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  • RFA (V+Saeran) first time having sex with MC


  • Jaehee x MC having sex in the café [NSFW]
  • Zen x MC who is wearing thigh-highs and a short skirt [NSFW]



  • none


  • Reactig to MC wearing thigh-highs and a short skirt [NSFW] [Imagine]


  • Having sex in the café with MC [NSFW] [Imagine]



  • none

@pocpotterweek day four // minor characters (pt. 1)

we’re all human, aren’t we? every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.” ; kingsley shacklebolt

OK so…we have to talk about the bras and the broadway musicals. Now, I’ve had a long day so this probably won’t be very coherent or organized but here goes: I ain’t freaking out thinking that Sonny has a girlfriend. And, my peeps, lemme tell you why!

Alright, first of all: if Sonny did have a girlfriend the show woulda just came out and said so. Maybe not the first time when the bras showed up, but at some point. I mean, shows-including this one-ain’t exactly adverse to shoving heteros down our throat at every available opportunity.

Secondly: how many times, in fiction and in real life, have people used “a friend” as a stand-in for themselves because they were too embarrassed to admit it was them? “Oh, asking for a friend!” Yeah, right.

Thirdly: this doesn’t read to me as a lead-in to Rollisi at all. At all. Cause

     A)if Rollins was the “friend” the show would’ve let us in on this somehow. Rollins would’ve pulled him aside and said how he needs to be more “discreet” or something like that

     B)if this was meant to make Rollins jealous in order to show us that she wanted him? That Rollisi is canon at least on her side? Then why was Fin the one to bring that back up the second time. Why didn’t the show have her casually mention it to try and get more info or bitterly mention it so that he gets clued into the fact that she wants him?

But this was brought up in the episode twice and, while the show could’ve just thrown it in there, it was a pretty odd thing to randomly come up with and then NEVER EXPLAIN.

Also consider that this episode was rescheduled TWICE because they kept “reshooting” things. They blamed it on the weather, but I believe that as much as I believe Sonny when he said it was a “friend”.

This all makes me think that this is going to lead somewhere, and I’m cautiously optimistic it’s at least leading to a canon queer Sonny, perhaps more. Though I might not’ve gotten this far without one more thing in these two moments:

Fucking Broadway musicals.

Is the enjoyment of Broadway musicals a common gay male stereotype, or isn’t it?

SO. My theory is Sonny was looking at the bras and fantasizing about ‘modeling’ them for someone, and then looking up Broadway musicals while trying to plan a date. And who canonically likes Broadway musicals? 

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(though obviously if the show gets rid of Barba then the last line is useless but I’m in denial on that)

There's A Long, Ignominious Trail Of Bans, Registries And Forced Relocation
The travel ban imposed by the president a week ago on people from seven Muslim-majority countries is only the latest executive order through the years grounded in race, ethnicity or country of origin.

President Trump’s executive order limiting immigration from majority-Muslim countries, which ignited protests across the country last weekend, joins a list of controversial presidential decrees through the years that have been aimed at foreign or domestic racial and ethnic groups.

Trump’s executive order, titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States,” not only bans entry from seven countries — Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen — but also gives priority to religious minorities in those countries.

The order requires several federal agencies to conduct in-person interviews during the visa process and develop a way “to evaluate the applicant’s likelihood of becoming a positively contributing member of society and the applicant’s ability to make contributions to the national interest; and a mechanism to assess whether or not the applicant has the intent to commit criminal or terrorist acts after entering the United States.”

Whether popular or divisive, Trump’s hard-line move to restrict entry into the U.S. is only one more instance where such actions, based on race, ethnicity or nation of origin, have flowed from security concerns, fear or bigotry.

I really need to make a more detailed post about the phenomenon of scapegoating at some point, because it’s really at the heart of a lot of tumblr “discourse”: Posts targeting men, straight/cis people, white people, shippers, etc.–it’s all scapegoating.  It’s all people coming up with an imaginary “solution” to a proposed problem via generalizations, under the belief that attacking a specific demographic will “solve” that problem.  This completely ignores and dismisses one’s own possible contributions to social ills, whether consciously, or subconsciously. 

Honestly, no one should be using the same tactics that racists in the 80′s tried to use against minorities in order to deflect blame for America’s growing drug problem, especially when it was primarily upper-class white jet-setters and celebrities that were to blame for glamorizing cocaine use to the point where it was considered “fashionable”.

