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For everyone who wasted time on Markiplier, please stop. Instead use your energy to support gamers who loudly speak out against the mistreatment of marginalized people. Mark made it clear he isn't listening to us but he isn't the only gamer on youtube. Support gamers who actively protest against bigotry online or off or both! Support gamers who do real work to fight oppression instead of smiling model minorities with shallow catchphrase about hope.

How about both?


shout out the asians who….  

  • don’t have the grades
  • aren’t in advanced placement/honors courses 
  • take ‘regular’ classes 
  • aren’t in the top % of their graduating class 
  • struggle with school
  • are pressured to keep up grades but fail to meet their parents standards 
  • have learning disabilities 
  • struggle with math and/or science(s) 
  • are overlooked because their achievements aren’t what their parents want 
  • dropped out of college 


  • you are amazing
  • your best Is good enough
  • it’s okay to ask for help
  • you are ‘asian enough' 
  • intelligence is an ableist and gross concept 
  • you are worth more than a grade or an iq number
  • it is okay to struggle
  • and you are capable of great things 

Please don’t forget that Asian American immigration history exists and is being used as precedent for a lot of gross policies, like directly with Japanese Internment making the Trump Admin think Muslim Internment is an option. Don’t forget that even President Obama erased our immigration history in his farewell address when he compared immigrants of today to the Irish and German and Poles and said nothing of the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, South East Asian, Vietnamese, “waves” of immigrants literally imported to work the fields bc they would take a lower wage. Don’t forget about the refugees that fled the Vietnam and Korean and other wars and regime changes that came here to start from nothing and are now our nail salon jokes. Our history is full of disgusting immigration acts created by the US govt and they have the gall to pat us on the head and call us a model minority.

Don’t let them get away with it. History is supposed to teach us not to do bad things again.

im sick of people being so ignorant abt asian people and asia in general. we are not!!! all!!! the !!! same !!!!! some kid today claimed that the japanese and chinese languages “are basically the same” right in my face !!!!! why do ppl think racism against asian people doesnt exist!!! why is everyone so ignorant??? why are we never discussed in the media?? why r racist jokes against us a casual funny thing?? why r we basically lumped in w white ppl.. FUCK your model minority idea!!! fuck the idea that only east asia exists and there is only ONE ASIAN CULTURE. just one?? do ppl not understand that asia is fucking huge. there r so many cultures and languages and ppl and yet we r all lumped into one and our women r treated like were all fair skinned small eyed black haired delicate girls and we r fetishized and sexualized so much. treated like were exotic creatures, objects for white men. r representation in the media is shit and r problems r never discussed and im just. sick of it

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@markiplier anon; not that ur msg isn't true or that we shouldn't support gamers who actively protest and fight oppression, but u rly going to bring up the model minority shit to speak against markiplier? literally u can just say that he backed up and tried to apologize for an anti-semitic youtuber don't bring his fuckin race into it and present the shitty 'asian advantage' myth as part of ur call out

Sorry, I didn’t even catch that.


Dear White People,

Just because I’m Asian does not mean that I am more privileged than you when it comes to academics. I work my ass off due to, yes, a strict upbringing which a lot of Asian kids have; but I also DO have motivation. My grades do not just come from my race. It comes from discipline, perseverance, and the dreams I have for when I grow older. I’m not going to act like I know everything. I DON’T. When I/others don’t know the answer don’t act like everything in gonna burn like hell.


an Asian Student

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“as a [marginalized person], i am [in agreement with majority opinion/white power structures]!!!! other [marginalized people] who disagree are fake/whiny/2 liberal/somehow lesser than me.”

i hate this line of argument ANY time i see it 

ur personal opinion means nothing when like there is literal proof of how ppl are oppressed but okay whatever keep throwing other ppl under the bus to keep the model minority myth alive i guess

Attention all white people

Asians are not being racist towards white people by talking about racism against Asian people.

Asians are not being racist towards other PoC by talking about racism against Asian people.

Don’t even think about trying to derail conversations about racism that hurts us by pointing at antiblackness within the Asian community and then acting like that’s justification for racism. 

That is an intra-community issue that PoC alone should deal with. It is not a wedge so white people can conveniently split Asians from other PoC and use us as a tool for white supremacy through the model minority myth.

There is no justification for racism. Ever.

