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So I’ve been thinking about Sonja…

I feel like I need to take a minute to apologize to Sonja for hating on her so much… It’s obvious now she really loves Even. They were together for four years, and while Even’s never felt the way he feels about Isak before, Sonja was probably his first relationship, and clearly a big part of his support system. She may have even been with him through his diagnosis process. That’s a strong connection. And while Even fell in love with someone else, Sonja didn’t. So maybe she wanted to blame Even’s illness for his feelings to Isak because she didn’t want to lose him or maybe she knew she was losing him and was trying to stop it. She may have been horrible to Isak and maybe manipulative of Even, but she realices that she was wrong, she calls Isak to apologize, and proves once again that she just loves Even by assuring Isak that Even’s illness is not his fault, telling him it’s good for Even to be with him, and giving Isak the best advice you can give one with a loved one with a mental illness. Day by day. Hour by Hour. Minute by Minute. Sonja loves Even, and now that she knows she’s lost him, she wants to make sure that if it’s not her, someone else is there for him. 

i had the thought recently that even though i don’t think cass will die until endgame, the other two norns could totally die, and it has made me worried ever since. 

the thing that makes me curious about baph is that his character arc could have totally ended last arc once he got character development. it makes me think he could be the next to go- there’s not an awful lot left to do with him. i honestly think it is way more likely he dies before morri, too, because i think her fixation on their relationship is something she may have to work through. 

and god, sakhmet! i didn’t think of her because we have, at least, seen her recently, but she may need time more than anyone else, even though she got her ownissue. i feel like with all the seemingly minor details from last arc that are getting brought up, she may have a thorn in her side about not participating in the final battle. we say persephone is a wild card, but i think sakhmet is too. 

my main thought about dio is that the longer we go without seeing him the more i think he is going to be a total mess when he finally shows up; i am both eagerly anticipating and dreading this

cartopathy  asked:

London spy aired on BBC 2 last year, but I think it was a one off series. They have Versailles BBC 2 canceled I think, and in the flesh, canceled. There are others with more minor romantic arcs. Ben Stephenson no longer there, I think...

thank you! do you know if any of these had positive representations of gay people? like no one died, no one was left alone, no one was the villian etc?


All-New Wolverine #14. Cover by David Lopez, variant cover by Leinil Yu.

November solicitations are out and we get info on the second issue of the Enemy of the State II arc. Minor spoiler ahead: Turns out the mind control Laura is under when she ends up killing a bunch of people is indeed the trigger scent. Quick aside: I’m a big fan of Leinil Yu but the pink background on his cover doesn’t really work for me.

Variant Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU
Connecting Variant Cover B by BENGAL
• The TRIGGER SCENT! A tragic event! A vow broken?
• LAURA KINNEY: Wanted for MURDER!!!
• Guest-starring NICK FURY!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: No other fandom was more disrespected than the Dreadfuls. 2 years we have been longing to see Vanessa fight against her demons with the help of her family. What we got was her suicide with her friends and our main characters miles away for most of the time, worried about something else. But the worst is that they didn't even have the decency of warning us the ending was coming. They made everything look like a normal season, focusing on minor arcs and adding new characters, one of them even clearly stating Vanessa was not bad or unworthy, just sick and in need for help. It was depressing, rushed, uncalled for and the only explanation I can think of for such a bad writing coming from John Logan is that the studio told him to quit and he had to come up with this. At least he could tell the truth to our face.

i love how at the beginning of his arc ebisu is portrayed as this mysterious, cunning, emotionless character, plotting some vile schemes in a solitary darkness of his room

but then when we actually meet him it’s like

dark plot? ah yes, it is quite dark down here. i’ll watch my step, thank you. i can’t tie my own shoelaces”

Civil War Summer Read Along Syllabus

So. I did the thing.  

You can read a lot more about it at the link, but here’s the basics: The Marvel Civil War Summer Read Along is a go. Starting May 25th and ending September 4th, we’ll be reading between four and six comic books per week, 76 in total, to cover the major arc and some of the minor arcs in the Civil War event from 2006-2007. 

Or you don’t even have to read the comics! Because every week on Monday I’ll be posting a list of the week’s comics to read, but on Friday I’ll post a summary of what happened in them. So if you can’t get the comics or don’t want to read them, you can still glean the benefits of our suffering. 

If you do read along, you can post your thoughts to the tag, civil war summer read along, and if you want to just follow the weekly reading lists and summary posts, I’ve created a sideblog, read-a-wrong, that you can bookmark.

You can find the full reading list at the syllabus as well, or you can look behind the cut below.

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