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You can't argue with some hardcore anidala stans, but I agree with you. It's gross. You are right, if they were both 10 then that would be fine. But Padme is a lot older. And you've gotta ask yourself, if the roles were reverses and Padme was the 9 year old and Anakin was the 14 year old, would shippers still see it as cutsey or would it be problematic?

Also, that person and their cult of followers are saying stuff like “han and leia have an age gap so…” Well Han and Leia fell in love when they were both adults. Pushing for romantic love between Anakin and Padme when they were children, especially knowing that at a point Padme was an adult and Anakin was still a minor, is disturbing and is not the same as Han and Leia when they were both adults.

They are, aren’t they? I’m too exhausted to look at their blog but they can say whatever they feel like to justify themselves. Han and Leia fell in love when she was 22-23 (ESB takes place three years after ANH, and there was no romantic subtext in Hanleia during ANH, only LukeLeia). According to this person, Anakin fell in love with Padmé when he was nine and later on they even assert that she loved him back. The ridiculousness of this claim … They tried to feed me some nonsense about psychology of children and pushing on me that they could fall in love and have relationships (citing a movie involving two TEN-YEAR-OLDS), not even realising how creepy they sound talking so in depth about a child loving a teenager. And instead of saying “I remember when I was 14″ they said that they  apparently know adults with 14-year-old children …. which implies that they’re an adult within that age range (30+), ranting how they should be able to push romantic notions onto kids like Anakin. I’m 18 and I was 14 four years ago boo, and I find it creepy. Not to mention, this person had some ridiculous meta about how Ferus is the absolute devil and a huge bully to Anakin, although they’re both CHILDREN and Anakin is an unreliable narrator. Also, literally no one liked Ferus and talked about him behind his back, including Anakin. It’s like this person doesn’t know how children work!

I’ve lost him once, I can’t lose him twice (Newt x Reader)

Pairing: Newt Scamander/Reader

Words: 3063

Warnings: Kinda angsty I guess

A/N: First imagine, I hope you to enjoy it  English isn’t my mother language so sorry if there are grammatical mistakes

Request: Nope, this is because I’m trash

PD: God, I got a lot of trouble and I had to erased the original account where I post this and made other, so stressful, but here it is again! (Sorry for the ones who read and comment the original, love you peaches )

It was like you were the world’s favorite joke.

Like, how many chances are to fall head over heels for your best friend, twice?

Maybe one in a million, and you had to be the one, funny isn’t it? Yes, it isn’t.

Or maybe you didn’t fall in love twice, maybe you just never stopped loving him. Newt Scamander was the cute loving Hufflepuff;  with floppy cinnamon hair, beautiful hazel eyes and a sky of freckles that played along with his breathtaking shy smile; you got the luck to met in your first year at Hogwarts, and you became best friends really quickly, it was almost like a click. You two lived uncountable adventures like escape to the forbidden forest or hide a Niffler in his dorm.

He was your happiness, and you was his. An unbreakable friendship, or at least that was what you thought until third year. It was suppose to be wonderful, finally you’ll be able to receive Care of Magical Creatures, just you and Newt and a whole world of your beloved creatures.

That was the idea, but then, Leta Lestrange came into your life like a tornado, unexpected and destructive. At first you didn’t want to make it a big deal,  trying to be a good friend and not to “monopolize” Newt, besides, by that time you were a little reluctant about your more than friendly feelings towards Newt, so you wanted to take it easy. The problem began when it wasn’t so easy to ignore how your escapes to the forbidden forest became hers, or when your dozens of hours of talking with Newt about whatever, became dozens of hours talking about Leta.

And it hurt, it was like feeling a Crucio curse over and over again, and after almost two years in the same situation, you couldn’t take it any more, and you two started to distance, and he became more and more attached to Leta, while you were suffering because of the realization that you had fell in love with your best friend, and you just lost him.

It was the beginning of the sixth year when Newt and you talked again, all the cabins at the Hogwarts’ Express were full, except for one, one you got to share with Newt, apparently Leta decided to spend the Christmas break at Hogwarts. At the begging there was a uncomfortable silence and a lot of stolen glances, then you started a really weird conversation,  but it ended in laughs, like the beautiful old times… But you had to screw it.

Maybe you weren’t in all your senses when you brought up the subject of you two, and then Leta, you just couldn’t stop talking, it was almost a confession about your feelings, telling him how much you had miss him, and how Leta seems unfair with him sometimes, that she was just breaking your friendship, but you felt relieved because you were you, and Newt was Newt, and he would never get angry at you, right?


He didn’t yell at you, but you could felt his distressed icy voice stabbing your heart.

“For Merlin’s Beard Y/N, you can’t just dump me whenever you want and then return telling me that my, actually true fiend, is taking advantage of me. Can you please, I’m begging you, let me be happy, can you?”

A silent tear fell from his cheek while he abandoned the cabin in a race, you really didn’t notice the tears rolling down your face without any control until the Express’s whilst wake you up, until it was too late to run after Newt.


It was the last time you talked to him, you even didn’t see each other, it was officially over, he didn’t care about you, and you didn’t have to either, but you couldn’t help but care, far, far away you kept an eye on him, to make sure he was fine, sometimes you would find him sleep in the library and put a blanket over him, or a hot coco in his desk, although, he always thought it was Leta.

