Mino will join SMTM4, and we can see that there will be haters if he win or not. Let them be, i dont even care if he win or lose, i just want him show it to the world that he has something. Go Mino!

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Sort of a weird request but a scenario ( possibly a two shot ) where you move into a new apartment, but it's haunted. Mino is a ghost who lives there but you slowly fall in love with him, even if he's not even alive.

Firstly I’m so sorry its taken me so long to get your scenarios out! At first I wasn’t going to make it a two shot but as I was writing it I really liked how the characters personalities were being shown and I didn’t want to rush the story and try and cram it all in one so I really hope I did your request justice and please anticipate part 2~~

She didn’t understand why she had got her apartment so cheap, it was pretty big for the price, it was in a really nice neighborhood and the more she thought about it the less sense it made so she decided to not think about it at all but little did she know that from the shadows a boy watched her with cautions eyes as she intruded in the place had come to call home for the last 10 years.

He had seen a lot of types of people come and go since he lived here but no one had peeked his interest as much as she had and he had found himself watching her more than he could have began to deem healthy. He began to be able to pick up any subtle changes In her expressions and tell what her mood was. If she didn’t like something her left eye always twitched slightly, her laughter was different when it was genuine and changed when she laughed out of politeness and sometimes she did this cute thing were her eyebrows quirked upwards and her lips formed a small smile that she always ended up covering with one of her hands when she was embarrassed, it always made his heart clench in an extremely dangerous way and in all honesty it terrified him because he knew that feelings like that could only quicken his currently slow descend into madness.

It was a typical Tuesday evening and Mino was doing what he usually did when she went to take a shower. He sat out on the fire escape with his legs dangling over the edge watching the people bellow walking around going about their mundane lives. He sometimes liked to pretend he still was part of them too and he let his mind wonder to places that he had previously tried to forget. Who he had been before the accident, who he had left behind and what he would be doing now if none of this had ever happened. Before Mino could get lost in all the what if’s that seemed to haunt his mind, he heard the click of the bathroom door and he knew it was his cue to go inside, she always watched a movie before going to bed and since he had nothing better to do he normally sat down beside her and watched it together with her, it gave him a small sense of comfort like he was a part of something again but when he got inside he saw something that he never could have imagined in a thousands years. There she sat on her sofa flicking through the channels in nothing but a towel. Her hair was pulled to one side curly from the water as little droplets dripped down her chest leaving small patches of wetness, the white material riding up her leg, exposing even more of her milky white thighs threatening to drive him over the edge.

He had tried not to look, he honestly tried  “Jesus Christ” He muttered.

Her head snapped to look in his direction as she stood up “Who’s there?”

Mino looked around in panic there was no way she could have heard him right? he was pretty sure after 10 years of this he had gotten a handle on the whole invisible ghosting thing. He tried to run out the room when for some unknown his body decided to become solid and he ran directly into her bookshelf almost knocking the entire thing over with the impact.

She shouted angrily at him “What are you doing in my house?!”

Mino tried to stand up but kept tripping over his feet as he stuttered out “You-You can see me?”

“WHAT THE HELL KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?” She roared taking several steps back as she clutched onto the front of her towel.

“Wait, wait just let me expla-”

“Get out before I call the police!”

He watched her quickly grab her phone from the sofa before going back to her previous position several feet away from him.

“I can’t leave” He said slowly testing the waters.

“What does that even mean? I’m calling them right no-”

Mino against his better judgement walked with panicked steps towards her to try and grab the phone but of course his hands went through her skin and her eyes widened so much he thought they were going to pop out of her head.

“Are you kidding me?” He cursed to himself as he let himself flop to his knees in exasperation “So now you want to act all ghosty? thats-thats great, that’s just fucking brilliant”


For a minute Mino had forgotten that there was a currently a very frightened and partially naked girl standing in front of him.

“Don’t freak out okay? Don’t freak out” He stood up slowly with a sheepish smile “Just let me ex-”

She screamed so loud that he could have sworn he heard his ear drums pop “Don’t-Dont come any closer”

Mino sighed and stomped both his feet to tell her that they were glued to the ground “Can we just talk about this?”

She lurched forward, her face going a pasty white “I think I’m going to be sick”

Mino watched as she ran past him and into the bathroom slamming the door shut behind her. He sunk down on the sofa and looked around the room in disbelief, how could this have happened? I mean yeah Mino had never been that particularly good at the whole materializing thing but never too the point where something like this had ever happened, it was like he suddenly lost control of when and where he could make himself seen and he could already tell by the look on her face that this was going to take some serious convincing. She was only in the bathroom for at most 15 minutes but to Mino is seemed like an eternity until she finally came out from the bathroom actually wearing clothes and her face finally back to its normal shade. She stopped by the doorway and stared hard at him, Mino cleared his throat as he played with his hands, he had to be careful not to scare her, she definitely looked like the type of person who would be stupid of enough to hire some kind of bullshit exorcist who would probably just sprinkle some salt he got from the store, say a prayer and call it a job done.

“Uh I’ts nice to meet you, I’m Mino and-”

“Stop talking”

He clamped his mouth shut and pulled his hands together onto his lap looking at the floor, he felt like a child about to be reprimanded.

She slowly walked over with her arms closed her eyes never taken off his figure that was sat huddled into a corner of the couch “Ghost’s aren’t real”

“Well I think that’s pretty debatable considering I’m-”

She put her hand up and made an incoherent sound to silence him “Do not say your a ghost”

He exhaled sharply his temper beginning to be tested “Well, I am one so I don’t know what you want me to do, I can’t suddenly undead myself”

Her expression changed from someone who could have brought him back to life just to kill him again to that of a frazzled kitten “But-but you just can’t be”

She grumbled to herself as she looked between Mino and the floor like she was having an internal conversation with herself before she plopped herself down on the other end of the couch and pointed at the mug on top of the coffee table “Prove it, put your hand through it like you did before”

Mino who knew was in no position to object took a deep breath and tried to get his ghost abilities or whatever is it that people called them to do their thing and he raised his arm, throwing his hand down only to send the mug flying across the room and smash itself against the wall.

Her face dropped to a look of total discontent “I’m calling the police”

“No wait wait, I’ll make myself disappear”

She cocked her head to the side with a raised eyebrow “Okay”

Mino clenched his fists and didn’t realize it had worked till until her mouth her dropped open an amused smile on her face “No way”

Mino materialized again making her jump “See what did I tell you? Now I think we should sit down and talk about-”

She raised her shoulders and let them drop with a sigh “It’s getting kind of late…Mino was it? Clean up the mess you made and don’t touch anything else”

She walked away stretching one of her arms before she turned around and said with a bored expression “If you try to scare me in the middle of the night you’ll regret it, I’ll see you in the morning”

With that she turned off the lights and left Mino standing in her living in complete confusion as the sweet image of a girl who liked to watch other people laugh because she appreciated genuine happiness was destroyed the only thing Mino was left to compare her too was a short volatile girl who seemed close to being the devil himself.

IF later when SMTM4 started and YG not put something bout mino in YG channel to support him like doubleB before, pls dont give hate. Support Mino fully! ;) incles hwaiting!