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The Democrats are honestly, objectively, the most idiotic party in this country if they exist as a party actually trying to gain seats and not as some complex money laundering or fraud scheme pulling in billions from like ten very wealthy Libs in NY & LA.

I mean, everything from their rush to the right by compromising on every single policy goal before even getting into office and announcing the policy to appease Republicans who will never actually vote for them over their own party in anything but totally inconsequential numbers, to actively trying to blunt the impact of actual Leftist movements by fiercely adopting rabid right-wing talking points on single payer healthcare feasibility to their suicidal insistence that nothing is actually wrong at all everything is fine.

I mean, this country has a lot of things that are fundamentally broken. The Right-wing parties have made tremendous gains because they’re vocalizing that fact, they’re saying that we’re in the midst of a generation-killing opioid epidemic, that while the economy has recovered for a handful of firms on Wall Street the average family is just as economically insecure as in 2008, our savings just as depleted, earnings even lower and jobs even less secure even if there are more of them and that something needs to give or something needs to change. They’ve taken to blaming foreigners & minorities for all societies ills, to catastrophic results.

The Left, largely, blames capitalism for the issues we’re facing, that attacking our problems via universal healthcare & universal basic income or at the very least a living minimum wage & stronger workers unions will fix a lot of the issues at hand.

 The Centrists & the soft-Right, the people that make up the Dems, though, they insist that nothing is wrong. Everything is fine. They run and lose on campaigns of ‘America Is Already Great’, empty rhetoric that hedges bets against itself even as they’re announcing it, promises that come with the caveat ‘this is the best we can offer, and we’re willing to settle for much worse’. They see a healthcare crisis and they’ll offer you a partial tax credit reimbursement on discounted Uber rides to the emergency room and say that preserving a system you can’t even afford a plan in is a tremendous victory for all of us, and that pushing for single payer universal healthcare is a ridiculous pipe dream and you’re a piece of shit purity-testing loon if you point out how much money they get from insurance companies every year to say that.

The Republicans are wrong. Deeply, fundamentally, they are wrong, and they are bad for this country but the Democrats are deeply, fundamentally stupid and they’ll let the Republicans get away with anything if the alternative is even the tiniest bit of socialism.

i actually cant believe a ‘minor attracted person’ community exists

oh wait i can actually cos this is tumblr and anything goes not matter how many times u report these blogs nothing fucking happens and they’re able to continue to post kiddie porn and attempt to justify their “kinks”

apparently ‘non contact’ maps are harmless members of society like no… children shouldn’t be sexualised by anyone… the fact that u have those thoughts makes u a fuckin pedophile and it makes u sexually attracted to children and therefore attracted to their vulnerability and innocence and even if u dont act on this, u can still think about acting on it and therefore u will always have the capabilities of doing so.

let kids be kids! only a sick person would take joy in fantasising about destroying their innocence. it doesn’t matter if you’re out raping the kids youre so attracted to or not like BEING ATTRACTED TO THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE IS WRONG and its not a fucking mental illness god that excuse is so disrespectful to those who actually suffer any form of mental illness/ disability

the police need to be on this shit. cos thinking this way abt children is fickjng gross and cruel, let alone actively blogging and attempting to justify pedophilia. it. is. disgusting.


based on @kittykitpanda headcanon My friends @elanev91 @beks21 and @levins18 and @petalstofish  are BULLIES. THEY BULLY ME

I was gonna post as a “HAPPY 45 DAYS UNTIL CHRIMA” tomorrow but know you nerds love Taylor more than me


Living life without regrets was generally easy for James Potter. Mistakes, he would make and try to fix- but regrets were generally avoided and not something he would allow himself to have.

That was until Sixth Year Potions. James Potter believed he would regret being late to the first day of Advanced Potions for the rest of his life.

When he arrived only two minutes before class started, he was surprised to see Sirius Black sitting with Lily Evans. When he took the seat next to Remus he didn’t even have to ask for an explanation, “Sirius has decided that NEW MATE LILY EVANS should not be subjected to partner with ‘that foul racist greasy headed git’ so he has taken it upon himself to be Lily’s potions partner, and don’t even ask- I lost rock paper scissors for it as me. And then since you weren’t here and he knew you’d be pissed I had to do another round,” here Remus did his Sirius impression- which was basically just him yelling, “as James- he always does rock first Remus so I’m Evans’ partner”

Before James could protest or approach Sirius and demand a rock paper scissors redo, Professor Slughorn entered the room and started class.