And you’re fine with that,  looking after him in silence. But you must break that silencie when you found out he was being expelled. So you run.

You run as fast as you could. Even when the salty water blur your eyes, you kept running, trying to catch the train whose whistle started to announce its departure.

“Newt! Newt”

His head pop out of a window, his teary eyes widen at your picture, running out of breath after him.

“I never dump you! I never stopped caring! I will always care!”

A small smile appeared in his sad face, his soft eyes were seeing directly to yours “I will owl you!” He said before disappearing from your vision.

“I love you…”


And you didn’t see Newt for years, sometimes you owl each other, but it wasn’t constant, you just know he had became a Magizoologist, and you’re so happy for him, actually you worked in the same department as him in the Ministry of Magic, but you entered by the time he was already in some sort of trip, so you never saw each other.

Until you got a new work, apparently someone in your division who was writing a book of magical creatures, make some “minor” disturbances in New York during his trip, your assignment was to assist and monitor him.

Big was your surprise when you found out that your new coworker was no one but Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, your best friend, your first love, the one you have “recovered from”.

“Newton” you said with a high pitch of surprise.

“Y/N” he smiled with gleaming eyes “You can call me Newt, you know?” A playful shy smile was painted in his freckled face.

And from that moment there was that “click” again, but this time, you will do it the right way, you wouldn’t fall for him, so you wouldn’t lost him.

Except that you didn’t do it the right way.

You actually fall for him, again.

But how could someone not fall for the caring, loving, handsome, shy, fantastic, quirky and absolutely adorable Magizoologist?

And that’s why you couldn’t blame Tina for falling for him too.

Apparently Newt has the same feelings for her. So the story was repeating. But you’re going to be strong, and do it the right way, you couldn’t get distant with Newt, again, you couldn’t lost him.

But nooo, you suck doing the right way in this too. You sight as you see the hot coco in your mug.

“Oh hun, please stop.” Said Queenie, the poor legilimens who has been all the week listening to your useless thoughts because you have been remembering your story with Newt all over again.

Maybe it was because you sure was losing Newt again!

“Maybe you should talk to him.”

“I don’t know Queenie… you know I have already lost him… And I don’t want to do it again…” The blonde and you had met in your Hogwarts years, but only by letters, you got involved in a funny event where you send an owl randomly and you met someone new from every part of the world, Queenie received yours, since then you had been owling each other.

You were surprised but mostly glad when Newt returned to New York with you to make a visit to the Goldstein sisters, and find out that this Queenie was actually the Queenie you knew, because it didn’t matter if you haven’t met her in person until that day, to you, Queenie Goldstein was your best friend.

“Oh dear, you’re my best friend too! How sweet!” You blush slightly and chuckle, the bubbly character of Queenie always cheer you up.

“Newt will be jealous if he finds out!”

Your face fades a little, sure he was going to, but just because of friendship.

“Oh hun! I’m sorry I didn’t meant to… You… Well, I insist you to talk with Newt.”

You look at her, maybe she was right… Queenie was right most part of the time. The legilimens laughed. “Well thank you!”

“Yeah… Maybe I should talk to Newt about this, even if he doesn’t see me the way I see him, also some time together could bright me up!”

“Yes! Now got into that case!”

Now you laugh, it was feeding time anyway.

“Thanks Queenie! You’re the best!” you said before going into the case, jumping a little.

“Oh, I know” Queenie smiled, suddenly her face went pale and her smile faded.


You were in Newt’s small shed, rolling up the sleeves of your working shirt, when someone open the door that separated the comfy room from a fantastic world full of the creatures that you utterly love. The handsome magizoologist made his appearance being completely adorable.

“Hi!” you greeted smiling “It’s feeding time! Also, can I talk to you about something?”

“Um, sure” his lopsided smile appeared in his face. “But, erm, it’s just that I’ve already feed the animals, with Tina.”

With Tina.

“Oh…” by the corner of your eye you could see Tina behind Newt, holding hands with him.

“It’s okay right? It’s just, I needed to talk some stuff with her and… Merlin’s beard, a-are you mad?”

You were staring directly to the floor, trying to hide your face. “Oh… Oh no, Newt, i-it’s fine” you forced a smile to him “Honestly I’m like super glad, I was too tired today! Now that I don’t have anything to do, I will go up an rest. Bye!” You climb up quickly and run out of the building just to collide into Queenie, who was in the front door fixing her scarf.

“A-Are you going out?” You said cleaning your tears, it was useless to lied to her, she was a legilimens.

Queenie nod with a sympathetic smile. “I’m going to MACUSA for some papers, and then I’ll visit Jacob, do you wanna come?”

“I sure want to” you link your arm with hers and you to stared to walk, you really needed distraction.


The walk with the blonde really helped, you were amazed by the architecture of the MACUSA building, and Jacob’s pastries really helped lighten your mood, the owner of the bakery decided to walk you home.

So the five of you were currently having dinner in a, little, uncomfortable silence.

“You know? Y/N went with me to MACUSA!” Queenie exclaimed out of nowhere, you lift up your face with curiosity.

“Oh nice! Did you like it?” Tina smiled at you excited.

“Oh, yes, the architecture is very catching” you said shyly playing with a baby carrot in your plate.

“Well Y/N just looked  interested in architecture, but some Aurors looked more interested in Y/N” Queenie said with a playful demeanor.

