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Of course I went to see it the day it came out
  • Me before watching Spider-Man: AHhh I'm so exited !!!! This is gonna be awesome!:D
  • Me at the end: what the
  • Me at the very end: OK it was still amazing
  • Peter: my son

I like movies with no plot, games with no goal, and vodka with no ice. I’m clearly not of this world.

— Schmüdde (@dschmudde)

December 18, 2013

Look around. In this very moment, you can do anything you want to, limited only by your physical limitations in time and space. Lick the window. Drag your knuckles on the floor. Hug the person next to you. It’s your prerogative. That’s the beauty of life. Total freedom within any moment.

Games and movies restrict freedom; they shrink it down to a few rules for us to operate within. Video games use goals. Movies use plot. These devices don’t have to be simple, but they usually are. Most video games offer spatial challenges - clearing levels of bad guys by navigating space, for example - most films illustrate social challenges - how a hero navigates various outside pressures, sometimes physical, always emotional, in order to save the day.

A lot of people think that by making video games more social, as opposed to spatial, video games may mature into an art form much like film did, much like literature before it.

I think that’s selling what’s possible in an interactive experience far short.

For me, the most powerful films are those that break rules and defy expectations. Rather than bending the story to fit within some conventional format, great filmmakers mold the medium to fit the story. The fabric of the medium itself becomes a world that the director is exploring; they make exceptionally thoughtful choices at every moment.

When the medium is interactive, the designer’s choices are the rules themselves. The user is literally given a license to explore; the designer supplies the constraints. A powerful experience is one where the presence of the unknown is palpable, and the process of discovery defies expectations. In other words, rational order is difficult to discern but there is a feeling that it exists.

And the narrative - rather than bending a story to work within a series of rational choices, like choose your own adventure books, the rules themselves define what’s possible and organically reveal the story.

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hey iris, i've followed u for a while & u are such an inspiration in so many ways! can you recommend some gd academic papers/journals abt chinese cultural identity + politics? maybe some china journalists too? i'm defs thinking about submitting to sine theta btw, keep up the amazing work pal xxx

o my gosh YES i have too many let me pull em up…actually i just uploaded a bunch from my mendeley to this google drive folder: sino identity & politics but heres a table of contents: 

  • Imagined Communitiesbenedict anderson (book & not china-specific but anderson/this concept r referenced by pretty much every scholar who studies identity/nationalism/etc) 
  • “Can One Say No to Chineseness? Pushing the Limits of the Diasporic Paradigm” - ien ang 
  • “If China Can Say No, Can China Make Movies? Or, Do Movies Make China? Rethinking National Cinema and National Agency” - chris berry
  • “Race” (民族): Chinese Film and the Politics of Nationalism” - chris berry
  • “History, identity, and security: Producing and consuming nationalism in China” - william callahan
  • “Gender, Ideology, Nation: Ju Dou in the Cultural Politics of China” - william callahan
  • “Introduction: On Chineseness as a Theoretical Problem” - rey chow
  • “Fuck Chineseness: On the Ambiguities of Ethnicity as Culture as Identity” - allen chun
  • “Ethnic Minorities in Chinese Films: Cinema and the Exotic” - paul clark
  • “Crouching tiger, hidden dragon: Kung fu diplomacy and the dream of cultural China” - john eperjesi
  • China’s foreign policy in historical perspective” - john fairbank
  • “Representing Nationality in China: Refiguring Majority/Minority Identities” - dru gladney
  • “Concepts of transnational cinema: towards a critical transnationalism in film studies” - will higbee & song hwee lim
  • Kung Fu Hustle: Transnational production and the global Chinese-language film” - christina klein
  • The neoliberal gaze” - xiaoping lin
  • On the Edge of Empires: Flexible Citizenship among Chinese in Diaspora” - aihwa ong
  • “ ‘A momentary glow of fraternity’: Narratives of Chinese nationalism and capitalism’ - aihwa ong
  • “ ‘A better tomorrow’? The struggle for global visibility” - aihwa ong
  • China’s political discourse towards the 21st century: Victimhood, identity, and political power” - neil renwick & qing cao
  • “The Consumption of Color and the Politics of White Skin in Post-Mao China” - louisa schein
  • Gender and Internal Orientalism in China” - louisa schein
  • Chinese Nationalism” - james townsend
  • National Humiliation, History Education, and the Politics of Historical Memory: Patriotic Education Campaign in China” - zheng wang
  • The Chinese Dream: Concept and Context” - zheng wang
  • “Queering Chinese-language cinemas: Stanley Kwan’s Yang + Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema” - chia-chi wu
  • “The Mysterious Other: Postpolitics in Chinese Film” - chen xiaoming
  • “From “Minority Film” to “Minority Discourse”: Questions of Nationhood and Ethnicity in Chinese Cinema” - yingjin zhang

for journalists who specialise in sino stuff check out ian johnson, amy qin, madeleine thiene, and tania branigan! dont keep up that much with sino journalism but anyone else who has recs pls comment. hope this helps thank u for hanging out w/ me all these years i love u <3

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How would you think the companions would be like in a modern college AU?

