I am sure most of us/you are well aware of Winner’s situation under yg. They had a year long hiatus right after debuting, their recent comeback - although did very much okay - was called a flop by their own company. Their promotions were halted to film a baby variety show, which, again, was called a flop by their company, even though it was watched by a horrendous amount of people in China.

A thing you might not be aware of though, is that recently it was revealed that a group of ikon fansite admins (including admins of the biggest korean ikon fansite) have pretended to be winner fans and have influenced the public opinion of winner for the worse by commenting malicious things and pretending to be fans who are “dissapointed” and making each other’s stories trend. YG hasn’t taken ANY action against this group of people, the situation was handled by incles.

As of now, it’s been 6 month since EXIT:E and even though EXIT is supposed to be a year long project, X is nowhere in sight. Mino was announced to have a solo along with Bobby and the two of them having a duet as well. Seunghoon is running their own variety show on V app called WINWIN TV, which btw has mysteriously been halted last week and is now 2 episodes behind without explanation. Mino and Seungyoon are the only ones doing activities rn and those are in China as well.

But the most important thing is that

It has been announced that Mino would be a guest on ALL FOURTEEN CONCERTS OF IKON’S JAPANESE TOUR. These concerts would be between october and november, probably right after his solo promotions. This would mean that Winner is NOT having a comeback for a long time. IKON’s concerts have also been promoted in the japanese Winner fancafe.

This is so YG understands that what we want is the whole of Winner to promote together a new mini album and not only one of them, with 4 people ignored.

Since the tumblr fandom is not that big, even if you just enjoy randomly hearing their music or have enough of YG’s fuckery, please reblog, share and tweet.