Macross Delta “Gori Gori Radio” Ep. 20!!!


(do pardon how blurry this image is…I was trying to find a photo of her smiling, but basically had to get a screencap from this video from the Wonderfest Stage event… karice)

It’s the start of summer, so we’re able to have Junna guesting on the radio! At this point she hasn’t finished her summer homework yet (maybe 10% done?)

10 Questions for Junna!

  1. What’s your name? Junna!
  2. From Aichi prefecture, Nagoya City
  3. Favourite (food): Side dishes (that you normally have with drinks at restaurants/izakayas in Japan)
  4. A special skill: playing guitar
  5. Something she can’t help doing: “touching my hair!”
  6. What she thinks about when singing: “just have fun singing!”
  7. If you had 1,000,000 yen ($10,000), what would you do? Buy heaps of clothes
  8. One kanji character that represents you: “zatsu” (雑), which might be translated as “sloppy”
  9. Don’t anything stupid/silly recently: “missed my stop on the bullet train!”
  10. Show your enthusiasm for the First Walkūre live concert with baby’s language, like “Kyawa!” (Junna: Um…I can’t really do that…) (and Immelmann-san gladly does it for her)

For 9: she apparently missed her stop, Nagoya, on the way home. Instead, she went all the way to Shin-Osaka, and it was late at night, so the final trains had all departed. Tried to call someone, but no phone reception! Luckily, her manager knew someone in Osaka, so she stayed there overnight and then went home the next day.

This happened on the day that they were recording the PV for the 1st opening “If I could only fall in love once”

By “guitar,” Junna meant that she can play acoustic guitar, a little. Minorin can play a little as well. The other two apparently have guitars but don’t play at all (M: and they doubt us?!)

As for being “sloppy”…no real examples, but it leads to them talking about how Junna always says “Yabai!” Yuuma notes that this is pretty common amongst teenagers these days (very true—this was also discussed on one of the Sound! Euphonium commentaries—karice

And Nozomiru notes that she’s been infected by that tendency, too “Yabe—” But Junna-chan says it in a very funny way, like, “Yabuai!” It’s like she drawls out the second syllable, like Americans might (Nozomiru uses the example of “small, smaller, smallest” to try and illustrate). But whilst it’s really cute when Junna does it, Minorin and Nozomiru think that it sounds terrible when they try to imitate her! (Y: Because you’re adults, right?)

The fact that Junna is just 15 years old got a huge reaction from the fans! Junna reveals that she has been singing since she was 10 (I assume she meant ‘taking lessons’ —karice) She started singing first—because she just really liked it—and only later did she decide to become a singer.

Q: Are you similar to Mikumo in any way?

J: I’m kind of…calm and collected…

M: Saying that about yourself…that’s cute!

N: So cute!! Though recently, I have been thinking that Mikumo is like you and Koshimizu-san added together. Like, there’s a cute part, but also that calm and collected part. So she’s like the two of you.

J: …….

Y (for the listeners): She’s a bit embarrassed at the moment, like she’s blushing right now.

N: So cute…

Y: Indeed!

N: That you’re similar to her in that regard.

Y: With regards to Mikumo though, whilst she’s generally calm and collected, it’s also like she’s challenging you. And with her youthful voice, you can really feel it, that intensity.

…Which segues into Minorin and Nozomiru teasing Yuuma because he gets a bit nervous in Junna’s presence. Apparently, he’s even dressed up a bit for today, all in perfect whites, as if he’s in a CM for laundry detergent or something (^^;; And they tell him outright that there’s no point, because Junna listens to the radio show, so she knows exactly what he’s like!

Q: Is there anything you keep in mind when singing? You mentioned that you just enjoy it, but is there a way you approach performing etc?

In recording for Mikumo, she does think about how Mikumo stands forward so strongly and confidently, but in performances with Minorin, it’s really all just so much fun! (Then please smile a bit more, Junna-chan! —karice)  

Yuuma then asks them how they are feeling, because the first live was in Zepp Namba Osaka on Sunday, something like 14 hours after the radio show episode aired! Nozomiru in particular proclaims boldly that they’ll all be doing their best (Minorin supports her)—she’s clearly nervous because this is the very first live concert she’s doing for any series, but she seems to be taking a really positive attitude of looking forward to it, and hoping that all the fans enjoy it! And Minorin backs her up, saying that if they are having fun, then the fans will feel it too! Junna wants to give the fans an experience that goes above and beyond the experience provided by the recordings.

Q: And now we come to the final, important question. Which character do you like best in Macross ∆?

M: It has to be that person, right?

N: Yup yup, that one!

(More Yuuma teasing!)

J: Well…it’s Keith!

(Laughter and cheers from Minorin and Nozomiru)

Y: Ah, the White Knight! I can only prostrate myself before him!

N: Prostrate yourself?!

