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Major Arcana Tarot Asks

The Fool: how long have you been reading? 

The Magician: how did you begin?

The High Priestess: if you have family in your life, do they know you read the tarot? have you ever given a reading for a family member?

The Empress: head, heart, or body?

The Emperor: earth, water, fire, or air?

The Hierophant: do you write down your readings or interpretations of them? do you take pictures? if you write them down, how and in what format?

The Lovers: list 22 random things that impact your life, one for each card in the Major Arcana. (physical objects. concepts and whatnot don’t count.)

The Chariot: are you on a journey of some kind right now? if so, what step do you think you are at? (you may do a single one-card draw for help if needed.)

Justice: is how you read tarot now different than it was when you began, or do you use the same methods? if so, describe.

The Hermit: are you better at doing readings for the future or readings of introspection for the past/present?

The Wheel of Fortune: if you know them, what are your birth cards? if you don’t know them, look them up.

Strength: do you have any religious beliefs? if so, what are they? (if you feel comfortable talking about them here.)

The Hanged Man: if you can label it: do you lean towards introversion or extroversion? in which conditions does it show the most?

Death: pull 1 card and name a lesson you believe it offers.

Temperance: in what area of your life do you need balance?

The Devil: has the Tarot ever helped you in making any major decisions? if you read for others, have your readings ever helped somebody else?

The Star: pull 1 card and make a playlist based on it.

The Moon: pull one card and name the first fear of yours that you think of.

The Sun: pull 1 card and name a talent of yours that comes to mind with that card.

Judgement: pull 1 card. describe the first person who comes to mind when you see or think of that particular card.

The World: tell us a Minor Arcana card that represents someone you love.

Bonus- the Suits!

Suit of Cups: what emotion influences your life the most?

Suit of Wands: do you do any other divining or witchcraft? if so, what kind?

Suit of Swords: what’s something you’re particularly knowledgeable about?

Suit of Pentacles: what deck(s) do you have?

Getting into the Ivy League: Some Unpopular Opinions

Background: I am an “unhooked” (i.e., upper-middle class Asian-American) Princeton SCEA admit, and these are some of my thoughts on the college admissions process.

Disclaimer: Everything I write below is solely a high schooler’s opinion—I’m by no means in the know, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Overrated elements of a college application:

  • Leadership-Leadership is seen by many as a mark of success in extracurriculars. While it can be immensely valuable, having extensive leadership positions is not necessary: I’m President of exactly one club and one of many officers at my HS literary magazine—and not even Editor-in-Chief at that. 
  • Well-roundedness-My extracurriculars are extremely narrow in scope. They can be divided into exactly two categories: Classics-related activities and writing-related activities. In my opinion, depth of accomplishment (pointiness) is more important than breadth (well-roundedness); above all, passion is more important than objective stats and awards.
  • Teacher recommendations-If you’re an introvert like me, don’t fret. I didn’t click with any of my teachers, and I honestly don’t think it hurt me. That said, there are some ways to get to know them even if you don’t participate/contribute actively in class. Approach them after class; show that you care. For example, I asked my English teacher to provide feedback on my submissions to various writing contests. Also, make sure to supply your recommenders with a “brag sheet” outlining not just your accomplishments but also your goals for the future.
  • Affirmative Action-Being an under-represented minority or first-generation student isn’t as much of a boost as you think it is. Conversely, being Asian or Caucasian isn’t a drawback unless you make it a drawback. I’m privileged to pretty much be the antithesis of a typical “hooked” applicant, and yet I got into some pretty decent schools. Just don’t be a test-taking robot. Set yourself apart. And I don’t mean cultivating uncommon extracurriculars: if you’ve played piano or violin your entire life, that’s great. Show your passion and—this is the important part—try to connect it to something bigger than yourself. Why does it matter in the greater scheme of things? Again, nothing deep. Be genuine, humanize yourself, and you’re good to go.

Underrated elements of a college application:

  • Packaging-Packaging yourself well is paramount. By packaging, I don’t mean planning out your extracurriculars in middle school and doing things that look good on a resume. I’m talking about communicating a cohesive narrative through your application—what do you care about? how will you make an impact to the college community and the world at large? Essays are really helpful vehicles to convey your passions and best qualities.
  • Scores-For most unhooked applicants, there’s a baseline—2100+ and 3.8 GPA—under which it’s very hard to get into a school with a sub-10% acceptance rate. That said, scores only prevent your app from being tossed out; they won’t get you through the door.