I don’t really know how the school system works in the us so i just looked up some majors so sorry if its totally inaccurate but I hope you like it!

That punk chick who is seen picking fights a lot and is probably in a gang. Always comes to class looking beat up.  Does surprisingly good in classes that interest her. You unlock her tragic back story after 6 fights and a joint. Is very loyal to her friends and always has their backs. Loves going to  rock shows and moshing. Majors in Visual Arts. Minors in Human rights, Music.

Really sweet and polite. He helps others with their homework and tutors freshman.  He likes Autumn and sometimes brings home made cookies to share at lunch with his friends. Has a lot of blankets and pillows on his bed. He also wears fuzzy slippers in the morning. Majors in History and Philosophy. Minors in Medieval studies.

Really into learning. Will stage dive with you  and wants to do everything once. She has things color-coordinated and very neat. Has a vision board to help her reach her goals. Is a total lightweight but loves a good party. Majors in Comparative human development, Biological sciences. Minors in Creative writing.

Came to college for sports but switched to arts. He wakes up everyday at 5:30 to workout and go for a run. Has a very tidy room. He has a separate place for his art because he doesn’t want his room getting dirty. He mostly hangs out with X6 when he’s at a party but he does drink a couple of beers.  Majors in Visual arts. Minors in Art History.

The type to laugh the loudest at his own jokes. Loves pulling pranks on his roommate. He’s really active at protests and if he’s ever banned from somewhere he just goes there in some costume. Majors in Theater and Performance Studies. Minors in Human rights and Comparative race and Ethnic studies.

The dog someone snuck in and now lives in the dorms.

Loves history and often makes jokes that involve histiorian figures. His room always smells like weed and everyone wants him at their party. He is often seen flirting with people and smoking with Cait. He cant stand bullies and often gets into fights with them. Can be pretty impulsive. Majors in History and Philosophy.  Minors in English Language and Literature.

Is often playing pranks on people with Deacon and Hancock. He doesn’t really know what he wants to do yet but he wants to do something fun. He likes going to parties but also likes to just stay in and watch bad movies. He keeps saying lame lines from movies and plays the piano because he thought girls would dig it. Majors in Computer science. Music. Minors in Cinema and media studies.

Nick Valentine:
The teacher everyone loves (and some have a crush on) He teaches a human rights class, law and criminology. Is often seen mumbling to himself when he grades papers. He dislikes the early classes he has to teach and is sipping coffee 24/7.

Runs a school newspaper the school didn’t even know they had. Is always in debates on social media. Wants to change the world for the better and is very passionate. Very helpful and despite getting on a lot of people’s nerves she’s great at making friends. Majors in Sociology Minors in Creative writing and Cinema and Media Studies.

Can be pretty quiet and focused when in class. Is good at working together but wont stand for slackers in his group. He tutors people with Codsworth and sometimes they bake things together. Majors in Comparative race and Ethnic studies. Minors in Human rights.

People call him by his last name Strong (cause he’s ripped af) because he dislikes his first name Stephen. People are often scared of him because he’s always glaring. He likes to paint landscapes and make watercolour splatter art. He’s also in a theater group. Gets blackout drunk at parties lmao. Majors in Theater and Performance Studies. Minors in Visual arts.

People call him X6 and no one really knows why. Is quiet in class and wants to know everything. Sometimes seen at a party with a drink in hand but no one ever sees him drink anything. He takes care of his drunk friends, lets them sleep on his couch and makes them breakfast while he quietly sips coffee while they complain. Majors in Comparative Human Development. Minors in Comparative race and Ethnic studies and Classical studies.


Trembling with rage, he grabs Jupiter’s face and makes her look at him. He glowers. Indignant, she looks him right in the eye.

I’ve got better source material to make gifs with now, so am returning to this magical moment of personal space invasion.

To actually make an insightful point with this (beyond creeper is a’ creepin’), I’m now 95% certain that we know (approximately) what happened after the cut away from this scene. In one of the behind-the-scenes interviews, Mila rattles off a list of ways in which she (mock) physically harmed Eddie during filming. Everything is accounted for except her slapping Eddie, and I’m going to presume that the slap would have come in here. So somewhere, there’s probably footage of Jupiter slapping Balem (to break his hold on her face) and presumably telling him to give her some fucking space. 

(And yes, I consider the conspicuous absence of this scene a minor crime against cinema.)