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lol and who is "ya'll"?? I just don't get how holding on to this resentment is healthy. if an actor says something I don't agree with about a fictional tv show I don't care about anymore, I keep scrolling - unless what they said was genuinely offensive (which as much as that post reached, he didn't say anything offensive about any minority group lmfao). this isn't even hate, I've followed you for ages and it's just getting weird that all of yall are still clinging on to this show.

1. you don’t have to say something offensive about “a minority group” in order to be problematic. bob’s interpretation of bellamy isn’t just flawed, it’s the picture of male entitlement. his whole sentiment was “well yeah, bellamy killed a bunch of people including octavia’s boyfriend but he’s sorry so like, what’s the big deal?” like feeling guilty about something automatically absolves you of fault. that’s not how the world works and it’s gross that he thinks that way.

2. as for your other point, based on your usage of the term “minority group” i’m gonna assume you’re probably white and most likely cishet, or so out of the loop that you just really have no idea what the show did to us to make us want to see it fail.

if you’ve been following me as long as you say you have, then i’m sure you know two things. 1) i don’t post very much t100 stuff anymore in general unless it’s reblogging clexa gifsets or the occasional commentary about the actors i like from the show, and 2) that march 3rd, and pretty much for a good one to two weeks following that date, i was spending much of my time on this website talking my followers out of suicide.

i’m 25. i have a lot of young, impressionable people following me and i honestly do feel a bit protective of them cause i’m on the older end of tumblr. many of those people were in my inbox telling me they didn’t see the point in living anymore because t100 had gone out of its way to prove their stories aren’t worth telling unless they’re tragedies. i spent weeks talking people out of suicide and even receiving suicide notes in my inbox that i never published out of respect.

you tell me, if people you care about were driven to suicidal ideation because of something a group of people got together and premeditated for their own gain, would you just “let it go”? or would you want some form of retribution for the pain they inflicted?

tl;dr: we still post about it occasionally because watching them fail is cathartic. it’s watching karma in action. if it really bothers you that much, you know where the unfollow button is.

“Gathering and distributing a log about a particular religious, racial or ethnic group's crimes — whether it's Jews in Nazi Germany or minority groups today — is about finding a way to splinter a nation and vilify a vulnerable minority in order to move against them.”

- Andrea Pitzer, author of the forthcoming One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps. It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day and Trump launched a Nazi policy on undocumented immigrants

“The herd is an opponent of all orders of rank, as it sees an ascent from beneath to above as a descent from the majority to the minority. The herd feels the exception, whether it be below or above it, as something opposed and harmful to it. Mistrust is felt towards the exceptions, and to be an exception is experienced as guilt.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §280 (edited excerpt).

‘lesser numbers’
   do not mean
  ‘lesser worth.’


Things Larries have done for the LGBT+ community:
  • Wrote fanfic
  • Sexually harassed minors in order to “prove” their ship.
  • Silenced actual gay people when they tell them they’re being homophobic
  • Used harmful stereotypes as “proof” of someone else’s sexuality
  • Have pretended that someone else’s sexuality is any of their business
  • Used the deaths of gay icons to prove how gay people “act”
  • Told an openly gay man he should die of AIDS
  • Harass and abuse women
  • Harass and abuse children and infants
  • Promote toxic masculinity by saying that anything men do that might be considered effeminate (such as showing affection toward other men) means that he’s gay.
  • Have not displayed any concern for actual gay people unless they can use them to further manipulate people into believing two young men are being closeted.  
  • Have not displayed any concern for lesbians or LGBT+ POC
  • Continue to display transphobia
  • Will dismiss another person’s sexuality when they don’t agree with them
  • Call people “hets” if they enjoy a heterosexual ship
  • Continue to ignore any other sexuality that is not homosexuality.

I mean, wow.  What a supportive group of people.

…or the Empire is doomed.

The Enterprise’s five-year mission is almost up. It figures, after one ion storm too many, Kirk finds himself trapped in a parallel universe with only Scotty and Bones by his side. There is no Federation in this dark world, only the Terran Empire. They kill as a first resort, and torture for the most minor of misdemeanors. In order to make it back home alive, Jim needs to act as this dark crew’s captain until he can. But after one brush against this Spock with a beard, getting home could be the least of his worries.