Aspect definitions

These are just some basic parts of the aspects to help get their general idea. As a result they are fairly loose definitions

Space- major themes of mass, energy, distance, and the fabric of space. Minor themes of creation, aesthetic, and variation.

Time- major themes of past, present, future, and progression. Minor themes of renewal, endings, and rhythm.

Light- major themes of knowledge, focus, clarity, relevance, and luck. Minor themes of sight, learning, and awareness.

Void- major themes of nothingness, obscurity, shadows, and the Void. Minor themes of ignorance, secrecy, nullification, and darkness.

Heart- major themes of personality, souls, ambition, and identity. Minor themes of morale, impulse, willpower, and intuition.

Mind- major concepts of logic, reason, intellect, and the mind. Minor themes of thoughts, perceptions, and choices. 

Hope- major themes of faith, trust, ideals, dreams, and positive emotions. Minor themes of confidence, possibilities, assumptions, and motivation.

Rage- major themes of anger, fear, falsehoods, pain, passion, and negative emotions. Minor themes of temper, spite, and base instincts.

Life- major themes of life force, opportunity, vigor, growth, and luxury. Minor themes of options, chaos, evolution, and optimism.

Doom- major themes of systems, certainty, rules, fate, and sacrifice. Minor themes of limits, order, and decay.

Breath- major themes of freedom, air, agency, breath, and flexibility. Minor themes of direction, independence, and change.

Blood- major themes of literal blood, connections, bonds, and unity. Minor themes of stability, obligation, authority, and tangibility.

anyways seeing i was sleepy asf when i made a post last night , lemme just remind everyone . reblogging not sfw stuff when you’re underaged is not only disgusting, it is illegal, you make a lot of people uncomfortable with it. lying about your age and saying you’re 18+ when you are not, so you can smut with people and reblog not sfw stuff, is incredibly disgusting and does not only put yourself but other people in danger ( plus ! it’s illegal ! ). not saying you’re age and just saying ‘you’re old enough’ because you think that even though you’re only a minor you’re mature enough to be treated as an adult, is disgusting and shouldn’t be done. you are by law underaged and idfc how mature you are for your age, p*rn is still illegal for u ! smutting will get u , and the person you are smutting with in danger ! stop being problematic and gross. be up front about your age ! i don’t care if ur scared ur age will scare people off bc they aren’t comfortable with rping with u , they have the right to be uncomfortable ! tldr ; don’t lie about your age, hide your age, or publically reblog not sfw stuff when u are a minor !

‘lesser numbers’
   do not mean
  ‘lesser worth.’


The environment of Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions greatly plays into one of the game’s major mechanics, the thermal energy level a player currently has. Because of the extreme cold in the game, a player’s thermal energy is constantly depleting, and using high powered weapons and mechs (called Vital Suits) depletes it even faster, the player is constantly in danger of freezing to death if they don’t frequently refill their thermal energy. However, because thermal energy is most commonly given after defeating enemies, the game naturally pushes the player to engage in combat, even minor bouts, in order to constantly keep themselves above that threshold.  

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First I'm glad to hear you are doing well after your surgery, second can we have more of people realizing Palpatine does creepy shit. A lot.

Obi-Wan shifted his body subtle, sliding himself enough to block Anakin from view with his decidedly bigger bulk. ‘If he doesn’t stop looking at Anakin like that, I will throw him out a window.’ The young knight thought.

There were a lot of things he didn’t associate himself with.

Vicious was one of them.

But if Palpatine didn’t turn his eyes elsewhere, he would become it.

Master, I’m alright.’ Anakin offered through their bond.

To be honest he didn’t mind the attention so much, Obi-Wan was actually worried about him, worried for Anakin, caring, nice and…

He shouldn’t be looking at you like that Anakin. Its… its not right. You’re twelve. He has no right to look at you like that.’ Obi-Wan voice came quickly back even as he bowed for the Chancellor. Yet he kept his chin raised, kept his eyes on the Chancellor, kept him under watch.


“Did you see the knight?”

“Yes, he never took his eyes of the Chancellor. I’d even say he was glaring at some points.”

“I’ve heard its because of the Chancellors unnatural interest in his ward?”

“Who, the young blond?”

“The knights padawan. He’s very protective of him I’ve heard.”

“Good lord, if the Chancellors interest indicates anything he’s right to be on guard. That boy can’t be more then what, eleven?”

“Twelve but still.”

The whispers traveled through the Senate within hours of the meeting between the Jedi Knight and Chancellor.