Sixth Year was apparently going to be the worst, they were brewing some complicated ass potion that even Remus didn’t understand. They spent the entire class muttering “what the fuck is a dingle berry?” or  “wait- we were supposed to stir it how many times?” and “shit- I didn’t even see that ingredient back there.”

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what’s really frustrating with the x-men is when certain mutants (*cough* charles *cough*) with powers/appearances that are more accepted by bigots will say shit like “how dare you not wanna be a mutant!! we’re all beautiful and face the same amount of hardships and you don’t see me complaining sweetie :) you need to accept yourself :)” and they’re saying that to other mutants that are literally called beasts and cant make skin-to-skin contact with someone without killing them and shit like that. but bc the “acceptable” mutants don’t experience these hardships, they think that being a mutant is super gr8 and nobody should be ashamed of it.

and then the more “acceptable” mutants will turn their hypocritical asses around and make the less accepted mutants wear image-inducers or hide away like freaks, but they still wanna sell the idea that all mutants face the same levels of prejudice or that mutants can’t discriminate against other mutants?? like check your privilege x-men and stop acting like all the mutants face the same levels of discrimination/have the same level of hardships. acknowledge that some mutants have powers that are simply massive burdens and they don’t have to be happy with them, and acknowledge that mutants who are deemed more acceptable by non-mutants then have an inherent privilege and therefore have no right to tell other less privileged mutants how to feel about their mutations or themselves.

anyways can you believe there are people out there who still try to deny that the x-men and mutants haven’t always represented the minorities in society such as poc and lgbt+ and the discrimination those groups face, even from members within their own communities


Accent - way of pronunciation particular to a speaker or group of speakers

Americentrism - the bias to judge other cultures and nations by American standards or to assume a higher relevance of American standards than those of other countries


Bilingual - a person who is able to speak two languages 


Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), The - a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries

Constructed language (conlang) - a language whose phonology, grammar, and vocabulary have been consciously devised for human or human-like communication instead of having developed naturally

Cultural appropriation - the adoption or use of the elements of one culture by members of another culture


Dead language -  a language that is no longer the native language of any community even if it is still in use 

Dialect - a variety of a language that is distinguished from other varieties of the same language by features of phonology, grammar, and vocabulary, and by its use by a group of speakers who are set off from others geographically or socially


Endangered language - a language that is at risk of falling out of use as its speakers die out or shift to speaking another language

Eurocentrism - centered on Europe or Europeans (in langblr community: European languages, especially those of the Indo-European language family)

Extinct language - a language that no longer has any speakers


Fluent -  able to speak or write smoothly, easily, or readily

Foreign language - any language used in a country other than one’s own




Heritage language - the language someone learns at home as a child which is a minority language in a society, but because of growing up with a dominant language, the speaker seems more competent in the latter and feels more comfortable communicating in that language; the language of a person’s family or community, which the person does not speak or understand but with which they culturally identify


Indigenous language - a language that is native to a region and spoken by indigenous people, often reduced to the status of a minority language

Idiom -  an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements or from the general grammatical rules of a language and that is not a constituent of a larger expression of like characteristics






Language family - a group of languages related through descent from a common ancestral language or parental language, called the proto-language of that family

Language isolate - a natural language with no demonstrable genealogical relationship with other languages, one that has not been demonstrated to descend from an ancestor common with any other language

Langblr - a tumblr blog for languages

Linguistics -  the science of language, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and historical linguistics

Linguist - a specialist in linguistics 

Lingblr - a tumblr blog for linguistics 


Minoritized language - a language that has suffered marginalization, persecution or even ban at some point in its history

Minority language - a language spoken by a minority of the population of a territory

Monolingual -  a person who is able to speak only one language

Multilingual - a person who is able to speak several languages 


Native language (mother tongue, first language, L1) - a language that a person has been exposed to from birth




Philology - the study of language in written historical sources; a combination of literary criticism, history, and linguistics

Philologist - a specialist in philology

Polyglot -  a person who speaks, writes, or reads a number of languages

Proverb - a short popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin, that expresses effectively some commonplace truth or useful thought




Racism -  a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others


Sacred language (liturgal language, holy language) - any language that is cultivated and used primarily in religious service or for other religious reasons by people who speak another language in their daily life

Sign language - any of several visual-gestural systems of communication, especially employing manual gestures, as used among deaf people