I may have started another set before actually finishing the other mirror one I started, buuuuuuut these take no time to finish, so it serves to be a good break from the ones that take about six hours each.

Also, how do you like my half-assed movie summary? Lol, I hate it. Yeah, the summary doesn’t go with the image (because this is mirror!Kirk), but I drew this before I decided to make it a mock poster.

I’ll probably make ones of the senior crew of the I.S.S. Enterprise in this set, instead of the other set (or that other one is being put on hold indefinitely), because this is 3x easier.

Sunguard Roll20 Update 4.3

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Still a significant amount of changes to be made based on feedback! Expect a 4.4 update here very soon!

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The Order of the Glowing Chalice is a minor order of the Sisters of Battle. Many of their members are drawn from the Schola Progenium facility on Vedill I. They are known for frequently going into battle together with the Storm Trooper 9th Iotan Gorgonnes Regiment, which also has many of its members originate from Vedill.

Napoleon once said, “give me 20,000 Cossacks and I will conquer the whole of Europe and even the world.”

In 2005, Russian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin were enlisting the help of the Cossack ethnic minority to keep order in Russia’s volatile southern regions.

The President personally introduced a Bill to the state Duma (parliament) that would create special Cossack security units to preserve law and order and fight terrorism. About 600,000 Cossacks would be eligible to join the units, the first of which could be formed by the end of the year. The move would mean an end to a 90-year hiatus of their traditional role as tough defenders of Russia’s border regions.

The word Cossack is derived from the Turkish word ‘Kazak,’ meaning freedom. In Russia, Cossack history inspires and emboldens. Dating back to their settlement on the steppes of southern Russia and the Ukraine in the 15th century, Cossacks were famed for their horsemanship, valour and ferocity.

During the middle ages Polish and Russian rulers enlisted Cossacks to defend their kingdoms against marauding Tatars. They were brutally repressed under Stalin’s reign due to their traditional power being viewed as a threat and thousands were transported to the Siberian Gulags. After the Soviet collapse in 1991, Cossack society slowly began to resurface.

Nowhere is the Cossack ideology more strong than in southern Russian cities and towns. The region boasts dozens of military bases, military academies, regional recruiting stations, and the headquarters of the great Don Cossack Army where Cossack children from the ages of 11 to 17 are taught the rich history of their culture. In addition to learning mathematics, science and language, the boys also learn everything from hand-to-hand combat to ballroom dancing. After graduation they are propelled in to the military where they are likely to serve in the war torn republics of the Caucasus for a minimum of three years.

However in Southern Russia, enthusiasm for a Cossack revival is far from unanimous. The region is a volatile mix of Muslim-Christian ethnic divisions; Ossetians, Chechens, Ingush, Dagestanis, and of course, ethnic Russians.

Photographer: Guy Martin

Witch tip:

You do not need to follow instructions for a spell down to a minor detail in order for it to work.  You do not have to cast a spell on the EXACT day it states.  You do not need every exact ingredient in order for a spell to work.  Moon phases don’t have to be exact in order for a spell to work.

Feel the need for a confidence spell?  Cast it.

Wanting to perform a binding spell?  Do it.

Witchcraft is about being in tune with your emotions and the energy around you.  If you feel the time is right to cast a certain spell, do it.

Simply put: Go with the energy flow.

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Given Alex has used lolicon images/sources for blog posts and art, I'm confused on why he hasn't been arrested if lolicon is illegal in the US. I mean, just report him for owning CP and get his age thrown in jail. (Disclaimer - I'm not from the United States, so I'm not up to date on the laws about this stuff.)

I can try to find enough sources to have him reported to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, but loli/con is wildly popular, so I don’t know how much good it’ll do.

-Mod Sega

For anyone that does not know:

Having pornography of an adult that looks like a child is considered child pornography, along with fictitious characters that are canonically minors engaging in obscene acts, and aging up minors in order to portray them in obscene acts. These are all illegal under US law, which can get you arrested and registered as a sex offender.

@report-a-predator @the-pedophile-archive