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The R/Ace Discourse

The thing that kills me about people using that AVEN 2014 Census to somehow “prove” that the majority of aces are white, is that those same people absolutely refuse to acknowledge that the census itself, while admittedly the largest census ever taken on aces, is still a pretty shitty census when it comes to proving anything at all.

I mean, it only surveyed 14,210 people in literally the entire world. Which, btw?

- 63.6% of all participants were from the United States.
- 23.4% of all participants in total didn’t even identify as ace.
- 66% of all participants were students.
- and 48.1% of all participants were either atheist or agnostic.

(Which isn’t to imply that being an atheist or agnostic is strange, but rather to point out that they are typically underrepresented in many communities, so to see atheists and agnostics in such high numbers on a census is as strange as seeing students such in high numbers.)

Oh, and just so you know? Of those 77.3% of people who identified as white on the census? That was not only taken solely from the United States, with data from all other countries not being shown, but also included the non aces on the census. So, y'know. That should be considered.

But seriously, to take that census as an honest and clear indicator of the worldwide ace community is wrong in so many ways that I can hardly unwrap them all. To talk about it all could take days. The sample size alone was horrible. The fact that people are quoting it without taking the fact that they included non-aces is mind-boggling. The fact that it’s so US-centric is incredibly annoying.

But to its credit, the survey points out something that the anti-ace brigade refuses to acknowledge in any way: that it is not in fact indicative of the asexual community in any way. Hell, it says so right on the census report itself.

And I quote:

“It is crucial to note that the asexual spectrum respondents do not represent asexual spectrum people in general, but rather, the people who have sufficient contact with the community in order to have found the survey. Furthermore, some ace communities are over- or under-represented because of differences in recruiting* effectiveness. Lastly, the non-ace respondents do not represent the population as a whole, but rather, the kind of people who have contact with aces or ace communities.”

*recruitment meaning sharing the survey with people/communities willing to take the survey.

So. There you go. The r/ace discourse continues to be shitty, especially when people not only use a survey like this as an accurate representation of the worldwide ace population, but specifically use this census as a brush with which to erase asexual people of color from the conversations taking place.