Studyblr - a tumblr blog for studying 


Tongueblr - a tumblr blog for foreign tongues; a langblr








Xenophobia -  fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers





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you do know that affirmative action harms you because you're an asian, right?

the model minority myth along with asian stereotypes is what harms asian-americans in the college application process rather than the affirmative action program. because of the stereotypes reinforced by the model minority myth, asian-american students are typically expected to have a much higher standardized test score as well as higher grades, gpa, etc than other students which in turn harms them during the application process because that plays into the inherent and instinctual bias of people going through applications. conservatives are now using asian-americans (mostly east asians) as a cover or poster child for their anti-affirmative action arguments and stance. 

furthermore, the term “asian” includes minority groups such as laotians, hmong, etc and fails to consider the fact that people of many different ethnicities from the continent of asia can identify as asian. affirmative action can help minority group asian-americans gain a foothold into colleges that their socioeconomic status may not have allowed them to attend. getting rid of affirmative action impacts all people of color whether they be black, latinx, asian etc. why would i be against a program that helps us minorities out?

i guess that’s yet another reason why i despise the model minority myth and “positive” asian stereotypes with a deep and burning passion.

We’re flawed in our philosophy, lost in the monotony, caught in the cacophony, going hungry feeding monopolies. I can’t even speak out properly, I might lose all my property, either my breath or my bones with twenty cops on top of me. In confusion I call this democracy, but politics is not for me; definitely, probably, with the probability of death haunting me. Punishment is not new to me, but the police are friends with impunity. The media covers the casualties, forgets about some casually and completely neglects it gradually. They try to blunder and badger me and blemish my image to the point of insanity. Then they sugar coat in hopes to cope, and loss of life is suddenly battery. In truth we’d all love a lobotomy, but apathy has penetrated our society like nonconsensual sodomy. Everything’s a mockery, our beliefs and morality sabotaged by hypocrisy. I see it all around me, people struggling with their own tyranny, each drowning in a private sea, neck-deep in irony. We forget that a trump card is an anomaly, not a true form of authority or superiority. And if you listen to the dissonance of broken dreams, therein you’ll find the tragedy of being a minority.
—  Nav K

so everyone’s making fanaccs, and honestly if I made one it might sound redundant, SO I’m going to give u my MOTHER’s fanacc (a 50 year old psychologist with like hardly any previous knowledge of shinee (except basic knowledge of the members and a few songs thru me) or kpop in general.) so basically an outsiders view of this whole shabang that I found rly interesting. we had a 7-8hr drive back up from LA, so we talked more than we usually would otherwise and these are some of the things she said/highlighted: 

  •  first of all, when I asked what her favorite performance was there was no hesitation at all when she said: “taemin” and I was like ok… so his solo? and she said yes and that, “he’s so talented. He’s going to go so far." 
  • also about taemin: "he’s so pretty– like all of them were pretty but he was just beautiful. the lavender shirt with the hole in the back was really something.” (Im not even joking when I say she remembered EXACTLY that shirt and brought it up.) 
  •  "there was a grown man, like my age, in the back near me just repetitively yelling “TAEMIN”“ 
  • "it’s interesting. the girls near me were screaming at everything key said, but I mean, he’s as gay as the day is long, and they’re probably aware of that so it was really… interesting.”
  •  "key was funny, I liked him.“ 
  • "taemin is a far more superior dancer to everyone" 
  • "when I went to concerts when I was young, and just when I’ve seen famous people in person they tend to be more torn up than in the photos– but these men were flawless. like seriously, flawless. they must get facials like all the time.” to which I responded, “yeah, key especially likes skincare products and things like that.” and, of course, she responds “yeah most gay men tend to like that.” (she very strongly believes that he is like. obviously gay. which is understandable) 
  • i don’t remember her exact words but she said minho was also really pretty in particular (she referred to him as “the young looking one who likes sports” and said he just looks way younger than all of them n that he’s got a very elegant face shape and particularly nose 
  • “how do all these white girls know so much Korean?”
  •  I was talking about the vcrs and that they were kinda cheesy but rly cute and she said, “they’re kinda homoerotic” I’m not even fuckcign joking I laughed my ASS off when she said that 
  •  she was really shocked at how many people there were coming from across the country and even from other countries just to see shinee and that everyone there was so dedicated 
  • “I get why it’s called shinee world now. That wasn’t just like… a music concert, that was a whole different thing with so much content and words I had no idea existed. The lingo is so strange” (she was referring to like “bias” and “stan” and all that) 
  • she said that it was really interesting to see all these drastically different people from different places, different backgrounds, different ages, etc. who were there and were “on the margins” of the mainstream (she said something like… “all outsiders in society or minorities in at least one way”) and that we we’re all coming together in one place and talking as if we knew each other personally. Where as a lot of people (“like you” she said, to me,) wouldn’t be nearly this open and talkative and inviting otherwise. They’re all so devoted and it was such a unique experience I’d never have expected to witness. (shes a psychologist so she kinda Analyzes people alot just by default. and by people in this case she means shawols)
  • “everyone was crying. So many people were crying.”
very important psa