Your ears went red.

“Queenie!” you scold ashamed.

“Oh! And then, at the bakery, a bunch of no-majs were thinking a little bit loud about Y/N too!”

Newt seemed to flinch, you looked at him with curiosity, why did he reacted that way…? Your mind managed to create a lot of theories and conspiracies.

Then you see it.

Tina’s arm had brushed Newt’s. That was why he flinched, because he was shy and cute, and skin contact with another human affected him in such a beautiful way…

“Yeah… I-It was funny” you smiled a little “Jacob’s delicious creations has already satisfied my appetite, so sorry” you excuse yourself and went to Newt’s and yours bedroom.


You went down into the case, just to stopped to see Leta’s picture, it still hurts that Newt has a photo of Leta but none of you…

A sigh scape from your mouth as you went to the Niffler’s cave, the little pest was so nice at you. The furry animal curled up at your chest when you carry him in a hug.

“Hey there buddy…” you said rubbing his belly, he made content sounds making you chuckle. “You know? I wish I could be a Niffler, to stole Newt’s shiny golden heart…”

You see the small creature as a tear rolled down to your sad smile.

“Why was Leta a better Niffler than me?” You sit against the Niffler’s habitat cooing him. “I mean, I understand that Tina is a better Niffler, she is so cool and badass and just… I dunno, although Leta was badass too… Maybe it’s because I’m clumsy sometimes? Or do I cry too much?” you looked up to the sky “I’m a terrible little pest… Maybe I should have stayed away from Newt, I would like to run away…”

The Niffler make a little squeak, afraid of losing you.

You chuckle hugging him more “But I have you… And all the creatures, the case… Everything… Newt…” you sight while your voice cracked “Newt… Why did I had to fall in love with him…?” you cried, stressed “At Hogwarts I thought It was just a crush, but all this time, I never move from him, what does that means? That I will love him forever?” You lift up the Niffler trying to figure out an answer.

“I certainly hope so…” a well-known voice said behind you.

You froze.

Slowly, but like, really slowly, you turn around to see Newt’s head pop out behind the Niffler’s tree.

“O-Oh my god… I didn’t, I-I wasn’t… I… I…” you covered your face trying to hide your shame, the Niffler run into his shiny cave, like giving you two some privacy.


You looked at him, making the effort to not break at his sight “I-Im so sorry, I-I didn’t meant to ruin our friendship, and I don’t want anything to change! I know you would never liked me back and that’s why I never told you! We can just pretend you didn’t heard anything!” you smiled, in an attempt to be strong.

“I’m tired of pretending, Y/N…”

Your heart broke a little, the fear running through your veins.

“S-So… Y-You want me to disap-”

Newt interrupted you abruptly.

“I’m tired of pretending I’m not in love with you, Y/N.”

Your eyes widened as you opened your mouth in surprise. “Y-You… You what?” Were you dreaming?

“I’m completely in love with my best friend, with you.”

“But you and Tina…” in your mind, this wasn’t making any sense.

Newt sigh walking in front of you, he helped you stand up holding you close to him.

“Yeah, that’s true, I was attracted to Tina, and also to Leta, but it’s not like what I feel for you, and I thought they could make my feelings go away… But they couldn’t, and I didn’t notice how much did it hurt you…” you could notice the glossy regret in his eyes as he caresses your cheek. “I… Queenie show me your letters to her… The ones were you told her how sad you were when Leta came, and how you cared about me in silence even though I always thought it was Leta, I also notice the marks of tears in the paper…” he sighed “Oh Y/N… I’m so sorry, I was so… So confused, and mad, because when I decided to tell you my feelings you started to get away, and I thought it was because you’re tired of me, and that you could never love me… But I didn’t realize I was the one that was pushing you back…”

You wanted to say something, but all this information gathering into your brain was to much to stated an understandable sentence, so you just stared directly at Newt’s eyes, at those beautiful green sea eyes that shines with a hint of ambar like a sun.

“And I didn’t notice either that it was happening again… I don’t love Tina… She is a really good friend, she was helping me to get over my feelings with you because I couldn’t take it anymore and I didn’t wanted to lose you…”

Newt looked directly in to your eyes, you move your hand softly and stroke his cheek, then in a delicate movement you pinched his cheek.

He flinched at the sudden attack. “What was that for?”

“I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming…”

A little smile spread across your face as Newt’s thumb cleaned away your sad tears.

“Y/N I-”

You cut him off, brushing your lips against his in a subtle, sweet movement, like an invitation for a dance, which Newt gladly accepted when he placed his hands around your waist, pulling you as closer as he could and shutting down his eyes to concentrate in the feeling of your lips, as the beat of your hearts started to race, the rhythm of the dance became more passionated, you and Newt had a perfect synchrony, the perfect match.

As the dance finished and you two pull out to breath, it was everything understood. You and Newt smiled to each other in a silent agreement. He pull you into a hug, ready to live the love you two have deserved for so many years.

Neither of you were going to lose each other, never.

You and him, started dancing again.

The end.


“Why don’t you have a photo of me like Leta’s?”


Newt sight as he searched for something in his peacock blue coat, the he suddenly take out a A6 sized album full of photos of you two and just you.

“Oh…” you blushed.

“Wait, I think I have other photos here” he searched again, making you chuckle.