Outrage and mingled horror mingled disgust rising among several Senators as they wondered just what kind of man they had elected into office and how to best and quickest to remove him with someone more suitable.

Someone like Mon Mothma.

In his room in the Jedi temple, Mace could feel several shatterpoints break apart and dissolve, the Force suddenly growing bright as he eased out of his meditation in surprise.

And at Dex diner, Obi-Wan watched Anakin with a small fond smile as the blond chowed down on what was his fourth helping of Dex special blue milk ice cream. “Honestly Anakin…”

The blond just shot him a wide grin and happily stuffed another spoonful in his mouth. “I did offer to share.”

“I can’t eat that much milk.” Obi-Wan countered with a laugh so the other knew he wasn’t serious.

In another world the Jedi might have allowed the Chancellors interest in a much to young padawan continue. In another world that interest may have cultivated into everyone’s damnation.

In this world the Senate was in uproar over the Chancellor’s interest in a minor.

In this world Obi-Wan Kenobi wrapped his robe tightly around his too young padawan’s shoulders and kept him shielded from sight.

In this world the Council took a good and long look at who they allowed to be around the minors of their Order.

In this world…Anakin Skywalker grew into a Jedi Master, ready to reform the order with his former Master’s full support.

It was time for the Jedi Order to step into a new age and open its doors to the people it served and not the Senate it had so long been ordered about by.

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I love your writing!! <3 can you do something with a shy, anxious reader and McCree? Thank you so much!

As someone that is cripplingly shy and anxious I am so DOWN anon!

  • Of the Overwatch boys, McCree’s probably got the best touch with a shy and anxious S/O
  • Why? He’s going to do everything he can to boost your confidence!
  • It starts with the compliments every time he sees you “Hey there beautiful” “Lookin’ good baby” etc etc
  • But when he sees that’s not working he’s going to go for making you laugh! “Guess who just shot a man in the ass? This guyyyyy!” Being traditionally funny or trying to coax a shy giggle out of you when he makes it very obvious he’s flirting with you (even when you’re together) “Lemme tell ya- it ain’t right takin’ down the bad guys if my favourite Y/N ain’t around to watch me <3” “C’mere, lemme show you how to really fire a magnum. <3” Do you see how cheesy this is? McCree is the lord of Corn.
  • Prepare yourself for the bear hugs. Especially during the anxiety moments.
  • Oh also he is great at taking care of you? Like man. “Leave it to ol’ Jesse. I got you darlin’. <3”
  • He will smile super dumbly but also really cute when he actually manages to coax a smile out of you. Especially the blushy, eyes averted kind. He will strive for it. He will do everything he can to just make you giggle and laugh XD And when he finally hears it and he knows he’s managed to push back your anxiety or shyness even for just a moment? “Aw hell. Ain’t you just the cutest little thing.”
  • Also will hide you in his serape when you get overwhelmed and like gives the dirtiest looks to anyone that questions it like “What? You got a problem motherfucker?” “Jealous I got a cutie wrapped up all for me?”
  • He also introduces The Confidence Hat: it’s his regular cowboy hat but he tells you with complete genuine sincerity that he only ever walks with confidence because of two things. The belt, and the hat. “I wasn’t so big ‘n mighty back when I was a rascal. To be honest I was a skinny, weak little kid that couldn’t do shit. But I knew if I could talk a big game I could make myself stronger than I actually was- and that’s the thing! It’s all in the confidence that you got!”
  • He’s gonna stick that hat on your head when he sees you getting shy or getting really anxious about something minor like ordering at a restaurant and weirdly enough it kind of works. Mostly because the person that puts that hat on your head is telling you that he believes in you.

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Let’s talk about this.

Okay, but like.

Can someone explain to me why there’s so much hate for the design change for the Klingons?

I personally find them extremely interesting to look at, designed a lot more alien than before, and their armour is utterly stunning? Like, just, wow???

I mean, I get it, they’re not humans painted up to look different like in TOS, nor are they Klingons like Worf in TNG, or the pierced design in the AOS movies, but in my mind, I VERY much picture them to be Klingon like any other Klingons shown in the series., and BOI AM I GONNA TELL YOU WHY I THINK THAT.

(look at these handsome bois, all of them are the best.)

There was often times that people attempted to connect Klingon from TOS to the ones that were shown later with brow ridges because we as humans like continuity and want everything to flow together. However, it was hard to get a concrete answer to why exactly Klingon ended up looking as different as they did compared to their first version.

Some content in the form of the canon novels, however, may have given us an answer!