when someone opens up to you about something deeply personal, it probably took months/years of building up the courage to tell you. when that happens, dont dismiss them. dont make it about you. dont tell them they’re wrong, dont tell them its in their head, don’t try to analyze them. don’t form an opinion in a short time and present it as truth. because when you do that, you slam the door of discussion in their face. you break their hearts. you destroy their sense of self. you make them feel like outcasts. you destroy their ability to trust anyone. wounds like that take centuries to heal, if at all.

instead listen to them. try to understand them. ask them questions about it. discuss it. whatever it is they’re telling you may seem out of this world to you, but please remember it is something they are completely used to. if you do those things, they will feel a lot closer to you than ever. you will have their ultimate trust. you will have an even stronger bond than you’ve had before.


I’ve seen footballers give opposition fans the finger and they might get a fine but they don’t get boo’ed for it. I think that the fact that this was some kind of cultural expression that some people found confronting that was the issue and this is the thing that has mystified me about it all week. Theres been people talking about “Why are people booing Adam Goode’s”? like theres a mystery about it but there’s no mystery about it at all. It’s not as simple as it being about race, it’s about something else it’s about Australia being a generally tolerant society until minorities demonstrate they don’t know there place and at that moment the minute someone in minority position act as though they are not a mere supplicant then we lose our minds and we say “no no no you got to get back in your box”. And that’s why Adam Goodes ruffles feathers. It’s not because he is controversial it’s because he is a provocateur. It’s because he actually says “I’m going to say something and i’m going to do it at a time and place in which the the cover of Australian society doesn’t cope with it very well”. We saw all this when Michael Long took a stand in 1995, and when he took that stand there was an enormous backlash particularly on Talkback radio saying he was somehow victimizing white kids by complaining about racial vilification. On the field Mel Brown said he’d created a weakness in his armour that was going to be exploited. He promptly came out the next week and got 45 touched against the Brisbane Bears. We have seen this before. What happens is the minute an Indigenous man stands up and is something other than compliant that it is them who is creating division and destroying out culture and that is ultimately what we boo. We boo our discomfort

-Waleed Aly on Adam Goodes

Analytical shit

I came across this thought at 2 AM but…why exactly do we like whump? Why are we so attracted and fascinated by it? What is the appeal in reading about someone getting hurt or sick? Vice versa what is the appeal in inflicting “pain” onto our characters (and then hopefully see them recover with lots of love afterwards)? Yes I know, I’m being the bad cop by prying into such a topic rather than just passing it off with a “well we just LIKE it” but I’m in the mood to attempt to analyze the psychological appeal so…

I think it can go into one of two ways (or simultaneously, both):
One, we have a kink for a certain aspect of sickness and fulfill our needs/desires by reading/listening. Those of us that do have this will feel a physical rush obviously whenever we listen or even read about it. It feels good to us to experience such things because that’s just the way we inherently are.
For those of us that DON’T have a kink necessarily, I feel like what happens physically is predominantly the brain’s chemicals releasing endorphins or something along those lines specifically when we read about the CARETAKING aspect of a fic or see it in artwork etc. There’s just something about wanting to be loved, held, protected that gives us a sense a security when we finally can engage in it, whether it be through illusion or not. This is now seeping in towards the mental/psychological aspect of things.