Why are discussions/articles/posts about mental illness in Asian American communities always about how Asian cultures are inherently evil and ableist, and not about anything like, I don’t know, incredibly high levels of abuse/trauma including intergenerational trauma, poverty keeping people from getting meds, lack of therapists with the sensitivity to work with Asian patients, lack of Asian people in the psych field, model minority myth making anxiety/stress over success even worse, social workers who don’t understand how our families work and treat cases of abuse like they’re happening in white families, the stereotype that mental illness is something that only white people can have, model minority myth making it hard for Asians to open up about having emotions and needs, model minority myth being used by everyone to justify ignoring the needs of Asians, the sense of despair that comes with being diaspora and not having a home, the threat of discrimination or outright violence, etc. 

More source code teasing on the lost special!

MMTE? Maybe chess-related, with a mate in three moves.

“Model Mate”…something-something?


Rant on representation

I see so little representation of Asian women that i don’t even know what it even feels like to feel represented. sometimes I feel something that feels like it, but idk.

I liked that Asian doctor Chi Park on House, but nobody liked her and they kicked the character. The Asians in orange is the new black are stereotypes (forever foreigner and model minority). Fresh off the boat…let’s not go there. Sometimes I watch it anyways though because there’s just nothing else.. 3% had an minor char Asian and she died. The show Humans had a significant Asian char and she spent the whole time being a robotic (literally) servant to a white family (and she still fared better than the 2 black guys in that show). Asians in Strange Empire and the Knick were total stereotypes. There’s just no Asians, even in things where ppl say they’re diverse. I heard that the Asian guy in the Walking Dead got killed off. In the first few eps of How To Get Away With Murder the filipino guy was just being used by the white guy for his computer tech skills (stereotypical). The only Asian “companion” in Doctor Who was a villain and a (wannabe?) gangaster in San Francisco. The Asians in Pitch Perfect are stereotypes.

Star Trek announced Michelle Yeoh, but then it turns out she’s a minor character on a different ship than the main ship. There were 3 Asian men in Star Wars Rogue One but (SPOILERS don’t read any further if you haven’t seen it yet. Just skip to next paragraph.) they all were killed off by the end because that’s just how things go.

Selfie starred John Cho and I loved that show to death and they killed it after one season. I miss Abed from Community. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has lots of Asians but those movies are also a total orientalist fantasy.

Shows that call themselves diverse never have Asians in them, or its piecemeal rep. All the white people are playing Asians in movies today. All the stories set in Asia star white people. Mako Mori is like…the only thing going for us. I’m sure that’s also majorly frustrating for non-east Asian Asians. There’s also Lucy Liu in Elementary but I heard the latest season was garbage. I never got into it. I wish it was like… Lucy Liu and another WoC, rather than that guy playing Sherlock (not that he’s not good).

I saw the Allegiance musical and it was just ok. I was mad it wasn’t as good as Hamilton. I didn’t like it nearly as much. Which is silly, because you can’t expect everything to be that sensational, and Allegiance being not-amazing isn’t Hamilton’s fault.

Everything just sucks is all. You know I look in the mirror and it never looks like me. I don’t see me, I just see an Asian person, or a woman, or an Asian woman. I can’t be “just me”. I’m always a demographic at the same time, at best. I can never embody the aesthetics I enjoy because they’re always embodied by white men. Being a white man is built into the aesthetic. Like what’s the point in even trying to buy the kinds of clothes that give me the aesthetic I want, when my face will always be wrong for it. That’s the same reason there’s no point in cosplaying any of my favorite chars. Racism just fucking ruins everything down to the littlest things.

i had a bizarre and pretty eye-opening encounter tonight. 

i was with my friend and this old white man came up to us and asked us who we voted for. my friend said “that’s a pretty loaded question” but we both eventually answered and told him that we voted for clinton. he went on and ranted for a few minutes about how millennials are messing up this country, but my friend and i decided to just ignore it and not our heads to avoid any confrontation. he kept going about how the poor are stealing from the rich and how black people don’t get jobs and refuse to work but asians (he pointed at me bc i’m korean) are great model minorities bc we get jobs and contribute to society. at this point my friend and i are really biting our tongues, but still just nodding along. he eventually gets to his “i’m not racist” line. “i’m not racist, but muslims are the problem with this country. there are enclaves in every state and they are learning how to choke, torture, and kill us, and trump is the one who is going to get rid of them.” now i’m seething. my friend finally speaks up. “so are you suggesting a genocide?” and this where it got scary. the man said, and i quote, “it’s us or them. if we don’t kill them first, they’re going to kill us.” 

i live in a really progressive area of seattle and graduated from a really liberal public university so this was my first time encountering someone like this face to face. this post doesn’t really have a point but i guess i’m just in disbelief at how someone could say genocide is not only a viable, but the best option, with a completely straight face. all i could think during the conversation was how scary it must be to be an arab (or poc) in this country right now. stay safe everyone… and stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

White YA story

I have an idea for a YA movie/show

the scene opens up..its a dark haired teen. He’s dorky and he realize he has powers….now he’s worried about the authorities finding out and he has to keep his power secret. 