I think one of the things I appreciate most about Brooklyn 99 is that it has an incredibly diverse cast (the NYPD is actually about 50% minorities, so it’s really nice to see a show that reflects that) AND even more importantly, there are at least two of every minority represented, so nobody has to be a token anything or be representative of their entire ‘group’.

Terry and Captain Holt are both black cops in positions of power, but they have very different leadership strategies and very different interests, hobbies, etc, none of which really hinge on them being ‘black’. Terry loves his children, Holt is not really big on kids. 

Latinas? The actress who plays Diaz was actually shocked she got the role after she heard Melissa Fumero got Santiago–“I thought, ‘That’s it. The network is not going to allow there to be two Latinas in one show,‘” Beatriz said. “I was so used to, ‘There’s only room for one.'” But there doesn’t have to be only one! Santiago and Diaz are literally polar opposite personalities. Diaz is brash and tough, Santiago is a huge authority-pleaser and plays by the book, etc. I believe they also canonically have different countries of origin which ~surprise surprise~, not all Latinx people come from the same place, so one token won’t cover everything!

Gay characters? Even the main gay couple in the cast (Holt and his husband) are both very different from each other, and his husband isn’t just there as like gay window dressing, he’s fleshed out as having his own interests and contributions to the relationship outside of just being ‘gay.’ He’s more of an academic/intellectual and isn’t interested in the whole cop scene, but loves his husband and still supports his career. Furthermore–both of them have been gay and happy married for years. 

Gina Linetti and Jake Peralta? Both Italian. (interestingly enough, both actors are Jewish irl as well) 

While not exactly a minority, even the classic workplace sitcom ‘old fat white guy that everybody makes fun of’ isn’t a one-off token either! Scully and Hitchcock, while very similar, STILL have key differences between them pointed out throughout the show.

I could keep going, but the point is that Brooklyn 99 does a fantastic job of avoiding lazy cultural stereotypes and really trying to build characters. And this is a deliberate move by the showrunners: “You don’t reduce people to one thing in the modern age. That’s our No 1 rule of writing.” 

Nobody has to be a token. Nobody has to be a stereotype. Racial and ethnic and other backgrounds aren’t punchlines, they’re just part of who people are. 

Tumblr lgbt and shipping culture is so repulsive. People go out of their way to state that every character they like is gay/lesbian/trans and spew hate at anyone who says otherwise. They despise heterosexual relationships and so all characters have to be gay and lesbian, and then the men have to be trans too so it’s not just ‘’Cis Gay White Men’’. And one of them also has to be race-bent as being black just to even it all out and that every single minority is represented and basically is nothing like their original character at all. If you disagree with them and tell them that that character is in fact straight, they’ll get so offended because they’re gay and they ‘’headcanon’’ this character as gay too and you’re basically a homophobe if you say this character isn’t gay. They are offended over people telling them their little imaginary headcanons aren’t real.

I’m so fucking TIRED of all these tv shows that kill their characters who represent minorities off just for shock value. STOP trying to be Game of Thrones. This is NOT entertainment. Some of us come to these tv shows to see ourselves (well) represented. What kind of fucked up message are you trying to send when you kill poc, mentally ill people, lgbt+ folks, etc. off RIGHT AFTER they are FINALLY happy? This is so fucked up specially after everything that’s happened this mf year. The lack of empathy showrunners have is incredible disgusting.

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As an asexual person who is nervous about Bughead, I can say I would've been a little less bitter if Riverdale made him gay and not straight. It'd be less upsetting to lose representation if it went towards representation for someone else who needs it. Cole has said that Jug is not asexual OR aromantic but I'm holding out hope that they might not be blatant about the sex part so I can cling onto the asexuality part. I don't care what people ship, though, and I'm happy for Bughead shippers.

This is exactly the kind of solidarity we need to see more often around here.

Let’s all take example from anon when we feel like to talk about our ship as if it’s the only one that has a right to be. 