Secondly, we may find whump intriguing because we have a deep emotional problem that feels unresolved. I feel like we may subconsciously either feel lonely, ignored, or not cared about among a variety of other reasons. So we use our scenarios and sickfics/whatnot to help us feel just a bit better on the inside, because we subconsciously tend to feel that we are either giving or feeling love in the situation we’re reading about. We literally pretend on some level that we are the sick character/caretaker and often we may not think about it in this way. Alternatively, like I described above, we just want to feel loved and cared about. Hence the role of the caretaker and how they interact with our characters (or us in our minds) and make us feel better about ourselves or our immediate situation. If we feel down, then when we “vent” we release our stresses in the form of sickness or general malaise, and we inflict this onto our whumpees of choice. There’s something psychologically appealing about directing our hurt to other characters, maybe to make our situation relative to them or to tell ourselves “hey, we’re not alone! We’re both in pain”. Of course, when you do write/vent you won’t necessarily have this CONSCIOUS thought present because that would detract from the flow of your vent. This is just the gist of the emotional and mental reasoning, I’m sure it could go much much deeper than this.

The attraction could even possibly be just due to your genetic predisposition.

Additionally, something in our childhood might have also played into this.  Just like how PTSD triggers a permanent reaction in some people, the same kind of thing might have happened with some of us here. Maybe it was a continual problem that you had to deal with or just a singular event, but either way, you were changed from that point onward and you’ve been like this ever since. Sometimes it was a good change, others bad, but whichever way it went you’re here now and this is how you cope. And if it makes you feel good, then great!
But if you struggled with accepting it (like I think in one point in time we all did to a certain extent) then it is quite the battle, and a lot of times even now you can still feel ashamed for it. You certainly wouldn’t tell anyone you know you’re attracted to this unless you felt comfortable enough to do so, and even then privacy is the best policy when dealing with such matters. Why is this you ask? Because whether you like it or not, we’re technically considered a minority. The way society is, people would without a doubt judge us for being attracted to injury/illness (and judge us by kinkshaming, etc.). This is a repetitive issue that other minorities also face for various reasons, so to keep from deviating from this topic too much I will cut it off with this: it will take TIME for an entire society to adjust with accepting change.

I also hate to put it this way, but when we reverse roles and instead of observing the whumpee get sick (i.e. READING) and we decide to INFLICT the whump (i.e WRITING), we are technically considered borderline sadistic or even masochistic (if you picture yourself as the whumpee). Yet it still feels right somehow. Why this is, I think it depends with each individual and their background. Other times we use it as a way to vent our pent up emotions and stresses and whatnot like I mentioned before. It can be a form of healing for some of us (how ironic), which is completely fine. After all, you can’t really pinpoint one exact reason why we’re attracted to it.

Now let’s focus on how we react when reality literally hits.

Sometimes, when whump occurs in real life, either to friends or strangers around us (I will talk about when we’re sick later this paragraph), it feels strange in a way. We sit here and engage in reading/listening/imagining scenarios ALL the time, and yet here we are seeing one of those scenarios unfolding before our very eyes! A lot of times we might get kind of giddy and excited, we *feverishly* think “OH! It’s actually happening!!” and we suddenly find ourselves out of the imaginative world into reality. But now you think “how should I react to this on the outside?”. You may find yourself just a tidbit flustered on the outside and trying your best to keep your composure, or you might have to move around or even walk out depending on how hard it hits you. It is definitely awkward to us enthusiasts but sometimes it’s also endearing. Strange isn’t it.

The reverse of this is when we’re sick/hurt. Then I think for the most part we all dread it for the most part but also see the situation as…you guessed it, potential! For writing more fics, producing more art, scenarios, and what not to expand our interest in this topic. It sucks either way but…yeah. I’m out of juice now.

Of course, this entire mess is coming from a teenager’s point of view, and I’m aware that my brain is obviously still developing but nonetheless, I still tried to be as thorough and unbiased as I possibly could. I am flawed and sorry if I didn’t touch on certain aspects, but feel free to contribute your input! Also yeah I know this is uncalled for but

I just felt like unraveling this 2 AM thought.

remember what the aim of these attacks is: to spread fear and hate. remember that they want us to be scared, to marginalise minority groups in our society so that they feel so alienated they resort to extreme solutions. they want our society to be disrupted and shaken and they want to divide us. hatred and fear is their message. we cannot let them succeed

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saying that every cis person is mildly transphobic , but i think you should clarify your meaning in this statement. Branding them as transphobic is a large statement, and it implys they actively seek to marginalize all trans people, but they don't. Their "fear" is just humanities implicit fear of change and differences. They might feel uncomfortable, but that can change. It is quite the dammning, overarching statement to brand every cis person as transphobe when really its just initial confusion

kids aren’t born racist. people aren’t “afraid of difference” they are taught to be disgusted/afraid of minorities by society and the media.

but furthermore, i don’t care somebody’s reason for having mild transphobia. they are likely to hurt me either way.