minnys revenge

I caught the moment #2

Fandom:Harry Potter         Pairing:Marauders era Sirius Black x reader              Idea:Reader gets caught spying on certain someone,James and Remus notices it and uses it to their advantage.                    Genre:Comedy,Feels,Fluff     Warnings:none

Spying on Sirius Black was definitely on my agenda today,you could say it was my guilty pleasure.Right now he was bothering Moony,who was trying to study.

‘‘Moony,don’t be a toerag,let’s go to hogsmeade!’‘now letting himself dramatically fall onto the common rooms floor.’‘Do you really want to be a toearag?’‘Moony’s eye twitched while Sirius was still on the floor.

‘‘‘Drama queen’’Remus quietly growled while clutching his quill angrily.He was glaring at smirking Sirius,from his lungs erupted a wolfish’‘fine.’‘Sending chills even down my spine.

_This is so adorabletacky,how has not Remus killed him yet??_I decided to try sneaking back unnoticed by them,before it was too late.Sneaking to my dormitories undetected,as far as i knew.I turned a random corner when-

‘‘(Y/N)!’‘screeched James while cheetah-running towards me,’‘you got to help me!’‘he had a hit of a mischievous glint in his eyes.’‘You see,there is this prank i want to pull off,but McGonnagall is after my head

Considering his order like request,i had to reply with a simple’’no.’’I decided to walk away,so i tried,but to no success.

‘‘(y/n),if you don’t help me i will tell Sirius that you are stalking him!’‘James was whisper yelling at this point,his left eyebrow raised,he had changed his stance to an arrogant slouch.

Pausing for a whole minute,considering my options:walk away,avoid some possible shit,get into deeper shit or..agree,get into some shit,avoid deeper shit.Sighting in defeat i glare at James,’’Fine,Prongs’’I practically hiss his nickname.

                                          ~10 minutes later~

“Hell NO!’‘i protest,my situation was not good,i was furious,tired,red in the face that i would like to blame on my anger.Apparently,Remus was dragged in on this too,but this time,willingly.Clutching the piece of parchment that contained ‘oh-so-genius-plan’ i tried to retreat.

‘‘You don’t want to do this,(y/n)’‘rather cheerfully James warned.Sitting by the black lake,coaxing Moony to continue to write.

Changing my sitting position i moan,’’I don’t want to go in the potions chamber,besides,a spell like alohomora probably won’t even work!’’I throw my hands dramatically in the air and fall back,carefully crashing in the grass.Suddenly,James freezes like a deer in headlights and starts panickly hitting mine and Moony’s shoulders,we turn to look at the direction James is looking and see,a stern looking McGonnagall gracefully marching our way.Now was the appropriate time to panic,she was rapidly marching our way,some random Hogwarts students looked a bit startled seeing her here.

‘‘What exactly did you do,Prongs?’‘Remus started interrogating him before McGonnagall can have a chance to end him.Remus was staring at James,his whole demeanor had changed.

‘‘i may or may not have broken in and”borrowed”some stuff from Slughorns classroom,’‘he sheepishly admitted.

‘‘You what?!’’I whisper screeched while thinking on what to do,i suddenly had an idea,praying to Merlin that this will work.I put on a brave face and without any further warnings,I innocently  march up to McGonnagall.’’Minnie!’’I cheerfully smile,’’what could possibly bring you here?’’

‘‘Do you know,where exactly,is James?’‘questioning me,she narrows her eyes,definitely she had seen him.’‘I just saw him,but he suddenly disappeared’‘in a I-wonder-why tone,she continued,full with suspicion.

‘Do i lie or-?’I tried to think,but decided,as revenge,i would ruin his plan!’‘Oh,yes!’‘i tried to calm my tone down to make it less gleeful ,’‘I saw him walking towards the common room.’‘I internally smirk at my little victory and ‘now we just wait~