We shouldn’t turn this into a huge fight between ships, because at the end of the day that’s not what matters most, the real deal here is representation.

We should try to make of this fandom an example of how supportive a community can be to a minority so little represented as asexuality and all its shades, so that next time, other productions might actually consider portraying more diverse characters 

Why "The Hunger Games" matter.

The Mockingjay? A poor girl.

The guy who saved her life? A generous black poor boy.

Her first inspiration to be the Mockingjay? A sweet black poor girl.

The person who transformed the heroine into the Mockingjay? A talented black man.

District 13 president? A determined woman.

District 13 chief of security? A kind-hearted black man.

District 13 chief of technology? An extremely intelligent black man. In a wheel chair.

Panem’s next president, which will also bring back democracy? A woman. A black one. A very courageous and fair one.

The best TV director from the Capitol? A talented woman.

Her main assistent? A black man.

One of the camera men? A mute poor guy.

OMG AN WHITE, STRAIGHT (?), CISGENDER (?) GUY! But nah, he was a poor one. Still a minority.

Just like Gale.

And Peeta (also, he doesn’t have a leg, but we’re talking movie *sigh*, so…).

And the character who was forced into prostitution was… a guy, not a girl.

Wait, where are the [irony] good men [/irony], the white, middle/rich class, cisgender, straight ones, not disabled, not opressed ones? Here’s one:

I know there have been white-washing and I know it’s still not perfect at all. But way to go, The Hunger Games. That’s why this series means so much to me.

One of my headcanons for Crowley and Aziraphale: Their choise of bodies always depended on the period. 

Crowley tends to “wear” what is considered sexy or provocative at the time (maybe a chubby woman, a man with a long beard and long hair, following the last trends in makeup and clothes… all that stuff).

But Aziraphale prefers bodies of people that represent minorities, or people that are being discriminated and need help (I’m sure he had the body of a kid when all the child labor happened…)

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The power rangers movie may have 0.2 seconds hinting one is wlw but only 1/5 of the mains is white and one is autistic so it's good to support overall for other reasons.

It’s not about the lgbt rep. Every reputable critic who has watched the movie has said it’s a mess. I haven’t seen a single good review. If the writing is poor and the movie is terrible then how do you do expect the characters and the rep to be good? They go hand in hand. Critics have straight up called it pandering. They’re telling you they have an “lgbt” character but don’t do it justice and put it on screen. They’re telling you they have an “autistic” character. Are you expecting them to play that out when there’s warning signs everywhere? This is a studio going off a checklist and trying to hit diversity points without actually doing the work to properly represent the minorities they want to sell tickets to on screen. If y'all want to fall for that at this point that’s your business. You can’t keep hitting your head against the same wall and expect people to keep cleaning the wound for you.

This is what Gizmodo said on their review of the movie: “Power Rangers feels like the big movie studios are willing to pay lip service to LGBTQ characters, but not go nearly far enough in the manner they’re willing to treat heterosexual ones.”

Tell me if that’s a movie you’re really wanting to support.

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I don't watch the 100 any more bt I see gifs of niyla.rke cuddling/kissing and I'm like oh, good Clarke finally got someone to kiss/love/support. Then I see y'all make it all about a dude. Like oh, it was just a replacement, it's FRIENDSHIP, she obvs can't have real feelings for a girl cause this man (Bell) exists. And idk if I'm missing something bc I didn't watch it or if it's just straight disregard for wlw feelings and/or heteronormativity. Like Clarke can love a girl even if a man exists...

You’re missing something because you’re not watching, imo. It’s very plain that Niylah and Clarke do care for one another, but it’s also been stated in canon by Niylah (half of the ship) that she doesn’t want anything deeper than what she and Clarke currently have (which is just sex-in canon).

Also: I personally have a problem with Niylah only existing for the sake of sex scenes with Clarke? Like…she has seven scenes and in 3 of them she’s in bed with Clarke. If the show is going to give us a WLW relationship then it needs to be developed with the exact same attention to detail and care that it’s M/F relationships are and so far they haven’t really done that for Niylarke. 

This answer isn’t really detailed at all, but I think it’s way more obvious that Niylarke aren’t really a couple/couple when you watch the show. 