“Oh! You really love me, don’t you Mr. Scamander?”

“Just a smidge” he said with a happy flattered smile.


Omg it’s my first fanfic ever xD I hope that it was okay and you had enjoyed it, pls tell me what I could do better! Thank you guys I really love this fandom! (Yeah, I’m kind of new in HP community, but so far it’s beautiful ) Be a limited edition in this world full of cheap copies! And remember, your existences matters.

Chapter 1: An Occurrence at the Three Broomsticks Inn

Summary: “Are you,” the disembodied voice moaned lowly, its tone shaking her guts, rattling her lungs, robbing her of air, cleaving her heart into halves. “Are you coming to the tree?

A/N: The Hunger Games/Harry Potter crossover. AU Everlark/HP canon divergent. Takes place several decades after the events of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows but has absolutely nothing to do with anything that happens in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

Rated E for explicit language, minor character deaths, disturbing imagery, and sexual content.

With thanks, as always, to my betas: @dandelion-sunset, @eala-musings, @everlylark, and @jennagill. For @thegreatorangedragon

Available on AO3.

The candle resting atop the pocked mahogany desk guttered, its feeble flame hissing as it met a sudden and unceremonial demise. It was the sixth time in as many minutes that a passing draught had extinguished the flame, and, plunged into darkness yet again, the witch who had been attempting to read by it sighed impatiently.

Lumos,” she grumbled under her breath, watching the letters of the charm curl away from her in the frosty air by the light of her wand. (Twelve inches of mahogany, with a phoenix feather core, the wood as unyielding as the witch who now held it and as scarred and battered as the desk in front of her).

But it was pointless.

Her office in the Astronomy Tower—with its ancient, cracked stones held together by crumbling mortar—was freezing. Whenever the east wind blew, the room became an ice cave, colder and darker and more haunted than the deepest reaches of the Great Lake. There was no spell or charm that could rid the tower of the pervasive chill that insisted on seeping into it, settling its way into the bones of anyone unfortunate enough to have to linger there for long. Even with a thick Himalayan Yeti wool blanket draped across her lap, she couldn’t stop shudders from wracking her body, rattling her slender frame so hard her teeth clacked in her skull.

So be it.


Imagine The Cloak of Levitation interrupting sexy time with Stephen

- Stephens POV -

Kissed by silver moonlight and stroked by a lingering shade of pink across her cheeks, Y/N was truly the most beautiful think that ever existed beneath my eyes. Soft, fragile, dainty yet something about her resembled the strength of a precious gem.

She was tightly pressed against my trembling body which got more aroused with he every touch. Her fingers were rythmically dancing up and down the blue fabric of my garments, as if she was playing the delicate strings of a musical instrument.

I could hardly contain my sexual frustration by this point. I had been desperate for her closeness and touch for a long time and as much as I enjoyed the divine sensation of her fingertips against my chest I simply craved for more.

It wasn’t untill i felt the shifting of the sheets beneath us that i remembered my companion that was tightly clamped to my neck, yet I was too engaged in the passionate kisses we shared to do something about it and i simply hoped that that would be the last intervention that The Cloak of Levitation had in store for the night.
Oh was I wrong.

I seemed to have forgotten about the minor disturbance untill i felt the familiar fabric push its way between us. Y/N groaned, audibly dissatisfied at the loss of contact that we had before. I joined into her frustration and simply pushed it away yo where it laid originally.

As I was about to lay my hads onto her waist i felt her hot breath tickle the delicate flesh of my neck and her lips brushing against it. Yet my bliss didn’t last long. As she tried to take off my cloak it must have smacked her hand away for she let out a scream that tore across my room and my ear drums and she backed away in panic.

I was close to madness. After seeing the fear riddled expression I jumped out of bed as I fought to strip myself from the red hazard. After a few harsh tugs at my collar I managed to take it off quickly and slam it into my closet before turning the lock.
- “ Sorry about that.” - I said to Y/N who was cheerfully chuckling and hiding beneath the covers, looking sexier than ever and once again awakening the burning flame of lust that was raging inside me.
- “ Where were we..” - I growled lustfully whilst joining her under the satin sheets.

You Should Know Better Pt.4

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six)(Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen) (Part Sixteen)

Summary: After dismissing class early, Natalie walks outside only to get into a heated argument with her ex. Joe, after settling himself down, stumbles upon the mess and inserts himself into the altercation. 
POV: Okay, I really fucked with the POV here, but it’s supposed to be Natalie’s
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Landon
Word Count: 2600ish??
Author’s Note: This chapter literally picks up right after the last one, so, if you haven’t read part three, go ahead and read that sucker now. I don’t know why, but I struggled a bit with this chapter because having to control more than one person is a bitch. 
Quote:   “The moment people run out of ways to socially express themselves, they resort to physical violence.”



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So after a year of not publishing anything, at all, I’m gearing up to finally post the next chapter of Crosshairs I’d written a year ago. I’ve been writing a lot, despite not posting anything, bouncing between projects as my muse directs me, and getting shit done. That will probably come soon! And… everyone will probably need a refresher on what the hell was actually happening since it’s been that long

So without further ado, a peek:

Olivia started awake, her whole body jumping up to a sitting position in one second flat. Her heart galloped in her chest and she instinctively reached out for her sidearm, to combat that threat that lingered in the fog of her still half-asleep brain.

