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Let's Talk About he Angry Birds Movie

So, i get that probably not many people went to see it because “oh it’s just marketing for more games” and “they’re milking success” and blah blah blah.

BUT. here are a few reasons why this is a good movie:

1. There is a same-sex couple at the beginning of the film. When Red (the main character) mistakes a flirtatious look from three female birds, it was actually only one that ended up walking away with the other male bird. The other two females stood up and held hands, walking away together lovingly.

EDIT: just found out there is actually a SECOND lesbian couple in the movie, who live together and are expecting a hatchling!

2. Chuck (the yellow one) is bisexual, there’s no argument about it. He fantasied about Mighty Eagle’s (male) butt, kissed Red as a goodbye, spit swapped (and swallowed it) with a male bird for no apparent reason, along with general flirtatious behavior towards male birds. He also showed interest towards females, claiming they could “replace” the eggs that were stolen and volunteering to be the father.

3. Bomb also shows and interest towards males, almost exclusively actually, and shows a lot of self doubt before overcoming it.

4. Red is extremely sarcastic and it’s awesome.

5. The animation is FANTASTIC. I mean WHOA. The water and feather detail is incredible.

6. Tons of adult jokes

7. Matilda showing that anger isn’t always obvious and anyone can struggle with it but conceal it on a daily basis.

8. Red wants a family (and children) /badly/, but he doesn’t have to get them in the movie to end up happy.

The movie is a little cheesy, granted, and there’s an unsettling amount of country music at one point. However, it was excellent in having a diverse cast, good humor, and an ending that shows even grumpy people deserve to be happy.

Unfairly maligned as sex pests in recent internet videos, Satin Bowerbirds have in reality a largely-celibate society. Rather than waste their time with breeding the next generation, the bulk of this unusual bird’s civilization revolves around the creation and maintenance of small shrines dedicated to gods yet unknown to humanity. That said, it is true that a very small minority caste of these birds are kept busy “getting busy’ to ensure the continuation of the species, but they should be recognized as extreme outliers and therefore left uncounted.

Name: Temminck Tragopan

Occupation: Convicted sex offender (formerly: comedian)

“It’s… I mean it wasn’t supposed to be that big a deal. Yes, in retrospect I can see how it might be considered inappropriate given it was an outdoor show, but the promoters changed it up to an all-ages audience without telling me and besides! You gotta understand what the atmosphere was at the time. Everybody loved that movie! Look it up, the highest grossing film of all time at the box office.

So with that in mind it just seems a bit hypocritical for everybody to pass judgement on me for an inflatable novelty tie in the middle of a comedy routine, especially since probably half the audience was looking that sort of thing up at home! It really seems to me a matter for the fashion police and not for the, you know, the actual guns-and-yelling police. I don’t see why I have to be punished so harshly for working blue.”

Selling to further fund my ceremony.

Anyone interested in buying:

- Amazon edition bright green/black 3ds XL. It’s sold out, the top shell has minor scratch indents from a keychain, and the joystick has minor scuffing from my bird. Screen protectors have been on it since day 1. 200 USD. Free s+h.

- Netbook from 2007? will need to check specs. HP. Still works great, I even used it to play league of legends a few years back. It’s a perfect mini laptop to carry around. asking 60usd, 15 for s+h.

- laptop from 2010? will need to check specs. HP. Decent laptop, keyboard and screen are kind of a mess though but easy to clean if you have time. asking 125usd, 15 for s+h.

will include pictures to those interested, just message me or email me at xthemudang at gmail.

Oh no. I fucked up. Oh nooooo.

minor spoilers?

This came from thinking about my headcanon that Riverperson is the second parent of Sans and Papyrus and how they seem to be omniscient ie. incorporated into the game which might mean they have determination…like Sans. So what if skeletons with determination become incorporated when they fall.

What if Sans fell down some time before the events of Undertale.

What if Papyrus is mourning? And Sans is avoiding him because he doesn’t want to give him false hope etc? 

What if Sans ferries you across dis proportionally small gaps?

Goes by riverfella. Riversans. watches over you more directly/indirectly. does stuff like this:

or this

oh no

oh noooo


I AUed.



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