I also have a problem with the “Y’all make it about a dude”/”cause this man (Bell) exists/”straight disregard for wlw feelings” because 

1. It implies that Bellarke is equivalent to your typical white m/f ship and it’s not!!! Well done interracial pairings are just as rare as well done f/f pairings, and Bellarke is even rarer because Bellamy is Filipino, there are almost no Southeast Asian men on television right now, especially not in leading man roles. 

Interracial relationships represent minorities and are just as important as wlw relationships. If you are comparing an interracial ship to a standard white m/f ship you are wrong. 

2. I’m a WLW and I ship Bellarke. Is it not disregarding my feelings as a WLW to imply that I HAVE to ship every WLW ship that shows up on my screen?

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Do you actually support Hezbollah or was that just a sarcastic thing?? You know they want to literally kill as many jews as they can, right? Either way, please explain.

First of all, I think clarification of what “support” means is definitely needed.

However, I will say this: First, we need to recognize that right now, in the Levant, and middle east in general, the consequences of the imperialist division of countries following the First World War are really materializing and reaching their climax. The sectarian effects of the Sykes-Picot agreement that divided Ottoman Territories into nation-states were in part hidden by the anti-colonial struggle that rippled through the region following the Second World War. However as this wave of struggle ended, Western Imperialists supported the rise of these sectarian conflicts because otherwise the region would begin to reverse the effects of Sykes-Picot and fixing what it created. With the failure of leftist forces in the region, in part due to opportunism and in part due to social-imperialism masquerading as leftism, the seed of sectarian conflict in the hundred year old agreement is blooming and at a critical point of struggle. This region is where imperialism is focusing its guns on now too- in an attempt to regain the colonial power it lost. Imperialism, which created the forces it now fights in the middle east, is now faced once more with the possibility of an anti-neocolonial movement. This is the context where Hezbollah fits in, not as much in the sectarianism, but in the movement against imperialism.

Its important as Marxists that we dont cloud our judgement of things by their appearance, but by their objective relationships. Hezbollah occupies a position of genuine anti-imperialism (both of America and of Israel). Its role in fighting Israeli occupation of Lebanon especially, in addition to its protection of other religious minorities from salafist groups and Daesh, and, most importantly, its firm stance against Western imperialism and Zionism, have built a huge amount of popular support among the Lebanese masses and minority groups. Really, Hezbollah represents a genuine popular resistance movement, similar to Hamas in Palestine (altho i would say Hezbollah is not as religiously fundamentalist as Hamas is nor is it as socially reactionary as Hamas).

Now, while Hezbollah is objectively anti-imperialist, its subjective qualities vary. While it is incredibly progressive (especially when compared to ideologically similar groups like Hamas and Iran), it has made many different, sometimes even contradicting comments, when it comes to Jewish people. Hezbollah has definitely made many wildly anti-semitic remarks, and even engaged in holocaust denial (something that is more regionally accepted in the party but not a defining tenant. This is undeniable, and should not be emulated, or defended at all. It’s also important though to remember that supporters of Israel in America and Israeli Zionists often consider any claims of Israel’s illegitimacy and exploitative, colonialist nature as anti-semitic, and propaganda surrounding Hezbollah has certainly obfuscated their actual anti-semitism by making ridiculous claims like “they want to kill as many jews as they can.” Hezbollah’s anti-semitism is a problem, but what it is actually doing, and what it represents materially in anti-imperialist struggle, is not about anti-semitism at all (also remember: There are anti-Zionist Jews who voice support for Hezbollah because of this, while still critical of the reactionary language and ideas they espouse)

Lastly tho, i dont live in Lebanon. I never lived in Lebanon. So the success and failure of Hezbollah doesnt rest with me. I dont have anything to give Hezbollah, materially or otherwise. The organization’s political history will be determined by the people of Lebanon, not by me, or you, or anyone else who isnt directly effected by imperialism in the Levant.

okay everyone needs to like fucking talk about the new maia sneak peak bc im freaking the fuck out and i just i want her to kick everyone’s asses, i want her to start a fucking storm valentine’s ass couldn’t have possibly dreamt off, i want her to unleash hell upon earth, i want her to fight for every single minority that she represents, i want her to fight bc people fucked with her mental illness and phobias, i want her to fight, i want her to scream, i want her to stop everything and show everyone that her feelings are fucking important and that no matter what happens, they are not to be fucking ignored like that

So I had this idea last night, and I was so excited I almost got out of bed to post it. And maybe it exists already, so you all can tell me if it does. But I’ve obviously been thinking a ton lately about minority representation and so many of you have been so helpful with sharing your thoughts on how to do that.