Dread lingered in her veins like honey and unease swooped through her like a tornado. She saw but didn’t see the world around her. Gritty rocks, no lights, the world a backdrop for the visions of the beacon co-mingling with her own nightmares. Every face that died was Kelila or Jill or her parents. Every scream was the one that haunted her footsteps when she was sixteen and running for her life. The world was silent but her ears roared with sound.

It wasn’t until a leg twitched against hers, followed by a soft sigh of minor sleep disturbance, that her own sleep-addled brain finally made the distinction between reality and dreams.

One: she was fine. There were no immediate threats, the camp had not been breached, and no one was hovering over her with a knife. The only other soul awake was Wrex, standing a few meters away at his guard post, who spared her a glance before returning his eyes forward. His expression as unreadable as ever.

Olivia fervently prayed she hadn’t whimpered in her sleep prior to waking.

Two: the leg that had now sprawled over hers belonged to Kaidan Alenko. Out cold and radiating heat like a furnace. Which led Olivia to…

Three: she was not on her sleeping pad. In fact, her sleeping pad was one foot to her left. Not that it was much different from the ground they slept on, providing only sufficient insulation against cold temperatures - something her envirosuit was already doing, negating the need for even that meager level of accommodation. Kaidan, however, was warm. She could feel it through the soft parts of her suit. Olivia spared a glance past Kaidan and was assured to see even Williams had drifted closer to the Lieutenant. Not quite off her sleeping mat as Olivia clearly had been, but enough to reassure Olivia that her sleeping intentions had been pure of heart.

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Here’s mine:

1) Love Bites (So do I) by Halestorm
2) A Candlelit Dinner with inamorta by Asking Alexandria
3) New Version of You by Reel Big Fish
4) A Lesson Never learned by Asking Alexandria
5) Dead Set by Defeater
6) To Them These Streets Belong by Rise Against
7) High Road by Fort Minor
8) Take Me Down by Tonight Alive
9) Die… A LOT by Psychostick
10) Good Things by A Day To Remember
11) Have Faith In Me (Acoustic) by A Day To Remember
12) Welcome to the Family by A Day To Remember
13) Cisco Kid by Sublime
14) Never Again by Disturbed
15) Pts.Of.Athrty by Linkin Park
16) In Friends We Trust by Chunk, No! Captain Chunk!
17) Farewell to Shady Glade by Of Mice & Men
18) The Little Things Give You Away by Linkin Park
19) Boyfriend by Reel Big Fish
20) Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover) by Halestorm


Words: 3,914
Sammy x Reader
Warnings: death of minor character, disturbing descriptions/imagery, scary situations, mentions of nightmares, anxiety, & insomnia
A/N: Part 1 here! Welp. We’re gettin’ into it now… Hold onto ya pants, kids!

Your name: submit What is this?

Your best friend Jamie was frowning at you softly as she handed you a cup of tea. You accepted it out of politeness but immediately set it down on the coffee table. You didn’t really have the stomach for anything lately.

Jamie noted the action. “It’s not getting any better?” she asked, not really needing an answer.

”No.” Your voice was thin and quiet.

”Still not sleeping?”

You shook your head. “Not really. A little when I’m just too exhausted to keep my eyes open but as soon as I fall asleep it’s like—it’s like slipping into dark, black water. There are nightmares waiting just below the surface.” Your eyes were hollow as you spoke, and Jamie felt a wave of fear for you. “Always…” you trailed off, and your expression was even emptier as your mind crept back to places where Jamie wasn’t sure she could reach you.

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dannymay day nineteen

Today is,,, an unconventional take on the prompt, yet again. This is coming from the person who wrote about Wes for two prompts that wouldn’t really deal with Wes. 

ao3 link here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10780767/chapters/24369786

prompt: angst/laughing

Someone had made an offhand comment during one of Tucker’s classes, specifically his Calculus course, about the Fentons. How they weren’t all right in the head, how the Fentons believed in things that didn’t exist, that Jazz couldn’t find a way to make friends, how Danny was scared of ghosts, which don’t even exist, and Tucker started laughing. Full out laughing. The kid (Emmanuel?) gave Tucker a very odd look, as Tucker’s laughs diminished.

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Like/reblog if you’re into any of the following bands:

1. Evanescece
2. All Time Low
3. System Of A Down
4. Three Days Grace
5. Linkin Park
6. Green Day
7. In This Moment
8. Flyleaf
9. Of Mice & Men
10. Breaking Benjamin
11. Seether
12. Pierce The Veil
13. Avenged Sevenfold
14. Hollywood Undead
15. Arctic Monkeys
16. Papa Roach
17. Skillet
18. Fort Minor
19. Disturbed
I’ll follow back all.

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What are your Pokemon fic recs? I've been reading TAC and TAC II since the first one finished and yes its a masterpiece and it fits into canon perfectly.

I have so few fic recs because Pokemon fanfiction is tolerable at best so like I spend my days sifting through band aus and high school aus, both of which I dESPISE WITH A FIERY PASSION, trying to find quality shit.  I CAN REC YOU SOME OF MY FAVES THOUGH

Okay well you already know TAC and TACII, so:

Cold Blooded Killers and its sequel, The Indigo Connection.  It’s been a while since I last read it but I remember being pretty fond of it.  It’s an assassins au.

