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Stephen Crutchfield
Kansas City, MO
Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Minolta XG-1 | Mamiya RB67

What is your biggest challenge when you go for a photography session?

I think my approach to photography is really impromptu. As such, it’s tough to identify particular challenges. I suppose the real challenge is just staying motivated to get out. This last year I finished my Ph.D. and with all the work it took to accomplish that goal, it was a real challenge to stay motivated in the adventure department. 

Tell us about one particular adventure that stands out for you over the years that you’ve been a photographer.

I have been very fortunate to have been on some amazing adventures over the years. Probably the one that has been the most influential in regards to my photography, was a climbing trip I took to the Canadian Rockies about a decade ago. It was the first big adventure trip I went on, and I ended up with zero pictures. The first day out I realized I had packed no camera batteries. It was great because I saw all this amazing terrain and had some great adventures and I wasn’t concerned with documenting it, or capturing it. I felt no pressure to be creative or get “the shot”. It was a liberating experience and I have adopted that mindset over the years. Taking a camera along is a nice bonus to getting out, but thankfully it has never become the reason for me to get out. 

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