So I’m thinking, and this is really off the top of my head, I kind of want to start something more formal — an advocacy organization, maybe, that works to encourage and increase the diversity of both characters and actors in our popular media. I think, what’s been super helpful for me, and what I think would be helpful for a lot of creators, is hearing from minority leaders and advocates on what they’d consider best practices for representing those minorities in an honest, positive way. Maybe put together some kind of guidebook, like the NGLJA has for journalists on talking about IRL gay people? Am I making sense here? 

This came from another idea that I had to pull some local independent creators together ( a lot of your favorite podcasts have some roots here in LA) in a sort of roundtable with minority leaders and fans to gain some insight into the issues you’ve all faced in terms of media representation. I think that would be so helpful for me.

Like I said, just a germ of an idea at the moment, but would love some thoughts? Does this already exist anywhere? What do you think would be most effective?

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Posting random characters who may or may not have autism helps no one. It's a misrepresentation of the disorder, it gives people false hope that one of these character will be relatable for them, and it's disrespectful to the authors whose creations you are judging and changing. You wouldn't start something like this about celebrities– don't our fiction friends deserve the same respect?

I was debating on whether or not to even deign to answer this ask but I decided that I’m in a fairly good mood rather than an apathetic one so I hope you enjoy!

There will be no TL;DR because if you’re going to send asks like this, then you are going to READ.

“Posting random characters who may or may not have autism helps no one.” To assume this, you think that I’M solely the one posting them? Lemme tell you that there are over 70 characters currently in my ask box that I haven’t had the spoons to get to. Here’s a screenshot:

I don’t post these. Autistic people do. I just queue them. I’m merely the proxy for these people.

I have well over 1000 followers by now, almost all of which are autistic or suspecting they are. So to say that it doesn’t help anyone is false. It helps the people of the autistic community - and at times it even helps the people of the allistic (non-autistic) community.

I’ve gotten asks from allistics who follow saying that they love this blog because it helps fight their internalized ableism. I’ve also gotten asks from autistic people saying how much they love it because they love characters to relate to. It’s not a matter of “false hope” and wishing a character is autistic, but it’s more or less wanting to find characters in media to relate to. Those bold things are links btw please read them if you really don’t believe that it doesn’t help people.

Along with that, blogs like this do help because it gives people a chance to be able to show off their headcanons in a safe and anonymous way without the fear of getting death threats. Do you know how many autistic people get death threats for merely existing let alone showing their headcanons regarding autism? Tons. I know I get death threats on my main all the time for merely being autistic.

And yet, allistic people love when people throw gender and sexuality headcanons onto characters (especially to either ship or to fetishize - two different things I want to make that clear). So why can’t we autistic people do it for something that’s completely harmless and just for wanting to relate to characters?

So yeah it does help us. It helps both autistic and allistic (non-autistic) people. 

“It’s a misrepresentation of the disorder,” no it isn’t. Trust me my buddy it isn’t. It isn’t misrepresentation of the disorder at all when you have autistic people submitting these characters that they (AS AUTISTIC PEOPLE) relate to. Sometimes they even give full detailed paragraphs of explanations as to why the character can possibly be autistic.

It’s not misrepresentation for a minority to want to represent their respective group.

It WOULD, however, be misrepresentation if I and everyone submitting these characters were not autistic. However, 99% of my followers are autistic so yeah sorry but it’s not “misrepresentation” for minorities to want to represent their own fucking group. Anyways, moving on…

“…it gives people false hope that one of these character will be relatable for them,” so you’re saying that we can’t even hope? You’re saying that autistic people can’t even fucking dream that we get canon autistic characters (of which barely exist)?

You’re literally saying that autistic people can’t even have hope.