ClicheStorm and its sequel, ClicheStorm 2.  This is actually by far one of my favourites because literally, Hilda is me.  Basically the premise is that Hilda ends up getting Kyurem as a starter and, miraculously, is not OP.  Kyurem can also transform into a human so it’s just a whole fuckton of hilarity.  You will ADORE this one.

Lock and Key, which an Ikarishipping fic and it’s so fucking amazing like it’s iN CHARACTER WHAT KIND OF SORCERY.

The Turning Point of Hobo Girl Leaf.  It’s OldRivalShipping, which it right up there with Ikari for my #1 fave pokeship.  It’s three chapters but…it hasn’t been updated in 5 years.  Brb sobbing.

If I Lost on Purpose, Would You Stop Following Me? THIS IS LITERALLY ONE OF THE FUNNIEST POKEMON FICS I HAVE EVER READ IN MY GODDAMN LIFE literally, this fic is just a mess it’s amazing.  It gets sO good later on.  SoulSilvershipping obv.

Outrunning.  Another SoulSivershipping fic that I think does a pretty amazing job of getting Silver down to a pat.

Rivalry Cruise.  Contest and Festivalshipping.  I liked this one, I read it a while ago.  

minor disturbances.  It’s an Ikarishipping drabble series and it’s…violently in character to the point of which I’m somewhat convinced the creators of the show wrote it.

You Know What They Say About Hockey Players.  This is such a cute fic, regular ships with a focus on Ikari.

Home.  Ikari and it’s…so…cute.  Like…I can’t spoil anything for you, but it’s “home is where the heart is” meets emotionally constipated Paul

Jacket.  Ikari (again), and it’s v cute v pure too good for this world.

Yeah, this is all I have to suggest, sorry! Happy reading, though, these are all so good your skin will be cleared.

On July 11, 1995, Europe was revisited by the horrors it promised would “never again” occur on its soil. In the Bosnian town of Srebrenica, the very heart of Europe, eight thousand Bosnian Muslim boys and men were systematically slaughtered just five decades after the Holocaust.
This week, 20 years on, the world will commemorate that genocide. But even as we do so, ethnic cleansing will be taking place again. Again, it is directed against the Muslim population of a country that has lived there for generations. Again, it is the religious identity of the persecuted that justifies their persecution. And again, the world is doing little to address that persecution or the pervasive hate that gives rise to it.
It is Myanmar’s Rohingya, the “world’s most persecuted minority”, who today draw disturbing parallels to the plight of the Bosnian Muslims two decades earlier.

“ You’ve gone with the thick rims

big look with the lip rings n’ things

wake me when the bell rings

I’m gonna be sleep ‘cause you live in my daydreams”

So! Long overdue art of my first proper fallout oc, Buggsy. This started out just as a doodle of his jacket bc it’s pretty, uh, distinctive, but it blossomed into this sketchy mess. Dunno, I’m happy with it! Backstory under the cut. @trashofthewasteland

Born in the Mojave to a raider named Roach and captured wastelander he never knew the name of, Buggsy was brought into the world out of malice and chem-induced frenzy. His mother didn’t survive long after his birth, and upon seeing the pale, freckled child that he had somehow reared, Roach treated him with nothing less than typical raider brutality. He was beaten and abused by his dad’s crew often, mostly because they didn’t see why they should let him bring a kid along if he was just going to cause problems and suck up resources. Out of some shred of paternal instinct, Roach was determined to find a use for the child. On several occasions, he used Buggsy to bait travelers and caravans off the road where they could hit them easier; other times, he would run chems and booze for his father’s gang, able to get into places like Freeside without drawing too much attention. 

Buggsy ended up successfully running away when he was twelve, and fled to the sanctuary of the outskirts of an NCR camp. The soldiers there had a strange relationship with the little squatter, occasionally bringing him in for baths and food, other times paying him small sums to collect scrap from the ruins in the area. It was about four years before he was able to muster enough junk and scrap to set out on the roads, trailing other caravans distantly, selling what little he could find and jury-rig. He began calling himself a trader of sorts, and eventually got pretty good at it; his charisma grew and his eye for goods and prices sharpened, polishing off his social skills with the help of one NCR recruits who taught him to read. About a year goes by, buying and selling, before he’s saved up enough to buy a pack brahmin and names it Crackers.

He loved that brahmin like it was family. Around this time he’s about 17. He joins up with a scavver and treasure hunter for a few months, traveling around, doing odd jobs. They split up because of mobility issues with Crackers and the obvious risk of traveling with a loaded trade brahmin. Now on his own, a few months later, he’s witness to the massacre at Nipton from a distance. Seeing the brutality that the Legion is capable of wracked him psychologically. A small Legion detachment got wind of him and pursued him into a derelict Wattz Electronics building infested with Feral Ghouls. Giving up the chase due to the obvious risk and likelihood of Buggsy’s death, the Legion forgot about him. Now stuck in a maze of a building with little to no light sources and even less ammunition, he had no choice but to hole up there for two days, avoiding threats. He routinely set mines with what little supplies he had, considering he’d had to abandon Crackers in the chase, an even that he still hasn’t necessarily forgiven himself fully for. 

