I know Bobby is the ‘it guy’ atm and B.I is a YG favourite, but for me Mino is the real gem of all the newbies. His rap persona and charisma is so on point and he is such a monster when he performs. W/the right music, I think he will be the next GD.

Submitted by: l-u-v-celine

Imagine the kpop rappers in kindergarten. Bobby standing on a chair and claiming he’s the best rapper, Mino, his brother, supporting him, Ravi trying to calm him down and Namjoon booing him. Meanwhile, at a desk, Zico is eating a cookie and gets the idea for “Tough Cookie” because it’s so hard that his milk tooth falls off. Somewhere behind Bobby, Minho is dancing to “Something” with the BTS gang, while Jiyoung is plastered to Seunghyun’s side and telling him, “We’re better, hyung, aren’t we?”
The Tablo laughs in the distance at all of them, while Yongguk, Zelo and Baro play with their legos and Jackson and Amber try on each other’s caps, humming the Pokemon theme song.