And y’know if you read the links I put in earlier about autistic people (and allistic people) finding blogs like this very nice to be able to relate to characters then hm well you’re wrong. Again. But assuming you aren’t going to read them and just skip over this like some prick, allow me to quote an ask I got not too long ago.

“…I’m a pretty new diagnosis, and honestly, I adore this blog, being able to see people who might be like me, and especially finding characters I relate to that people HC as autistic, it’s really really validating. So thank you.”

So hmm I guess you’re just wrong there. You see, yes that is just one ask, but there’s a reason why so many autistic people submit and follow this blog. It’s so they can relate to characters.

It’s so they can have hope.

Of which you apparently don’t even want autistic people to have.

So thank you for saying that we can’t even hope for a better future.

“And it’s disrespectful to the authors whose creations you are judging and changing,” LIKE PEOPLE DON’T ALREADY TAKE CANON CISHET CHARACTERS AND HEADCANON THEM AS LGBT+ FOR “SHIPS” AND SHIT.

So you’re telling me that someone can take a canon cishet character and then proceed to draw them as a part of the LGBT+ community for shipping, but then if we autistic people seek actual relation to a character by a harmless headcanon, that it’s suddenly bad? Despite the fact that shippers do the exact same thing? Just a bit differently?

Which, I’m all for shippers and people headcanoning or drawing/writing canon cishet characters as LGBT+ for Teh Ships™ or to feel represented (assuming they themselves as shippers are LGBT+).

But the main point is that you’re contradicting your own rhetoric and beliefs without even having to mention the other half of the argument. You’re nothing but an ableist hypocrite.

And finally… the part that REALLY got me in all of this. The part that made me literally sit back and wonder if you were a troll or not.

“You wouldn’t start something like this about celebrities– don’t our fiction friends deserve the same respect?”

Celebrities are literally real people.

Fictional characters are FICTIONAL. They’re not real in the slightest.

And if you’re fictionkin or a fictive or whatever, then it still doesn’t count because these are fictional characters from THEIR respective media. No one is saying that YOU (as that character assuming you’re fictionkin or a fictive) are autistic lmao.

Anon, if you’re fictionkin or a fictive, then maybe stop thinking things are all about you for once? And consider that maybe another fictive or fictionkin of that character is autistic.

Can I just say how beautiful The Walking Dead is? Not only it features great storylines, cliffhangers, action, zombies and stuff, but also GREAT characters.

It represents minorities. Right now we have three leaders: a straight white man and HE’S NOT A CLICHE, is a good, brave guy who respect his people and deserves the world, we have a POC (aka Ezekiel the super hot and smart and funny and loving and kind and caring King) and a woman, my Queen Maggie Greene-Rhee, who lost EVERYTHING and still shines and fights and smiles and helps everyone. A white man, a black man and a woman.
We have Rick and Michonne, an interracial couple who is the MAIN couple in the show and it is a beautiful and healthy relationship.

We have a lot of gay characters and it’s the bloody apocalypse. In a regular show we’re lucky if we get one or two characters and here they managed to give us FIVE queer character, Tara, Denise, Aaron, Eric and Jesus (and I’m pretty sure that Alisha is going to be with Tara somehow I HOPE).

There are a lot of POC characters, GREAT characters, not just guest stars: Sasha,Michonne, Rosita, Morgan, Ezekiel, Gabriel, Tyreese, Noah, Bob, T-Dog.

We have a LOT of interracial couples. I mean, we had Glenn and Maggie. Rosita and Abe. Abe and Sasha.

We have strong independent women, we have Maggie, CAROL (an abuser survivor who became a warrior and she’s precious and strong and brave and I love her), Sasha (I’m gonna miss her so much holy shit), Michonne, Rosita, Tara, Enid and the list could go on and on.

Even Daryl, who could be a total cliche, is actually a very good character and he has a good heart, he’s loyal and brave and sensitive.

It’s a bloody zombie!apocalypse show and it still manages to represent all kind of people, all the minorities and it features amazing and not stereotyped characters.
The Walking Dead is beautiful and is precious and I love it and I WANT SEASON 8 RN.


