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Like, if you want to put in the emotional labor and investment into something, read into a thing… go for it.. but don’t give credit where it isn’t due in my honest annoying opinion. Theories, ‘coding’ - all that is meaningless when the represented minority had zero hand in writing or bringing the art to light. Wishy-washy ‘anyone is free to interpret it how they’d like! we are inclusive!” is nice and pleasant but ultimately nothing substantial or something to sing home about

“People of color, Women, Muslims, LGBTQ+ or any oppressed group in America, we stand and fight together, because we are #StrongerTogether.”

(I’m so devastated by what is happening right now. I don’t know how else I could help or contribute but..)

Some characters from Rick Riordan’s book series that represent minorities:

Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano - Latina
Frank Zhang - Chinese Canadian
Hazel Levesque - African American
Samirah Al Abbas - Arab American muslim
Leo Valdez - Latino
Alex Fierro - Transgender and Genderfluid
Piper McLean - Native American/Cherokee
Nico di Angelo and Will Solace - Gay

Don’t attack me for the ones I had left out.. If I had the time I could’ve added more characters…


I’m so fucking TIRED of all these tv shows that kill their characters who represent minorities off just for shock value. STOP trying to be Game of Thrones. This is NOT entertainment. Some of us come to these tv shows to see ourselves (well) represented. What kind of fucked up message are you trying to send when you kill poc, mentally ill people, lgbt+ folks, etc. off RIGHT AFTER they are FINALLY happy? This is so fucked up specially after everything that’s happened this mf year. The lack of empathy showrunners have is incredible disgusting.

look i love steven universe with all of my heart but i have one major criticism & that’s the fact the show is so… pearl-centric. why does pearl get so much attention while amethyst & garnet just sit in a corner? the ones that more visibly represent minorities are pushed aside for the skinny white one. maybe im reading too much into it but something about this is uncomfortable.

Dear fellow white people, let me explain something to you. You are allowed to make a white character colored. You are not allowed to make a colored person white. No that’s not unfair, because there are so many hundreds if not thousands more white characters than colored characters, and not everything needs to be for us. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still allowed to enjoy the character, and you should, but they do not need to be made white to be enjoyable for white people. POC do not deserve to be whitewashed. The same goes for LGBPTQIA+ characters. Do not make them straight. The same goes for any minority do not erase that part of them. There aren’t enough characters to represent minorities as it is, so don’t erase the ones that do exist. This has been your psa from a fellow white person, and next time listen when a POC is telling you something, don’t get defensive, and don’t wait for a white person to tell you the same thing. Thank you that is all.

just so you know how stupid the dr who discourse is: 

it focuses entirely on which of the two shittiest showrunners was the “good one”, but the first trash man’s bad stuff was framed as “representation” (like having a trans character who’s became an inhuman, villainous monster through her many surgeries or having a bisexual character who’s defined by how much weird alien sex he has) so everyone saw the first trash man as like this great guy even though both are garbage. it was like this long terrible argument over which out of seth macfarlane or seth green was the good writer who properly represents minorities and most people saying that its totally macfarlane

I am nowhere okay with kind, smart, inspiring poc/female/lgbt/disabled or any other character that represents minorities dying, but I also wish people wouldn’t underrate Michael’s death as if he were another cliché white abusive manchild whose death is not only acceptable but sort of relieving. Yes, if Jane or any of her family members had died it would’ve been problematic and even more heartbreaking, but I believe killing good characters for shocking value in general is shitty despite the person’s appearance. I mean, that move should be especially reserved to criminal, abusive, immoral characters and not kind-hearted ones..

The Zodiac of Dendera decorated the ceiling of a chapel in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, where the mysteries of the resurrection of the god Osiris were celebrated.

The vault of heaven is represented by a disc, held up by four women assisted by falcon-headed spirits. Thirty-six spirits or “decans" around the circumference symbolize the 360 days of the Egyptian year.

The constellations shown inside the circle include the signs of the zodiac, most of which are represented almost as they are today. Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn, for example, are easily recognizable, whereas others correspond to a more Egyptian iconography: Aquarius is represented as Hapy, the god of the Nile flood, pouring water from two vases.