Keep in mind, this is what I know of the novels and, from my understanding, is considered canon since it was brought up in or hinted at in other media.

In them, it was stated that there was a type of Klingon augment virus that spread through a large portion of the population due to Klingon researchers attempting to create a strong, better Klingon by bio-engineering them.  Through the use of human augment embryos left over from Earth’s eugenics wars that were found in a hi-jacked Klingon bird of prey that had been destroyed in orbit of the Qu’Vat Colony, they began to, essentially, splice it in with great caution. They did this in part because they feared human augments being staffed on ships would overwhelm the empire.

It worked, - how amazing right?!, - creating stronger and more intelligent Klingons, but a lot of the subjects that were used in these experiments began to show more physically human characteristics, from the simple to the blatantly obvious, including personality and loss of, - YOU GUESSED IT, - the well known forehead ridges!

(pictured: Klingon ridges dissolving due to augment DNA being used. also, a good Klingon ‘O’ face.)

One of the test subjects they used, however, had the Levodian flu, and the mixing of the flu with the augment DNA pretty much messed up all the controlled experimentation by the researchers and created an epidemic that nearly killed all the klingons.

Still with me?

Millions within months were infected.

The researchers scrambled to attempt to find a cure. First, attempting to capture Doctor Arik Soong led nowhere as, lo and behold, the doctor was in a high security detention facility. Their next attempt was with Doctor Phlox with Phlox being forced to work with Antaak, the main Klingon researcher, to find that cure.

Problem is that the Klingon High Council got really tired of waiting for them to get it finished, and went on to destroy infected colony planets to clear the virus.

Basically, the research team was put under a heavy clock with nothing else to do but to not cure the virus, but stabilize it, because it would apparently take them weeks to try and make the cure. They were successful in stabilizing it early on in the infection, -  after the cranial ridges had dissolved and some minor neural re-ordering had occurred (which caused the personality changes), - and with the help of Admiral Krell, they called off the destruction of the planets! The cure was made with the new amount of time and was passed around, helping solve the problem of the whole dying and mass extinction thing.

Problem is, the cure also caused many Klingons to lose their brow ridges.

(Antaak with his ridges, prior to the cure being administered.)

(Oh! And there they go, - poof! - post cure!)

Thing is, any descendants of these Klingons would pass on the genetic human-like appearance.

This all happened back in 2154!

The Klingons we see in TOS are placed around 2267 are the descendants of those same Klingons!

No one in the Federation really thought much else about it because they simply didn’t know any other Klingons aside from them!

Among the Klingon researchers and some of the population, there was a great worry that these same Klingons would be considered outcasts due to their appearance and mental and personality changes, - cowardice, in example, was one such problem - but, were later on able to hold positions of power, even receiving the title of Dahar Master and getting their statues in the Hall of Heros on Qo’noS -  like, ie. General Kor in TOS which many people are familiar with!

Later on, it was available to some to get the brow ridges cosmetically added back on; however, there may have been more done, medically, that helped reinsert the Klingon head ridges as we see them from TNG and later on.




Some times, Klingons considered these ‘augmented’ Klingons to be lesser then and were not ‘True Klingons’, - and as far as I remember, this is a thing that was talked about in canon as well, - and lo and behold, the idea of purity comes into play!

Forget that it’s a fucking dick move to do, let’s try and keep Klingons pure, guys!

How do we keep Klingons pure?

Marry between the royal houses of the High Council.


To us, that may seem weird and a little squicky, but consider that this is something that royal families in our past have done on multiple occasions! It wouldn’t be that far off from thinking that the Klingon royal houses would due the same! Due to this, there have been lots of medical and genetic problems due to families attempting to keep the line pure.

Anywhere from reduced intelligence or personality changes to physical deformities, - larger, oddly shaped heads, cleft lips, blood disorders, - to what else you can think of! 

While it seems that the Klingons in ST:D are still, obviously, intelligent, it comes to our understanding that their physical differences are much different to what we have come to understand to be the norm in a standard Klingon. 

The ridges are more aggressive, pushing out the profile as well as following the line of the neck into their armour, the brows heavier, the noses wider with two nostrils and no dip slope of the nose, no hair, oddly shaped heads due to the size of the ridges, most likely, smaller ears pressed closer to the skull,  more slurring due to possible throat differences, and harsher, grating noises in the throat that we don’t normally hear even in normal Klingons.

Then again, that last one may be more due to a possible dialect change for spoken Klingon in the High Council or a possible House dialect, which, could also be possible. This is, after all, an alien language that we only know one side of. 

