minor nine


This is my favorite project I have ever undertaken, I’ve gotta be honest.

Queen of Pentacles: Cherry Stone
King of Pentacles: Spinner Ironhands
Nine of Wands: Rosie Santos
Seven of Cups: Catalytic “CC” Sparkplug
Strength: Captain
Two of Pentacles: Sonny Atlas
Three of Swords: Splice

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Minor Aliases: 8/∞

↳ Jason Todd as Red Robin (New Earth)

While multiverse hopping with Donna Troy and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Jason Todd encountered a peaceful world, Earth-51. Apparently, the Batman that was indigenous to this world killed all the super-villains after the murder of his Jason Todd.

When the two met, Batman gave Todd the Red Robin uniform he made for his protégé when he outgrew the Robin mantle. Todd wore the Red Robin mantle throughout the rest of the series, but abandoned it for his Red Hood persona and his lethal methods.

Image Source:

Countdown to Final Crisis #6, 8, 10–11, 13–14
Promotional Art

Norwegians now can change genders legally with a mouse click

Washington Post reports:

Norway, a wealthy, progressive nation of 5 million people, recently became the fifth country in the world to allow adults to legally change genders without a doctor’s agreement or intervention. Argentina, Ireland and Denmark have similar laws. But only Malta and Norway have extended the liberalized rules to children.

Provided they have parental consent, Norwegian children as young as 6 can now self-identify as male or female, effectively overruling the gender assigned to them at birth. Anna is one of nine minors in the country to have taken advantage since the new rules were adopted in June.

With no requirement for surgery or counseling, the process is as easy as filing a tax return. So far, Norway has not refused a single application. Soon, Anna will receive the official letter confirming the government recognizes her as the girl she always knew herself to be.

Norwegian trans activist Christine Marie Jentoft is one of the adults who have made use of the new online form. To the Washington Post she says that she welcomes the ability to self-identify, adding that it’s not the government’s place to decide her gender.

Indeed, she is the only one who can possibly know her true gender.

More about Christine here!

Photo by David Keyton: Ten-year-old trans girl Anna Thulin-Myge from Haugesund, Norway.

the self care no one tells you about:

- keeping an aesthetically pleasing bullet journal;

- calling your school/college/whatever for certain reasons even though you would rather not;

- reading books which aren’t fiction, because seeing the example of powerful minority people is amazing when you part of a minority yourself, like Angela Davis’ Women, Race and Class, or perhaps Michaela DePrince’s Taking Flight, or Giuseppe Cattozella’s Never Say You Are Afraid (those are personal favorites, but of course you can read other ones!);

- watching shows that include minorities, such as Brooklyn Nine Nine (sitcom, Fox show), or The Get Down (netflix show, latino and black cast), perhaps even 3% (netflix show as well, first Brazilian netflix production!), Jane The Virgin (The CW show, Gina Rodriguez is amazing!).

- studying for that one exam even though you would like to quit;

- crying and holding yourself because nobody else is there to do it for you;

- telling yourself you are a good person, that you deserve better, even when you struggle to believe it,

- reading fiction books as well. but, please, happy ones! the first Harry Potter book isn’t full of death and misery, by the way.

- listening to your favorite song;

- please add more!

ok so if you don’t know how hard scott darling has worked to get here and how much of an inspiration he is to me, here is just a little bit of his story:

  • starts off on the university of maine’s team, gets kicked off the team because he develops a drinking problem partly substantiated by some form of social anxiety disorder
  • he was drafted by the coyotes, cut from their training camp, ends up playing in the southern professional hockey league
    • “I mean, at one point, I was on the worst team in the worst league, and they weren’t exactly raving to have me there,” Darling told the Chicago Sun Times.
  • bb boy finally realizes he has hit rock bottom, that he has to give up drinking, and starts to finally work his way back up again
  • he plays on NINE DIFFERENT MINOR LEAGUE TEAMS before getting to the blackhawks
  • and now here he is, HERE HE IS, starting in the playoffs, and kicking ass, and i am the proudest lady alive of my giant ginger son