The constellations of the northern sky, featured in the center, include the Great Bear (Ursa Major) in the form of a bull’s foreleg. A hippopotamus goddess, opposite Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, represents the constellation of the Dragon.

Some time ago I was super annoyed at “don’t kill off gay characters” writing advice. How do you expect me to do that?! I’d kill off everyone! Since half of my characters are gay, and I feed on their suffering, some gay characters will definitely die!

Then I remembered this advice mostly comes from critique of mainstream media, where they have one (1) token gay character. Who inevitably dies.

It’s not INHERENTLY bad to kill off minority representatives or make them miserable… If you have them in multiple numbers. Which shouldn’t be all that hard, right?

While most Big hero 6 fans are mad that the movie didn’t get the Golden globe because of his POC characters. 

I want to remind you : How many heroes are with a disability in animated movies? Here we have both Hiccup and Toothless being with an handicap. Along with others characters.

It’s a role model too for all people and kids with a disability , to have a hero like them and who is a leader.

Dragons 2 also possessed strong female characters in their own style.

To say that HTTYD 2 got the award because it has no POC character make you forget that important fact.

How to train your dragon 2 is an amazing movie, not only it was visually wonderful, the plot was good, the characters aged!! and a minority is represented . A minorIty which is very rare because they are disabled people and they are not shown in a pity way.

any time someone writes a five-paragraph tumblr post about how greatly diverse and different brooklyn nine-nine’s main characters are, esp. in terms of representing minority groups

and they explicitly fail to include the (canonical and repeatedly stated) fact that jake peralta is jewish

a fairy somewhere falls down dead


What is Neurodive?

Neurodive is a Tumblr blog which promotes a safe place of positivity and support for neurodivergent/disabled folks of all genders, sexualities, and ethnicities!

The goal is to represent the minorities and the minorities within those minorities!

What does Neurodive mean?

Neurodive means to have a brain that functions in ways that diverges significantly from the dominant societal standards of “normal.” [neuro- + divergent]

Who is welcome on Neurodive?

All neurodivergent/disabled folk, this includes those with mental illnesses, acquired neurodivergence, and other conditions!

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What types of posts can we expect to see on Neurodive?

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My name’s Trinity! I’m ADHD, Autistic and learning disabled! Any pronouns are cool, yo. 

My main special interest is Cartoons, my favorite color is Orange, and I’m a fellow Neurodive!

Seriously though where did this idea of “freedom of speech means I Can Say Whatever I Want Wherever I Want” even come from lmao

Freedom of speech as the United States recognizes it very explicitly means that the government can’t punish/censor you for what you say. And that’s it. It doesn’t mean people have to put up with bigoted bullshit. It doesn’t mean you can’t be fired from jobs, banned from websites, kicked out of facilities, publicly called out, etc if you’re being a disgusting hateful person.

If a company doesn’t want a flagrant racist working for them, they can fire you because you’re being a terrible person and making them look bad. If a website doesn’t want someone who throws around slurs and harasses minors representing a portion of their userbase, they can ban you for being a nasty piece of shit and making them look bad. And people are allowed to call you out on rude, awful, hateful behavior - They can’t have you arrested for it (unless under specific circumstances), but it’s not “infringing on your freedom of speech” to have, like, a callout post made about you because you refuse to stop using racial slurs or misgendering trans people lol.

You have the freedom to say whatever you want without the government stopping you, but there is NO law saying that other people aren’t allowed to be pissed off by gross, bigoted, hateful behavior and opinions. You don’t suffer legal consequences for being an asshole, but if you’re an asshole there are no laws stopping you from facing the consequences of being an asshole.

the society of woodcutters for the study of mishnah.

I think of them sometimes, the rough men stomping into the beit midrash, putting away their axes, and taking off heavy coats, removing with careful hands the books from the shelves.

shishah sidrei mishnah

they are stamped THE SOCIETY OF WOODCUTTERS FOR THE STUDY OF MISHNAH IN BERDICHEV and of the woodcutters who can read, only a few of them can puzzle out the hebrew until the rabbi arrives. then there is a little l’chaim– why not, when Jews learn together– and a flurry of questions: rebbe, what does this word mean in this case. rebbe, why has r’yehudah ha’nasi chosen this as the minority opinion to represent. rebbe, which of the hillels is speaking here. and then someone starts a nigun, and they sing. the law is alive, and hashem is watching over them, and they learn, and they ask, and they sing.