M: And Kimura-san is also great, don’t you think? (Agreed. I remember Hosoya Yoshimasa giving some good examples on a Kids on the Slope extra—karice)

N: And why do you like Keith?

J: Well, I really like how he’s so dedicated (to one person)…

M: Straight as an arrow.

J: Yes…he gives off that vibe…

N: And his appearance, too?

J: His appearance…yeah. He’s really cool.

M: Well, Hayate looks pretty cool, too, right?!

N: His appearance, right?


N: But you know, once you know what Uchida-san is like!

J: Ah, that’s true.

Y: (laughs) I’m sorry… Poor Hayate…

M: But Uchida-san is quite kind.

Y: Having a teenager back me up so nicely today…that does sooth the hurt a little…  

They keep talking about why Keith is so popular — he’s cool, and mysterious etc. And Yuuma notes that the discussion has basically become “girls’ talk”! and starts talking about Mirage…so Nozomiru scolds him because Minorin’s face has gone black…only for Minorin to go: “Well, that’s fine, because I love Bogue…!”

=> The new opening theme.

The CM is about a collaboration between Macross ∆ and School Girl Strikers (a game of some sort)? Like, you can apparently get Freyja and the other Walküre girls’ costumes and stuff!

Listeners’ corner

Because they were running out of time, the only message read today was from a schoolgirl who wrote in to thank them for a performance they did in Aichi, where she had the good fortune to be in the front row. She’ll be using it to help her get through her upcoming uni-entrance exams. There’s no question, but the cast and Junna get to talking about the concert goods, which people were already able to buy online so that they wouldn’t have to rush/line-up on the day of the concert itself. 

(NB: the venue opened at 11am, and my understanding is that fans normally line up a few hours before this because they’re so concerned about the goods they want to get. In fact, I saw someone on twitter talking about how the towels sold out pretty quickly… —karice )

anonymous asked:

Requesting Yumi dressed as Mermaid-Man, shouting EEEVILLLL, or Minori/Shiki secretly wearing a MAGA hat and looking at images or Trump or shitposting from a tablet. I can't picture anyone screaming EVIL without thinking of Mermaid-Man. You're great!

I’d totally get behind Yumi wearing Mermaid Man’s costume. I mean, I didn’t realize how skimpy it was until I started paying attention to it haha.

i always see people say they hate tuckington because Wash HAS to be so much older than Tucker, but…

Monty, i’m pretty sure, said Wash did his basic training in Leonis Minoris, which is an actual place in Halo. it was destroyed in 2537. So if this was the same place Wash enlisted at when he was 18 and thus completed his training during 2537, he would ONLY be 30 in season 11. 

And I’m pretty sure someone said Caboose is the youngest character and that before season one, he meant to go to college and not the military. so the youngest Caboose could be would be 18, and thus Tucker would have to at least be 19 or 20 or even older during season 1. And ten years has passed, so Tucker is either 29, 30, or perhaps older.

So, no prominent age gap at all. 

DISCLAIMER: there’s no proof for this being 100% true, but if we are trying to follow the very rocky timeline RT has set up, it is most likely he is at least 30-32.

Keith Albarn (Damon’s father) will be awarded an honorary degree during University Centre Colchester’s graduation ceremony at Colchester Town Hall on October 8, 2016.

“Mr Albarn was head of art, design and media at Colchester Institute for 16 years until 1997. He was active in the town’s arts scene including as a trustee at the Minories Galleries, District Visual Arts Trust, the Film Workshop and Trinity Street Artist’s Studios. These organisations, combined with Colchester Council, led to the formation of both Cuckoo Farm Studios and Firstsite. As an artist his current work complements and expands on his work of visual perception, where he focuses on pattern as a psychological phenomenon. He is planning a follow up to his 2003 exhibition, Pattern and Belief.”

Source : [x]

la parola interrompe / non vegeta
converte la memoria in un tatuaggio
come avvoltoio sorvola lo spazio
e s'infila in preghiere e in bestemmie
—  Mario Benedetti, Parole minori, estratto. Da “La vita una parentesi” (“La vida ese paréntesis”) (1998) in “Inventario” poesie (1948-2000) - trad. Martha Canfield
Bright days!

The late morning sun greets Ayako good morning. She slept well. Well past her alarm. Minori usually leaves without her and her parents leave early for work. Leaping out of her bed, she begins to pack and prepare everything furiously. 

“It’s 9:50 already?!”

School has already started! If she hurries she’d perhaps make it before English classes start—
She looks down at herself, still in yesterday’s uniform.. Right. Yesterday she collapsed into her bed without showering or changing.. And that man, is he still around? At the very least, he didn’t do anything to her. The questions do not linger, however. She rushes her shower, brushing her teeth as she does so, and slips into a fresh set of school uniform. 

It’s 10:03 and she bursts out the front door, almost running into Sasaki’s back.

“Ah! Good morning Sasaki-san. I.. I’m really late to school right now!”