minor cinema


Trembling with rage, he grabs Jupiter’s face and makes her look at him. He glowers. Indignant, she looks him right in the eye.

I’ve got better source material to make gifs with now, so am returning to this magical moment of personal space invasion.

To actually make an insightful point with this (beyond creeper is a’ creepin’), I’m now 95% certain that we know (approximately) what happened after the cut away from this scene. In one of the behind-the-scenes interviews, Mila rattles off a list of ways in which she (mock) physically harmed Eddie during filming. Everything is accounted for except her slapping Eddie, and I’m going to presume that the slap would have come in here. So somewhere, there’s probably footage of Jupiter slapping Balem (to break his hold on her face) and presumably telling him to give her some fucking space. 

(And yes, I consider the conspicuous absence of this scene a minor crime against cinema.)