amidst the ruins of the ir’david, r’yochanan ben zakkai approached the roman general, and in the heavy tent he gave his single request:

give me yavneh and its wise men.

from that day to this, from r’yehudah ha’nasi to the rav and beyond, we sit, we sing, we learn the law, in the same way as our ancestors did in berdichev, “slow of speech and slow of tongue” we stumble, we puzzle, but we learn, for the law is alive, and hashem is watching over us. noch ale maisos, we learn.

nu, isn’t that a good story? pour us a little more of that slivovitz. i know a good nigun. let’s sing, brothers– one last melody, and then we’ll go home.

I think one of the things I appreciate most about Brooklyn 99 is that it has an incredibly diverse cast (the NYPD is actually about 50% minorities, so it’s really nice to see a show that reflects that) AND even more importantly, there are at least two of every minority represented, so nobody has to be a token anything or be representative of their entire ‘group’.

Terry and Captain Holt are both black cops in positions of power, but they have very different leadership strategies and very different interests, hobbies, etc, none of which really hinge on them being ‘black’. Terry loves his children, Holt is not really big on kids. 

Latinas? The actress who plays Diaz was actually shocked she got the role after she heard Melissa Fumero got Santiago–“I thought, ‘That’s it. The network is not going to allow there to be two Latinas in one show,‘” Beatriz said. “I was so used to, ‘There’s only room for one.'” But there doesn’t have to be only one! Santiago and Diaz are literally polar opposite personalities. Diaz is brash and tough, Santiago is a huge authority-pleaser and plays by the book, etc. I believe they also canonically have different countries of origin which ~surprise surprise~, not all Latinx people come from the same place, so one token won’t cover everything!

Gay characters? Even the main gay couple in the cast (Holt and his husband) are both very different from each other, and his husband isn’t just there as like gay window dressing, he’s fleshed out as having his own interests and contributions to the relationship outside of just being ‘gay.’ He’s more of an academic/intellectual and isn’t interested in the whole cop scene, but loves his husband and still supports his career. Furthermore–both of them have been gay and happy married for years. 

Gina Linetti and Jake Peralta? Both Italian. (interestingly enough, both actors are Jewish irl as well) 

While not exactly a minority, even the classic workplace sitcom ‘old fat white guy that everybody makes fun of’ isn’t a one-off token either! Scully and Hitchcock, while very similar, STILL have key differences between them pointed out throughout the show.

I could keep going, but the point is that Brooklyn 99 does a fantastic job of avoiding lazy cultural stereotypes and really trying to build characters. And this is a deliberate move by the showrunners: “You don’t reduce people to one thing in the modern age. That’s our No 1 rule of writing.” 

Nobody has to be a token. Nobody has to be a stereotype. Racial and ethnic and other backgrounds aren’t punchlines, they’re just part of who people are. 

anonymous asked:

why do they hate us what did i do i didnt do anythign i hate this i want to fucking die if it means i dont have to put up with this anymore ill fuckin do it

It’s not worth dying over, honey. Don’t think that. You’ve done nothing wrong–aphobes are just sad and petty and have nothing better to do with their lives than be sad and petty.

You have to remember that exclusionists on tumblr represent the minority. No LGBT+ organization in the real world excluded aspecs. Tumblr REGs are just… loud. But that doesn’t mean they’re right or even widely accepted for their views.

It’ll be alright. I promise.

–Mod Mercy

Character Stereotypes

You all know the drill. Your Chinese character is an expert at martial arts and extremly smart. Your black teenager speaks in slang noone can understand and wears too much bling. Your elderly neighbour hates the neighbour kids and wants you to ‘keep off the grass!’

You can’t avoid stereotypes. They are stereotypes because they’re statistically predominant. Asians have  parents who force them to be perfect at everything. Mexicans eat mexican food and listen to mariachi music.

To not write them would be unrealistic. To only write them would be unrealistic.

Since the norm is to only add one or two minorities to an overwhelming white-washed cast, the minorities end up representing their entire group. You either play up to the stereotype, or you work to avoid it- either way, it stands out.

Show a wide range of personalities. Show that the minority group is a spectrum, not a single stereotype.