After many close encounters and little sleep, he was able to shack himself in conjoining office and workshop behind the storefront. He gathered whatever materials that weren’t falling apart and studied, gathered tech and info. Among the spoils of his unfortunate encounter were several beginner’s guides to text-based coding, electronics repair and a plethora of other copied information he was able to glean from a hacked terminal. Able to escape and get back on the road, he hid in the wilderness for a few months, reading and practicing his new-found knowledge. He taught himself how to upkeep and deal with energy weapons, travelling wherever he could find a workbench and tools to collect. He learned to understand them as circuits and flow of electrons rather than dangerous objects, as tools rather than weapons. 

 In addition to his new fascination with energy weapons, he eventually met a former Great Khan, bitter in his old age about the success of a group that had apparently mistreated him during his “active years”. The old timer took him in and taught him a few tips on how to create his own chems, and how to deal with already-existing ones, calling these learning sessions “Anarchy’s Chemistry Lessons”. The events at Nipton changed Buggsy somehow, retaining the new information and equations with surprising efficiency. Frequent trips back to Freeside helped hone his supply, and forced him to travel light. He wasn’t a merchant anymore, he was a Chem-peddler, travelling in and out of rotting medical facilities and labs to gather ingredients to distill into the various intoxicants of the wasteland.
Among his own personal brand of chems, he has successfully synthesized & distributed;
‘Nightstalker’: A violent mix of Cat Eye & Psycho, perfect for night-owls and particularly, NCR night patrols. 
‘Sledgehammer’/’Jack-knife’: Part Med-X and part Ant Nectar, good for bodyguards and hand-to-hand fighters for pushing their body past normal it’s limits.
‘Dragon’/’D-sticks’: Powdered Xander Root and cooked-down glowing fungus, sold usually in one or three dose cones made from pre-war dollars. 
‘Baby Blue’: By far one of the most complicated drugs to synthesize, amounts of crushed Broc Flower/Hubflower are dissolved in measured portions of antifreeze and engine coolant before boiling off the excess and stoppered in Nuka-Cola bottles with an inhaling mouthpiece. The name comes from the blue-green granules that fill the bottom of the bottle. The bottle is shaken, creating numbing fumes that are inhaled through the mouthpiece. Effects include minor visual disturbances, nausea, fatigue, numbness, and intense, unpredictable euphoria.

lots-of-words profile: Braden


  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Miqo’te
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: light-blonde

The Facts:

  • Name Day: Some day kinda-sorta close to the fall time. Maybe.
  • Occupation: professional thief, conman, hustler, craftsman, whatever makes him some coin
  • Allegiance: proud patriot of Bradenstan
  • Sexual identification: heterosexual
  • Romantic identification: heteroromantic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Criminal History: On the record? Petty theft, minor fraud, disturbing the peace, public intoxication, resisting arrest. Off the record? Well..
  • Relationship Status: Involved
  • Sweet on: @cinnamon-suncat


  • Favourite food: BREAD. In all of its wondrous variations. Sweet breads, quick breads, unleavened breads, whole grains, sourdough loaves, cheesy breads, fruity breads.. bread.
  • Favourite drink: If liquor’s what he’s sippin’, he’s sure to be kickin’.
  • Favourite artist: Probably his tattoo artist, Eirie. Syr is pretty good at the gold paint thingie so her too
  • Favourite scents: Fresh, cool, breezy pines. Which is perplexing since he hates the forest 
  • Favourite person: Outside of Syr, probably his childhood best friend/romantic partner Rheina

Ten facts

  • Braden grew up a slave to a pair of criminals who raised children as criminals and sold them, but you probably already knew that.
  • Braden has been incarcerated for serious offenses once - and it was because he allowed himself to be captured in order to rob the prison’s warden. To try to cement his status as a convict, he had Eirie give him a prison tattoo, but it was far too pretty and nicely-done to convince anyone.
  • Braden actually knows his birth name - “K'aran,” as it was listed in a document regarding his ‘sale’. He considers K'aran to be a different person - one who died with his tribe, and refuses to readopt the name, though.
  • Because of the circumstances of his youth, Braden has a homicidal hatred for slavers. At least once, this has extended to a wealthy individual who, while not technically a slaver, more or less forced a dozen women to work as his servants because of unpayable debts he had leveraged against them through deceit and exploitative means.
  • Braden is quite wealthy. As a skilled thief he regularly makes loads of money off of heists; however, outside of nice clothes and nice food, he lives well below his means and is quite stringently conservative with his money. (Growing up scrounging to survive tends to have this effect.) He’s generous when it comes to other people, though - he’s a big tipper and he’s bailed friends out of trouble many, many times.
  • Speaking of friends, Braden has a lot of them. Having gotten into dozens of adventures, and given his ostentatious and charismatic personality, Bray has a professional contact, old comrade, business partner, fence, former lover, or other manner of acquaintance in every town, port, settlement, and backwater tavern across half of Hydaelyn. It’s a running thing in Syrena and Braden’s adventures that they constantly come into contact with his past lovers, people who owe him money, or people he’s helped out.
  • He has a distinctly Ishardian scene tattooed across one of his arms - something that, given his hatred of the cold (and of Coerthas in general), seems quite odd. He has it because he told his tattoo artist, Eirie, one of his best friends, that he wanted her to tattoo him with something that was important to her, as a sort of living 'tribute’ to her on his skin. As a Coerthan exile, she covered his arm in the scene of dragons, knights and rolling, snowy mountains.
  • Braden often keeps many of the treasures from his heists, hoarding them in safehouses and vaults scattered in secret places across Eorzea. He has a pile of wealth stuffed into his apartment, though it’s mostly stuff he has legitimate legal claim to (so if the law comes snooping, they can’t cart him away for having the Sultana’s jewels laying on his dresser.) The exception are special sentimental things shoved into the pile, which until recently included a curious, bejeweled tiara.
  • Braden doesn’t like fighting. It’s always far more trouble than it’s worth, when escaping hastily works twice as well with fewer complications. Consequently, while Bray is in pretty good shape and has a nicely-toned torso, his legs are definitely the strongest part of him - good for running, jumping, scrambling up walls, over fences, swimming under the docks to hide from guards, and more.
  • Braden once sailed on a pirate ship, long ago, with a crew of cutthroats. They called him 'cleanskin’ and 'prettyface’, as he was young, relatively unblemished, in spite of having a bad attitude and a massive chip on his shoulder. He got his first tattoo on a drunken dare, mostly to chase away those irritating nicknames.

