minor thead


Day: 982
Shirt: Violent Femmes - US/CAN tour ‘91
Color:  Black
Brand: Brockum

Source:  part of me sometimes forgets how much i really enjoy an album or band until a break out a shirt of my closet put it on and then walk into my office here.  I sit down and put on a record of that band (I’m just giving you a mental walkthrough of my process here).  So first i go into the daunting process of walking into the closet which is like walking into a giant record store wanting to buy an album but not sure what i want.  so i wander.  i flip through piles of shirts thinking no, no , not yet, maybe. then i usually see something that makes me think, OH, oh yeah!  then it trips a song sample in my head, a beat or a chorus, then i throw it on.  if it still fits that is usually the last deciding factor.  a lot of times i will put something on that think, man I’ve gotten super fat or super tall then i realize that before 1999 no one gave a shit about the shape of a shirt.  so long at there was a place for arms and an exit at the bottom Inspector 34 would let it slide.  

So the Femmes, this band, that one album its fucking classic, timeless, and never seems to loose its charm, for as simple as it is, something about it just really nails so much of everything you go through or think of as a kid/teen/and adult.  its timeless material presented in a way that almost hits you like the old school house rock cartoons.  only this time its directed at real emotions and or life events.  am i wrong here?  obi not cause i am writing this, and it is on the internet so it MUSt be fact.  in fact just as i typed that last line it became fact.  thats how the internet works people.  if anyone types after this that I’m a retard that will also become fact too. so be gentle on me i have emotions and feelings just like the rest of you.  


We are scared and confused, and we dont feel safe on your forums anymore.

While I understand that due to the high traffic the site is getting, and the active userbase, you needed someone to interact with the community, Aequorin is not doing the job in a way that makes us comfortable, or feel safe.

She has had in numerous times deleted or locked theads for minor things, some not even in the TOS and only because she feels like it. In the new CoC, she has explained a little, and then stated that we were breaking the rules by discussing the new “Do not talk about how the threads are modded” rule, which… is part of the things we were supposed to be able to discuss since it was part of the new rules. The thread was supposed to be open until the 9th. it was closed in a mere 4 hours, and people are still scared and confused on what they can or cannot say on the forums. 

We dont feel like we can talk to any of you about this, becuase a lot of you have closed your public inboxes, and with the new rules, we are effectively silenced from discussing anything the mods do. This isnt a good business plan. This is terror tactics. The government can do anything and if you speak about it, you will be silenced. All complaints are sent to the government, and will be silenced. 

The contact us is all we have left, and we dont know who runs it, how it is being run, or even if we will get a response. We dont know what has been answered, becuase we will likely not get any public answers. So the Contact us will likely get flooded with repeat questions, and that will take time out of being able to take care of other user’s requests that need attention too

There is a lot of distrust towards Aequorin becuase of how she mods things, which is with no explanations, warnings, or regards to our concerns. IF she doesnt like things, it will get closed, and now we cant even ask about what we did wrong. 

We have been forced to take on the actions of someone under bullying. Taking screenshots. Recording the fact that we did in fact say something or ask something in a way that was not against the TOS. Becuase for all we know, it could be deleted without warning, and our voice or question would cease to exist, with no documentation. 

Please, we need a new community manager. We need someone we can trust to listen to us and answer us who wont abruply lock threads without warning and wont allow us to even question what is going on.