Hello! @c-c-top and I are working on a project together! It’s a comic that begins after The Legend of Korra. We are in the very early stages of developing the characters and story, so we can’t give a lot of information away yet!

However, we want our comic to become a series that represents minorities as much as possible. We’ve got plans to include LGBT characters and characters of all body types as well as code them to be racially and religiously diverse.

That being said… models of all body types (currently looking for plus sized models and dark skinned models but everyone is welcome) are welcome to submit poses to @avatarjanan , the blog I’ve started to get this thing going.

Our main characters so far are an Arab coded avatar named Janan, who is nonbinary, and a companion character who currently lacks a name who is plus sized and an airbender.

Currently we are accepting artists to help design characters, but we are not yet accepting writers or artists who will be permanent members of the team. However, if we like your work and you contribute good ideas you may be invited to participate indefinitely! This is a totally relaxed concept without deadlines, so don’t worry if you’re afraid of committing!

Anyone interested can send a message to either myself or @c-c-top

Please boost this! Help a couple of trans youth write a comic about trans characters!

I was really, really nervous about this episode of Brooklyn 99, as I always am with episodes of any show where the focus is put on analyzing the police, not because I think we shouldn’t do so or because I think all police are good and moral, but because, as the daughter of a police officer, I know that most are. Oftentimes I see people take the one bad apple and apply their understandable frustration to the whole batch and what drew me to B99 was their choice to show police as good people, who make mistakes and have fun, but mostly try to be good and kind and help others. My dad recently started watching the show and I was worried about how it would make him feel to see a show which he loves for its rather accurate depiction of what life was like on the force if this episode wasn’t handled well. Thankfully, I think the B99 team did a spectacular job balancing both view points. I’m grateful that they took the time and put in the effort to make this an episode that I enjoyed and that I truly believe my dad will agree with. 

Tips for Tarot Readers

1. Try using crystals. I wear a lapis lazuli necklace for all of my readings, and it has helped me so much with getting in touch with my intuition. Amethyst, quartz, lapis lazuli, and many other crystals are known for being very helpful with this, and don’t be afraid to experiment and try new crystals!

2. Wait until you’re in the right mood to give a reading. It’s incredibly important for your own energy to harmonize with the energy of the cards during a reading, so if your energy isn’t in a good place to do that, then it might be better to wait on giving the reading. Just ask yourself “do I really want to give a reading right now” and trust your gut feeling.

3. Get to know your cards. Every now and then, just sit down with your cards and look through them. Look for memories to associate different cards with, try to find any details that you haven’t noticed before on the cards, think about the vibes that each card gives you. This can help you apply your own meanings to each card, and by doing this you’re connecting more with your intuition.

4. Mediate. Many of you have probably heard this one before, but seriously, if you sit down and clear your mind for a while (even for just 10 minutes or so), everything will fall back into place so beautifully, and it’s an amazing experience. If you feel like your mind is cluttered, this can affect your energy’s interactions with the cards, so some time meditating really helps to solve that problem. 

5. Look for patterns. The first rule of tarot is that there are no rules, but there are numerous patterns that I’ve noticed with my deck and the cards’ meanings. For example, Court Cards in my deck tend to represent actual people, Minor Arcana represent events, and the Major Arcane represent overall energies and feelings. These meanings could be completely different for you, but keep an eye out for reoccurring things like this in your readings. Kabbalah, astrology, and numerology, all tie into tarot and patterns can be found through all of these, but find the patterns that work for you.

6. Learn the by-the-book meanings, but trust your instincts. I believe that tarot reading is all about the balance between by-the-book knowledge and your own intuition. Getting a general sense of what each card traditionally means was extremely helpful for me, but sometimes when I see a card, I have a weird feeling that it means something completely different. Trust those feelings, but don’t stress if you don’t get them yet. Everyone taps into their intuition at their own pace, and that’s okay. 

I personally can’t stand Amedot. No offense to the people who ship it, it’s just that I think people are basing it off of practically nothing, and are acting like it is destined to be canon from only one episode. I also headcanon that Peridot is aromantic and Amethyst is asexual, because their colors match the pride flags. It just seems like every female character in the world has to be involved in a romantic subplot, and I don’t want that in a show that’s so great at representing minorities.
- Anonymous