Five Things:

He likes:

  • Sex
  • Crafting things
  • Witty banter
  • Running cons
  • Crashing parties

He dislikes:

  • Slavers
  • The Shroud
  • Mushrooms
  • Cold weather
  • Quiet

Good traits:

  • Charismatic
  • Generous
  • Witty
  • Adventurous
  • Self-sufficient

Bad traits:

  • Cowardly (occasionally)
  • Lazy
  • Promiscuous (..though not really, recently)
  • Greedy
  • Dishonest/frequent liar


  • Forests
  • Dark, enclosed places
  • Dragons, and other large lizard-y things
  • Abandonment
  • Betrayal

Personalities he avoids:

  • Authoritative/power-trippers. This includes lots and lots of different people. Law enforcement, military, rule-followers, rule-creators, rule-interpreters.. if you’re involved in the boring minutiae of something silly like 'keeping society orderly’, you’re likely to earn an eyebrow-roll from Braden. He’s wary of religious people for this reason. Most importantly, if you ever try to shame him for being a shameless, promiscuous flirt, he will scoff a hearty scoff at you. Go to bed, grandpa, it’s time for the kids to have fun now.
  • Pushy loudmouths, especially the kind that are abusive assholes to the underprivileged - beggars, prostitutes, refugees, servants, waitresses. If you’re trying to impress the tavern serving girl with your tales of machismo and riches and then you leave a stingy tip after grabbing her ass while she giggled uncomfortably all evening, chances are you’ll wake up naked and coinless in the middle of a road to nowhere the next day, with 'FUCKHEAD’ tattooed onto your forehead after a wild night out with your 'new, handsome blonde friend’. Braden absolutely loves running cons on rich, belligerent idiots.
  • -Ruthless/aggressive individuals with little regard for life. Braden’s not a bleeding heart and people die often, but going out of one’s way to disregard the impact of one’s actions on others (especially the aforementioned less privileged) will quickly earn one a poor rapport with the thief. Bray is a thief - the definition of selfish - so if you’re too much of an uncaring dick to get on his nerves, you’ve really gotta be something.
  • Unadventurous individuals. People with no sense of excitement or adventure are going to be antagonized into going on dangerous, exciting adventures if they hang out with Braden, whether they like it or not. Complete sticks-in-the-mud who refuse to have law-breaking, imperiling 'fun’ with him will turn him off quite a bit.
  • Scholarly/bookish types. Unless you’re a pretty gal he thinks he can get to cause trouble with him, he will sigh lazily and probably fall asleep during your philosophical debates on aether and Nym and what-the-fuck-ever. Hit the snooze on that conversation, professor, let’s go break into a bank vault somewhere.

Personalities he gravitates toward:

  • Flirts. Braden eats, breathes, and especially sleeps dirty conversation and flirtatious banter. He certainly loves sex, but that needn’t be the sole goal of flirting, since it’s fun in and of itself. Individuals as libertine as himself are likely to draw positive attention from him.
  • Adventurers. Anyone willing to risk his or her neck for the thrill of exploration, discovery, riches, and fame, is someone after Braden’s own heart.
  • Chaotic/lawless types. Flouting the rules is itself a glorious declaration of the freedom of the individual, and if you break rules for the sake of being able to say you did, Bray will love you. Not just legal rules, either - spitting on social convention, rejecting cultural norms, dressing in black leather and dying your hair bright-green because you fucking want to - you’re gonna be giving Bray a hard-on just saying that.
  • Rebels/freedom fighters. Braden’s not really a 'big struggle’, 'big picture’ sort of guy. He’s not going to die fighting for any cause (he’d rather not fight or die). He just wants to have fun, find secrets, get rich, meet good people, and have lots of sex. That said, he does tend to find himself appreciating people who struggle against oppression and fight against tyranny. He’s definitely not going to join the fight, (at least not willingly), but fighting the system is definitely something he likes.
  • Streetwise people. Do you know a guy two alleyways over who can procure anything? Are you the guy two alleyways over who can procure anything? Are you a thief with her ear to the ground, the spymaster with shadows around every corner? Is the city itself a living, breathing entity to you, one you know how to speak to, how to manipulate? You’re just Braden’s type.