I don’t know, my xenolinguistics is a little rusty!

Moving on to their armour, check out this utterly stunning costume design!

The Klingons in ST:D wear more ornamental armour then we’re accustomed to seeing, sharp and almost decorative in design, and possibly breakable, though I wouldn’t advise testing it!

However, these are Klingons, and while they don’t seem practical, you can be damn sure that they’re supposed to be used in combat even if they look like the way do in ST:D.

T’Khumva, - pictured above, - is wearing something a lot more decorative  then what the rest of his people are wearing. A higher collar, sharpened points, aggressive, bold lines in a gold alloy trim, black leathers being the main base point with the gold being the accent, decorated the collar and points of the spikes with what looks to be stones. It seems he’s even wearing a house crest on his abdomen, though that may still be a design choice to go with the chest and collar piece pattern.

Let’s take a look at the others in his ‘court’.

Their style is simpler, with lower collars, with drabber and less prominent colour and designs with no aggressive lines or defining markers of a Klingon house. Less decorative and more practical. I wouldn’t think these Klingons to be servants, but maybe they are, or maybe they’re lesser nobles from lesser houses, who knows! But there is a harsh difference between their armour styles and the way T’Khumva wears his.

They’re from royal houses with those serving under them considered of their house, so obviously they’re going to wear what, to us, would be overly fancy, formal clothes, but with much more practical use to keep you from, you know, dying?

The design and style of them, from their armour to their physical appearance, even to their spoken words, phrases, and language, they are different, but not quite different enough, to not be Klingon.

All of this points to the factor that the houses have been inbreeding within their own genetic lines over a possibly lengthy time, - ST:D happens a decade prior to TOS and the virus happened 113 years in the past, a decent time for gestation and passing of genetic material dependent on Klingon breeding and reproduction standards, - and have slowly pushed further and further out from what is commonly known as the standard Klingon. 

Who knows, maybe they’ve been doing this for centuries?

I understand that people are upset about the design change due to something they have always known being shifted so drastically, I get it, but consider what I said!

What we are seeing, the Klingon High Council and their houses, could quite literally be extremely inbred specimens born from attempts of keeping the blood line pure.

I’m totally open for comments, critique, and further speculation if anyone wants to add more to this or to argue this!

IwlIj jachjaj! Qapla’!

Okay, I just need to get this off my chest real quick:

This isn’t the first time where Carisi has mentioned some old crush of his when he was a kid and as far as I can tell, they’re all said to tie him semi-emotionally to the case at hand and to establish character history to the audience. Look, they’ve done this with Barba too with his highschool crush back in S14.

Anyway, my point is that this habit is slowly starting to drive me a little crazy.

Carisi’s “I was in love with this girl when I was eight and she used me for my lunch” is such a throw away line. And yet it could have easily been the perfect sentence to casually drop his bisexuality. “I was in love with his boy when I was eight and he just used me for my lunch.” Amanda could have reacted (or not, because she probably knows this already due to all their off-camera scenes together) and the scene could have continued on.

The end.

The scene literally would not have changed.

This whole potential storyline with his “oh, I still think about if one day she shows up on my doorstep,” normally would have scared the shit out of me, but they deleted it which means they realized that: a) this scene is useless and doesn’t drive the story forward and b) if we’re not gonna make that girl a character than we don’t need this.

Honestly, I’m really over throw away, seemingly “straight verification” lines of dialogue that will serve ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the character, when they could have just as easily made it into something that expanded character. Like, if it’s that simple to write that line, than why don’t you make it just as simple to say he’s been with men before? You don’t need a big reveal to certify on of your characters as bisexual.

The biggest thing I took away from that clip is that Carisi hates peanut butter. That’s literally all the new information that was given.

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A Simple(?) Tarot deck cleansing

I learned this cleansing from a fellow tarot loving irl friend a few years back. This is a good option for folks who can’t smoke cleanse.

Put your deck in numerical order (start wjth the major arcana, then go into minor arcana. Suit order doesn’t really seem to matter) once they’re all in order, shuffle and repeat the process once more. It’s kind of like hitting a reset button on your deck.

Personally once I reorder the cards a second time I like to let my cards sit in sunlight for a few minutes.

Obviously this can be pretty time consuming so if you don’t have the energy to do this process twice in a row then simply cut it in half. So if I put the cards in order the first time, then I’d just bathe them in sunlight for a bit and shuffle them then ^_^ neither way is wrong!