trends when 3.08 airs. 3.08 hardly gets any attention. But you? You have started a revolution.

You set up a fundraiser for the Trevor Project; the response is incredible. People are donating sometimes in the hundreds, sometimes in the thousands. Milestones are thrashed time and time again. BBC News, Variety and the Huffington Post are amongst some to comment on it, and countless articles keep popping up denouncing the death and highlighting the very real and very damaging Bury Your Gays trope you have now become an indirect victim of. Javier Grillo-Marxuach, the writer of 3.07 – who wrote under Jason, of course – does all he can to listen to the outpouring of grief and apologises whole-heartedly. He is honest; he is forgiven. You even create a fictional character to accompany Alycia Debnam-Carey’s character on Fear The Walking Dead, as a coping mechanism, and fanfiction springs up; she’s called Elyza Lex, to be played by Eliza Taylor (obviously) and she’s badass. Neither Alicia Clark (Alycia’s FTWD character) or Elyza die in the fanfictions.

Whatever Jason does, it only serves to infuriate you all more. His apology – three weeks late, notably – is not an apology at all. As Ricky Whittle says (paraphrased) “an apology followed by a but is not an apology”. Even the cast call him out for it, and Eliza and Alycia handle it with grace and finesse. The remaining cast tell you that Jason refused to let them post things on social media because he wanted all the followers, amongst other things. The Wondercon panel is significant because of the cast’s expressions – [it was a miserable talk, let’s be real, except from a few things, like Eliza calling Alycia a great kisser] – and the fans’ fantastic questions (except the crocs one). More information comes to light, about how Jason and Shawna Benson deliberately made people hint at Clexa in a spoiler-y way. You realise that Shawna invaded an LGBT safe space (a forum) and told LGBT fans that if it was worrying them all that much, that they “need counselling for your trust issues”. There are rumours of the finale being heavily edited so Lexa is less involved.

And you start to notice more. Everyone is behind Ricky now, and you all abhor Jason for bullying this sweet, amazing actor. You lament the loss of a spectacular storyline for Lincoln, and realise that Lincoln is going to be shot. You start rallying for more people to notice how minorities are being mistreated: Lincoln’s death in 3.09, a black man in chains and executed by a man in authority – is glorified, with an overhead shot of him lying in a muddy puddle, bleeding out. Raven never catches a break. Anya and Wells were cruelly killed off. Clarke is a bisexual woman who has only suffered – the people she loves have been killed, or beat up, or have turned against her in some way. And according to some of the writers, Lexa may not even be her soulmate, despite Clarke being Lexa’s soulmate – as if that makes total and complete sense. Even though she’s one of the best characters on there, some of the Clexa fans want her to die, if only so she’s freed from this pain, and that Eliza can be free from JRot’s clutches, too. [To clarify, I am one of these people.]

People are triggered and people are disgusted. They’re not the only ones. You are too.

The Trevor Project is the event’s saving grace, as well as the support you all have given each other. They are the positives where only negatives exist; the unity the fandom has portrayed has taught you that you deserve better, that there is no reason for you to hide your identity and accept what crumbs straight white people are wanting to give you.

But you are still achingly bitter. Your jaw clenches when people ask about Lexa. Everything related to her is bittersweet – even Alycia’s Snapchat with the [sadly temporary] Lexa filter hurts, because it’s the last time in reality that you’ll see her wear the warpaint. When the theory of Clarke forgetting Lexa circulates online, you spend the majority of your day trying to breathe deeply. If Jason was telling you that your representation doesn’t matter before, he’s really shoving it down your throat now.

When people ask you about Lincoln, you’re filled with fury. You can’t believe this show was ever called progressive, after glorifying a type of death that the black/POC community are all too acquainted with.

When people tell you that you’re overreacting, you can’t believe how blind they are. Maybe they’re uneducated, but, still – your heart crushed, all because Jason wanted a regressive storyline and good ratings to get the show renewed.

He manipulated you, hammered home that feeling of inadequacy, and now you’ll have to watch as he makes Clarke do the predictable thing – like run into the arms of another man, thus destroying any good bisexual representation – and watch as he continues to use and mistreat the minorities on the show.

You are a strong fandom, you are a strong person – but you can’t deny it, this has broken you a little bit, too.

The fact that what was once your favourite show has turned to this hellish, regressive shit show tears you apart.

You regret even watching the damn thing.

To The Minorities

Hate. Prejudice. oppression. Our world is plagued by it. Our very society is based on it, feeds of it even now; and that hate spreads like a virus infecting more and more. It syphons from the blood spilt, the battles fought and the suppression of minorities. Is this the society you know? The society you are apart of?

So we have to fight. Fight for our rights. Fight for the minorities ignored and forgotten. This is why we must cry out, we must kick and scream. We can ignite the dormant sparks in the suppressed, and let their fires grow. For as the fire that we nuture can burn brighter, and these people will become beacons for the people hiding in the shadows casted by the powerful and corrupt. They will eliminate the darkness and provide hope, a chance at happiness. Nurture the fire, let it consume the darkness and allow the suppressed the thrive in an opressive world. Who is to decide whom the oppressed are? Who is to decide who gets rights? Who. is. To. Decide. The government official? The men of God? The neighbours and their ideals?

I want to be a beacon. I want the fire in my soul to consume me. I want to fight. I will show that yes, the sky is darker before the dawn. But when our dawn arrives, the sky will be alight with the most wonderous of colours. We won’t see our change. We won’t see the result of our battles and our opposition ton injustice, nor of the people before us. Will our children? Grandchildren? Who knows? But I find peace in knowing that one day our fighting, our kicking and our screaming, will not be in vain. For those who were killed for their beliefs and opposition to the injustice of our world.

You. Are. Powerful. As long as you have a mind, no matter how squandered and a soul no mattered how crushed, you can make a difference. You can lead the fire, and pass it on. As long as you have passion in your eyes, and hope in you heart that fire will never burn out. You. Mustn’t. Let. it. Burn. Out. Not now, and not ever. For the next generation will carry that light with them, and maybe just maybe, our great grandchildren will be shocked to learn equality had to be fought for. Harness you fire, and use it.

Our hope will evolve, it will grow into something beautiful. A bonfire in the darkness, a symbol of our determination. Scream, struggle and rage against what society tells you. You have worth, you are human. Stay positive, keep fighting. Your spark will ignite into a fire greater than hell could ever accomplish. You can burn brighter than ever, and you will use that fire to carve a path for those who need it. So you go to that protest, you argue with those who suppress, you create that charity. Because the truth is, if you don’t, nothing will change.

And truth be told, we need change.

I fucking hate this website so much. You all talk about equality for everyone, no matter race, gender, sexuality body type etc.

But somehow it became okay for

  • Lesbians/gays (anyone identifying as homosexual) to call bisexual and pansexual individuals homophobic and whiny, trying to claim a label to our “boring white cis lives" 
  • Women to erase and laugh at the pain and mental illness for men, because they are not victims in society
  • For poc to tell anyone else that their label and lives are unsignificant and useless because they don’t know what real pain and discrimination feel like 
  • for women to promote body types of all sorts, "everyone is so cute”, but when it comes to a man who is over weight he will be laughed at and called ugly 
  • For people who consider themselves homosexual that  preach respect and power to the LGTB community to bash down on trans* individuals because “I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO THEM”

Honestly… this hate needs to stop. You can’t use the fact that you are a minority to abuse and discriminate towards others because you consider your own miority more abused by society than their minority. If you use your minority label to hate and erase and discriminate towards others you are trash. No exceptions


90’s Kid - Minority Report