Dianna Agron’s scenes from The Romantics

I call Minnow ‘little scrat’ because she’s rather all over the place, much like the squirrel of Ice Age fame. Hence, here she is with the much coveted acorn! At least this one hasn’t escaped and caused a meltdown..yet.

I’ve had this sitting on my computer for a while now but forgot to upload it so tonight I added a signature and background and called it done. Look at her little happy face. My puppy is honestly so cute I love her so muchhhhh

Back home for a spell in Mandeville, catchin’ my breath after what has been an AMAZING and CRAZY final semester at MCAD. I am so pooped. I am super pooped even! AND I am officially graduated and done and no more homework!


Anyway, there’s lots to do, and it’s also time to start posting projects again. So for starters, I was listening to Emancipator’s Valhalla, and felt like I’d better draw Minnow and a parrot interacting in the usual way. Emancipator’s music was my constant background noise whenever I made the art for this character/world, and Valhalla especially reminds me of the parrots.

Endangered Fish Rediscovered in Arizona’s Santa Cruz River

by USFWS staff

After a 10-year absence, the Gila topminnow (Poeciliopsis occidentalis) has returned to the Santa Cruz River in southern Arizona. Last month, researchers found the native Arizona species, listed under the Endangered Species Act in 1967, in the river near the U.S.-Mexico border during the annual fish survey.

(read more: USFWS - Open Spaces)

Photo Courtesy George Andrejko / Arizona Game and Fish Department