While a black kid has to worry about going home safe. But the white kid with powers is worrying about his powers getting out.
A girl is taking a chance in walking in public because white guy with powers is stalking her.
A gay teen is the but of every joke and is constantly harassed.
The Asian teen is annoyed at the model Minority myth. People calling him Chinese, despite he’s from Philippines.
The Middle Eastern student although a Christian is constantly being watched by white teachers.
The Latina has to work at the Fast food spot to help her family, but the white kid with powers goes his job and pays her no mind,

But the white teen with powers has a more interesting story…right?
Bonus points if the main lead is a white woman.

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I think Asian racism often gets overlooked, especially since Asians are considered the “model minority” but I believe it needs to be addressed, especially considering the hot topic of “China” in recent years. 

Not all Asians are East Asian, and neither does everyone fit the “model minority” stereotype. And most Asians who live in Asia are much more disadvantaged than Asian-Americans. Plus the fact that the term “model minority” inherently includes white supremacy–Asians are only “okay” because they are sometimes more successful than white Americans. 

I don’t want to hear another “you’re smart just because you’re Asian.” I work my ass off, and if you do too, then you can achieve the same grades as me. 

Asian girls are not docile China dolls nor are they exotic dragon-ladies. You bet I can beat you in a heated debate, but I won’t bow down to you either. Yellow fever is somewhat disgusting. 

Asian men are not all “beautiful” and “feminine.” Those that fit this description are handpicked and have either gotten plastic surgery, intense makeup, and put under harsh diets to fit a certain ideal. 

Please don’t think that Asians have perfect lives… My counselor even told me that I probably wouldn’t understand what mental illness are like and believe me I can sympathize. The amount of pressure some Asian parents put on their children is insane and unless you’re used to it (and even if you are used to it), you would collapse.


I went off on a rant the other day about how tired I was of seeing black people looked down upon, even by close friends of mine. Especially since I have siblings who are black.

Then my lovely friend, Joyce, comes straight outta left field and HIT EVERYONE with how woke she is. Needless to say, it’s obvious as to why I call her, “mama.” She gives me so much life ❤️ chichaaang Thank you, I just had to share.

One thing that really pissed me off about how antisemitism is treated on here is that you have these SJ people who totally understand complex models and systems of oppression and discrimination who refuse to apply them to Jews. Like, they understand how the Model Minority myth does not erase the serious discrimination applied to those groups, but then will tell you that because there are so many successful Jews, antisemitism is no longer a problem. Or they totally understand that “passing privilege” is bullshit, because it relies on the erasure of your identity, but will then tell you that because many Jews look white, they aren’t oppressed. It’s so infuriating.

reminder to my fellow asians

Japanese internment happened.  The Chinese Exclusion Act happened and was not repealed until 1943.  Chinese people could not become American citizens until 1943.  Asian Indians could not be citizens until 1946.  Japanese people couldn’t become citizens until 1952.  Asian-Americans had no voting rights protection until the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Make no mistake: discrimination and racism against AAPIs has been built into America from the start.  The diminishing and erasure of our contributions to building this country continue to this day.  We are the fastest-growing group and yet we either stay silent or are silenced.  We are not taught about our civil rights leaders.  We are conditioned to believe the myth of the model minority.

When it comes down to it, the rights we have today are a result of the Black civil rights movement and those Asian civil rights leaders who stood with them.  We are indebted to them, but as a group we don’t show it.  We are taught anti-blackness and colorism from an early age.  Some of us never realize our own racism and bigotry.

But we have to first understand it and second fight it, because this country is built on oppression of people of color.  You are either with other PoCs or you are not.  I’ll give you a hint: solidarity is the key.  Realize that the enemy is not other PoCs.  At the end of the day we aren’t white, and the past and present shows that.  They will try to divide us and pit us against each other.  They will offer us a seat at the table only if we remain lower.

That is, to be frank, bullshit.  That is not equality.  Reinforcing the hierarchy that white people have built only reinforces white supremacy and racism.  The faster we as a group understand this and combat it, the better.  This Day of Remembrance is a stark and moving reminder that we AAPIs remain targets.  It follows that it’s in our best interests to stand with other PoCs.

I support solidarity.

Yellow Peril supports Black Power.