Please Excuse Me While I Cry Over The Loss of KC.
  1. He was my favorite character on the show when I first started watching it.
  2. Him and Clare were the first couple/ plot line that I really felt involved with; which led to me continuing to watch the show.
  3. We didn’t even know what was happening until 15 minutes before he left Degrassi forever. 
  4. He was one of the most developed characters that has ever been on Degrassi. He went from the nerdy badass, star athlete, teen father, to a really solid character that was beginning to be enjoyable to watch again.
  5. The minor niners were just beginning to go back to the way they were when they first came on the show and after everything that they have been through, it doesn’t feel right to know that they aren’t going to finish their time at Degrassi together.
  6. Emma/Manny/Toby/Liberty frienship got closure, why cant the original niners?
  7. Things were finally beginning to turn around for him; he had the academic quiz team, new friends, and for once a stable home life.
  8. He’s been on the show for four seasons and he didn’t even get an A plot when it was his time to leave the halls of Degrassi forever.

It hurts to think that tonight is the last time I will ever see Alli, Clare, Connor, Jenna, Eli, Drew, Imogen, and Becky. I started watching the show live about halfway through season 7 (even though I’d seen all the other seasons) so the minor niners were the first characters that I actually watched grow up week to week before my eyes. It’s so hard to think that after this I won’t see them on my screen anymore. No more Eclare, no more of Alli sassing other people. no more of Jenna’s high pitched singing, no more of Connor being so blatantly honest at the worst moment possible. But I’ll always remember that Alli/Clare had the best friendship since Emma/Manny and Spinner/Jimmy.